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Hi. My screen name is Koji_Tsunami. If you don't want to type that out, call me Koji. My hobbies include watching anime, roller blading, hanging online,playing video games, and reading. Favorite anime is Hikaru no Go. Favorite game is Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. Favorite book is A Study in Scarlet. And I'm only gonna post on Weekends. Usually.

Anyway... That's it. Yeah. Later.
Captain Gamer

As user no. 3 on the forums, and an early gamerfan, a very special welcome to you! As the early users, its up to us to make a marvel of things here. Think you're up to it?

Any by the way, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle? Excellent, excellent choice.

I'll try my best to bring glory to these forums on weekends, Cap.

Glory and Honour! Very Happy
Chargebeam! Arrow

<.< Hikaru no Go?
<3 Go. =)
Nice tastes there.

Yeah, It's a great anime. One of my friends told me about it, now I'm hooked. I keep meaning to learn to play Go myself, the same dude to tell me about the anime told me about the game, said it was fun. I'll get around to it sometime.

Darn. I can't say I've ever watched/played/read any of your favourites, there - and I've never even heard of Hikaru no Go or A Study In Scarlet. Though, I'm sure they're all good stuff. I just only know a few games, less books, and even less anime...
Anyway, welcome to the forums! *grins at his own redundancy* Forum Index -> Formal Introductions
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