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...Three Dots...?

Ugh, hi, my name is Jenia. I like eating people-err, I mean, playing RPGs. And roleplaying. And maiming-err, I mean, meditating. So,ugh, hi.

Is all I would say. But, I decided to put a bunch of junk in my first post, just to keep you people out there entertained.

Alright. As I've said before, my name is Jenia. You can also call me Jenia, Jenia or Jenia. I'll even let you get away with calling me Jenia.
But whatever you do, do not EVER call me Jenia. Or I will eat you. With salt. Or not.

I like eating people. Or maybe I don't. I'm confused. 1+2=7! What? Maybe it's true! Prove me otherwise! HAH! You CAN'T! Well...

What? You still reading? You must be bored out of your skull. Or maybe you find this funny. If it is the latter, I must say I would not be surprised if society will find you to be what they call a "weirdo". Then again, they might not find you, if you hide well enough.

My hobbies? You mean, besides my sadistic act of watching people suffer and drooling as I chew on dismembered organs and drink sweet, sweet blood? Sure I have! I'm an RPG gourmet, if I may say so myself, and I have been proclaimed an "emulation lord" by a long dead community formerly known as "Dev Empire" AKA "Dark Dominion", although they were never the same place and even had different admins, they just had the same people, so those were same to me. They were kinda nice people, mostly smart, but really harsh and disrespecting. Some of them really helped me out though. Yeah.
I even teamed up with some into making our own RPGs. Progress is uber slow. We lack members. Why am I straying off subject?
Right, right, hobbies. Besides RPGing in videogame form, I like text roleplays online. Especialy if well done. I do not like the medium-rare ones. I have several years of experience with those under my belt.
I think. Maybe I'm just imagining them. Maybe they were as a dream, in which I've drifted for years upon years upon...

But I honestly doubt that. Right - next is meditating. Not much to say. I just lie down, relax, and wait for my body to sleep. And when it sleeps, my awareness goes WAZOOM cos my brain gets extra resources to work with. I swear, people, you can get psychic is you meditate properly often.

Err, what else should I say? Favorite stuff? I'd have to say my favorite western RPG is Summoner by Volition and my favorite eastern RPG was Breath of Fire IV by Capcom. I also like some really weird games, like Princess Maker. So shoot me! Not literally please, I can do it myself.
I don't reach much books. Mostly because I have no time. Time time time! Not time no time no time. It's always a problem, you know? Even as I post this, I'm late for dinner. Speaking of which, I'm pretty hungry.

Right. What else? Oh, I know!
I'm an extremist who often disagrees with conventional thought. I have developed a phobia to revealing my personal opinions in public in the last several years. Mostly because when I do, it either couses a riot or a cultist wave. Or both. And then they fight each other. Gang fights suck. Fighting one on one is much more awesome, you know?
I'm also sick with something. Probably in the head. Often contradict myself. Can't solve simple math problems. I need a calculator for adding up numbers higher than five. I'm also very hungry. I also don't feel pain, because I'm always in pain, so I got used to it, so I just don't feel it anymore. Fear my pain immunity, mortals! Muwahahahaha! OK, you don't have to, just don't use me as a rag doll, ok? That would be rude.

Alright people, I have SO much more to tell you great folks about me, and I will later, but not now, because I'm hungry. Am I hungry yet? Was I before? I forgot already. Must've been unimportant.

One last, tiny detail before I click the "Submit [s]or DIE[/s]" button.
I am a being of few words. Remember that. Now to eat...
Skybait J

....Can I call you Jenny? OoO

And dood, 1+2=2.9continuing

If you do that, I'll tell everyone your real name. Do NOT call me j...THAT!

You may reffer to me as "that thing", if it pleases you, though.

Well, it doesn't. Calling you "that thing" is dehumanizing. Welcome to the Gamer Hang. It's unofficial I suppose, because I hold no official power in this forum but I welcome you here just the same. Hi Jenia. please don't eat me. Confused

Will calling me "That large stickey, gooey slime blob in the corner" be a little less dehumanizing? Razz

Thanks for the welcome. Since you asked so nicely (no one uses 'please' these days...) I promise not to eat you .

Greetings "That large stickey, gooey slime blob in the corner." Welcome to the gamerhang. What type of blob are you? The radioactive slime type?
Captain Gamer

Aha! Surprised Welcome, and welcome again, Jenia. I think you'll find that people here will be as agreeable and pleasant as you are, so relax a little bit and enjoy some of the pride-aside fun we'll have!

Oh, and I won't deny you the right to be called any sort of amorphous blob, but we're all sentient beings here, so from me, you'll just have to settle for being called "Jenia." Wink

8-Bit :
Why thank you. Actualy, I'm the color changing, soap-eating, tentacle growing type.

What is this!? "Void"!? What kind of nonsense...?!
Just because I asked you to put it there, it doesn't mean you should! Especialy if I'm kidding when asking.
Thanks for the welcome though. I'll have you for dinner later...Err, I mean, I'll have dinner WITH you later. Right. With you. I've got some exquisite green tea...

I know this is late, but hey! Welcome!
Also, I think you went a little overboard with trying to act strange. The whole thing was just... unconvincing.

Now, concerning the meat behind your messages.
Actually, yes I can prove you wrong with you 1+2=7. *holds up one hand, counts off 1 finger, then 2* Now, let's count... 1, 2, 3. Nope, not 7...
I used to play online RPG's, but I got tired of the ones I'd found (mixed with the slow response time caused by slow internet), and haven't found any good new ones since. So, I know at least some of what you're talking about, when it comes to MU*s. (Provided MU*s are the kind of online text-based RPG you were talking about.)
Psychic? No thanks, I prefer my current mixture of miracles and transliminality. Forum Index -> Formal Introductions
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