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Captain Gamer

4/21/07 - Icons and ranks!

If you'll all look beneath your ranks, you'll notice new, familiar icons! It may be insulting to start out at 0 Pac-Mans, but all you need to do is post and you just may find a Pac-Man or two up there one day.

By the way, if you want your own custom rank, all you need to do is contact an administrator. In other words, me.
Majin Luigi

Out of curiosity, how exactly does this "rank" thing work? Because Koji has more posts than Skybait (as of this writing) and Skybait's level is higher, not what forum ranks usually are.I don't understand this logic.

Captain, these ranks are confusing my brain!
Captain Gamer

If you'll notice, Koji has a custom title. When somebody has a custom title, there is one rank to one title, so when somebody reaches a threshold, I have to go and change the rank manually. If we can grab the attention of a programmer, we can make custom titles that advance in ranks, but until then, everybody will have to contact me when they think they have the posts for the next rank. Forum Index -> Announcements
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