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Captain Gamer

8/9/07 - OOC Update Alerts on the Main Page

The GamerHang Main Page wrote:
OOC has been on the Bob and George fansite for a while now, and its page on the GamerHang has been out of service for the entirety of that time. Since it is so unnecessary, I've decided to give it a rest and condense its important contents in the Captain Gamer: OOC segment of the newsreel. This includes the link to the Bob and George fansite, the link to OOC's topic in the Bob and George forums, and the link to the OOC archives is now just the OOC credits. Also, the banner goes to the Bob and George fansite, too.

In addition, it has also come to my attention that a number of readers actually read OOC through this very page and not from Bob and George's main page. To cater to them and encourage visits to the GamerHang, I am including update alerts for when OOC is updated on the Bob and George fansite. Just to be clear, Dave, the Bob and George author, is the one who updates OOC on the fansite, not me. This is NOT intended to be a replacement for the Bob and George main page when it comes to finding out when OOC updates. There won't be anything here that can't be found on Bob and George, (the name of the newest comic, and the fact that OOC has updated) and all update alerts are issued AFTER Bob and George completes the update. I still encourage everybody to go to Bob and George if you haven't before, but if you're dead set on seeing OOC through the GamerHang, I'll help you out and still advise that you take a look around the entirety of Bob and George anyway. Forum Index -> Announcements
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