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8-Bit's Scripts and Writings

Sometimes in my spare time I "attempt," to make Flash movies, but first I usually write a script. So this thread will be used for showing my scripts and maybe some stories.

This is a script I made for a sprite movie I hoped to animate but I wasn't able to get all the voices needed. I might actually animate it now with just text.

This was supposed to be a series about Link and Mario on an adventure (I'm sure original arn't I?) to find Vaati who was planning to destroy the world *Gasp!* It was also to be a series of movies.

Anyway here it is... Set up in the way I write my scripts.

Legend of Zelda: Adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom Part 1

*After pressing play button Triforce comes up and title appears.* *Play button and scene select appear*

*Lon Lon Ranch song plays* *Screen moves down showing landscape* *Navi is flying down path*

*Stops at a house and zooms at door* *Navi goes through window*

*Shows Link sleeping in bed* *Navi comes in through window*

Navi- “Link! Wake up!”

Link- *makes sleeping sounds* Sleepy- “Oh Zelda! Zelda! Zelda! This pie is delicious!”

Navi- “Wake up stupid!” *pokes Link a few times*

Link- *waking up* “Huh what? Where’s my pie? *stall* Disappointed- “Oh Navi, what do you want.”

Navi- “Zelda needs you!”

Link- “If it’s to fix the plumbing again, she can forget it.”

Navi- “Just get up.”

Link- *sighs* “Fine.” *Gets up and leaves room, Navi follows*

*Goes back to outside*

*Link walks out the door and yawns* *Walks forward with eyes part closed and falls of cliff.*

Link- Ahhhhh! *crunch*

Navi- *sighs* “Stupid.”

*Link gets up*

Link- Hurt- “I think I broke my pelvis.”

*Begins to walk up the path to town.*

Link- “Uhhhh, which way was the castle again?”

Navi- “It’s north, duh.”

Link- “East it is.” *walks east* *Leaves view* *Chickens squawk*

*Link runs back while being chased by chickens* *continues running throughout conversation*

Link- “Ahhhhhh! Not again!”

Navi- “How many times have I told you not to attack the chickens!”

Link- “I lost count around 67.”

Navi- “How can you be so stupid?”

Link- “Because your nagging is destroying my brain, hurry this way!” *Runs north*

Link- “Look! Hyrule Castle.”

*Runs up to castle* *Picks it up over his head* *Dododododo sound plays* *you have found Hyrule castle appears at the bottom*

Navi- “How can you possibly lift that?”

Link- “Lift what?”

Navi- “The castle!”

Link- “Well uhhhh, uhhhh. *Castle crushes him*

Link- “Ahhhh! My spleen!”

*Later* *Goes to throne room* *Link walks up to throne, screen slides while he walks*

Link- “Ok Zelda what’s wrong now? Is Vaati back? Didn’t I kill him… twice?

Zelda- “Sort of.”

Link- “Did he steal my pie!”

Zelda- “Now that’s just stupid.”

Zelda- “It seems Vaati has returned and has opened up a hole in time and space and is planning to take over the realm that is on the other side.

Link- “Wait if he opened up a hole in time and space, how come this is the first that I’ve heard of it?”

Zelda- “Well uhhhhh, Look! An obvious distraction!”

Link- “Really? Where!” *Looks around while Zelda zooms away.*

Navi- “I guess we should get going.”

Link- “I guess so, lets go get my weapons.”

*Leaves throne room*

*At Links House* *Link is looking in a chest*

Link- “Let’s see… Here’s my sword! *Dododooo sound and text, you found your sword* Holds up sword*

Link- “And my shield! *Dododooo sound and text, you found your shield* Holds up shield*

Link- *Gasp* “Mountain Dew!” *Dododooo sound and text, you found a can of Mountain Dew* *Holds up can*

Navi- “Stop doing that, it’s annoying!”

Link- “Look! It’s your sense of humor.” *Dododooo sound and text, you found Navi’s sense of humor* *Holds up nothing*

Navi- “I don’t see anything.”

Link- “Exactly.”

Navi- “Grrrr.”

Link- “Hey! Whats this?” *Pulls out and Easter egg* *Dododooo sound and text, you found an Easter egg* *Hold up egg* “Meh.”

Navi- “That’s was pointless.”

Link- “Yep, lets go find that portal.”

*Leaves house*

*Outside view* *Link walks outside and takes out a map*

Link- “According to this map we have to go 25 paces west.”

Navi- “Where’d you get that map?”

Link- “Cereal box.”

Navi- “I think we need a real map to-“

Link- “Lets go!” *Walks left*

*Goes to a map* *Link and Navi are moving on it* *A red line is following them*

Narrator- “And so Link and Navi journeyed all around Hyrule, they faced many challenges, fought many battles, journeyed where no man has gone before, then they stopped and had some cheese and crackers. I like cheese; I think it’s very tasty. It is my favorite of all dairy products. Swiss cheese is my favorite cheese. My wife used to make me ham and cheese sandwiches before she ran off with that Italian guy Diago. Both of them can go to he-”

Link- “Get to the friggen point!”

Narrator- “Oh yeah, sorry. Link and Navi eventually found the portal.”

*After walking into a large dark and dreary cave they come upon a large blue portal. They walk up to the shimmering portal gazing with wide eyes and drool hanging from their mouths.*

Link- “Whoa, this thing is huge.”

*After advancing closer they run into a large glass.*

Link- “Ouch.”

*Only to find it being behind a large magnifying glass being 1 foot tall.*

Link- “How am I going to fit in that?!”

Navi- “Hahahah. I don’t know, but I’ll see you later.”

*Navi fly’s into the portal.*

Link- “Come back here!”

*Link charges at portal and his head gets stuck*

Link- “Uh-oh I’m stuck and- whoa! This place is amazing!”

*Shows Links head in pipe

*screen zooms out showing the Mushroom Kingdom*

Link- *grunts* “Uhhh hello? Can someone help me? I’m getting hungry.”

*Rocking Mario music plays* *Shows different background* *Mario is running* *Squishing goombas and koopas and things* *Runs by Link*

Link- “Hey! Fatty! Help me!”

*Mario stops and runs back* *Stops at Link and stares, then laughs*

Link- “Quit laughing and help me!”

Mario- “Okey Dokey!”

*Mario pulls Link and Link pops out of the pipe*

Link- “Thanks, where am I?”

Mario- “Your-a in the Mushroom Kingdom”

Link- “Ok then, have you seen this man?” *Holds up a picture of Vaati*

Mario- “Hmmmmmm, no.”

Link- “Oh, I’m Link, who are you.”

Mario- “It’s-a me! Mario!”

Link- That’s a stupid name.”

Mario- “Look who’s talking.”

Link- Don’t make me cut you!” *Draws sword.*

Mario- “With that butter knife? As-a if.”

Link- “Grrrrrrr.”

Mario- Mama-mia! Look at the time! I have-a to go. The princess wants to see-a me.”

Link- “Ok, I guess I’ll just go look Vaati over th- did you say princess?!”

Mario- “Yes.”

Link- “Is she hot?”

Mario- “Yes.’

Link- “To the castle!”

*Walk off the screen*

*Screen fades black, “Later,” appears, fades to next scene*

*Mario and Link walk up a hall to the throne of Princess Peach*

Mario- “Princess Peach, you wanted to-a see me?

Peach- “Yes I did, who’s that?”

Link- “I am Link from the kingdom of Hyrule.”

Peach- “Bowser has teamed up with a mysterious stranger; he’s kind of bluish grey with a pointy hat and a cape.”

Link- “Vaati!”

Mario- “You-a know him?”

Link- “Yes, he is an evil wizard who came from Hyrule through a portal and has come to take over this realm.”

Peach- “*gasp* Mario! You and Link must go and stop Bowser and Vaati at all costs or the Mushroom Kingdom will surly be destroyed!”

Link- “*Whining* But I just got here.”

Mario- “Let’s a go!”

*Mario runs out of screen, Link sighs then follows*

*Fades black, “At Bowser’s Castle,” fades to castle*

*Vaati and Bowser are there*

Vaati- “Ummmm shouldn’t we be going around causing chaos and destruction destroying all who stand in our way.”

Bowser- “Listen, I’ve been doing this evil villain thing for years now and the way it goes is that cause some destruction and the hero goes on a long journey to get to you, then you wait for the hero to get here so you can face him in an extraordinary battle to the finish, then you do the exact same thing about every year or so.”

Vaati- “Uhhhhh, I’m going to go destroy the eastern part of the Mushroom Kingdom, I’ll be back in an hour or so.”

Bowser- “Don’t forget to wear a sweater.”

Vaati- “I’m an evil wizard with magical powers that can destroy civilizations in seconds, I hardly think I need a sweater.”

Bowser- “But it’s supposed to get cold.”

Vaati- “But?”

Bowser- “No buts, now either take a sweater or your grounded!”

Vaati- “Arg! I hate you!”

Bowser- “That’s it! Go to your room!”

Vaati- “Wahhhhhh!” *Disappears*

Bowser- *Sigh* “Villains.”

*Fades out* “Back with Link and Mario.” *Fades to scene*

Link- “Are we there yet?”

Mario- “No, we still have to go through the Dry Dry Desert and Giant land.”

Link- “God, it feels like we’ve been traveling for hours.”

Mario- “It’s been 10 minutes.”

Link- “Oh, I gotta pee.”

Mario- You should’ve gone before we left.”

Link- “I didn’t have a chance, you are all *Imitating Mario* “Let’s a go!” *Normal* “so I didn’t have a chance.”

Mario- “Just go by those plants over there.”

Link- “Fine.”

*Link walks into woods and goes to the plants* *Zipping sound*

Link- “Hey Mario!”

Mario- “What?”

Link- “Why do these have plants have teeth.”

Mario- “What are you talking about?

Link- “It’s just that this plant here is smiling at me an- *Screaming* Oh my go its got me!”

Mario- “Mama-mia!”

*Mario rushes to where Link ran* *Zoom on Mario*

Mario “Woah!”

*Screen zooms out showing a giant piranha plant and Links legs are sticking out of its mouth* *Words- “Pyroranha, Giant Piranha Plant,” appear at the bottom of the screen.*

Mario- “I’ll-a save you!”

*Mario leaps into the air and stomps on Pyroranha causing Link to fall out of its mouth.*

Link- “Ooof!”

Mario- “You okay.”

Link- “Yeah, now lets cut the garden!”

Mario- “That was a stupid line.”

Link- “I’m in a hurry lets get this guy!”

Mario- “Right, let’s a go!”

*Awesome fight music plays* *Link charges at Pyroranha, but Pyroranha roars and Link rolls backward due to the force.*

*Mario jumps and tries to stomp on Pyroranha and hits, while jumping back he falls and falls onto the ground, Pyroranha roars and fires a giant flamethrower from his mouth, Mario screams in terror.*

*Zoom version of Mario’s face.*

Mario- “Huh?”

*Screen zooms out showing Link standing in front with his shield up.*

Mario- “Woah! You saved me!”

Link- “I don’t think he’s going to let up any time soon what do we do?”

Mario- “I don’t know if we could only douse the flame.”

Link- “Douse? Here use this!”

*Link hands Mario the can of mountain dew he found before in his weapons chest.*

Mario- “All-righty!’

*Mario shakes up the can and opens it sending a wave of mountain dew into Pyroranha’s mouth, dousing the fire*

*Pyroranha tries to shoot fire again but all that comes out is smoke.*

Mario- “Now-a!”

Link- “Right!”

*Link runs up to Pyroranha and slices him with his sword.*

*Screen turns black* *White sword slash goes across the screen* *Slicing sound and a roar from Pyroranha are heard*

*The credits begin to roll.*

*After Credits there is a replay button, and the words, “What Happened To Navi?”*

*Shows Piranha plant in forest*

Navi (Inside Piranha Plant)- “Hello! Can anyone hear me? I’m stick inside this plant! I think it’s digesting me! And the smell! It could kill a wildebeest! *Back to end of credits*
Skybait J

It sounds like a very typical flash movie, ie, dumb Link(why does everyone make Link so thick?!), nagging Navi, game parody, ect, but some parts were okay. Nothing too special or new about it, but it kinda gets better as you go <.<

And the word stupid died. Or at least it will be dead soon *brandishes samurai sword*
Naryu Elda

Skybait J wrote:
why does everyone make Link so thick?!)

I do not know, perhaps it is because he hardly ever speaks? Link is actually quite intelligent, since he is able to solve all those puzzles that lay in the dungeons and without.

Running Commentary time.

Why would Zelda get Link, a knight and one of the Three who possess the Triforce, to fix the plumbing? In fact, WHAT plumbing? The only times we see plumbing are the toilets (which I suspect are just chamberpots with a wooden seat covering it) and the indoor-rivers that run through the kitchens.

The cucco-chase is utterly random and silly.

Navi is an annoying, but helpful fairy, not a nagging nancy.

How the heck did Link lift the Castle? Even with the Power Bracelets, it is impossible.

Zelda has no need to use a "look over there while I run for it" type escape. She could, for example, teleport.

I agree with Navi. The constant "I have ________! I now hold it over my head for no apparent reason!" Also, the "Navi's sense of humor is so small, it cannot be seen" is a terrible joke. You also overdid the "You found ____!" You beated the proverbial horse corpse with a stick so many times, it is unrecognizable.

The "character interrupts the narrator" joke is old.

I don't think that Link dub a place where the sun attacks you and everything has a smiley face "amazing." Perhaps "weird", "bizzare", "insane", but not "amazing."

Mario being a bit of a jerk is also overdone. And I doubt that Mario or Peach would trust a complete and total stranger whose sort of clothes has only been seen on Geno the Star-Being Doll. For all they know, Link could be a spy or something.

Vaati may be a kid, but he is a powerful mage. He would not whine about being grounded nor sob when an overgrown turtle orders him to go to his quarters. In fact, he would probably dine on turtle soup that very night.

Common sense dictates that if you encounter a plant with teeth, you would run away from it, not stand there gawking at it. Especially one large enough to pop one into its mouth.

Overall, this was bad. Really bad. Please tell me that this is a parody of bad sprite movies.

I can agree with most of the stuff you said Nayru, I wrote this about.. 2 years ago I believe. I find it hard to be orininal now-a-days, most things have been done to death (like you said) and that goes double for sprite movies.

In more current times I try to be original than this and try to avoid expected jokes but I made this a while ago so I find your comments understandable. Though I didn't think it was that bad...

Another thing is I find my writings get more stupid as they go along, so some stuff doesn't make a much sense. Forum Index -> The Stage
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