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8-Bits' Art, Sprites and Movies

Ok, this thread will show off some my artwork and movies that I make, possibly photos of stuff too.

Let's start this off with some art.

Here's a picture I had to draw and shade for an art project.

Godzilla vs King Kong

Insane George from Bob and George

My better submission for an art contest host by MSP from BnG forums, I placed 3rd and won this mini figure of Bass. (Sorry about the darkness of the photo, I was blocking the light because that's the only area I can Bass to stand.)

A character I created, Canto

3 Versions of a robot master I created thats going to be in a game! The version thats going to be in the game is the 8 bit version.

Introducing SketchMan! In 8 Bit, 16 Bit and MM Battle Network glory!

The second robot master I created for the game though I'm not sure if he was selected. PrankMan. Comes with crappy 16 bit version!

I would post my Ext (Exploring Technology) final project but I can't find a site that can support 3.14 (OMG PI!) megabytes, anyone have an idea where I can host it?

Good. Very good. I especially like the robot master. It's very well done and it looks like it belongs in a MegaMan game. The hand-drawn people are excellent, much better than I could do. I also like the pencil drawing, from what I could see. I didn't bring up a large image because I didn't feel like waiting (56 Kbps modem). I like them, though. They're nice.

Hey thanks firemastrr. And 3 months after my first post. Razz

Anywag.... I found out the guy still hadn't picked all the robot masters for his game so I came up with another one.

Extreme Man!

He has a way more complicated attack style then my other 2 robots. Very Happy Forum Index -> The Stage
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