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Captain Gamer

9/11/07 - Newsreel

Well, Freewebs is undergoing maintenence, so I can't change the newsreel until 3:00 AM my time, and because of the contents of the newsreel, I won't be able to update the site then. Until then, the newsreel's going here.

The Newsreel wrote:
NEWS: 9/11/07 - Under the Knife

By the time you read this, I will already have had my wisdom teeth pulled and I will be under the influence of anesthetics. Turns out those little buggers chose NOW to make their existence known by scraping the inside of my cheek and causing me grief until I ran, crying, to an oral surgeon. This'll be fun, since I have job training three days afterward, and two days after that, I move into the dorms for college. Yeah, it'll be a hectic time, so my productivity on my work and in the forums will be lower than normal. I know, I know, it'll be painful to see such a streak of rapid-fire work undergo such a radical change, and anarchy rule in the forums. So before I'm reduced to a vegetative state, I shall give some newsreel literature to remember me by.

If you haven't been to the Smash Bros. DOJO!! yet, you must go and have some things spoiled for you before Brawl comes out. Newcomers, stages, items, and more are all previewed there to tide you over. My most visited section is the Music section. Like the other Smash Bros. games, Brawl will feature remixed tracks from all around the Nintendoverse. I especially like the Zelda medley. Heavy on Saria's song, just how I like it.

Speaking of music, allow me to speak media for a second. One CD I have been listening to ceaselessly is the sountrack of the film "Music and Lyrics," featuring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. I actually listened to this before seeing the movie, and was biased. Turns out, upon further inspection, that I would have loved the movie anyway. This film goes beyond the typical fare of 'Hugh Grant gets inarticulate in front of women (which isn't a bad thing)' and goes on to analyze and lightly parody the music industry. What results is every song fits directly into their respective stereotypes to a T. The odd thing about this is it's REALLY good! From the 80s-inspired "Pop" to Grant's melodic crooning to the naughty-girl antics of Cora (The film's caricature of 90s Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, as hinted by one of Brad Garrett's lines), the list of songs has nothing you'd skip past to get to a better song, aside from a 40-second song at the end which was probably included for humor, among other things. Nearly every song is an original piece written for the movie and many are performed by Grant, who, to no surprise of mine, has quite the voice. It'll be a while until I find a CD that'll keep me so satisfied.

Okay, and to get back to character, let me talk about Dark Cloud 2, a Playstaion 2 game. It's a rogue-like dungeon crawler with a fun weapon-building system and town-building mechanics that link to time travel. You may have seen the invention system parodied on the likes of Penny Arcade and VG Cats, because I do so enjoy name-dropping.

One lesser talked about and forgettable aspect of the game is monster transformation. It becomes a plot point once, then fades into obscurity as it pales in comparison to the knock-down drag-out Ridepod and good ol' weapon-building. As a monster, you can talk to other monsters of the same type. Plant transformation to plant monsters, undead to undead, and so forth. Plant to undead and such will have the other monster attack you like they normally do. The crazy thing is that monsters all have mannerisms, quips, and apparently wills of their own when you talk to them. One that you need an item from even has a clip of voice acting dedicated to it. He kindly gives you the item, and as soon as you transform back to normal, he will attack and you can kill it.

At first, I thought the implications of this were staggering. You were among them a minute ago, chatting it up and having a grand ol' time, and the next you're human again and you end its life with a single blow. Isn't that rather heartless? Wouldn't you develop some sort of feelings or understanding to do better than just knock down anything that moves now that you have been one of them and talked and even been helped out by one of them? Then again, when you transform, other monster types will attack. Maybe there's some code amongst monsters that scripts out 'survival of the fittest.' Then again, if that were true, wouldn't they attack each other all the time and not just the player characters? After all, one monster says, "It's my code that monsters don't eat monsters." That could be one monster's take. Is there any real concise understanding of monsters? And what does that mean about real-world situations?

... Then I realized that the sociological implications of this were slim, at best. These were monster variables in a video game. They serve purpose little other than to kill or be killed for experience and a spot of money. If, say, there was a chance to communicate in my own way or try to appeal to the monsters, that would be different. Just like lives, saving, and storyline deus ex machinas, monster-slaying is a part of the game's mechanics which can be interpreted in many different ways. I guess the lesson to learn here is to leave discrimination based on appearance to video game monsters who have no merit to judge them by, unlike your fellow human beings.

Heh, just as I've been reading this, I've been watching Two and a Half Men and Jake wants to rent a Final Fantasy game at the video store. They actually say 'Final Fantasy' about a dozen times. Charlie even says, "You want a final fantasy? Imagine yourself flying across a video store, 'cause that's what's about to happen!" How fun that video games are starting to be referenced to and made puns off of like any movie or book!

Ah yes, and the "About Me" section has been modified. It now includes a heart-warming spiel. Maybe I can use the time of decreased likeliness of constantly second-guessing my actions to round out Episode 6.

~Game over

Note: The "About Me" section has not been modified. It was going to in the update. Forum Index -> Announcements
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