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A D+D Style game.

I'm mostly just curious to see how much interest there might be for something based on the D20 system.
I've never actually played a game but am highly interested in such, played a fair few games based on it, extensively read up and created a character or two. Just seeing what sort of potential there was around here for something of that level.

Since I'm inexperienced, I'm not volunteering myself as DM, unless there is no-one that is more interested/able for the job.
Theres a dice roller at
Click on the D20. So that would take care of the dice rolling part....the site also has a bunch of information, including a lot of lists, of spells, items and so forth, and a bunch of the rules. Perhaps not ideal, compared to owning the books, but something to look at all the same.

So, who is interested? Surprised
Skybait J

Easy to cheat on that dice role there Razz

I've played DnD a few times mehself, but never as the game master. Our game master was crazy silly though, he'd give us hot chocolate and stuff, then say it was booby trapped hot chocolate XD

I've done a little of both. I don't like DMing because I have a tendency to choke, and also focus way too much on my setting or story idea when it's supposed to be about the players.

There's a better diceroller if you do set a game up. You name the roll (like "Kester attacks the ogre") and you can pull up a list of all the rolls made with that name to make sure the person didn't just roll ten times and give you the link to the best one. Works really good if you give the player a specific thing to put as the roll name. Like "Picking daisies". THere might be another Killgar our there attacking goblin reches, but I doubt there are many people picking daisies...

I did have the backup of which seemed somewhat similar, if the honour system wasn't good enough. Thanks though, I like the look of that one Haz.

So far we have 3 players, two of which are very shaky GM material. xP;; Heres hoping theres someone willing around who'd be a solid GM choice, before we have to roll the D20 to see who's GM. Rolling Eyes

I know theres a code out there which one can install into forums like this one, allowing rock-solid rolls using [roll][/roll].

It works by inputting XdY+Z, with X being the number of dice to roll, Y deciding the type of dice, and Z automatically adds/substracts any bonus or whatever.

If you can find it and CG somehow gets it going, you can roll and have the forum save the result after one roll. I don't think one can edit out the rolls, either.

<.< I'm not dead!
But is something like you mean?

Quite similar, I'd say.

So, if we get enough interest and things sorted out, we just get Cap to add that to the forum, and we're set. xD;;
Gee, this would work so much smoother if there was someone else in charge. xP

Sounds cool enough to me. I'd like to see how a D&D RPG would work on a forum like this! I don't know who'd be the dungeon master , I know I couldn't do it, I've never played D&D at all. Razz

Whoo, turned 21 today! Well, technically yesterday now, cos its past midnight gmt now. xP But still, fun.

Vaguely worked out the character I'd use, mostly cos I got bored. That and seeing how straight I've got the rules offhand. Thus I'm a little doubtful I worked this out all right for 3.5 edition, but I'm tired anyway...*goes to bed* XD

Name: Mi Koduras
Race: Seakin
Class: Druid
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 19
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 111
Eyes: Aquamarine
Hair: Black with Blue streaks.
Skin (or fur): Pale.
Skills: Concentration 8(+0), Handle Animal 6(+2), Survival 6(+4), 8 Heal.
Feats: Spellcasting Prodigy,
Languages: Common, Druidic

Str: 11 +0
Con: 11 +0
Dex: 16 +3
Int; 14 +2
Wis: 18 +4
Cha: 13 +1

level 0 3 Create Water, Mending, Detect Magic
level 1 1 +2 Animate Water, Speak With Animals, Faerie Fire

And some info on Seakin. XD
Seakin - Medium Size, Low Light Vision, 30' Movement, Swim Speed 30', 4 extra skill points at 1st level, 1 extra skill point at following levels, +2 Racial bonus on Escape Arist checks, Hold Breath - Able to hold her breath for a number of rounds equal to (8x Constitution), Weapon Familiarity - Treat Tridents and Nets as Simple Weapons, Water Dependency - must immerse his/her entire body in water at least once per week or take 1 point of Constitution damage (Constitution check to nagate, DC = 10+1 per additional day), while immersed in water this constitution is removed.

I declare this topic dead. Maybe another time. =p Forum Index -> Roleplay Sign-up/Discussion
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