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Captain Gamer

A separate topic just for Brawl friend codes!

That's right. We need an organized place for Brawl codes, so here it is! Post 'em here, along with any contact information, and the crazy Brawls can commence!

I'll set up the model profile and you can change as you wish.

Brawl WiFi nickname: Cap
Code: 0473-7488-9885
Contact information: AOL Instant Messenger - Venusar
Main: Luigi
Secondary: Zelda
Others: Pit, Ice Climbers, Snake
Up Taunt: It's game time!
Left Taunt: ...
Right Taunt: Whew!
Down Taunt: Game over!
Skybait J

Re: A separate topic just for Brawl friend codes!

Brawl WiFi nickname: JJK!
Code: 1547-5013-7380
Contact information: AOL Instant Messenger - Jjkaybomb
Main: Pokemon Trainer
Secondary: Pit
Others: Peach, Ice Climbers, Link (might expand on that...)
Taunts: Eh, it's all Latin, I change it a bit.
Majin Luigi

Is this for all-purpose Wii friend codes, Brawl codes, or both?
Captain Gamer

Mostly Brawl, but feel free to post Wii codes if you want to exchange stages and the like.

Brawl WiFi nickname: Koji
Wii Code: 4375-5710-9504-7160
Brawl Code: 2406-4979-7692
Contact information: (I don't do IM)
Main: Pit
Secondary: Lucario
Others: Captain Falcon, Toon Link

Brawl WiFi nickname: Adam
Wii freind code: 2900 2492 9195 2053
brawl Code: 2234-7128-3581
Contact information:
Main: Mario
Secondary: Sonic, then everyone else
(PLEASE add me to your wii / brawl freinds lists!) Forum Index -> Video Game Discussion
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