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Skybait J

A Stargazer!

Hello! I am Skybait J! A writer/artist type person and follower of the Gamer Works. As we all must be, how else would we find our way here? Smoke signals? I think not. Hopefully I can elbow in myself a place here at the new forums.

Somebody Ancient

Greetings, fellow m-

Huh? What is this?
I... I see...
Your sight... Into my mind...
I... I SEE YOU! [/mysteriously freak people out]

You wrote over 3 webcomics, never finished a story, you like chewing gum in your free time and have a dog named Chimera!
Your three sizes are...
Wait, I'm completly wrong, ain't I?
Skybait J

No. Those are all right. o.o

You scare me now...
Captain Gamer

A writer/artist type? This is a website for the writer/artist types! And the hardcore gamer types, and the casual gamer types, and the popular culture types, and the sports types, and the military types, and the scholarly types, and so on until every known type is covered.

With so many bases covered, it is nearly impossible not to find your own niche around here! Especially since, right now, every member makes up a large portion of the usership. ^^;

(Belated) welcome. =3
*is getting around to working through at least half the formal intro forum* x3
*is somewhat creeped out by SAs amazing 'guesswork' as well* =P
We're still in a sandbox, so easy to dig holes for the niches that don't already have one. ^_^

Skybait... No comment. I'm afraid to say anything Wink

SA - Oh yeah? Well, you livem in a hot place, have two brothers, hate your father, and are a vegetarian!
In your free time, you EAT PEOPLE! Well ok, maybe the last bit is wrong... But the others are right! I'm sure!

CG - Actualy, you are wrong. This forum is NOT for the rule breaking, rebellious types! AHA! Gotcha!

Whadaya mean, not for the rulebreaking and rebelious?! I'm here, aren't I? (I only obey rules that make sense. Ever met Julie Robinson? worst rules ever.)


Mewp. That is all.

Hmm. There must be some "type" not yet covered... let's see... nah, I can't think of any. I'll have to work on that later, when I have more brainpower available.
Hey, don't underrate smoke signals. What kind of distance communication are you going to use if the internet goes belly-up, or at least offline for a while? Snail mail? Ha!
Ah, a writer/artist type. One of my brethren. Welcome. Join us... join uuusss... we have cookiiiieeeessss... Forum Index -> Formal Introductions
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