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Alternative RP Sources

Well, let's be honest with ourselves and each other. This forum has a terrible back record of roleplaying threads. So, why don't we try to find someplace else with roleplaying, and see what we can learn from them?

As for me, I currently get most of my forum-RP fix from Prodigy: City of Supers, which is a superhero-genre forum. I challenge you to try and figure out which of the recent and active characters is mine!
Also, it should be noted that the above is a bit under-active at the moment, what with midterms and the like. Also, it's part of the "Mystery and Magic" network, which includes a number of other RPG fora. However, as I don't play on any of them, I can't give you any kind of description of the state of their affairs.

For MUDing (Multi-User Dimension, a form of online text-adventure game), I get my fix with awake2062. This one's a MUD based on ShadowRun, if you've ever heard of it - 3rd edition, to be specific. Lots of good fun, especially if you know what you're doing. This place practically never suffers from lack of activity; it's just a matter of finding where the activity is.

So. How about you guys? Forum Index -> Roleplay Sign-up/Discussion
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