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Naryu Elda

Art, Sprites, and Stories

Hello. It's been a while since I sprited anything, but I have been working on stories alot recently. Time to take a whack at sprites again.

Poking fun at how Sonic now has three people whose appearances are based directly off of him (Amy Rose not counted since her appearance is different from how she appeared in Sonic CD.) I think Silver came out nicely.

Earthbound and Pokémon come together in this odd thing. Ness unleashes King on some creature. Perhaps Starman or something.

Okay, you did well on the spriting and they look good, but why did you post this in the first place?
Chocolate Ninja

Beeeeeecause this is the Stage, where things like this are shown off? o_O
Naryu Elda

You want showing off? This is showing off....

Or this:

Or even this:

Ten times Ten
Story Nine: Months

Kamek took out his wand and tapped the board behind him. It was that time again...

Baby Bowser sat on the chair with his arms folded over his chest. "Kameek... I don wanna study. I wanna go ou' and take cook-keys from da Yoshis."

His advisor-slash-tutor-slash-guardian frowned. "Bowser, you have to study. All the kings of the past knew the names of the different months and days! All the Koopa Troopas know those names. All the enemies of the Koopa Kingdom know the the names of the months and days. Do you really want to be the only person who doesn't know January from March?"

The minature ruler pouted. "I jus' don like schooling. Its dull and borin', unlike goin' ou' and takin' cook-keys! Can we go ou' and get cook-keys instea', Kameek?"

Kamek sighed. He would never get Bowser to study at this rate. Unless... "Bowser. We're going out."

The hatchling cheered.


The two koopa returned, each with several bags, both of Bowser's filled with Yoshi Cookies while one of Kamek's had been filled with various indigenous plants. Those, he intended to study later that day, if he could get Bowser to learn the names of the twelve months and seven days.

"Bowser..." the magikoopa began as he carefully setted his bags down on the floor. "I think I have figured out a way to help you learn the names of the months and the days." He paused when he heard the the hatchling groan. "Don't worry. I think you'll enjoy this."

Kamek took out twelve cookies from one of the bags. He was setting them down on the table while Bowser climbed onto the chair next to the table. The cookies were of four different types. Kamek had sorted them into groups of three. The first two cookies resembled brown-and-white checkered tiles. The three after them were white and each were shaped like daisies, each one with a dot of jelly on their center. The next three were shaped resmebled yoshi-heads, the three after were simple round rings, and the last cookie was of the same sort as the first two.

"Wha-chya' doin' wit da cook-keys, Kameek?" the curious koopa asked.

"Sorting them. This cookie represents January, the first month in the year." As he said this, he pointed to the very first cookie in the line. "This one is Feburary, next is March, then April, June, July, August, September, October, November, and finally December."

Bowser's eyes followed the magikoopa's finger as he pointed to each of the cookies. He recognized a pattern. "Why are da cook-keys set up in pairs of tree?"

Kamek smiled. "I'm glad you asked. You see, the chocolate and vanilla cookies represent winter. The flower cookies are spring. The Yoshi cookies are summer, and the ring cookies are fall."

"I rememba'! You said dat winta' was when snow falled an' it gets cold. Spring's when da' flowa's grow, summer's when it da sun is hottest, an' fall is when da leaves in da trees change from green to all da colors of da rainbow!"

The magikoopa nodded. "Very good." he said as he took five of the cookies and set them infront of Bowser, who promptly ate them. Kamek then moved the remaining seven around and then lined them up.

"Are dese the days of da week?" Bowser asked. The koopadult simplt nodded.

"The days of the week are as follows: Monday, Tuesday, Wensday, Thurday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday."

"Kameek..." Bowser began. "I taut dat Sunday came before Monday..."

Kamek smiled again. "It really depends on whom you ask. The Mushroom Kingdom's calender lists Sunday before Monday, as does Sarasaland, Bean Bean Kingdom, and Nimbus Land. Other places, such the Koopa Kingdom, Jewelry Land, and Waffle Kingdom, list Monday as the first day of the week. But all in all, pretty much every town, city, or village you go to considers Monday as a weekday and Sunday as part of the weekend."

When Kamek had finished talking, he gave the other seven cookies to Bowser, who gobbled them up in a heartbeat. "Do you understand now?"

Bowser nodded. "Twelve months, four seasons, seven days. Two of da days -Sunday and Saturday- are part of da weeken'."

"Very good."


... I have to do more non-Mario stuff. xD I'm playing Twilight Princess while drawing stuff based on or writing stuff based on things that happens in Mario!

Very nice.

Where the crap did you get "Bowser Morton J. Koopa??

I know one of the sons is named morton, but...yeah, that is a little baffling.
Still nice though.
Naryu Elda

Bowser Morton J. Koopa.

Bowser Koopa sounded less impressive, so I added "Morton", to explain why Morton is called Morton Koopa Junior. The J was just filler. No clue what that stands for. xD

And you think that's weird, I renamed Mario and Luigi.

Mario Giovanni di Mario
Luigi Antonino di Mario

Di Mario = Son of Mario (Italian)

Mario Giovanni? After playing so much Pokémon, that name reminds me of crime lords. I liked Mario Mario and Luigi Mario, actually. But Luigi's name sort of works.
Naryu Elda

Giovanni is not supposed to be reminiscent of the evil organization leader from Pokemon. It was just a random Italian name I thought of when I was renaming them.

Also named Daisy "Princess Daisy Sarasa".

Daisy Sasara actually sounds good. I don't know about your Mario and Luigi names, but that actually sounds really cool.
Naryu Elda

Then there's Princess Éclair Taiyaki. Éclair is from Paper Mario 1000 Year Door (specifically Luigi's novels), and she is from the Waffle Kingdom. Taiyaki is a sort of Japanese waffle. Just had to. xD And I keep picturing her with a french braid, thanks to her name "Princess Éclair."
Naryu Elda

Been a while since I have posted in this topic, but that does not mean I have been idle.

Some art pieces:
Sir Grodus and Lord Crump from Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door

Mario Original Species - Sammer Gals
Fyrus from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Text stuff:
Mario Scientific Names
Mario Scientific Names - Part 2
These two were a random creation, spawned from boredom. But all the words I used did come from Latin vocabulary, or as close as I could get it.

And to cap this post off, I have two Zelda-themed haiku.

Smoke around the top,
First was white but now its black.
Go to Death Mountain.


It is dangerous
To wander the world alone.
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