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Chocolate Ninja

Bad News/Good News Thread

I've seen threads like this in other forums, so I figure we could have one as well.

However! To prevent this from turning into an angstfest, there will be a crucial difference. When you have something bad to share, also list a good thing, and vice versa.

Bad News: My laptop had broken down to the point where Windows had to be reinstalled.

Good News: None of my files were lost, my CD drive works now, and I haven't had to start over again in my FE4 ROM. I no longer have to use my old desktop with busted speakers. Very Happy

Good news everyone! I got a working NES! Very Happy

Bad news everyone! If I'm caught up after 1 am I lose all my electronic fun! (Computer, NES, GCN, WII, Tv!) Sad

Good news: I got an English copy of Yu-Gi-Oh! volume 1!( Yes, I do like the yu-gi-oh manga. Live with it.)

Bad news:Viz and maybe 4kids Censored it. Mad
Skybait J

I thought the Yugioh dub DVDs were uncut =/

Good News: I'm on vacation in the wonderful state of Montana!

Bad News: LOTS and LOTS of forest fires ;-;
Captain Gamer

Good News: I've inherited Czar's old-model Playstation 2. I've played Final Fantasy VII on it. It's a worn-down PS2, so I have to restart it several times before it takes.

Bad News: I just learned that it can't load battles in Final Fantasy VII that take place on beaches. It goes off the map, then stays black and doesn't load the battle and keeps making the error noise occasionally. I'll still play it.

Good news:There's a sequel o NiGHTS into Dreams coming out in December(Yes!)

Bad news: Global warming is killing the planet.

Oh, and Skybait, Yes, there are, but I was refering to the manga. always better than the anime with Yu-Gi-Oh, I've found.

Good News: I'm going to a baseball game tonight!!

Bad News: I'm gonna be dead tired tomorrow.

Good News: My birthday is next Sunday.

Bad News: This week is going to go by SOOOOO slowly.
Skybait J

Koji_Tsunami wrote:
Bad news: Global warming is killing the planet.

Good News: No. No it's not. Political hogwash. Maybe even hogslop.

Bad News: The truth about the Hockystick hoax is still being covered up by political hogslop so that the goverment gets more money.

Thank you, good night, happy readings.

Good News: Fall is coming.

Bad News: I start school on Tuesday. Sad Sad Sad
Chocolate Ninja

Wow, that's pretty early. Are you in high school or college?

Good News: I'm dogsitting/housesitting alone for the day.
Bad News: My dog, for reasons unknown to me, refuses to eat.
Skybait J

Good News?: I go back to my FINAL YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL! on August 28th
Bad News!: I have to stay in accounting class! ;o;
Better news: I gots me some coca-cola!!!!! No more bland diet coke for me!
Worse news: Chocolate Ninja's dog won't eat. I am now filled with sorrow ;-;

I'm in high school. I hope your dog stars eating soon. That could be really bad.

Good News: It's supposed to rain tomorrow.

Bad News: It probably won't.

Skybait J wrote:
Koji_Tsunami wrote:
Bad news: Global warming is killing the planet.

Good News: No. No it's not. Political hogwash. Maybe even hogslop.

Good news:Hell-I mean school won't start for a few weeks yet

Bad news: Skybait J has been brainwashed by the man, the one who wants us to think that everything is okay when we're about to be killed by an environmental disaster of our own making. But it's okay. Believe the truth you want to believe, y'know?

Good luck with your dog CN.
Captain Gamer

Koji_Tsunami wrote:
Skybait J wrote:
Koji_Tsunami wrote:
Bad news: Global warming is killing the planet.

Good News: No. No it's not. Political hogwash. Maybe even hogslop.

Bad news: Skybait J has been brainwashed by the man, the one who wants us to think that everything is okay when we're about to be killed by an environmental disaster of our own making. But it's okay. Believe the truth you want to believe, y'know?

A nice enough way to end that little sub-discussion, unless it's to be taken to Private Messaging.

Good news everyone! I've finally beaten some old NES games I never beat before. Woo!

Bad news everyone... My arms sore and lost cheaply at Risk. I claim dice hax!
Chocolate Ninja

Bah, board games are haxed anyways. Especially Monopoly. Razz

Good News: I got my dog to eat a bit, though not as much as I would like, by putting some tomato sauce on top of her food.

Bad News: It is thundering badly enough that I can feel my house shake.


Bad News: It seemed like no matter what I tried, the dog wouldn't eat. I was worried that we'd have to see the vet.

Good News: ...that is, except peanut butter, turkey, and mozzarella. Stupid crafty dog!

Good news: My sister may leave the house to watch High School Musical 2!

Bad news:I won't be able to eat her pizza.

Dude, thunder is cool! I wish it was pouring right now. I love rain.

Good news: I'm gonna start a new RP.

Bad news: I'm still blanking on a ton of the concepts.
Chocolate Ninja

A new RP, you say? Whoo hoo!

Bad News: I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, and another one scheduled next Wednesday. D:

Good News: At least my dentist isn't like THIS.

Good news everyone! If anyone ever said flea markets are stupid I beg to differ. Just went there and there was a guy selling NES games! Bought myself Ninja Gaiden and Blaster Master.

Bad news everyone! I didn't have enought money to buy Double Dragon as well. Guess I'll have to wait until next sunday and hope the guys there again.
Chocolate Ninja

Bad News: I don't think anyone likes dental appointments.

Good News: I didn't need a root canal!

Bad news: School tomorrow. Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

Good news: It's still raining! It's apparently mosoon season here on Mars. The acid rain feels great on your skin!

Bad news:I still don't know how Firemastrr got on Mars.

Good News: I rented Sonic Adventure DX.
And Beat Sonic's game.
And Amy's game.
And E102-Gamma's game.
All in one day.
(currently working on Tail's game.)

Bad News: My sister is wasting valuable HD space with a stupid game she installed.

Good News: I'm driving Koji insane by not telling him how I got here.

Bad news:
- The really awesome item I was buying on eBay... wasn't what I thought it was.
- I still haven't managed to write any of this new short story...

Good news:
- I learned the lesson, and will know to scan item descriptions more attentively (and less blindly optimistically) in future! Everything is a learning experience!
- ...but I am making headway on the plotline planning!
Skybait J

Good News: We finally, FINALLY got a halfway decent game shop within biking distance (five miles is biking distance!)
Bad News: smells funny in there...and the guys working there won't stop oogling at me! XO

Awesome News: Okami. I friggin love this game! ;O;
Bad News?: For some strange reason I forgot to walk the dog, do the dishes, switch the lanrdy, and eat lunch. I think it may have something to do with Okami...but you can never be too sure about these things, can you? =/
Chocolate Ninja

That's right! Buying a new video game and forgetting the essentials of life are unfortunate coincidences, no matter what anyone says. <_<

Good News: Back to college tomorrow! Whoohoo!

Bad News: Back to college tomorrow. Whoohoo.

Surprising News: Whoa, I'm a Chocolate Gamer now! Sly, Captain. Very sly.
Skybait J

Bad News: ...I'm taking all hard classes in school...I am so royally screwed...
Good News: Um..."Objection!" "...Mr Edgeworth?" "....I thought I'd think of something....but I didn't..." "So, anyway, I find the defendent...." "Objection!" Lawyer Tricks!!!
Captain Gamer

Bad news: That old PS2 I got a while back has pretty much breathed its last breath. Can't play it now without freezing during loading times. Back to my Gamecube and my PC version of Final Fantasy VII.

Good news: Looks at the way bottom of these pages here and here.
I'm not exactly sure how big or small of a deal this is.

*whistles nonchalantly*...

Good news! I found a new webcomic, and it rules!

Bad news! I still haven't properly designed most of my characters, so stories are on hold...
Chocolate Ninja

Webcomic, eh? Linklink?

Good News: It's good to be back.

Bad News: Lots of class reading = a real drag. Also, minerology seems to be an incredibly subjective field where the right answer is based on what my textbook says.

Good news: I have CN's link! The webcomic's called "Ozy and Millie", you might have heard of it, you might not.

Bad news: I can't think of any bad news! Oh no!

Good News: The webcomic topic on this very forum had that very webcomic along with a whole slew of others!
Bad News: Time is more finite than the number of webcomics around!
Skybait J

Good News: I had to drop an unimportant class, which means more study time and less stress, yay!

Bad News: I still got my nose to the grindstone, however...
Chocolate Ninja

Good News: Got in some DDR and M:TG over the weekend, not to mention finally watched the last Matrix movie in its entirety (not as bad as I'd expected). I am now the proud owner of a Darth Vader poster for my dorm room's door, which is Room 404, which is awesome.

Bad News: I have signed up for too many clubs, and I have much less anticipated time on my hands than last semester. My Geology course seems to assume that Geology is the only class I will have, and adjusts the workload accordingly. Razz

Questionable News: Decisive action impending that may or may not be regretted. More at 11.

Good News: Labor Day! No school!

Bad News: School tomorrow. Crying or Very sad

Bad news:

Good news:
NDS EMU SCENE UPDATE! Megaman StarForce WORKS! Not to mention I adore trauma center (HAHAHAHA, CUT THE PATIENT! HAHAHA!!!)!
Skybait J

Good News: I like my new avatar, yes I does! Of course I half stole the idea, but the avater I saw sucked anyway! Mine's better! X3

Bad News: NOOBZ! GRAAAAAAAAAAAH! They ask me, "whats the anime in my avvie, lol" "Um, it's Bleach" "Oh, lol, whats this?" "This game sucks..." "You're only saying that cause you dont know, I win!"

Good News: Another 3-day weekend! W00T!!!

Bad News: From all that rain, the mosquitos are out in force. Like, clouds.
Chocolate Ninja

Good News: One of my friends is now the father of a healthy baby girl!

Bad News: Tired. Will be very glad when this week ends. Razz
Skybait J

Bad News: Five Gamecube controllers. One PS2 controller. One Wii controller. This is a track record of all the controllers my brother have lost and broken. And they WONDER why I don't let them touch my stuff! I'm friggin crying over here....dead serious.

Good News: AP Calculus study groups are pretty fun, though we're not getting much done in these review chapters.
Naryu Elda

Bad news: I'm stuck carting around a giant textbook for the CIS 103 course at my college.

Good news: I have a Computer Graphics course two of my four days I have classes, and another I have Drawing 1 all day. Also, my brother just came home with Metroid Prime 3. :3
Chocolate Ninja

Good News: The person I like and wrote a letter saying as much to isn't avoiding me.

Bad News: Besides that, I have no idea where the hell I stand with them. <_<
Chocolate Ninja

Sorry for the bump.


Good News: The most awesome Magic: The Gathering game this weekend. It went on for two hours. In the beginning it was a 2v2v2, but it quickly turned into a 4v2 against my team, and at one point so many other people were absent that it was one guy playing four decks vs. the two of us. We lost, but it was still epic win.
Skybait J

Bad News: My house is turning into the fall of Rome. A whole bunch of bad stuff is happening and the leaders are just covering it up with increased entertainment to keep the people happy. Except me, apparently. We get TiVo, but we dont have internet? I don't even watch TV that much ;-; And my computer's still comunicationaly dead.

Good News: A revival project put into action. I won't spoil the details cause its a suprise, especially since my computer be communicationly dead means DELAYS! But its good news, I sware it is! XO
Chocolate Ninja

Bad News: Aw snap. This is the first time I've slept through classes. One of them I had a bit of homework due for. Not a paper or anything, just a small assignment. My participation grade and paper should be able to fix that. I'll just have to never miss one of those classes again.

Good News: At least one of those classes wasn't Geology. I didn't have anything due in French that day. I feel much better rested, and I was sick anyways.

Good news: They've got a new seasons of Legion and the Batman on Kids WB, (Home of every TV show I watch, save Doctor Who.)

Bad news: NiGHTS JoD won't be out 'til december! Waah! Mad
Skybait J

Good News!: I have been selected for the honor of hearing Dr Jane Goodall speak. Yes, THE Dr Jane Goodall. Y'know....the famous lady who studies chimps and whatnot. I wrote an essay and everything! For a small town area place I live in, it's quite an amazing opportunity. She's only a fifteen minute bus ride away, really.

Very, VERY Bad News!: I've already planned for a long time to go on a college visit one the SAME DAY. Why is everything happening in October anyway?! For some reason I am torn with the indecision. Yes, Jane Goodall is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, but really, I'm not going into that sort of career so what I could learn and use is somewhat limited. The college visit is to affirm my previous choices and move forward with my college career before everyone else catches up to me. It's also more like a well-deserved vacation from the vile evil only known as upper level math and advanced placement classes.

Most people I'm talking to tell me "Um, you can take a college visit another time. Cause y'know this is THE Dr Jane Goodall." But for some reason I just canNOT decide between the two. Besides, I seem to be enjoying missed opportunites (Like when Obama was speaking in the area I didn't go see him...I didn't go see random Republican X either =/). The one time I DID take up on opportunity was when a Holocaust survivor was speaking in the area, and guess what? I fell asleep while he was talking. That Guy was NOT a very interesting speaker.
Chocolate Ninja

Hmm. Well, either way you miss something, but I suppose a college visit is a bit essential. Plus, if it's been scheduled in advance it's probably hard to back out by now.

Bad News: A bachelor's life for me. Razz Also, arghwork.
Good News: I have the honor of still having a great friend.

If you can easily back out of the college visit and rescedule it for a close date, then I'd do that. If you can't, then try to decide which would be better for your future. Hearing Dr. Jane Goodall speak is a once in a lifetime thing, and it is probably more fun, but you'll probably get more out of the college visit. Good luck in your decision.

Good News: I get to do a Calvin and Hobbes project for school!!!

Bad News: The British are coming.

Good News: I'm making a movie!

Bad news:I don't have any funding, good costumes, or microphones! (but I do have actors)

Other good news: There may be a real communist country out there somwhere in the Universe. (Communism!)(The Soviet Union is a perfect example of "Fake communists")

Other Bad news: I wanna hear about that "Calvin and Hobbes" project.

Bad news:
I am in lots and lots of pain!!!

Good news:
The pain means I know I'm doing the exercises right! So I'm getting bigger, and stronger, and all-around tougher! Woo-hoo!
Skybait J

Good News: Omigosh! I got a B on my Calculus test! I though, for real, I was gonna fail. Because seriously, I'm not good at math. But I got a B! Huzzah! Now maybe I'll manage a C in the class entirely....

Bad News: I got a C on my Dual Credit American History that was supposed to be easy. Yeah, cant win em all...
Chocolate Ninja

Bad News: I am having a TERRIBLE day, the likes of which I have not had for many a year. I literally felt about to cry.

Good News: Three more days 'til break.

Good News: Koji, you can hear all you want about my project.

Bad News: It's made with iMovie, so unless I put it on the internet, you'll never be able to see it.

(For the rest of you: I made an iMovie project for my computer class, and it's entitled Calvin and Hobbes Remembered. Doing it brought tears to my eyes.)
Skybait J

Good News: ITSA MAH 18TH BIRFDAY! Now I can porn! And vote! And buy AO rated games! Wait...that was 18, wasnt it?

Bad News: Sadly, no birthday party will ever, ever top last years party. My mom rented out a theatre and we played video games on the movie screen. Including Super Smash bros. With SURROUND SOUND! was awesome when someone played Gannondorf. The whole theatre would go BOOM! when he just threw a punch....yeah....

Good news: My sister got an NDS for her birthday!
More good news: That means that I can play Mega Man Star Force Leo, which I recently aquired, according to our contract!

BadNews: I can think of no bad news!
More bad news: Which means I am breaking the rules of this thread! BLARGu!

Happy birfday, Skybait!

Good News: I've got a three day weekend and NO HOMEWORK!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Bad News: I still have to work on a project this weekend.

More Good News: My cousin's getting confirmed this weekend.

More Bad News: My last football game is tomorrow.
Captain Gamer

Good news: WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII- I think you get what the good news is by now.

Bad news: Every cent of my last paycheck is going to turn into Wii point cards to snap up Virtual Console games. Seriously... Star Fox 64? Mario Kart 64? Super Metroid? Super Mario Bros... the Lost Levels!? Ninja Gaiden II!? Punch-Out!!?

Actual bad news: I notice a severe lack of Kirby Superstar on VC at the moment...

Good News: This weekend is gonna be soooooo fun! Tons of stuff to do with friends and family!

Bad News: We lost our football game this morning. Sad
Chocolate Ninja

Good News: I feel very zen about this exam I just took.

Bad News: I have another one next Tuesday!
Skybait J

Bad News: Lots...and lots....of very hard projects...Why did I take so many hard classes my senior year?! WHY?!

Good News: Um....I got this social security card in the mail. Now I'll never forget that silly number again! Bwahahahaha! XD

Good news: I joined NaNoWriMo, am going to have a full novel done by the end of the month, and already have the first chapter uploaded! (see thread "Wanderer" in the Stage for details.)

Bad news: I'm 1500 words behind quota!
Majin Luigi

Good news: This forum appeaars to be quite good.

Bad news: I can't get the image I want in my signature.

EDIT: Ah, there we go.

Man, this is a popular thread!

Good:We got two new forumers in one day!

Bad: Majin ripped-off my ripoff of Captain Gamer's avatar border!

Oh, well.
Skybait J

Good News: In quiz bowl last night, my team made a 70 point comeback in 6 minutes to tie the game

Bad News: Lost the tie breaker!

Good News: I got some new games and couple extra memory cards.
Bad News: They're from a friend and I'm getting them because she's moving and is leaving PS2. Confused
Chocolate Ninja

Good News: Even if I don't get two As in my Geology classes, it is nearly impossible for me to fail.

Bad News: There is a huge project that I need to turn in a draft for on Thursday, and I've barely started it.
Skybait J

Good News: I got accepted to the college of first choice for next year! Yaaaaaaaaay sugar high! *collapses* It's not Harvard, however...that was my SECOND choice <.<

Bad News: Um....I'm getting a B in World History! It's ruining the All A streak I'm holding (somehow) ;-;

Good News: I got Psychonauts.
Bad News: For Christmas, I need to wait till then

Good News: I have last post on a fair few places for a fair bit of time. Very Happy
Bad News: I have had last post on a fair few places for a fair bit of time. D:

Good News: Now, I have the latest post on most of the forums, instead of Konoko!

Bad News: That means I've replied to everything I can, and there's nobody online to reply to me...

Good News: What he said.
Bad News: I was offline a couple days due to busy, thus the lack of timely reply.
...also, *hugs Anomaly* :3

Good News: I got Okami.
Bad News: No more Clover. D:
Skybait J

Good News: The finale to Noein...or just Noein in general, pretty much rocked.
Bad News: ...That show had some pretty friggin gaping plotholes. I mean...Yuu was the only one wearing a seatbelt! And yet HE was the one thrown from the car! The writers do so much with quantum physics, and yet they forgot to take into account NORMAL physics! C'mon!
Skybait J

Bad News: matter how hard I try....I always wind up with nothing...
Good News: ....sigh....

Good News: Shindo? Isumi? Waya? Shndo? Isumi? Waya? Agh! (translation: I've just been watching Hikaru no Go, and having fun being freaked out by the suspense!)

Bad news: My uncle died in a snowmobile accident.
Skybait J

Good News: Obama is coming to our area to speak for not the first time, but the second! We're where land! Iowa is totally a nowhereland, fer realz This is amazing! Clinton hasnt even come anywhere near here! (hoorayx500!)




Rudy Guiliani FTW!


Bad News: Two college courses that I'm taking decided that they'd test on the same one high school course...which I know I bombed. How am I supposed to remember all the fiddly parts of bones and still know everyone who write a piddly book on American Imperialism?! This must be what college finals week is like....@.@
Chocolate Ninja

Good News: Holy crap, I managed to get an A- in each of my Geology courses, the same grade I got in both my intro courses. I don't know how I managed that.

Bad News: I might have screwed up on my final paper for another class, and I probably did pretty badly on the final test for French. But if I didn't screw up too badly on the former, I think I'll have done pretty well.
Majin Luigi

Sorry about your Uncle, Koji.
Good: I'm gonna get Mario Galaxy for Christmas.

Bad: I've gotta work for playable Luigi.

Good: I got NiGHTS: JoD for New Years!

Bad: I beat both Will's and Helen's game (couldn't have done it without AritusKane's help.) but I need to get a "C" rank on every last mission to unlock the final ending!  Mad

Bad/Good: It was Shindo. Waya and Isumi are gonna have a playoff for the last spot.
Skybait J

Good News: Caucuses toniiiight! *runs around in circles*
Bad News: Bad driving conditions...its like icey patches and drifting snow of DOOM

Edit: Double plus Good News: TAKE THAT, CLINTON! bwahahahahaha!
Double Plus Bad News: Guliani is so not gonna win....

Bad News: Heath Ledger died.
Good News: His part in Dark Knight was finished.
Bad News: Sad He was good...
Skybait J

Bad News: I had a flight through Antlanta today. If you dont live in the US, it was just hit by a tornado and was still stormy when I went through it. I honestly thought that pilot was heading right towards that thunderhead...

Good News: Well, I'm in Florida on vacation.
Captain Gamer

Bad news: I've got three days to research for and compile a digital movie, including a bibliography, proposal, and reflection of the entire process. I've been through worse.

Good news: My entire week's schedule is clear as crystal. Since I usually get the job done in about half a day's worth of work, I have a buffer. It's my gift and my curse.

Very, very good news: I am typing this post from a BRAND NEW COMPUTER. Goodbye 128 MB RAM, hello 3 GB RAM!!

Bad news edit: Hrm... OpenOffice uses fine lines for callout dialogue bubbles. For OOC strips, that will not do. I'll need to grab off MS Office and get Word back if I'm to do any more OOC. In addition, I have no clue how I'll get FrontPage, the web design program. >.>

good: I got Super Smash Brothers Brawl!
bad: I also got sick.
Good: I got better!
Bad: after fighting Firemastrr online, I realized just how slow that online thing can be.

good: Im temporarily ungrounded from brawl! ^_^
bad: Im TEMPORARILY ungrounded from brawl... T-T
good: Im good with pretty much all characters!
bad: no net conection as of yet...

Good news: It's mah birfday!

Bad news: It's past 4:30 am, and I am very sleepy.

Good news: Sleepiness makes me go crazy in a fun way!

Bad news: No matter how sleepy I am, I cannot sleep. It simply... does not occur.

Bad News: I've been in the hospital for a while with a collapsed lung.
Good News: I'm back to 100%, Whoo!

Moar Good News: I just played HALO for the first time ever today.

Moar Bad News: Due to the fact that the only FPS I've played in basically forever is Red Steel, I found it simply impossible to master using two control sticks to turns and move. I didn't get a single kill, and I'm unlikely to get more practice any time soon. Razz

Dude! Collapsed lung?!? Details!

good news: I don't have to take the WASL this week, and so don't have to go to school until like 10 A.M.
Bad news: My computer apparently hates me, and keeps having to be wiped...
good news: I found a new FPS! YAY! (combat arms)
Bad news: I SUCK at it... like in the worst possible way...
good news: Somebody actually commented besides me! yay!
bad news: scratch that...

Details as requested: Yeah, well, I was at my friend's house for a party, we were watching scary movies (or what passed for scary movies, none of them were scary at all) and my chest starts hurting. But I don't say anything, 'cause I'm having fun. So then we go out for pizza and come back and the group of us start watching Cloverfield, and by this point I can't lay down without it feeling like my organs are trying to burst from my chest. So then, after the party ends, I go home. That night, I lie awake the for like six freakin' hours in the most uncomfortable night of my life. The next day, I feel better. The day after that, I'm having so much trouble breathing that I can't walk from one end of the room to the other without wheezing, so my mom takes me to the hospital to get some antibiotics, snce she thinks I have pneumonia or something. Instead, I find out I have a collapsed lung. They put a tube in my chest. Days later, I get surgery to close the hole. Days later, I go home. I just finally finished catching up on my schoolwork though. Mostly.

The End! Forum Index -> Off-Topic
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