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Chocolate Ninja

Brainstorming for more RPs?

Hmm. It sounds like this current RP has advanced much too far for me to really get in on it now, but I can always crash the next one. Razz I'd make one myself, but I dunno what sort of thing would be an appealing RP for you guys. Fantasy? Futuristic? Steampunk? A Great Race, with people using various vehicles depending on their character to try and reach a destination in order to receive some awesome prize? A Great Biathlon, which would be the same as the above, only with a fighting tournament involved in case two or more people get there at the same time? Tell me thy thoughts, Gamerhang denizens.

Actually you can join up next chapter. Just let Jenia know, and post your character information up here. By the way, Your internal organs are mine now! *cackles madly*
Chocolate Ninja

Aw man, I just got these. D:

Actualy, the chapter after the next. As soon as chapter 2 ends, the story will turn in a completely new direction, so it would be an excellent chance to jump in.

So, if you have any writing skill and/or imagination, I highly suggest you jump in as soon as we hit that point.
Until then, you would do yourself well to skim through various parts of the RP...
You will get a preview of what you run into Razz

EDIT: I smell a fire emblem fan, so as a welcome present, you can have your internal organs back.
Yeah, I keep a copy of everyone's for cases such as these.
Skybait J

Steampunk, STEAMPUNK! Steampunk FTW! A steampunk great race! Or great contest, like with a variety of a ultimate fantasy steampunk survivor RP XD

Of course, if it was a contest thing, would it have to be stat-based to prevent "cheating"?
Chocolate Ninja

Whoa, having read through this RP, it sounds really interesting! I'd be very happy to join if I get the chance. Thanks for returning my spleen and liver!

A steampunk great race sounds interesting. Maybe I'll start one up someday. I'd have to figure out how it would work, though. Razz I imagine everyone would have some various hidden devices to keep themselves in the lead, a la Mario Kart.

Have you guys noticed that due to various reasons, no role plays here last very long?

And now, the Green Lantern ripoff is also, as usual, dead.
Skybait J

None of us have much expierience roleplaying on forums =/

Attempts at making a self-sustaining roleplay have totally failed ='(

Indeed. They have all fallen and died.

We must not give up!!1
Skybait J

I know! I know! Let's have a round-robin or something. A Captain Gamer Round Robin! Or just any old plain round robin....
Captain Gamer

If I were to manage a roleplay, I would make darn sure it would stay alive if I could help it. Just give me an idea or the reins of something currently existing and I'll see what I can do.
Skybait J

I think we have plenty that are "currently existing" XD

It's just, you have to have some parts of input from those who are playing and some parts from the DM, when one isn't responding the whole RP collapses on itself, theres nothing a DM can do if the charactors arent doing anything, and there's nothing the charactors can do if the DM doesn't respond either.

Anomaly and I tried to create and encourage something where the game world relied more on charactor interaction with one another, we obviously failed at that. Maybe we just

In three of them, the DM stopped responding, in one the players refused to respond to the DM

The first one was the best though. If we have to start one again, that one would be fun.

Skybait J wrote:
Maybe we just

Koji wrote:
C'mon... maybe we just what?

But anyway... I'm not sure about reviving that first one... it was almost a year ago, if my memory serves me correctly... It also went on for a while, so it could take quite some time to read through the archives...

If only we had someone used to roleplays here...
Skybait J

I just joined a forum.... =/

I have an idea for a unique roleplay, but does anyone trust me to start over again?
Majin Luigi

Sure, why not?
It's not like we have anything better to do while we wait for Cap to start writing again, and they've always started off well before. Have at it. Forum Index -> Roleplay Sign-up/Discussion
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