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Chocolate Ninja

CN's Semi-Awesome Miscellany

This is a thread for many things. Plots, characters, random ideas, sprites, comics (?), and art. Since this is an opening thread, and I am a showoff, I'm going to post my best recent stuff in this here post.

A pencil sketch of one of my principal RP characters. The sketch turned out much better than the CG.

My grandad makes furniture and little stained-glass for a hobby. I designed and ground-down the pieces, he cut, soldered, and framed. The power of teamwork!

The really cool thing about that window which isn't conveyed at all through the picture is that I made it from his scrap glass. So the grass pieces are transparent, and there are two different types of glass for the sky.

My DeviantArt account is here, but be advised that my early stuff is bad. Really, really bad. Some of it has a sort of cutesy kid-drawing charm to it, but I think I've improved over the past four years.

My most recent 32-bit spritesheet. This is technically a sheet for four characters.

Sprites, too, improve with age.

Latest 16-bit CN sprite, in a few variations. Still don't quite know which one'd be best.

I also did this screenplay for a class which I'm pretty proud of (a class which I found out too late didn't fulfill my writing requirement, d'oh). We were supposed to write a silent screenplay that still managed to convey a story well. I couldn't think of a story up until almost the last minute, but I came up with an idea and wrote a bit of an outline in one of my other classes, so it turned out all right.



6-year-old KATIE walks out the front door of her typical suburban house. It is early morning in autumn, one where the leaves are just turning brown and a few stray leaves get blown off the trees by the wind. The sun just barely peeks over the horizon. A school bus sits next to the sidewalk that lines the street.

The bus honks. Katie shyly approaches.

She turns to face the house one last time, waves, and bounces smiling through the bus door.


DANA, mid-30's, smiles back and turns away from the window. She sighs in relief.

She turns her gaze sharply to the kitchen counter. Katie forgot to take her lunch!

Grabbing the phone, Dana punches in the speed-dial for MARK.


There is a picture of Dana and Katie on the desk, but alas, not a soul in sight. The phone rings out into emptiness.


Dana slams down the phone. She grabs the little brown lunch bag.


Dana runs out into the garage and looks wildly about. Garden utensils, a bag of soil, a toolbox, and a lawnmower. No vehicles!

She jabs a button on the wall.


Dana rushes out of the opening garage door and bolts down the sidewalk, lunch still in hand. Kindly old MR. MACGREGOR next door waves hello. She charges right into him, knocking him right off his feet.

The sun's getting higher. Dana skids to a halt. Little girls are playing jump rope on a front lawn.

More importantly, a pink bicycle with tassles and a little white woven basket attached the front sits unguarded on the sidewalk.

It's now or never.
Dana snatches the bike and tosses the lunch into the little basket.

Though she's a little big for it, she clambers onto the little bike, peddling away.

The girls drop the jump rope and run a little distance after her, but to no avail. One of the girls pulls out a dog whistle and blows on it, conjuring a German Shepherd from the backyard. The DOG gives chase.

Dana, spying a steep dip in the sidewalk ahead, leans forward and pumps her legs on the pedals, speeding down the hill. The dog lags behind.

Finally he collapses halfway, belly-up, as Dana triumphantly disappears into the distance.


Dana bikes out onto the highway, speeding down the roadside.


The driver stares at the traffic ahead, then Dana. Dana is going much faster than him.


But not fast enough. The sun is now at its near-noon zenith. She needs something faster. Something with horsepower.

Something like a Harley-Davidson.

Grabbing the lunch, Dana shoves the tough-looking MOTORCYCLIST off his bike and hops onto it, hitting the gas.

The girl's bike lies ditched besides the motorcyclist, pink sparkly tassels and all. He looks at it and weeps.

Dana weaves between the lanes, past a police car.


A COP spots Dana. He frowns and picks up his radio transmission device.


As if on signal, the bridge ahead starts folding up.
Dana revs up the motor, VROOMS up the ramp...

...and just BARELY clears the distance between the bridge halves.


It's lunchtime. Katie sits all alone at one of the many tables.
Suddenly, Dana skids through the doorway on her motorcycle. Everyone stops what they're doing and stare in slack-jawed awe.

After a beat, Dana tosses the brown paper lunch bag onto Katie's table. Then, revving up the motor, she makes a sharp U-turn and zooms right back out.

There is a stunned silence as everyone's brains try to register this.

It doesn’t last long. Kids crowd around Katie, waving their arms and babbling all at once.

One of the kids points at the doorway, then Katie. She nods.

The kids move to sit at Katie's table.

Cool. But what exactly is the point of that story?

Ooooooo... Stained glass mountain view! Very nice.

The hair on the CG is a bit too blobby I think, and the visor is perhaps a little too saturated/opaque, it obscures whats beneath a bit too much. Perhaps actually colour the face and eyes as normal, then the visor on a seperate layer set to...I dunno, 50% opacity, maybe tweak that up or down 20% to see what looks best to you. Just a thought.
Thats a lovely window and with you mentioning about it, I can kinda see about the grass and the difference in the sky pieces. Would love to see what it really looks like. ^_^
I like the 4th and 5th CN sprites best out of those ones. =3 Such a smart, spiffeh outfit.

I still don't quite get the point of that story...
Chocolate Ninja

Well, if you're looking for a deep universal truth to that story, I can't help you. Razz The purpose of the script was to tell a story without words.

If you're looking for the plot, and can't find it in the script, well...


Little girl loses lunch on first day of school. Mother does everything in her power to bring the little girl her lunch, in comical fashion. Little girl is suddenly much more popular because her mom is so cool.


I was hoping It'd be more philosophical or somthing. Oh well.
Chocolate Ninja

I could talk your ear off when it comes to philosophy, but that's for another time. For now...

A tiny viking.

I agree with Konoko. The fourth and fifth are the best CN sprites; especially the fifth, because he looks a bit more like a Ninja with that mask on. (I know, ninjas didn't really wear masks, but still...)
Chocolate Ninja

Excellent! I picked the fifth one for coolness and ninjatude.

And now for a Terrible Poetry Alert. It's my personal belief that the only people who can write really beautiful poetry are passionate. Unfortunately, the meter on anything that resembles passion from me is set to mute. Thus, no beauty.


Where does it go?
A blazing flame
A steady flicker
Then gone.
No more god.
No apple in the mind’s eye.
Just mortal.
The matchbook is empty.
Where did it go?

It Went to HELL!!!!
But not really.
Chocolate Ninja

In hell no one needs matches! Very Happy

Damn it, if this forum silence keeps up I'm going to have to subject you guys to more and more bad poetry!

The Hermit

Where oft blow gusts of frigid wind that chill me to the bone,
There perched upon a mountaintop a hermit hewn of stone.
On days of thaw a smile from his furrowed brow outshone
Which I thought had been directed just to me and me alone.

But behind the shining smile still there lay a heart of stone
For the seeds to reap its nourishment have never once been sown.
He sits high upon his mountaintop, a hermit hewn of stone,
A masterwork for me to see, but never mine to own. Forum Index -> The Stage
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