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Custom Gamer!

Well, the forum's been silent in general for a while, so let's see if my new topic idea can kick it back awake.
As the title might suggest, the main idea of this topic is to come up with a homebrew Gamer character. Just to be clear, this is not for RP, but simply for the fun of coming up with something new.

Now, I'm not saying you can't make up something out of wholecloth, but I'd like to see Gamers that have a clear, coherent motif for their abilities, design and Game Card allotment. 'Natural' skills, which aren't reliant on the Gamer Station, are also allowed, but be sensible. One more time, you can name your Gamer anything you like, but there are bonus points for proper use of the CG acronym. Razz

I'll start us up with Combat Gamer, a character meant to embody the biggest action games: shooters and fighters.

Name: Combat Gamer.
Appearance: A tall, black woman, Combat Gamer (also known as Fighter among friends) clearly looks after herself: her physique is nothing less than you'd expect of a professional soldier, or an Olympic athlete. Her hair is long and black, and her eyes are dark brown. She wears urban-camo patterned cargo pants with a grey tank top, her visor looks like something out of a special ops unit, and her Gamer Station is built into a metal gauntlet.
Skills: Combat Gamer possesses a blunt skillset. Multiple martial arts, but only one has been taken to black-belt level. Athletic training to keep her agile and fit. Training with various types of ranged weapon, particularly firearms.

Game Cards
Plasma Blade. (Jake, Nano Breaker)
A versatile, nanotechnology-based melee weapon. The default form is a simple longsword, but it is capable of shapeshifting into various other weapon types as the situation requires.

M6D Pistol. (Master Chief, Halo)
A basic, but useful, futuristic style scoped handgun. The only firearm Card which Fighter carries with her at all times; she only brings others if she's specifically going on a mission.

Special Forces Military Training (Guile, Street Fighter)
While Fighter prefers to use her own combat training, she has also been known to switch to Guile's fighting style during particularly hectic fights, to draw on the full moveset of a Digitally Realised fighter.

Super Scope (Super Smash Bros)
The first Card that Fighter ever used. She still carries it on missions as a backup firearm should the M6D fail her for whatever reason.

Now, it's your turn! Have fun!
Captain Gamer

Since my canon Gamers have been shuffling back and forth in conversation and speculation, I might as well go hog wild and make all profiles known in Anomalous fashion.

Name: Captain Gamer.

Appearance: "This person looked to be about eighteen in age. The most prominent feature of his was a white - or maybe silver - visor with supports that receded into his short hair so dark a brown that they it could be mistaken for black. Two clamps around his ears kept the visor securely on his face. The visor was not transparent at all, meaning no eyes could be seen beneath. His attire consisted of a black long-sleeved undershirt with a cobalt t-shirt over it. On the chest amidst the sea of cobalt blue rested a lettered insignia reading ‘CG.’ A belted pair of charcoal denim jeans led to white sneakers with blue design on them. On this figure’s left wrist was what appeared to be a miniature computer with controls reminiscent of any video game controller. A clamp held this computer tightly on the individual’s wrist." Popular speculation based on digital imaging estimate a middle-eastern heritage.

Skills: Unlike most "custom" Gamers who have developed their own claims, Captain, being the "original," depends entirely on his Game Cards. His only non-card ability is the enigmatic "Reset" which detects the original status of any structure or organism, and can recreate these in said status. Regardless, in true gamer fashion, he is able to use and combine these cards in a way reminiscent of an organized discipline.

Game Cards

Beam Sword. (Super Smash Bros.)
A basic light-based blunt weapon resembling a baseball bat. The light can be retracted for mobility purposes.

Super Scope. (SNES peripheral, Super Smash Bros.)
Based entirely on the original peripheral and design in the Smash Bros. series, the digitally realized rendition borrows the abilities of the latter. It can pepper light shots, or charge up for a strong projectile attack. Eventually, Cap will come to start moving around while charging, as implemented in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Mario Jump. (Mario Mario)
Increases Cap's jumping ability to equal Mario's. Also enables accelerated falling for stomping, and wall-jumping.

Sonic Run. (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Grants accelerated running to Cap equal to Sonic's. Adjustments to reaction time and the ability to see through the 'light tunnel' not included

Mega Slide (Rock AKA Mega Man, Mega Man "Classic")
Using some form of mobility manipulation through Digital Reality, this Game Card allows for a baseball-styled slide to be extended greatly.

Proto Shield (Blues AKA Proto Man, Mega Man "Classic")
Produced a white shield with a red edge outline that can either be held or attached to the top of the Gamer Station. It is quite durable against mere projectile fire, and can hold its own against concentrated power attacks, but like any form of defense, can only hold out so long against so much.

Power Copy (Kirby)
Cap's hands mysteriously simulate Kirby's mouth as he can suck up objects and gain powers through them. These seem to be limited to established Kirby powers, however.

Star Rod (Kirby)
This candy cane-inspired rod can shoot stars amidst a thin cloud of magical light dust. It contains a lot of powerful dream energy, so it can be used to stem darkness or be a conduit for light.

DK Strength (Donkey Kong)
Though not altering Cap's physical condition any, this Game Card still manages to bestow great physical strength equal to DK's. Creative use of this strength has also allowed for similar swinging and successfully recreating DK's Head Butt attack. On a side note, Cap has also managed to fashion his own finisher called the "Double Knuckle."

V-Watch (Joe, Viewtiful Joe)
A strange device that seemingly alters time and space to enhance or detract from the user and/or foes. It can slow down to exaggerate momentum, speed up to deliver a confusing flurry (Hence why it's Joe's V-Watch), and zoom in so the targets REALLY feel it.

Ansetsuken (Ryu, Sakura; Street Fighter)
Instills in Cap a heightened awareness of the fighting style of Ansetsuken. He is able to imitate Ryu and even Sakura's offshoot brand of the discipline. This includes the basic defenses, the more advanced techniques, and even the various forms of the Hadoken skill.

Power Swap (Rock AKA Mega Man, Mega Man Classic)
Changes Cap's physical appearance to resemble the "power" he's swapped to. This also includes emulation of some of the subject's abilities.


Name: Czar Gamer

Appearance: "To look at him in person was something else. The so-called faker stood as tall as Gamer and wore matching clothes, save an added muddy brown trench coat that remained undone, revealing the "CG" insignia amongst the covered shirt's bloody crimson fabric. Additional differences included far less blue designs on the shoes, but most importantly of all, the matching visor was of a dark glossy material that drew a dim, thick line over his face. Though nobody could have possibly been close enough to see, two soft yet malicious red glows emanated from behind the reflective veil."

Skills: Though much like Cap in his limitations, Czar makes the most out of them. His mastery of Game Cards is almost instantaneous and he can turn necessity into opportunity and combine any cards and/or disciplines which can lead to completed objectives most efficiently. His one claim to originality is his "Leech" function, dreaded amongst digitally realized beings. His left hand peels away until it is reduced to a highly malleable wire frame which can interact with a digitally realized being's programming on contact. The hand literally phases inside the being and can cut out any non-vital information to take on for his own. This has been used for the lack of a 'linking' function. Side-effects of suffering leeching are hemorrhaging, decreased function ability, and in rare cases, violent emotional fluctuations.

Game Cards

Beam Blade
Not really a Game Card, but it can be activated and put away as fluidly as one. Produces a sharp, light-based blade from Czar's left wrist. Unlike Cap's Beam Sword, this weapon is fully capable of cutting, and Czar often has no qualms with using it to do so.

Beam Blade Model R
A Beam Blade seldom seen that stems from Czar's right wrist. Any additional properties of this model are unknown.

Needler (Halo)
This small and oddly-shaped weapon is not to be trifled with. The needles that this gun produces and fires rapidly can embed themselves in any surface or living creature and explode. Taking one can be walked off. Taking a few can be slept off, taking a few more can put a person out of commission for a while, and these are all if you get clipped in the line of fire. Being at the mercy of the needlers is almost assured death.

Bowser Breath (Bowser, Mario)
Grants Czar the ability to breathe fire in a flame-thrower fashion. Also can be concentrated for individual balls of fire.

Orange Charge (Orange, Gunstar Heroes)
Increases Czar's relative density and footspeed to combine in a shattering charge which could also leave a trail of fire if done intensely enough.


Name: Colonel "Corona" Gamer

Appearance: (Not taking it from my notebook document, because it contains spooler. Yes, spoolers!)  A Japanese young woman standing at 6'2'' with a feminine aura similar to a mother or wise older sister. Despite that, she is garbed almost exactly like Cap, white shoes with blue designs, long charcoal jeans, and a black undershirt with a green t-shirt over it bearing the "CG" insignia. Her visor is a snowy white, and her chestnut hair is pulled back, save a pair of bangs that hang out down to the sides of her face.

Skills: Originally raised up to be support, but over time, she had firmly established herself as a leader and role model, if not a great team player, for she exhibits far greater ability in "linking" than any other Gamer, canonical or otherwise, thus far. She is proficient with the "Tell" function, able to give and receive messages that stimulate the inner ear through Digital Reality.

Game Cards:

The Dragon Sword (Ryu Hyabusa, Ninja Gaiden)
The fabled sword said to have been fashioned from the fang of a dragon. With this unexpected link, another one has been created, much to Hyabusa's surprise and chagrin. In pressed times, this sword can become a conduit that can funnel one's determination into physical and mental enhancement.

Nikita (Solid Snake, Metal Gear)
Corona gains use of the Nikita missile. Her rendition is slightly more efficient since she can draw out a path very quickly and let the missile move independently should the situation call for multi-tasking.

Piko Piko Hammer (Amy Rose, Sonic)
Generates the colorful and feared Piko Piko Hammer that Amy Rose often wields. The ability to Hammer Spin and Hammer Jump (using the Hammer to vault) are included.

Heavenly Hover (Princess Peach, Mario)
Allows Corona to retain her vertical height for a short period of time. She merely strikes the pose for the fun of it.

Falcon Punch (Captain Falcon, F-Zero)
Corona can funnel momentum into her fist, and let fly a fiery, climactic punch that takes on the form of a falcon.

Double Soul (MegaMan.exe, MegaMan Battle Network)
Completely garbs Corona in the likeness of a character's "Soul" and takes on prominent abilities and personality traits of said character.

Falcon Soul (Captain Falcon, F-Zero)
When only the Falcon Punch won't do, Corona can become Corona Falcon to issue an old-fashioned beat-down. Her attire is exactly like Captain Falcon's including double gloves for the Falcon Punch, electrified knee pads for the Knee, and boots which are multi-faceted. They enable the Falcon Kick, but also absorb the shock from the Falcon Punch, minimizing recoil.


Name: Constable Gamer

Appearance: "She stood at five feet, nine inches and bore skin as if she were made from clay of the earth. True to all others bearing the word 'Gamer' in their name, She wore the now-typical white-and-blue sneakers leading up to long charcoal jeans. Where she differed was in that she instead wore a light amber-shaded spaghetti-strap tank top that left her midriff and all of her arms exposed to the elements. The 'CG' insignia was not worn on the tank top, but instead could be found as a tattoo above her right breast. Her face was striking, tall, and sharp. Lipstick-clad lips smirked below the slightly rounded nose between raised cheekbones. Instead of any subtle color, the visor she wore boasted a loud purple. Her black hair was free to hang down to her lower back." Speculators have found her appearance to be most like that of a Native American's.

Skills: Unlike Corona, Cons had pretty much no say in whether she could lead or follow, she was raised firmly as a supporter. As such, her arrogance is charming to all but who it is directed to and her ability to link is limited. She posessed the Status Swap function, able to give her good condition to those who are injured or sick, and take the injury unto herself.

Game Cards:

Mushakuboh (Soulcalibur)
This weapon. can actually compress itself to smaller lengths so it could be clipped on to one of her top's straps or stored in her brassiere. With some force, it will extend and lock into a fully functional staff.

Flash Shot (Shadow the Hedgehog)
The bulky gun looks harmless, and it doesn't do much damage by itself. This is because the shot starts small and spreads out. The most it can do is force somebody back, which can throw somebody off-guard or try to crush them against a wall.

Hair Whip (Shantae)
After activation, Cons's hair bunches itself up and a braid forms it into a ponytail. From there she can lash her hair forward in a whip-like fashion.

Succubus Suit (Morrigan Aensland, Darkstalkers)
Her outfit changes into a recolored version of Morrigan's, giving her the ability to do most of what the character can do, including gliding, commanding a slew of morphing bats, and attracting every male within a large radius

Doom of the Living (Yuffie Kisaragi, Final Fantasy VII)
Cons's "knockout rush." She will briefly stand, then rush in and deliver a series of fifteen rapid blows depending on how she's equipped at the time.

Negative Zone (Luigi Mario, Super Smash Bros. Brawl)
Cons performs a dance which generates an area of effect with a wide radius that will send the minds of all caught sky-high. They'll be dazed and their relative energy will be sapped for as long as they remain in the Negative Zone.


You may get with the fan art now. Not really.
Skybait J

Kyaa! Gamer information!!! *grabs and runs* ....Wait, I cant steal that and sell it one ebay XD I'll break out some fan art tho, if you really want some =P

Oooh, so much information to dissect from these profiles. More speculation rage than fanart rage >.> "Raised" especially. Origons : still mystery.....but less of one? Must...figure out....from text *stares it DOWN* O.O

Name: Chrono Gamer.
Appearance: A somewhat small and skinny kid, probably no more than fifteen. His light-brown hair is long, thick, and unkempt. His eyes are a bright shade of amber. He wears a light grey longcoat over the top of his outfit: very light yellow long-sleeve tshirt and black slacks. The tshirt has "CG" over the chest in deep, rich gold, and inside the C is a design like an analogue clock. His Gamer Station, too, looks more like an oversized wristwatch than anything else, with all the buttons around the outside of the body. His visor looks like a cross between Cap's original silver, and the visor that Doc Brown wore in Back to the Future.
Skills: Chrono is a font of trivia about all different forms of fictional time-travel, from Back to the Future to Quantum Leap, and will happily offer his own (very, very long-winded) theories about time-travel in the real world. In addition, he's also very... imaginative, but his imagination is the same nigh-insane kind that the legendary "Mr Welch" possesses.

Game Cards
Beam Sword. (Super Smash Bros)
Chrono's first ever Game Card, and still one of only two weapons he possesses.

Shootdodge. (Max Payne, Max Payne)
A combat maneuver: Chrono dives through the air, and for the duration of the dive, he is invulnerable and his sense of time slow down enough to allow him to aim. If he's already using another slow-time effect, Shootdodge intensifies it.

Desert Eagle. (Mona Sax, Max Payne)
A high-powered heavy pistol. He got it past the Corps's anti-lethality policy by modifying with the code so that it only ever spawns with and uses non-lethal gel rounds. When it runs low on or out of ammunition, he simply dematerialises it, waits for the cooldown to end, and then rematerialises it with a full clip.

TimeSlow. (Beta Suit, TimeShift)
Almost exactly what it says on the tin. For a short duration, Chrono can slow the passage of time for him down to one-fifth. After it's used, however, there is a cooldown period of five times the length it was active.

Control Time. (Fable 2)
This one is a bit less than what it sounds. Chrono can use this Card to seemingly teleport for short distances - only ten metres (~10 yards) at a time. Most often, he uses this to get behind enemies and get a strike or two in before he's noticed.

Recall. (The Prince of Persia, Prince of Persia)
This Card allows Chrono to reverse time up to eight seconds. Afterwards, however, it has an equally long cooldown time. This is easily his least-used Game Card, as it takes up two full Game Card Slots on its own.

Name: Cadet Gamer.

Appearance: "The kid could be anywhere from fourteen to sixteen years old. he's got short-ish, messy blonde hair, and wears a green sleeveless T-shirt, the letters 'CG' clearly visible on it. His game visor looks more like red-tinted sunglasses than anything else, and his Gamer Station looks like any other gamer station."

Skills: The only particular skill his GS has is the ability of "Screen Shot", which keeps all digitally realized beings from moving, even if they're also Gamers. He can also hack data for certain Game Cards, but it's harder to use the more complex the weapon is.

Game Cards
NES Light Gun - (Hacked from SSB.B)
Beam Dagger - (Hacked from SSB.M)
BombCrystal - (Bomberman Jetters)
NiGHTS Flight - (NiGHTS into Dreams...)
Falcon Punch - (Captain Falcon, techically not in F-Zero)
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