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Captain Gamer

Episode 4: Mega Men

This is the thread for any discussion relating to Captain Gamer: Digital Defender Episode 4: Mega Men.
Skybait J

Okay, this has been bugging me for a bit.

Mega Slide?

The powers that Gamer gets usually are very obvious and the main power of the charactor he links with. That said, why the slide? Common people would more normally accosiate the buster with Megaman.

Is it because the gun feature of the Game Station had been taken up by the Super Scope? If so, how was it decided (in the story) that he should get the Mega Slide?
Captain Gamer

That is a good question, and I'm glad it was brought up. Surprised

The thing is that I wanted to specifically avoid having each Game Card just be a weapon that pops into existence to grab and use. Though it's something specific to the character, the point of a "link" is the character lending their power to the user.

Though arguably the Mega Buster is the closest to Mega Man's trademark, I felt that it was too easy to see coming. The same thing could be said about the Mario Jump and Sonic Run, but those are abilities that gamers have grown up with always wanted since they were little, so there's a little bit of exhileration in seeing someone allegedly normal taking on those abilities. The Mega Buster, I felt, a little less so.

... And at the very least, I wanted the early Game Cards to be movement-based. My preference.
Skybait J

More movement based "weapons" make battles more interestingly strategic than having a bunch of different weapons to be used on specific bosses, I suppose <.<

Makes it special that way Razz

Yeah, but the movement-based Gamer cards have got to stop sometime, for example, it'd be tough to make on for Link since as far as I know, he has no special movement patterns.

Note: Shouldn't there be a Game Card thread or somthing where this can go?
Skybait J

Taking TwiPri into accout, thats alot of manuvers there <.<

He's got dashing, jumping, sliding...gun, sword, shield. I think he's due a more hand-to-hand ability. DK Strength is one thing, but a Shouryuken is a Shouryuken. Surprised Forum Index -> Captain Gamer
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