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favorite brawl controler

I started out with the Wii mote (without nunchuk) and got so used to it that I cant even go back to the game cube controller... which is odd concidering i havent been playing very long. anyway, the point is that I want to hear what you guys think is best. (game cube, Wii mote [w/out nunchuk], nunchuk, or classic controller)
Captain Gamer

As stated elsewhere, I took to using the Classic Controller. I'm embracing my combined love of the old-school and casting my sights forward to the future. If I were completely old-school, I'd use the NES-like Wii Remote. However, I was born in the era of the Super NES and Genesis, which the Classic Controller most resembles. I have custom controls that swap Y as the special attack button and B as the jump button, as well as turning off tap jumping, something that made up tilts difficult for me. It's much similar to, off the top of my head, Super Mario World.

I've tried to use the Wii Remote, I really have, but I just cannot tap jump and being a veteran of all Smash Bros. games, I just have to shield using a shoulder button, I just must. The Wii Remote + Nunchuck looks fun, but it's just too radically different for me. The Gamecube Controller, well, I've used Classic so much I also can't go back. XP
Skybait J

I use the Wiimote plus nunchuck setup. I hadnt played Meelee for a while due to a sticky controller + all other controllers being lost or destroyed. So getting used to the Wiimote was easy enough. It's really not that difficult to use.

Everyone else I've talked to uses the GCN setup, but I've found that I'm better with the Wiimote and Nunchuk than anything else, so I'm sticking to that.
Majin Luigi

I agree with every word Koji said. Forum Index -> Video Game Discussion
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