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Fun Online Games You Play

We have a movie thread so why not a game thread?

By online I mean, on the interenet, not things like WoW, that would need its own thread or something.

Well for me, some fun recent online games I've played are....

[ulr=]Avalanche[/url] - No it's not based on snow. It's pretty neat I say. You play as the sandbag from SSBM (not really but it looks like it Very Happy) and you have to see how high you can get on the falling blocks, climb quick! Theres lava too!]"N" - Neat game, your a ninja and gotta get to the exit, simple. But theres also lots of crap after you in some levels. Also I believe this is gonna turn into a PSP game. Comes with cool replays when you lose!

Kingdom of Loathing (KoL) 1- Not emo like you'd think.

2- A simple yet fun semi-mmorpg! Create a character and adventure in the kingdom and hown your skills so you can eventually take on the Naught Sorceress! Fight monsters, some make sense others are strange (Ninja Snowman anyone?) collect odd items (Ever wanted to fight with a sack of doorknobs? Well now you can! The semi-mmorpg is because you only play by yourself but can interact with others with the chat, and buy things they sell. It's quite fun I recommend it. Look me up, my usernames Xharn.
Chocolate Ninja

Kingdom of Loathing is great and silly. I would get back into it if it weren't for the fact that they delete accounts after a certain time increment of non-activity. D:

Nexus War A new universe is about to be born. Will it be aligned towards good, evil, or somewhere in-between? You have the chance to shift the balance. A fairly complex text-based MMORPG.

Urban Dead In a similar vein, but less complicated, is Urban Dead. Eat brains with zeds or help save humanity.


Indestructotank You are an indestructable tank. Must be played to get the full extent of awesome.

Portal: Flash Game Version. 'nuff said.

Sad I miss my kingdom of loathing character. I was really into that game, got my sabre toothed lime and everything, all the way up to 31 pounds I think, thanks to giving him a salt shaker thing and my turtle tamer pet buffs. Even had a collection of the pets going, with gravy fairy, ghuol[sic] whelp, bat blade, cocoabo, grue, blood faced volleyball...even was working towards the MagiMechTech MicroMechaMech and Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot
*goes and gets addicted to N*
(Everyone beat me to the games I most wanted to link, like KoL and Portal, so I guess I'll just link ) Forum Index -> Off-Topic
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