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Gamer Corps art

I basicly  thought I was jamming up the regular gamer corps stuff with my sprites and junk, so i figured I should start this subject up. of coarse this isn't just for my corps fan sprites! post some of your own GC related art here (unless Cap thinks up a better place for us to put them... then put them there! until then this will be where I put all my sprites, and I hope to see more than my own work here!) anyway, I had a WIP I wanted to post, but got tired of putting it somewhere annoying to other Forum goers so yeah... I think you know who's who, and I just wanted to show that I'm actually doing something... so yeah! Razz

Heeeey, that's Smash Gamer! Dude, that rocks. Seriously.

lol, so it is... I'm glad you like it, but I'm not nearly finished. I still have to do stuff for the game cards, and random poses and junk... pluss I still haven't even started on a bunch of the other gamers! It's good to know that I got him ok though... ^_^

I just wish the picture was in better quality... I don't know why it looks the way it does...

I'M LAZZY!!!!!!!!! >_<

anywho, I managed to put together another character, and start with the whole gamecard thing... unfortunately thats about all I've done sence the last time I was here, but whatever... honestly I'm actually suprised I got much of anything done at all... anyway, heres a bit of a before and after on the whole update thing (at least with the ones I've finished) I still have Cadet, Silver, Atlas, and Ceaser to work on, and It'll be a while... but hey, it's not like anybodies like waiting on em... so yeah... heres the latest! It's a bit hard to see the details on the small one, but the bigger one ended up blurry and lame, and it wasn't that much bigger anyway... oh well... oh, and the heights are actually different! WOOO DIFFERING HEIGHTS!!!!!!

edit: oops, put the new Techno on the left... oh well, too late to fix it now...

Soooooo, Captain's taller than I am? I thought we were what-and-what. lol

well, Cap has this whole tall hero thing going for him, but I'm still kind of mid-edit, so I suppose I can always make you a little closer to his height... Forum Index -> Roleplay Sign-up/Discussion
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