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Skybait J

Gamer Corps Headquarters

Gamer Corps Headquarters

Tuesday 2 : Afternoon

"Being a Building built specifically for Gamers, the designers (whoever they are) didnt have to make it bland and work-like.The walls are painted decoratively with game icons and effects. The carpet also is much more decorative with many shapes and swirls. Not limited to simple work decorations, spaces are adorned with game influenced statues, plant life, and designs."

Now this feature of our roleplay will not be lead by or regulated by Game Masters Anomaly and Skybait J. How, you may ask? Well, we provide you with maps of the building and you, the Gamers, will simply wander the halls, interact, and interpret the locations. The events technically happen between plotlines, so you can always post on this thread, no matter what. You can also roleplay as video game charactors, provided nobody else is playing as those charactors. But may it be noted you cannot be your Gamer and a Game Charactor at the same time. You can also not be two or more Gamers at once. You may only have one charactor active in the Headquarters and one charactors active in the mission. Unless stated otherwise. Oh, and yes, players can form links with these playing game charactors, that is the one feature that is regulated by the GMs. Other than that, there basically are no rules. Blow up the building if you will. As long as you all abuse this thread, we will be happy.

Time Concept: Yes, there is a concept of time. Unless we get into this and we have to slow down or speed up time, each real life day, beginning and ending at midnight Greenwich Mean Time, is a four part section of a roleplay day. Early Morning (12 am - 6am) Morning (6am-12pm) Afternoon (12pm-6pm) and Night (6pm-12am). While you can ignore this time system, it might be in your interest to follow it.
Timezone Converter

In your first post, please describe the location and appearance of your office.
All data about locations and news will be in this first post.

Of course, being the Gamer Corps, we kinda have to save the world and stuff. These are missions listed you can take to roleplay on the Mission Thread. Your Gamer can only be on one mission at a time, but you can play multiple Gamers on multiple missions. Also, the Gamer on a mission can still post here, but any changes in their cards or general data dont take effect until after the mission has been completed.

Rescue Mission. Princess Peach Toadstool has been kidnapped (again); help Mario get her back from Bowser. Gamers Required: 1+.



Ground Floor

Entrance: There are several paths to the inside of the building from the outside, including secret trams.
Reception: The Reception hall is richly decorated with everything "Gamer". The Reception keeps record comings and goings in and out of the building as well as in and out of the Gaming Lounge. The Reception Desk can keep contact with any location in the the building as well as Gamers' Visors, as long as their in-building.
Kitchen: The kitchen in not off limits to Gamers, and one can go in there and cook what they so desire.
Cafeteria: There is a salad bar as well as a bar serving the appropriate meals.
Gaming Lounge: Hey, its a Gamer's job to game! And this is the motherload of games. People can play individually or in groups. There are console games of course, along with a Wall o Games, but there are also some arcade games as well as PCs.

First Floor

Break Area: An area which Gamers can have quick access to food without going downstairs. Contains a soda and snack machine, water cooler, microwave, minifridge, and the bulletin board. Papers and pictures may be posted on the bulletin board
Janitorial: A sign is posted on it's door: "We are our own custodians. Be courteous. Clean up after yourself." ~Caesar Gamer
Office Stuff: Copier, scanner, office supplies, storage, um, what else is in an office building...? I've only worked in a coffee shop, so sue me.


Atlas Gamer #7
---My room is simple: a bed, a television, an Xbox 360 with controllers and a stack of games next to it. The wall is painted plain black.  

Cadet Gamer #12
---My room has cobalt blue walls, with two posters (Bomberman and Mega Man X) on the third wall. The second wall has a small sofa, mostly for sleeping on, but also for the occasional handheld video game. The first wall has a a desk that has a laptop computer permanently placed on it, and internet acess. The fourth wall is broken. (Not really. It actually has a door and an Ultraman poster. I just like to say that it's broken. )

Silver Gamer #18
---Silver lives in the Headquarters on and off, so her office reflects that. Her office also reflects her loud personality. The walls are painted just short of tie-dye, covered with posters and paintpen words and doodles. She has a desk to the left of the door as well as a couch against the far all. The desk is covered in thousands of pink, silver, and gold doodles as well as thousands of stickers. The same can be said for her Apple computer. The couch has a blanket and pillow either on it or beside it, along with several stuffed animals. She has her own bulletin board on the right wall covered in pictures and pin ups of everything gamer and Gamer. On the left and back wall she has several shelves of books, movies, games, and dolls, some of it scattered in piles around the room. Mounted high on the wall above the shelves is a decent sized TV with a Wii hooked up to it. A controller with a lime green cover can often be seen on or around the couch.

Captain Gamer #20

Second Floor

Library: For independent research, or even for a quiet place to read. Contains digital as well as print information.
Gym: The main area for basic training and exercise, contains weights, exercise equipment, combat dummies, among other things.
Locker Rooms: Each locker room has lockers, sinks, and showers
Safe Battle Zone: This is the area for testing out cards and combat moves as well as for sparring. Can also summon complex combat scenarios through the Control and Observation Deck.

Third Floor

Briefing Room: A room with a table and a SmartBoard connected to a computer. Used for mission briefing and the likes.
Medical Ward: A fully stocked emergency medical room. It does have some basic medicine and first aide, such as aspirin, and some more advanced things as well. But a full fledged hospital it is not.
Techno Gamer's Lab: Contains DR mechanisms often used for debugging equipment such as the Gamer Station and Cards, but also appropriate for fully-fledged Digitally Realised beings. Glitches and viruses are taken very seriously, and Techno is also capable of modifying (and sometimes upgrading) the Gamer Station and Corps-issued Game Cards.
Communication Hub (Mission Control): Has a very powerful system of communication computers. While it can communicate with other facilities such as IDR, it can also keep contact and receive data dumps with each Gamers' Stations. Nicknamed Mission Control by Gamers due to it serving as a sort of war room during missions and crisis's.
Rest and Waiting Area: During a time of crisis with a lot of running around and chaos, participating parties will take a break in this area when there is a lull in the action. There are more plant life here as well as more abstract design, rather than game design.

Caesar Gamer
---When you walk into Caesar's office, the first thing you'll notice isnt even in his office. There is a red light above his door with a sign under it stating "Do not enter when red light is on. Any entrances will be at your own risk." But really, when you enter, the office is deceptively small and formal, with file cabinets lining either wall and a desk in the middle. The computer has way too many wires coming out of it going who knows where, with a swivel chair behind the desk. Besides papers and more papers, the desk only has a few personal touches, mostly limited a few artistic paperweight things, a single picture frame, and strangely a small, rubber dog. There are two semi-comfortable chairs shoved to one side of the desk and are. like the desk, covered in papers. Behind the desk is a folding screen that reaches from one wall to the next, decorated with Chinese phoenixes and dragons. It's general knowledge that Caesar probably lives behind the screen, but whatever's back there is a mystery.

Techno Gamer
---The most noticeable thing about Techno Gamer's room is the darkness; the overhead lamp doesn't even have a lightbulb inside, and the only light comes from the computer desk sitting in the corner. Though there is a window opposite the door, heavy curtains are drawn across it, and two bookshelves block the view. A single-person bed sits in front of the desk, with the keyboard and mouse in easy reach; between the desk and the door is another pair of bookshelves, these ones stocking a library of various software, with the lower shelves holding unlabelled boxes of computer parts. A wardrobe and chest of drawers are up against the wall to the foot of the bed, though whether Tech' has any clothes besides multiple copies of his uniform is anyone's guess. The wall opposite the bed is unobstructed, but covered in various posters, a calendar, a wall clock, and even a dart board.


A large, empty space on top of the Gamer Corps Headquarters, with the only structures being the entrance to the stairs and the moderately size aircraft hanger. From up here one can see the surrounding landscape. The satlight is for all kinds of communication. The beacon is to signal incoming teleporters and to make sure low flying aircrafts dont hit the building.

Room twelve, eh? Well, that's fine by me.
My room has cobalt blue walls, with two posters (Bomberman and Mega Man X) on the third wall. The second wall has a small sofa, mostly for sleeping on, but also for the occasional handheld video game. The first wall has a a desk that has a laptop computer permanently placed on it, and internet acess. The fourth wall is broken. (Not really. It actually has a door and an Ultraman poster. I just like to say that it's broken. Very Happy)

10:17 PM
I wake up, look at the clock, and plan to go back to sleep/ Then I realize that I'm too hungry. So I go down to the kitchen, make myself a batch of french fries, eat it, and make my way bback to my room, saying hi to some gamer or another without looking to see who, and go back to my couch.
Majin Luigi

My room is simple: a bed, a television, an Xbox 360 with controllers and a stack of games next to it. The wall is painted plain black.

10:35 PM
As I walk through the halls of the Gamer building, I run into Cadet, apparently coming back from the kitchen. He says hello, and I tell him to shut up. I don't think he heard me. I keep walking until I get to the Battle Zone Control, which I rig to summon enemies when I enter the room.

I go inside, have target practice with my Cracker Launcher, and come back out. I go to my room and play Halo 3.  Then I leave the building, leaving the thread readers wondering what I did next.
Skybait J

A possibly solemn voice comes over the intercom in Cadet Gamer's Room. I think it's the secretary.

"Cadet Gamer, report to Caesar Gamer's office immediately. 'I had to find the next save point' is not a valid excuse."

I heard the intercom, and reported immediately, but informed the secretary that despite the classes taken last summer, "You still can't spell anything right."
Skybait J

"You don't spell over an intercom, whatever are you talking about? hmmyes"

As you enter Caesar's office, he shuffles some papers and throws a few things under his desk. He looks at you quite seriously. "Take a seat, Cadet." Both chairs are covered with files and papers.

I ask if I can move the papers to sit down, and if I can't, I sit on the floor.
(But the secretary still "dont" know how to spell.)
Skybait J

"if you can find a spot for them. Or just stand." he clears his voice, "Cadet Gamer, what I am about to speak with you is of vital importance and is strictly classified, is that clear?"

In other news, the secretary would like to note that she is trying to change the English language, but spelling still doesnt count over the intercom.

"Yes sir" I reply. Caeser Game is one of the few sources of authority I respect.

Note: the others that Kevin respects are Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the guy who leads the Bomberman Coalition Team Thing, and usually his history teacher, Mr. Schkameinszor.
Skybait J

His voice rises as he sits up straight. "Well, Cadet, I'm certain you know exactly what I'm going to say by now, as there is only one thing that requires this much secrecy." He looks at you critically.

I have no idea what he means, so I sit there and hope he explains it to me.
Skybait J

A period of silence ensues. Then Caesar sits back in his chair and closes his eyes.

"I see. You need to spend less time in the Game Room, Cadet. I gave you a week to prepare, I should've known you werent done when you came in here empty handed."

Actually, I have been spending less time in the game room. But it was because I just got Mario 64 DS, and I still don't know what he's talking about. Caeser had better explain this, because otherwise, I just won't get what he's talking about.
Skybait J

"Well, I suppose you can go now, but please, will you get your project done by at least next week? thank you"

Hand wave
Captain Gamer

Meanwhile, over in the undisclosed location of the GamerHang, Captain Gamer sits in his navy blue couch watching a soap opera.

"Get to the point, one of you!" He shouts at the screen.

The sample went under the microscope, and all the data flashed onto the monitor. Techno Gamer bent over the desk, tabbing through page after page of simple DR code.

Then, he found those few lines that didn't fit with the rest. A few quick taps highlighted them away from the rest, so he could focus more on it and its function. He grinned slightly, peering in closer to the screen. "Fascinating..."

But then he realised exactly what kind of code he was looking at. The grin faded, his eyes widened, and his hands danced the quarantine dance on the keyboard.

A moment later, his voice came on over the building-wide telecom. "This is an all-points alert by Techno Gamer." The lab radio cracked his voice slightly, rather than the pure clarity of other units; Caesar had offered to replace it several times, but Techno insisted that he'd fix it himself - eventually. "We have a DR-related emergency. All who care, come up to the lab for more details. Techno out."
Majin Luigi

Hearing this, I head over to the lab, Gamer Station at the ready.
It might be a waste of time, but I'm sure as hell not taking the chance.

I care. I go to the lab. I'm more than interested by the prospect of the emergency. Hope it isn't too bad, but we'll probably be able to deal with it.

When the two Gamers entered the lab, there Techno was, still bent over in front of his computer. The monitor had its back to them, but they could clearly see the half-excited, half-worried grin on his face.

Hearing the door, he looked up, at, between, and around the Gamers. "Ah! Welcome." He straightened up, and cleared his throat. "First, let me give you some background."

A hand waved in the direction of his special DR microscope; there was a fragment of matter on the plate, but beside it lay a Power Mushroom, showing a couple of bite-marks and the incision where the sample had been taken. "Mario and Luigi sent this in for analysis this morning, saying it, er, 'tasted funny'. So, I went to work on it, and found that a few lines of alien code were added. Ah, that is, code not from the Realisation of the Mushroom, not that some Andromedans came over here specifically to hack into Mario's breakfast." He frowned. "At least, I hope not."

The monitor turned around to face them. "I've taken the liberty of highlighting the offending code in red, so, you can have a look yourself." He glanced between the pair for a moment, before his pointing finger settled on Cadet Gamer. "Ah, Cadet! You've shown considerable promise with Digital Reality so far, would you like to make a supposition about what we're dealing with?"

"I really can't say anything about this.
It looks like it could just be a mistake, accidentally put in with the rest, but with a line of code that long, I dunno... Any idea what that piece of code does? If we knew that, it would be easier to see what's going down."

Techno Gamer stepped around to stand before the desk with the two Gamers. "Yes, well..." He started indicated particular pieces of the highlighted code. "This code here, that's the self-replication strand... and over here is the infection protocol."

He hissed a sigh from between his teeth, nodding as he watched the two Gamers' reaction. "That's right, we're dealing with a virus. But, I haven't had time yet to figure out what it does once it infects something."

His fingers started drumming along the desk, as he stared back into the monitor. "I want you two to go to the Mushroom Kingdom, see what you can find out about where Mario got this mushroom and where it came from. In the meantime, I'll keep on trying to decipher this..."

He looked up briefly. "And of course, you'll have to treat Mario and Luigi with extra caution. I don't know if eating the mushroom will infect them, but it seems probable."

As I walk through the halls, towards the garage where they keep the company van, I suddenly remember my project. I guess It's a good thing it wasn't as powerful as I was going for...
I run back to my room, grab the prototype, then run back to the garage to leave for what promises to be an interesting mission...
Skybait J

The door to Techno Gamer's room suddenly swung open. Silver Gamer wandered into Techno Gamer's lab, a chipper smile on her face.

"Hey, Techie, whats up? Heard that announcement, did you have something important to say?"

Techno took a moment to respond, entranced by the code, before he looked up at the lady Gamer. "Hmm? Ah, yes." He turned the monitor around to face her. "I'll give you the cliff's notes version. This code sample was taken from a Power Mushroom the Mario brothers sent in."

"The highlighted code, quite simply, isn't supposed to be there. I've identified it as a virus, but so far, not much else. We don't know how the infection spreads; we don't know how it affects the infected entity." He turned the monitor back to face himself, and peered back at the code. "I'll keep on analysing it for the time being, until I get to the bottom of things."

"In the meantime, I've sent a couple of Gamers to go investigate where the Mushroom was found, to see if we can figure out how it got there."


The field Gamers' destination, a relatively small village in the Mushroom Kingdom, seemed to be unaffected by the new DR 'emergency'. But then, this one was a quiet, almost backwater village; most of the time, it stayed unaffected even when Bowser went out to attack the rest of the Kingdom, by sheer virtue on unimportance. Mario and Luigi had only been present that morning because they were visiting friends.

Everything seemed to be as normal - as much as a village composed of mushroom-shaped huts and populated by anthropomorphic mushrooms can be normal to anyone but a Gamer. The most alarming thing happening at this point was the arrival of the Gamers; a few of the mushroom people had come to the village entrance to spectate, and Luigi was waiting at the gate to greet them.
Skybait J

"Oh, so the meeting's over? Aww, stupid final boss fight and its distractions..." Silver didnt leave with this news, however. Instead she moved close to Techno and stared at the screen blankly. Her comprehension of the coded mess on the screen being limited or none, she just nodded with a simple "Yep. Viral infection. Totally. Hmm..." She backed up a bit and crossed her arms, "Don't you have, like, some digital lab rats or anything you can just feed this to and see what happens?"
Majin Luigi

I'm on my guard, and not unprepared for the possibility of Luigi being affected negativly by the virus.
"(insert appropriate salutation here) Luigi. Where's Mario?"

-=- in the field -=-

'Oh, for the love of green mushrooms!' Luigi thought to himself, though he kept that goofy smile on his face. 'What am I, chopped liver?' He cleared his throat. "Oh-a, he's right this way! Just-a follow me!"

Though the mushroom people gave the Gamers a couple of odd looks along the way - what kind of strange people are these, whose heads are smaller than their torsos? - they were not disturbed along the way to a mushroom-shaped hut at the other end of the village.

Inside the hut, Mario Mario was being kept in bed. Apparently, against his will. "Mama mia, I told you! I feel-a fine! Now, you need-a to let me out there to meet those-a Gamers before Luigi - oh, hello Luigi!" He flashed a guilty grin at his green-clad brother before noticing what this particular cat had dragged in. "Oh-a! And hello to you! You must-a be here from the Corps, right?" He sat up a little, though the mushroom person standing at the bedhead did his (its?) best to restrain him. "I'm-a sorry, I don't think we've met. It's been a while since I met a new Gamer."
Majin Luigi

"My name is Atlas Gamer." I tell him, "and this is Cadet."

Mario nodded. "I guess-a that you're-a here about the mushrooms, right?" He sunk back down, and thought for a bit. "We found-a them this morning. It just-a rained last night, so we didn't-a think anything was strange about there being a few new mushrooms about-a, and they were right in the shade of our usual favourite-a tree."

He wrinkled his nose. "But, ah, something wasn't really right about them. They tasted-a... tangy, I guess. Yes-a, tangy." He nodded. "Now, if you'll-a just follow me, I can show you where--" Just as he started sitting up, the mushroom person at his bedhead pulled him back down. "--we... found-a..." He sighed. "Oh, never mind-a. Luigi, could you show them?"

Luigi didn't say much until they got to their destination, a lone, old tree in the middle of a field. "Right-a there." He pointed to a stop not very far. One last mushroom was still sitting in the same spot. "So, just-a do what you do."

I go to get ye mushroom, then recoil away from it as I remember my eternal maxim: "Mushrooms are evil, and want to eat your soul."

I just don't like fungus.
"Uh, hey, Atlas, do you think you could take this toadstool?" I mumble.
Majin Luigi

I take it, but not with my hand. I make sure that I'm wearing my Gamer Corpse protective gloves first.

"Cadet," I say "You're a wuss."

Contrary to Atlas' apparent belief, the mushroom does not, in fact, try to bite him when he picks it up. Nor does it electrocute him, or burn him, or feel all cold. All it does is sit there, in his hand, doing nothing.

Luigi slowly shook his head as he watched the mushroom. "Strange-a thing. Power mushrooms... well, they-a usually taste like regular mushrooms. But the other-a one that was with this-a one... I only got-a one bite before Mario started-a hogging it, but it was all... tangy."

the new recruit Covert Gamer stands in the reception room of a nearly empty office bulding. His jacket is baring a "hello my name is..." sticker with Covert scribbled across it.

Covert: "helooooo...."

Walking through the doors, Smash Gamer looked around in marvel. He still can't believe he was chosen to join the Gamer Corps. He spotted another new Gamer recruit in the reception area.

"Hey, what's goin on? You a new Gamer too?"

As the two newbie Gamers dawdled around the Corps reception, another came in from the stairwell just nearby. She was a tall black woman, strapping, and she had a heavy-looking curved broadsword slung over her shoulder.

At first, Combat Gamer intended to just nod to each of those present in turn, and then be on her way. But, before she reached the door outside, she looked at the two Gamers in more detail. Recognising them - or, more correctly, failing to recognise them - she stopped right near the door, turned to face them properly again, and took up a neutral pose.

"I don't know you, so you two must be new here. I haven't heard of any new recruits... but that's not usually my job." Combat Gamer shared a glance with the receptionist, who just shrugged. "It doesn't seem like Silver's around, though, so I'll have to fill in for her. Don't worry, I'll be a more fun guide anyway." She nodded behind her, to the door. "I was just about to go handle an infestation of koopa troopers. Either of you interested in letting me show you the ropes?"

after a moment of nervous silence: Covert speeks up. "umm... sure, why not." Not knowing what to expect from this new acquantence he introduces himself. "My name is Covert Gamer... or I guess just Covert..." he puts his hand to the back of his head nervously. After a moment he puts on a quick salute assuming that he could get in trouble for not following some kind of regulations.

"'Sure, why not'?" Combat Gamer turned to face Covert more fully, standing with her feet wide apart and her hands on her hips. Bandana or no, she peered right where Covert's eyes would be. "That's a pretty hasty response, there. Here you are, new Gamer, and someone walks in who could be a senior Gamer... or could just be someone who infiltrated, and felt like messing up the first newbie Gamers she found. I don't even wear the CG on anything more noticeable than my dogtags."

Rant done with, she slowly shook her head, a little bemused smile on her face. "You have to be careful as a Gamer. Don't worry, you'll learn." She turned around again, still looking over her shoulder, and kept going on her way to the door. "Well, whatever. Whoever's coming, come. I'm Combat Gamer, by the way. Don't call me 'Combat' - if you have to shorten it, call me Fighter."

Covert felt like telling combat off about how the dog-tag was the first thing he noticed, about how his automap would have shown whether she had bad intent, that he had seen the gamerprofiles before actually signing up, but he didn't want to risk any demmerits this early on. he decided to continue calling her combat in his inner monoloug to sort of spite her without being noticed though.

(if the door had led to some hall or something:)
the new gamer marched along behing COMBAT not really knowing where the two were going, looking into rooms that were open enough to see, the strange art on the walls. his automap the only thing keeping him not confused about the labyrinth like office building known as Gamer Corps.

(if the door had been the front door, and led outside:)
Covert followed combat out the door a bit confused that they were heading out the door that they had just entered through, and curious as to what the rest of the Gamer Corps was like...

( should probably be more specific about the door... lol)

(also... BLARGH! DID IT AGAIN! >_<)

(Out-of-character stuff should, for the sake of confusion, be kept either on the Roleplay Discussion board or in brackets like this.)

Combat Gamer laughed a little bit under her breath, though she didn't spare Covert another glance. "Careful with that aggression there, newbie. Any martial artist worth their salt can smell it coming off you... and that's not even getting into the crazy stuff that DR and Game Cards can do."

She beckoned one last time, peering over her shoulder at Smash Gamer. "Final boarding call, other newbie... if you're coming, you're coming. If you're not coming, enjoy waiting for Silver to get back from... wherever she's gone."

covert sort of turned away, and felt kind of stupid for getting mad in the first place. he stood facing away for a while, then turned to look at smash wondering why he hadn't moved yet besides to greet him...

"Oh, yeah, I'm coming too! Sounds totally awesome!" Smash said, running after them. "I could use someone to show me the ropes anyways."

(sorry been pretty busy... lol)

covert is taken by suprise by the excited response after such a long silence. he turns to see what combats answer will be, based on the one she had givven him he was expecting quite a retort...

"Finally!" Combat Gamer sounded pleased rather than frustrated, though it wouldn't be easy to tell if it was genuine or not. "I'm sure - or at least, I'm hoping you were listening when I told off Covert Gamer here, so I'm not going to go through the whole thing again. Just make sure you respond a bit more quickly when the fighting starts, okay?"

With that said, she just went right outside, and started heading down the street. She barely looked at them, though she did turn every now and then to throw a shout over her shoulder. "It's a warehouse not too far from here. The main reason we're worried about it is because it's so close. We think they might have found out where we keep the Corps, but we're not sure yet."

Constantly walking, they'd made a few turns while Combat Gamer spoke. When they were done, they were already standing in front of a warehouse. It looked empty, but maintained.

Fighter took the sword from her shoulder, and held it out before her. As it swung into position, the blade shifted and melted into a simpler kind of longsword. "Alright. So that we can get a proper game plan going before we move in, tell me your Game Cards."

covert starts to fiddle with his gamer station..." ok, as far as normal combat goes I've got a beam sword, my 'perfect shot' wich is basicly just a modded ray gun, and stealth camo has known to come in handy as long as I'm not too rough with it..." he looks up at fighter (assuming that meant he had forgotten his frustration) and waited for comments... after a moment of thought it occurs to him that combat had the FAQ abbility. "wait... does'nt your FAQ tell you all this already?" a questioning and a bit confused look on his face that was clear despite the bandana...

Combat Gamer chuckled under her breath. "Oh, so you've been reading up on non-disclosed information, hm? Naughty boy." She lifted up her forearms, and rested her bracer-like Stations against each other. "Though, you should also have researched how FAQ actually works. It isn't just a list of data, is a matter of questions which I have to ask. I can ask them quietly - which I did - but it doesn't just give a readout as soon as I look at something.

"Besides, there are more reasons to ask a question than to just get information. I wanted to see how you would answer it, what you thought of your own load-out." Then she turned to Smash. "Alright, your turn."

"Well, I'm pretty new, so all I have is Beam Sword and Ray Gun," Smash said, showing them to Fighter. "Will that be good enough?"
Captain Gamer

Meanwhile, because as we all know time only passes when the viewpoint is present, up in the rafters of the house of the brothers Mario, laid a Camspy (circa Perfect Dark) which surveyed the scene, taking pictures soundlessly and recording the audio. Just outside the walls of the house, our eponymous Gamer to start them all sat with his back to them. His visor received the Camspy's feed. As it crawled along to get different angles, it noticed movement right next to it.

Another Camspy.

Captain stood up, making an audible mouth noise in his surprise. The latest footage showed that the other Camspy was a custom model, one he recognized, which turned his start into a sigh and a grumble. He accepted the offer to open a direct line of communication.

"It looks like you're blocked off by red tape." Said the voice on the other end. It was a female voice, deep both in pitch and its English accent.

No doubt it was Constable Gamer, and that was anything but good. It might also not be bad, but the chance for good was zero.

Captain cleared his throat, "I'll wait my turn."

"Aww, and when has that ever been your style? Remember when you could just run around doing whatever you wanted?"

"I only allowed that of myself because I know I won't abuse it."

"Are you implying me?"

"... I don't think you used that correctly."

"That's what she said."

Captain popped a single laugh, which he masked in a cough, "Just leave this well enough alone."

"If that's the case, you might as well join in. I can just imagine you, in your cute little baby blue shirt and kevlar vest, standing around the water cooler reliving your glory days while all the younger gamers can only think about how much you suck at Gears of War 9."

Throughout all this, Captain had been trying to keep tabs on what Luigi was saying, but stopped when he heard a distinct twig snap on Constable's end. "Hey, hey... what are you doing?"

"Obviously, if your not-friends were to be called away on some emergency, you'd get your chance to investigate, hmm?"

"... You're not even here, are you?"

"Mmm... It seems that Fighter's taking a few, ahem, newbies out to show to ropes. It's a shame I can never track any of them back to HQ. They won't learn anything fighting pieces of cardboard on rope, you know."

"Don't you even THINK of-!"

"THAT'S what's so fun about vigilantism. I don't have to care what others think. Remember when you didn't? 'Ta."

Constable's Camspy withdrew, leaving Captain to exhale and try to think the situation over.

Covert thought of the way his fellow newcomer had phrased his statement, slowly letting it seep in that he too only had so many cards to use... he sort of felt foolish to put so much faith in them, but not so much to lose it. he turned to fighter for the answer...

"Hmm." Fighter bent her sword-arm inwards, and started tap-tapping away at the Gamer Station on that arm. A few barely-audible whispers could be heard between her and the Station itself, the latter having a synthesised voice.

Eventually, she looked back up to the two Gamers with her. "Right, here's the plan, as prototypical as it is. Covert, you go in under your Stealth Camo, and be careful not to bump into anything. Use your Automap to find a good vantage point, like a sniper's hideout. Make sure you'd be hidden, even if the camo stopped working. From there, I want you to start taking potshots at all the enemies you can find."

"As for you, Smash..." She lifted up her sword, and as it swung, it morphed into an almost-replica of a Beam Sword. Just about the only thing missing was the blue glow. "You're with me. It's time you learned how to use that sword, so watch and learn."


Meanwhile, in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Luigi had long since parted company with the two Gamers, and returned to the shack he shared with Mario while they visited the village. While the elder Mario brother still lay in bed, constantly moaning and groaning, Luigi sat off in the corner, bringing his rocking chair back and forth.

"I just-a don't-a think we should have just-a sent-a those two Gamers off on their own like that!" Mario threw his hands up in the air, then brought the fire-flower he was eating in for another bite. He didn't wait to finish eating before he continued. "Think-a about when it was just-a the Captain. We would-a never send him out on his own! We would-a always send one of us-a game characters out-a along with him!"

Luigi held up one hand, the other busy with his power mushroom. This one, of course, was far from 'tangy'. "Relax, little big brother. You need your rest-a. These-a Gamers know what they're-a doing. I bet-a that they have a dozen Game Cards each-a!"

"Luigi." Mario kept his eyes sternly on his little brother, and paused for a second. "I-a need to be resting, fine. But-a you don't. Call those Gamers back, or wait-a for another to come through here. Either way, you're going out-a to help."

covert takes on a sort of no-nonsence tone, and replies with a quick " I'm on it..." (not sure if you litteraly have to call out game cards, but...) he gets out his perfect shot, then uses the stealth camo and dissapears from site.  the automap showed noone at the door alowing him to walk in conventionaly with out being noticed... he went along with fighters orders, and hid from the koopas behing a bunch of large crates filled with... whatever this place was holding...

Smash stared on with awe. Whoa... she looked soo cool doing that just now, he thought. He then regained his composure and nodded.

"If you're ready to teach, I'm ready to learn."

He then took the Beam Sword card and slammed it into his GamerStation. In an instant, the purple lightsaber-like sword appeared in his hand. He had to chuckle a little bit when this happened; he always thought it was cool when he saw something like that happen to Captain Gamer when he used his Game Cards, but now it's amazing that he gets to do it as well.

"So, Fighter, what do we do now? Uhh... ma'am?" he asked.
Captain Gamer

Constable slid down a short slope and stopped on top of some mechanical thing, hiding behind some mechanical thing that was slightly taller, keeping out of sight. She knew pouring those points into voyeurism would pay off.

Ahh, it looks like there's two of them, and they're using a small koopa infestation as a training exercise. Don't Gamers know that training exercises turn out to be anything but?

Cons kept her place. If she were to play AI director to this little show, she'd have to see what these newbies were capable of

Combat Gamer watched Covert for as long as he remained visible to her. Once he was gone, she eased back - without doing anything as novice-grade as close her eyes - and slowly counted up to twenty. Sneaking was slow work - or so she heard, she never bothered - but she hoped that would be enough time for Covert to find a good spot. "Alright, Smash Gamer. Let's get to smashing things."

She moved in, holding her Plasma Blade in front of her. There weren't any enemies in view yet, so she took the opportunity to mutter to Smash out of the corner of her mouth. "Hold your sword like this - your stronger arm taking most of the weight and holding right up at the crossguard, while your off hand is a bit looser, supporting your main. Feet apart, like this. Stand like there's a square under you, each side the same length as your shoulders are wide, and put each foot on an opposing corner. And for the love of Miyamoto, sink down. If your knees aren't bent, you have no centre of gravity. A stiff breeze could knock you down."

Then they reached the far end of a small 'alley' of shut-off crates, and entered a 'clearing'. Four green-shelled Troopers were waiting for them, a pair on either side, along with a red-shelled Paratooper that leapt forward, wings fluttering, and went straight for Fighter with its head bowed.

She responded on instinct: stepped to the side, out of the charge's range, and brought her sword down to cleave a good horizontal slash into the thing's skull. There was no gore. Instead, the Trooper vanished with a puff of white smoke, and the empty shell sailed back across the room.

"Back to back!" Fighter called out, and twisted to face the pair on her side. "And watch out for that shell, it'll start bouncing now!"

noticing that the ruccus caused by they fight was distracting them covert started to take aim. in a whisper
He let off a couple shots with his standard ray gun. They only took a second to fly over to the koopas, but as soon as it did, two of them imediately retreated into their shells. the shells themselves flew into the air and spun only to come down upside down like a regular turtle shell: teetering on its back. After seeing the two shots covert responded with a whisper of
then quickly and quietly retreated back behind his boxes.

Smash followed suit, wacking the Troopers on their head. "Y'know, even though we're in danger," he said, "this is kinda fun! HYAH!"

Then out of nowhere, the shell from before knocked Smash off his feet. Some Troopers took that as an opportunity to attack. Jumping on Smash, they began to claw and bite him.

Covert notices smash's fall, and quickly comes back out from the boxes to take out a few of the new koopas. (apparently he had lost count on just how many...) after about half of them covert retreated yet again behind his boxes hoping that koopas were as stupid as they are known to be ( after all, the green ones were known for doing things like walking off cliffs, so they probably wouldn't notice a  few muzzle flashes, right? )

Seeing the Koopas get hit by the blasts, Smash managed to get to his feet. Note to self, he thought, give Covert my thanks. That's when he noticed the shell rebounding off the wall and heading for him again.

"Okay, now how do I get rid of that shell?" he asked himself. "If video game memory serves me correctly, one of the things that can get rid of a Koopa shell is... another shell!"

He then took the Beam Sword, brought it down on another Koopa's head, causing it to dissappear in a poof of smoke. Then, using his Beam Sword, he whacked it like a golf ball into the other one, causing both shells to disappear from sight.

"Hah! And people say video game knowledge will never help you in life!" he said, as his plan worked.

smash's actions had given covert an idea... the shells that had been shot earlier were still on their backs, but they had stopped spinning. Covert took aim, and shot taking out a couple more koopas. the numbers were definately thinned, but it was hard to tell just how many were left due to his vantage point behind the boxes... Covert waited for a signal from fighter to take further action... as far as he could tell there were maybe a few koopas or at least empty shells left over to be taken care of, but due to the boxes, and awkward angle at wich the hall was to the boxes themselves he couldn't really do much else at this point...

(inner dialouge: "Darn you boxes... You've won this round...")

All through the fight, Fighter had been kept far too busy keeping koopas off Smash's back. There was a streaming flow of them coming in from the rear side of the 'clearing', and it was all she could do to stem the tide. By the end, she was surrounded with a pile of green shells.

That stack blocked up the gap in the clearing for just long enough that she could take a few breaths and turn to offer Smash a tired smirk. "Fun as it may be, it's generally best to end a fight as fast as possible. Less chance of something going wrong." Then she turned back to the pile. "And on that note... let's finish this! Smash the stack with me, then take cover!" A bit louder, to reach Covert... wherever he was hiding. "Covert, that goes for you too! Get yourself behind the best cover you've got!"

With that, she raised her sword above her head. As she lifted it, it changed shape, turning into a long pole with a massive hammer-head on the raised end. She nodded to Smash, made sure he was ready to join her with his beam-sword, and brought it crashing down.

before the turtles could smash into the crates covert was behind he quickly called out his cardboard box A. ( the strange thing about this "cardboard" box is that it is only carboard in name, and how it looks... heck I don't even know what this thing is actually made of, but if you've played through metal gear like I have you'd know that it's made of some incredably sturdy stuff! anyway...) some of the shells hit the crates, and toppled a few of the highest ones over on top of the coverts box. Covert was protected by his box of coarse, but it looked like his sniping point was basicly compromised...
Captain Gamer

Constable rested her chin on her forearms watching the battle unload.

"Well, it seems they've got a good grasp of things. real Gamers would have this wrapped up in a manner of seconds, but what can you ask from newbies?"

Cons moved only an arm to reach into a fanny pack and opened her hand to see what she had retrieved: It was a power star.

It wasn't just any power star, either. It was composed of DR pixels, giving it a 3D 8-bit appearance. This meant it was a Super Paper Power Star, which did not grant invincibility, but reduced its user to DR pixels in order to increase it to gargantuan size.

"Here's your scripted boss fight." Cons muttered, letting the sparkling star drop directly onto one of the remaining Koopa Troopas.

Smash looked on as the Koopa Troopa grew bigger than the Gamers. It almost looked like it was flat since it was 8-bit.

"Uhm.... how did THAT happen?!" he shouted, while pointing at the new Super Koopa Troopa.

"hmm... looks like at this point stealth isn't much of an option..."
covert removed his cardboard box, but didn't disable it. instead he breandished it as if it were a sheild on his left arm, then activated his beam sword wich appeared in his right hand... *dramatic fighting/defence pose*

Time for a bump!


Smash stared at the Super Koopa Troopa with confusion. "Uhm... it hasn't attacked us yet."

Still standing there, Smash materialized his Ray Gun and pointed at the giant turtle creature. "So I guess we attack IT first!"

And with that, he began firing green energy blasts. After a while, it looked like the Super Koopa Troopa was unfazed at Smash's blaster attempt.

"So, it doesn't really look like that worked. Any ideas, folks?"

taking advantage of the pause in action Covert quickly jumped, and climbed up on top of the massive koopa (the eight bit stair case like qualities making it much easier). once he was on it's back he struck the creatures head twice with his beam sword, then grabbed on to a pixelated edge in order to brace himself for the creatures reaction.

noticing after a while that nothing was happening, Covert looked to his fellow Gamer Corps members in hopes of action, but found them frozen as well!

Covert slowly climbed down from atop the koopa, and rather awkwardly looked around as if to question what was going on, and asked the actual question (which seemed would most likely receive no answer) a moment later.

Covert checked with his peers and got no response beyond a blank stare... he found himself thinking of an instance of LAG for some reason. perhaps the digital enlargement of the koopa had had some sort of effect on his consciousness slowing things down? though it seemed unlikely seeing as they had been frozen for some time... eventually Covert wandered about the facility, and soon found a shadowy figure overlooking the fray, but figured with time essentially frozen, he could take his time to figure out who it was... Forum Index -> Roleplay
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