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Naryu Elda

Good Afternoon.

Hello, I am Naryu Elda. I also go by the names SladeJT and Its My Own Requiem. I am eighteen years and one day old, and I love videogames, drawing, and roleplaying.

I draw whatever I feel like at the moment, but my scanner has decided to break down on me. Stupid scanner...

As I said, I roleplay. In the video-game centered roleplays, I am Kamek and Toadsworth in a Mario roleplay and Ganondorf/Ganon and Twinrova in a Leend of Zelda roleplay. The two roleplays are run by the same people, and (oddly enough) are intertwined. Not that fun when we had Ganondorf, Link, and Zelda meet up with Mario, Peach, Toadsworth, Bowser, Kamek, and Kammy... Also, not fun, is the fact that the Kammy we had kept trying to get in Kamek's robes. She even forcefed him a love potion. Obviously, he runs off when she's nearby (unless Bowser is in the room, in which case, he gets as far as he can from the psycho magikoopa.)

I am a would-be artist and author. I intend to become a conceptual artist for a videogame company, if failing that, then for the movie industry.

My favorite books are the Lord of the Rings, the Simarillion, the Harry Potter series, Interview with a Vampire, the Chronicles of Narnia, Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, and the Complete Short Stories by Edgar Allen Poe.

The Masque of Red Death is probably my favorite in the Complete Short Stories. Not quite sure why, probably has something to do with the paragraphs describing the rooms.

My favorite games of all time are Final Fantasy IV, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario 64, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and Eldar Scrolls III: Morrowind.

I have a habit of creating new characters in Morrowind, playing with them for about a fortnight, and then making another character. I also keep acting like a thief when, for example, my character is a member of the faith.

And now it is time for lunch. See you all later!

If you like role play so much, then how do we know we can trust you? Twisted Evil I agree with you on most of your favorite games. Morrowind's awesome.
Captain Gamer

Ahh, Naryu. As always, I am humbled before your commitment toward your active voicing of appreciation for the works of others. Once this forum gets around to lively roleplaying, I'm sure you'll lead, and be a VIP in the roleplaying scene!

Don't take that as meaning I'm only expecting to see roleplaying of you, though. Surprised
Naryu Elda

I was occupied with Legend of Zelda: Collectors Edition (namely Zelda 2: Adventure of Link and Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask), Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, and Super Mario 64 DS. My brother stole the last game and bypassed me with 55 stars (I have 34, Mario, Luigi, and Wario.)

To Koji: The reason why you can trust me is because in Knights of the Old Republic 2, I can't go Sith no matter how hard I try. I can't help healing the sick and helping poor families! Stupid families...

To Gamer: *laughs* I doubt that I will be a VIP. Currently, I am busy with school work and, when free from it, my multigaming habit kicks in. I mean, earlier this new year, I was busy with Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time, Super Princess Peach, Super Mario RPG, and Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. I reeeeeeally should stick with one game at a time...
Naryu Elda

Hey. Why am I posting in a topic so long dead? Well... I've been gone since sometime around May... Just returned now.

Problam was... I had so much on my hands at the time that I had to stay off forums for a while. The problem was Finals and I was... well, I was close to failing in American Goverment. I didn't want to fail, so I had to drop stuff. And then I got a laptop as a graduation present (in June) and a Wii (in July) (it was supposed to be a X-mas pressent, but the stupid stores did not have it.) This caused me to be busy in more fun ways, but busy all the same.

^-^; Sorry to the RPers of Mytherium.

*waves like mad to all of the people in the forums*

Oh, I've also been working on a bunch of artwork and fanfiction. And I discovered Second Life the second day I had my laptop. I have been making clothing and items in there ever since. xD

I mean, Its fun. Funner then fun. It's LOG! LOG! ITS BIG, ITS HEAVY, ITS WOOD! xD Seriously though... I've been building like mad in there. I am even working on recreating Super Mario Brothers World 1 Level 1.

This is a [url=""]picture[/url] of it, taken in a city's sandbox (which is basically a place that you can build things without the item being sent back into your inventory).

Once again, sorry for going AWOL. I should had popped back in and said "Hey guys, I'm heading off and don't know when I'll be back! See yah!"


Oh great, now my CAT'S squeaking... He squeaks, the strange thing...


Hello, Naryu! Yes, it is too late to greet you to the forums, so I'm going with contingency plan 1.
Welcome back! Good to see you've returned to activity. (Yes, it's too late for this, too, but I can't think of another good contingency.)
Multi-gaming, huh? I tend to do something similar - I have a fistful of mini-games which don't really need a dedicated play through, which I switch between occasionally.

Hm. I admire your effort in taking over canon characters - I never trust myself to do that anymore, since I once attempted to write for Vash the Stampede.
Wow, that's a long list of favourite books... and games. Seems like a few people here like Morrowind. As for me, I lost my copy after ceasing to play altogether when I got tired of the same kind of rapid making-and-abandoning of characters you described right there, only replacing "a fortnight" with "an hour, two at most". Though, since I only ever make stealth-based characters - or, at least, characters with some stealth skill - the habit of playing like a thief was never an issue. Forum Index -> Formal Introductions
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