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Naryu Elda

Gotta stop vanishing off into thin air...

Hi people.  Back.  And I have a part-time job.  And the Master Sword.

It's me, Naryu Elda (aka 'The fan that keeps vanishing from the forum').


Oh my goodness, I'd forgotten you existed and was starting to believe you were a figment of the forum's collective imagination!

Ah, just kiddin'. Good to have you back. Naryu. What kind of part-time job is it? I hope you enjoy yourself. And can I have my sword back, please?

Glad to see you back.
Majin Luigi

(insert generic welcome with humorous sarcastic twist here)

If I left for months, I'd just start posting again, not post a thread for those who left for too long.
Speaking of which, a lot of these guys have been gone for a while...
Naryu Elda

*facepalm*  Did it again.  >_<;

Thanks for the welcomes.

Anomaly: I work at my college's computer lab.  I'm a student helper and monitor.  Basically, I'm like a mod and... er... helper.  Boring as hell, though.

And no.  Mine.  I paid good money for it. Forum Index -> Formal Introductions
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