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Halo 3

For all of you that have played it already, what do you think of Halo 3 so far? Was it better or worse than you expected, and why? For those of us that have never played it, go ahead and put your 2 cents in. For those of us who have no idea what Halo 3 is, you'd better return to your home planet very soon, before you're discovered.

I haven't played it, do not own the console it is on and am unlikely to do so in the foreseeable future. I obviously still caught some of the buzz backlash though and figured I'd pass some on as well as express my own interest in what peoples judgements on it are.

So far, I've heard some that proclaim is as a perfect game and that every breath afterwards feels hollow due to the comparative lack of
super orgasmic awesomeness. But considering its Halo, thats kinda to be expected from the fans, so I'm not paying too much attention there.
On the other ear though, I hear single player is only average and not the second coming or videogame perfection as many are proclaiming, with short story, awful AI and some difficulty balance issues. But tons of people pretty much just bought it for the multiplayer alone anyway.

So...yeah. Theres probably also some that fanatically decry the game too, but I'm turning a deaf ear to that for the same reasons I did the first group.

I'm hearing what I heard about the other HALO games all over again.
It's got an okay single player mode, but it's multi player mode kicks!
I have not heard anyone say anything about single player mode being as good as multiplayer.
Which is to be expected from Halo.

Which is why I've only ever given halo a short whirl on a PC Demo, and its likely to be the last time I ever do too. Its not that I don't like playing against people online, its just that I almost entirely just play RPGs online, regardless of whatever other games I enjoy when sitting on the couch, maybe with another person. While its possible to enjoy Halos multiplayer experience like that, I still don't see it as compelling. Metal Wolf Chaos (I think thats the name, the trailer I got linked just was hilarious, and I <3 big fast mechs. Zone of Enders <3 =D) and Dead Rising (Zombies r kewl) were always much, much more tempting incentives for me personally, to look at Microsofts console. Forum Index -> Video Game Discussion
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