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You can call me Tom.

I'm making an RTS game. After more that a year of planning my first serious game, I'm almost done with the planning. I'll probably make the game with Game Maker ( because I'm not familiar enough with any programming languages. One of my hobbies is making MIDIs ( and MP3s (, so I'm going to make the music myself.
I can record the sounds with a microphone (when I get one) or use my MP3-making program. What I need someone else to do for me is...the graphics.
Skybait J

Welcome Tom! I hope you came here for more than game graphics, though I can help you on those if you wish. I have experience with them, Though I already do graphics for a personal project as well as another "company" online. I like to offer help anywhere I can, even if I can't afford it. Helping too much would be my second worse vice (right after spending too much money) XD

I only have true experience up to 16 bit though, and not with Gamemaker... edits or scratches.

I don't have my archive here, but I can link a few samples for you.

Person Sample
Some Prop samples
An Enemy sprite sample
Small background

Aeeeeh! Tommy, why didn't you tell them you play on the trombone!
You also didn't mention yourself being a fan of Motoi Sakuraba's work!
What is it you made here, an introduction, or a recruitment post?!

Yes, people, in case it is not obvious, me and tommy know each other.
I even made his avatar for him... Yes, well, he asked me for "anything with glasses"!

So, tommy! Welcome to this, ugh, place! I hope you get what you are looking for...
And even more, I hope you join my god damned RP this time, you lazy bum you!

Speaking of which, Skybait!
I'd remove those links if I were you! They are too much of a... How should I put it?
Oh, right, a "giveaway".
Especialy the first one.

I thought you wanted ME to add more about myself!

I was going to add more info about myself...

Things I like to do:

- reading books (although I haven't read any during the last year, since I was too busy)

-playing the trombone

-programming (with Game Maker and basic stuff with C) - especially making games (My first game, which is the last game I made, was a simple 2D shooting game)

-composing music (My experience comes from music for real instruments, but since I can't record it, I only write MIDIs - which I convert into MP3s - and stuff for making with Fruity Loops Studio. Since I'm not an expert, I need to hear what I write and learn from my mistakes.)

-In order to gain experience in composing, especially in making music for video games, I listen to RPG soundtracks, most of them are Motoi Sakuraba's work. Yup, I'm a fan of him. Another VGM composer I like is Kenji Ito. I also listened to few film soundtracks.

I haven't seen the samples yet...I'll click on "Submit" first...

Edit (a minute later) : Nice samples...
(The tile size in the RTS game will probably be 32x32 or 48x48 pixels. The height of the people will be 32 / 48 or a bit higher)
Skybait J

Jenia wrote:
Speaking of which, Skybait!
I'd remove those links if I were you! They are too much of a... How should I put it?
Oh, right, a "giveaway".
Especialy the first one.

Hush, you Razz

If you wanna give me more info, just send me a PM, tommy Razz
Captain Gamer

Even if you're just part of the graphics/game community, all's well. Anybody fits in anywhere, so if you feel like discussing anything else, don't think you're restricted to your preferred areas, okay? At the very least, I know this forum's starting to diversify ever the more! ^^

Yes. I would like to welcome you to the Gamer Hang. I'm sure you're game will be a good one. Good luck with making it.

Greetings Tom, I'd like to join everyone else in welcoming you to the GamerHang.

Creating a game? That's pretty neat, I've attempted making games before but I have 0 programing knowledge. I can't wait to get more info on it.

Ah, reading. My first love. Unfortunately, I haven't had any good books to read in a long time, not since Harry Potter 7. Any suggestions, anyone?
I also tried programming once. Couldn't do it, the codes just kept on slipping out of my head. I couldn't even get a functional random-number generator going, let alone a game, even a simple one. Too bad, since I have so... many... ideas... *blach!*
I can't say I know those composer names - any chance you could tell me some games they've done work on? I may not have heard of them either, but there's a higher likelihood of recognition if we try... Forum Index -> Formal Introductions
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