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Hey! Look at Me! I'm New!

Hello all! I was referred by the Koji Tsunami guy. I came because I like small communities. They can be fun and, well, close. So here I am. Yeah. Confused Ummm...anything else you guys want me to add?

Hey Firemastrr, Nice to see you've joined!
Welcome to the Gamer Hang!
Just thought I'd say hi! I gotta get off the PC soon,
In the meantime, Give the nice forumgoers a description of yourself.

e.g: What are some of your favorite video games?, What books do you like? Why are you on Mars? Shocked Mars?
Captain Gamer

Anything else? Let's see...

Your likes, dislikes, gaming preferences, hobbies, favorite color, favorite movie, personality, achievements, fictional universes that you're a rabid fan of, apples vs. oranges, whether you spread your peanut butter on the top, bottom, or side of your bread, things like that!

In advance, welcome to the GamerHang forums! Surprised

Edit: By the way, the poll is a nice touch.

About Me

Thanks, Cap!

Hmmm...Well, I love computers, I'll start off with that. I do most of my gaming on them, though I do a fair amount on my Wii. I really like strategy games, like TBS and RTS. Also, RPGs are excellent. My favorite game would probably have to be ESIII: Morrowind. My favorite book is The Da Vinci Code. I spend most of my free time on the computer, though not always gaming. I like to, say, "fiddle" with things on there. I also love Star Wars and fantasy universes. Okay, I kind of have to go. I can't wait to post more!

Oh, and I also will do the majority of my posting on weekends. I think.
Chocolate Ninja

Y halo thar firemastrr! Welcome to the club!

We are a tiny tiny community of 16 people, about five or six of whom post regularly, so even if you post on weekends you won't miss much. From the sounds of your interests you sound pretty awesome. Have a nice stay, and thank you for flying Gamerhang Airlines!

I must edit my previous post now, and it appears to be more efficient in light of recent posts to make a new post. I have found a solution to the restriction that only allowed me to post here on weekends. I'm free! Anyway, I'll be able to post here whenever I please from now on. Yay!

Also, I will now continue to bore everyone here with my intrests and other information. Taking up where I left off:

I love the colors red and blue and my girlfriend and technoloogy and pizza and football and oranges (not apples! Hah!) and video games (hence my joining) and the internet. I'm stuck with a 56 Kbps modem, so I'm kinda stuck as far as downloading and MMORPGs, as much as I love them both. Someday my cousin and I want to make a browser-based Star Wars MMORPG that will be totally epic. And frogs. I totally and completely love frogs. I'm a week or two away from getting a few tree frogs! Hooray!!

Well, I'm tired of typing, you're probably tired of reading, so I'm gonna stop now. See you in the rest of the forums!

Regarding the Poll

Okay, who answered "no" to the poll?!? I'll admit the entire reason for putting it there is to see how many people say no, and I'm fine with people who say that. I'm just wondering why you actually voted if it's true, and why you voted that if it isn't.

Yeah... It was me. I just did it for the sake of ridiculusness, and to see how you'd react. Now I know how you reacted! Razz

I could have guessed it was you. Laughing

Yes, It was me! My silliness owns this Poll!
Twisted Evil

I, for one, prefer to let my lack of answering speak for me.
Anyway. Did you ever end up getting those tree frogs? It's been almost a month, after all...
Eh, sorry, but I can't say I was ever all that interested in The da Vinci Code. There was too much fuss made over it, people treating it like a historical document instead of a work of fiction. Galaxy Quest, anyone?
You like fantasy worlds, do you? Maybe I'll run my current prototype by you at some point - not until it's a bit further developed, though. (No, I mean conceptual development. Not Digital Realization development.)
I'm... a bit pessimistic when it comes to MMO's, or just about anything that involves a large number of online gamers, based on my experience with a couple of attempts at online multiplayer for other games. Still, to each their own.

No Anomaly, I don't think he ever got the frogs. Forum Index -> Formal Introductions
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