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Hey there, folks!

Muhahahaha... remember me, Gamer?! I was the one who defeated you when... okay that's enough of that. lol

Hey, folks! I'm supersonichero, and I was actually requested by Captain Gamer to join since I'm a big fan. Very Happy

And how funny is it that I joined on my birthday?  Laughing

Let's see, I just turned 20 today, and I'm a college student in Louisiana. I enjoy reading, writing, playing video games, and drawing.

My favorite movie is The Mask, because having cartoon powers in real life would be awesome and you know it. My five favorite shows on TV are The Simpsons, Family Guy, Greek, Danny Phantom, and Pokemon. Yes, I'm a BIG fan of cartoons, if you can't tell. lol

Instead of saying favorite video games, I'll just say the favorite serieses I like: Mario, Sonic, MegaMan (both incarnations), Pokemon, and Kirby... to say a few. But as you can tell, I happen to like Action/Adventure and RPGs. But that doesn't mean I don't like playing other types of games either. Smile

I also happen to be a member of DeviantArt where I met up with Gamer. I originally read his comics on the Bob and George comic website, but then I started reading Gamer's written stories on DA, and I got hooked more. So he offered me to come to his forum site and here I am!

Hope to enjoy myself here!  Wink

Welcome fellow user of the interweb ! ^_^

oh, and umm... "both" incarnations? last time I checked there were like four or five incarnations of megaman dude, lol. I'll just assume you meant all...

Actually yes, I did mean all. lol

It's just that the original Mega Man and MegaMan Battle Network are my top favorite incarnations. Very Happy

In any case, greetings, and Welcome to the GamerHang.

I am Koji Tsunami.
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