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I'm a Wii60 man!

Uh... As far as Introductions go, that's all I got! Confused

Right, anyway... Not much to say about myself. Along with Gamer, I have comic that's hosted at Bob and George. I Sprite stuff as a hobby, Have actually helped make a game, and like to write storys.

Never went to Collage. Don't plan to. uhhh... Oh! I Clean Toilets for A living! Very Happy

>> Why is everyone Leaving!?

Nobodys leaving. It's just nobody showed up in the first place. (this forum needs some publicity.) I'm here. Hi SilentBobX.
Captain Gamer

I think he's referring to reactions to his occupation. XD

SBX, like anybody else stepping into these currently hallowed forums, welcome and welcome again! Your brand of chat of active conversation is sure to stir up quite a lively community!

Thanks Cap! ^_^ I do have some interesting things to show off here in your forums. AS for activeness, I can at least try and make One post a day. Maybe two! XD

As far as greetings go, that's all I got with such limited material to respond to. Anyway...
...I just noticed how troublesome your name is when it comes to acronyms, thanks to CG posting one... that B kind of looked like an E for a second... *eye twitches* (Don't worry, it's intentional.) Eh, might just be because I'm 16, hormonally charged, and male.
Anyway... I don't really have much else to add, except - what kind of game was it? Forum Index -> Formal Introductions
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