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Captain Gamer

It's game time!

Due to popular demand (40% of all current posters!!), I'm stepping out to make an introduction.

Let's see, my psuedo name is Captain Gamer. I am an even 20 years old, a college student in California, pisces. I enjoy meaningful conversations, sharing my laughs and my tears, long walks on the beach, snuggling, and sending Italian plumbers skyward and into the background for the win.

My favorite film of all time is Ferris Bueller's Day Off, bar none, and my favorite television show is, for all time, Who's Line is it Anyway?

I even have musical tastes. There's plenty on my pallette, but just to name a few, I have enjoyed a little bit of Greenday and the All American Rejects. The title of favorite, though, goes to Queen without contest. Call me a sucker for the mainstream, but I also enjoyed N*Sync while those guys were still together. But of course, I love the Beetles, but we can all agree they're all on their own level, right?

Second or tied with games, I just love literature. My favorite writer is William Shakespeare. It's easy to love the guy because he's famous and commonly referred to, but it's not until you personally read through his plays that you can truly appreciate what the man has offered the worlds of theater and fiction in general. I'm a little big on Lord Byron, but perhaps that's just because of his unorthodox take on Don Juan. Jo Rowling has a place in my heart always, and as I said before, she's just on a whole other level.

But, gosh, my favorite video games? That's a much easier thing to ask than to be asked, am I right? I've played around in pretty much every genre, but I have to admit that I favor action and RPG games the most. I suppose that games with an action/RPG hybrid are my favorites. That goes well, since my favorite game to date is MegaMan Battle Network 2. Styles, PowerUPs, and the best title theme of the six games, it just has it all.

So, um, hello. Embarassed
Somebody Ancient

Very descriptive.
The post is full of useless yet interesting information.
This is so very like you. It's just the kind of introduction one would expect with your writing style.

Now that I'm done rambling, allow me to welcome you to your own board.
Be online, post a lot, and beware the plumber!

Ferris Bueller's Day Off? <3
Action/RPG hybrids? Double <3
And...considering the music thing, I'd say that if you have not already, you should watch Shaun of the Dead. =P

Nice intro feels wierd to say welcome to your forums, so I'll just say, hi, huzzah and something. Surprised

Ah, the last thread on the board... then, I do believe I've posted in every introduction.
California... *inputs data* Yes, my tracking system will have you soon, Digital Defender! (Apologies - I'm getting sleepy.)
I must say, that second paragraph started sounding like a personals ad. Trying to find an "other" to be "significant" from the forum, are you? </joking>
Classic choices for movie and show. Absolutely classic, though I keep on forgetting to watch Whose Line Is It Anyway?
You have musical tastes? I'd never have thought it possible! (Ok, two sentences... I think that's some kind of a record for how long I could stop joking.) I can't really agree that they're on their own level, though, since I haven't really heard them.
Jo Rowling, hmm? I take it you've read the last Harry Potter - based on how doing so isn't on the main site's to-do list - so, what did you think of it?
Ah, action/RPG's. Gotta love them. A good balance of the two styles means that any advantage or disadvantage in your character level can easily be offset based on your own skill level, while still having that experience point flavour. XP (Pun intended.)

Ferris Bueller's Day Off?

Excellent choice!
Chocolate Ninja

Queen and Ferris Bueller are both excellent choices. Very Happy I approve.

Err, NSYNC not so much. Forum Index -> Formal Introductions
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