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Ok, I know everyone loves Kail. And wants to be just like him, because he's the Nicest person ever.

So I thought, Hey, I found this picture that a friend of mine drew a while back. That friend will remain anonymus, until further notice.

So, here you go.

(Please note, this picture wasn't completely finished)
Chocolate Ninja

Whoa, he looks... err... friendly. Very good picture, though. Compliments to your friend. Razz
Naryu Elda

Nice, but why is he holding a cross when its burning his hand? o_O;

Because he was crazy like that. I tried to prove to alot of people in the MUD he was originally based in that he wasn't the weak--I mean *coughs* That he was the strongest out of all the vampires.

>.> <.<

*twitches his head around, all paranoid like*

Well, he could certainly take a beating like a pro >.>

Then again, no one ever lasted long in SD who couldn't. Forum Index -> The Stage
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