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Koji's stuff. Yeah.

Koji's stuff. Yeah. This isn't always gonna be hand drawn or whatever.
Actually, so far I've just got stuff that's edited form existing images, made by companies and of video games of course.

Let's begin.
Firemastrr said "Yoshi (he's cool)" To prove his point, crappy image edits!

Also, What if Wario could use Hyper Beam?

Wario should shout "Shoop da whoop!"

Brilliant, 8-bit.
Now why didn't I think of that?

Awright! more content!

Just for the he** of it, a custom Yu-Gi-Oh card!

This little guy is nuts!

Tch, a simple beatdown card, Earth element, with no special effect that is inherently broken enough to get the card banned before its released?
1/5 all.
Rolling Eyes Nice though. x3

Wait, how can a card be "broken"?
And some of my favorite cards have no special effect.

Koji_Tsunami wrote:
Wait, how can a card be "broken"?
And some of my favorite cards have no special effect.

Never heard that term? Its for when somethings effect unbalances the game its in, 'breaking' it.
A lot of cards that got banned were a little unbalanced, or the basis for various trickery and shenanigans, like getting one turn wins.
I was kinda poking fun at the way that when people review stuff like cards, they tend to give it low rankings if it isn't something they can be abused or is obviously indispensable. ^^;

In the Spirit of Non-Secular, commercial Christmas (or something like that) A story I worte  one (or two) years ago.

A Ninja Christmas

Well, this story is about a little girl. She was a perfectly normal little girl. Her name was Emily. She was just like any other little girl, except for one little detail. She was the richest kid on the planet. One Christmas Eve, she tried to take her friend, Chris, to look for Santa when he came down the chimney.
Well, when he did come down the chimney, they saw him as he looked at his list in confusion. Visibly amused, he took a large package out of his pack and then went back up the chimney. As soon as Santa was out of sight, Emily dashed to the Christmas tree. She and Chris looked at the single package with immense interest. On the tag, it said “For Emily (do not open until Christmas)”. “Chris,” she told her friend, “Go home and get some sleep. Come over tomorrow when I open the present!”
Chris went home and woke up the next day. The first thing he did was the first thing you’d think he’d do on Christmas. He ran downstairs and got to the tree and opened his new go-cart. He then remembered that he was supposed to go to Emily’s house.  As he walked to the alley, he wondered why he was walking. I know! he thought, I’ll ride my go-cart!  But as he rode to Emily’s house he was so busy wondering what she got, that his go-cart slipped.
He was sliding on the ice at high speed, about to hit the curb, thus about to be sent flying and thus be in need of quick medical attention. Just when he was about to hit, he heard a voice cry out. “Akira! Go!” The next thing Chris knew he was on the floor in Emily’s mansion. “Emily,” he asked “what the heck just happened here?” “Oh,” said Emily, “Do you remember that present I got last night?” “Yeah, why?” “Well,” continued Emily, “It was a ninja.”  “Oh.” said Chris. “Wait, a ninja!?” “Yeah! I put it as the only thing on my Christmas list just as a joke because I could buy everything else I wanted with my wealth, and it was very lucky for you that I did get one.”   “I’ll say.” The two of them sat in silence for a few seconds. “But still. A ninja!?” asked Chris. “Yeah” shot the ninja. “You got a problem with that?”
This was too much for Chris. “AAAHHH!” he yelled. Then he fell over. When he got back up, his first impulse was to ask where the ninja was all the time he was talking to Emily. He followed his impulse. “Well, tell him Akira.” commanded Emily, “Well” stated Akira, “ninjutsu-zukai can do this kind of cool thing because we’re awesome. I just used an invisibility technique.” Chris turned to Emily. “That’s one egotistical ninja.” said Chris. Emily responded “Yeah, but he’s still a ninja, at least.” Akira is presently annoyed. “Geez, he said “I at least expected some sort of thank you for saving your life.” “Oh, all right” says Chris, “Thanks Akira.” So then they all went and played video games to end this incredibly pointless and mostly nonsensical story.

We had to write a holiday-themed story for an English class, and I wanted to make something with a ninja in it.
Majin Luigi

Close game though.
You almost lost. Forum Index -> The Stage
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