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Chocolate Ninja

Looks like a nice establishment.

Time to crash it!

...or, uh, post every once in a while and mostly lurk. One of those.
Captain Gamer

Wow! Thanks for hopping all the way over from BnG to join this fledgling community! I just know that with your track record of activity, this community can really benefit from your brand of involvement!

... But gee, is that all you have to say? Crying or Very sad I was actually excited to read a bio post all about you. Couldn't you post at least a little bit about yourself? Going "ADMIN SMASH!" would be rather crude of me, so do as you wish. Surprised

Please, though, never feel shy to post! We're a small and chill community. You'll probably get attention out of the lack of anybody else coming even close to your niche. Laughing
Chocolate Ninja

Well, if you insist, I could put down a bit more about myself. Razz

I'm mainly an Internet nerd, a habit which has encouraged insomnia in me ever since I was maybe ten or so. Razz I have mad search engine skillz. My main early gaming experience was playing Age of Empires against my dad and playing random DOS-based games on old school computers. My mom actually thought video games rotted the brain and held the reins of power in my house, so neither me nor my dad got much console gaming activity for a very long time. I still own only one console (well, besides my computer), that being a PS2 which I only own one game for (DDR), but have emulated up the wazoo and play lots of flash games. I've even played some text-based free online MMORPGs (awfully specific). My favorite types of games are strategy games, RPGs, strategy RPGs, rhythm games, sim games, and 2D sidescrollers.

Among my other interests are roleplay, ideas, and many many useless facts. If you'd let me, I'd tell you the history of chewing gum, why quartz is a great and versatile mineral, why ground up shrimp shells would be a good treatment for hemophilia, the history of chocolate, various things concerning Greek mythology, why steel is a better material for a sword than titanium, and various other things I can't think of putting down right now. I could also bore you with some character descriptions.

How's that for an intro? Razz

Welcome to the GamerHang!
How long did it take to research
the History of Chocolate?
Chocolate Ninja

Not too long at all, though I came back to it every once in a while. Did you know that chocolate bars weren't invented 'til the late 19th century? It's true! Very Happy

*useless fact of the day*

I've already claimed Ninja's internal organs. I'm leaving the rest for anyone else.

I've already returned them. Sorry, oh worshipper of Sheo.

Welcome, ninja person. Have fun and what not. Hope you join the RP when signups reopen.
Skybait J

Hihi! Welcome n stuff. Gosh, I miss one day on checking the forums, and heres a bunch of new posts XD

Thank you for activity! Razz

Welcome to the forums.

Now all we need is a vanilla pirate for your arc nemisis!

Question: if you`re a ninja, why do you have a viking avatar? Not that its bad or anything, just...
Chocolate Ninja

Onasaki and Jenia: respective no thank you for taking my internal organs and thanks for returning them. I need those to live, you know. Razz

Skybait: No problem! I already feel pretty at-home in this forum, which is a good sign. Most forums make me feel pretty alienated so I stop checking after a week or a month, but I get the feeling I'm going to stick around here for a good long while.

8-Bit: Haha, there's lots of debate over whether my nemesis is a Vanilla Pirate or Vanilla Samurai. I don't see the Vanillakin as enemies, though. After all, one of the ingredients in chocolate is vanilla. Very Happy

Koji: The reason for this viking avatar is that it's a FE-styled sprite of one of my main RP character. Granted, he's also not a ninja, but I never got around to spriting a FE-styled mug of CN. I might switch the avatar to the most recent CN sprite at some point, though.

Well, considering how you've racked up 134 posts in just over one month (according to your "joined" date), I'd say the "post every once in a while" (my emphasis) plan kind of backfired...
Anyway. Concerning the avatar, I suppose you could have also claimed that it was an avatar of a ninja, who was in disguise to infiltrate a community of vikings to get to their leader, finish him off, and leave again with as little suspicion as possible. (After all, wearing a black shinobi shozoku including mask all the time is a mite too suspicious for a master of stealth such as a ninja to tolerate it...)
Chocolate Ninja

Well I am hitting a bit of a slump. I don't post two new topics per day, for instance. Razz

The fact that this is a small, relatively new forum where we haven't separated out into little cliques yet and I don't feel alienated does help, though. And shh, don't give away the master plan! <_<

Yeah, I like smaller communities, too. Makes it easier to be a part of almost everything, or at least a larger portion of what's around than you can for a big forum.
Also, I've been wondering - what's up with that whole PrincessZinthia/Elfheart thing in your sig?
Chocolate Ninja

Truth be told, it's more of an inside joke between me and... uh... myself, probably. There's this freeform RP I'm in on IRC, and at one point we were just doing random things on TV. Elfheart pokes fun at his name by literally being a giant elf's heart (with the inner heart of a human). That particular bit also makes fun of things where cyborgs and other non-human beings talk about how they're human on the inside, and semi-pokes fun at Legend of Zelda with the names in one fell swoop. Mostly it was just for the random unexpectedness factor, but it was hilarious at the time. <_<

Ah, I see. So, I take it this giant elf's heart wasn't exactly just a giant heart - as in, a super-sized version of the regular blood-pumping organ - but more of an organism in its own right, with the outer shape of a heart? You know, just based on how it seems to have at least one internal organ of its own (ie, a human heart) instead of just having larger pumps and valves.
Chocolate Ninja

Pretty much. And shaped like an elf's heart no less, though I don't exactly know what differentiates an elf's heart from a human's. Maybe it was originally an elf's heart given new life by some demented wizard? Perhaps we shouldn't read too much into it. I've added a bit of context to the sig now, at any rate. Razz

Ahh, yes. Much more comprehensible now, especially since I've read your explanation.

Well, at least now I understand it.
And it's actually funny now! Forum Index -> Formal Introductions
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