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My first game :D

It's the first game I made. It was made with Game Maker 5.3a. I made it a few years ago, without having any programming skills (I was developing them, you know), so don't expect for too much...It's also very big (2024 KB) for such a simple game.

(Ignore the links you'll see there . . . )


Another file

FGF 2 GE with few more cool cheats

This one is better. Laughing

Nobody downloaded the game, right?
Rolling Eyes

A new function drawing program is coming soon...

Well, I would have downloaded the game, except RapidShare couldn't find the file.
Huh. For a site called RapidShare, it sure isn't too good at sharing, and not rapid at all...

I think the file isn't there anymore...they delete it after 90 days of inactivity...
There's still [url] [/url], but it's not the game. I's a function-drawing program. Forum Index -> The Stage
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