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Myhterium OOC - SEE FIRST POST! (under construction)

This is the Out-Of-Character thread, which will be used for, well, you know!

Now, it is also the RP information thread. The first post will contain everything you are allowed to know. Other things you must know...
Leave that to me.



Yellow Arrow is Gamer, Penn, Avvy and co
Blue Arrow are the emblem bearers (currently not on map)
Red Arrow is the mysterious bunch
Orange is Kail


In this RP, there are 3 types of characters.
Main, Extra and NPC (non-player character).

You may have ONE main character.
Your main character will drop from the sky into the world knowing nothing about it, so feel free to make anything as long as it isn't too powerful.

You may have up to TWO extra characters. These will always be natives.
These can be up to three times more powerful than the stereotypical common human swordsman. Since they are natives, they will usualy be versed in the base for the local religion and geography.
Feel free to make scholars who know more than most or warriors to serve as guardians for your main... But if you do the latter, make sure to give a good excuse!

//Gold Coin Card\\ - ???
//Sprout Card\\ - Skybait J
//Hero Card\\ - Chaosz
//Mist Card\\ - Tom_Backton
//Fool Card\\ - Onasaki
//Balance Card\\ - Captain Gamer
//Upside Down Card\\ - Yunie
//Beer Card\\ - ???
//Scale Card\\ - Anomaly
//Winged Emblem\\ - Mikado
//Bladed Emblem\\ - Chocolate Ninja
//Immortal Emblem\\ - !?!?!


And now, for info on the world so you can create your Extras.
Remember, unlikes mains, extras will STAY DEAD when killed.
More later.
Skybait J

Name: Penn Ezzick

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Hair: Burgandy

Eyes: Yellow

Appearance: Penn is of the Meow-Meow brand of demons from planet Purr. He stands upright and is about 5'5". He's built sturdily for his age, but not really muscular. His body is covered in a very light layer of fur, except his face, which is wiskered with yellow cat eyes. Elfish ears poke out from his most abunant source of fur on his head, adorned with a pair of loop earings, and he has short claws. Dispite having fur, he has an all-leather outfit consisting of a jerkin and a short pair of pants. He also has a nifty tail! ^^

Background: Penn is from a lower-class family of Meow-Meows in the providence of Nyuland. Most of his early years were spent on his parent's ranch, where he would take care of all the Woolies and the Pownies. But when he was six, both his parents died of Yowl'o Fever, leaving the ranch to him and his three older sisters. But Only a year later it was bought out by Big Corperation Inc and turned into a cat house with a ranch motif. The four children left for Meowtopia, the capital of Nyuland. There, Penn became a squire to the Royal Knight Goata Heirboll. For eight years he tried to gain his own knightlyhood, but he was lacking in decent funding. Finally, he was accepted to The Meowtopia School of Knightness, where he would spend five years training to be a Royal Knight. He was on his way to this prostegious school the first time when suddenly he fell through a hole in the pavement. Guess he shouldn't have stepped on the cracks.

Starting Items: Half a loaf of bread he bought for breakfast, his personal short sword, a few copper coins, and his lucky ball of yarn.

I pick the Sprout Card and the Color Blue
Naryu Elda

Name: Blanca Byrd
Nicknames:Blank, White, Miss Byrd
Age: 22
Species: Anthropomorphic Mute Swan (Cygnus olor)
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: April 10th
Occupation: Secretary
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Combat Capablities: Minor; not a fighter, but can fly.

Friends: Grim Jackel (female, Golden Jackal), Spots Felixson (male, Cheetah), Dustin Stone (male, Domestic Shorthair Cat)
Enemies: Cappy and May Coney (male and female, twin European Rabbits), Doris (female, Dormouse), Lewis Allison (male, Human)
Known relatives: Ariel (mom), Evan (dad)

Physical Appearance
Color: White, black around eyes and beak.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Style: Small tuff of feathers sticking up at the top of the head, two tuffs at the side of the head sticking down.

Attire: Grey buisness suit and a white-gold necklace set with an emerald. No shoes, though.

Items on hand: Clipboard, pen, PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), about fifty-five gold coins, a pocket knife, and a small postman-type bag.

Back Story: Ariel and Evan had met during a hot summer day. Ariel, at the time, worked at the burger shop near the train-station, which was where Evan was working at the time. Ariel, while serving Evan, accidentally spilled some iced tea all over Evan's jacket. About three days afterward, they started dating. Three years later, Ariel and Evan got married. Not long after their marriage, Ariel laid Blanca's egg.

In school, Blanca became fast friends with Grim Jackel, Spots Felixson, and Dustin Stone. She also became fast foes with May Coney and her friends. After Blanca graduated, she was hired by an aspiring buisnessman named Ken Robinson (Human, not a robin) as his secretary in a brand new casino (in fact, the city's ONLY casino.) Grim became a security guard in a musuem. Spots became a fitness instructor after graduating college, and Dustin became a scientist. Blanca, as per Mr. Robinson's instructions, hired a one-man demolition team named Lumber Grizzly (a Grizzly-Polar Bear Hybrid) to tear down an old abandoned building which would later be replaced by an arcade.

One day, Dustin called Blanca over to show her a project he had been working on for the past two years. It was a teleporter. Well, a prototype. Sadly, the teleporter malfunctioned when Dustin activated it to teleport an apple across the room. He wondered if it had been sabotage as the blinding light which the teleporter had emitted faded away, but he did not get far in his thoughts. Blanca was gone.

I pick the Scale Card and the color grey, and I hope that this is decent.

Name:The Great "Pa"

Gender: Male

Age: eleven

Appearance: Yellow and red clothing, one shield that says "Pa" on it. Tan skin, short.

Species: half-elf.( the first great "Pa" was full elf")

Occupation:Warrior of "GoOod(!)"

Combat skilz:good on the ground. can't fight on mid-air, or on steeds. good with shortsword.

Backstory: In the universe, there were once many evils. Demons, monsters, undead creatures. And one man to fight them. He was known as the great "Pa". this brave warrior defended the Kingdom of Monsley until he was killed in a fight with the demon, Cobrada. 35 years later, a young girl from Belmont village find a young boy with a shield who can remember nothing except that he is the great "Pa". She and a young warrior, Simon, went questing with "Pa" and then one day, they were in fierce combat with the demon known as Gumbo when a strange portal opened up, and the inexperienced "Pa" looked in... and disappeared. Convieniently, he appeared again in Jenia's universe of Mytherium OCC.

Mist Card and Yellow.

Joining the RP, plus my first post.

'ello. I'm a friend of Skybait J. Maybe you've heard of me...Maybe not, either way. I'm here for RP. I read up on the rules. I'm against the Leet and Shorthand. And, I'm a damn good RPer. Now, to the point.

Mine character,

Name: Kail Onas

Gender: Male

Eyes: Cold, Hallow hazel eyes

Eyes when faced: Crimson-Gold

Hair: Neck-length, dirty blonde hair

Age: 15

Race: Buffyverse Vampire

Apperance: A tall, malnourished looking human in his teens.

Upon gazing at this boy, one would notice he is very very lanky. He lacks muscle and looks very malnourished or under-fed. His body is skinny, nearly skeletal looking. His arms and legs are long, very long and skinny. His hands end in long, skinny fingers and nails that look like that have been bitten down to the quick. His face is gaunt and skeleltal looking with gaunt cheeks and a large skinny nose. Under his nose, above his lip is a light area of peach fuzz. On his chin is a few random hairs that indicate he was growing facial hair. Overall his face is void of blemishes and scars. He has short, dirty blonde hair that barely comes to his neck. With bushy eyebrows and almond shaped, dark hazel-brown eyes that set off a cold eerie look to them. He looks as if he is in his mid-teens.

Background: He was born in Maryland, in 1991. At the age of 15, on christmas eve, he left to commit suicide, only to be sired(Turned into a vampire). For two years he wandered the USA, until he was drawn to SunnyDale(The setting in Buffy) Where he met with his girlfriend Kate. Who got somone to give him a soul. After three months of self mutilation he became like Angel(Vampire with a soul, and Friend/Boyfriend of Buffy) Until his girlfriend had to return to the future, he followed her. Was turned into a child, got fixed but lost his soul in the process. Now, he's a soulless murderer again. Then whatever the storyline is, happens.

Attire: A black leather jacket with the words STAR WARS sewn to the back of it. A pair of baggy jeans, black leather boots. He also has gloves(Not worn all the time)

Weapons(If it's alright): A military sabre, replicating a Civil War calvary sabre. It's blade is made of silver, with a black leather grip and a black pummel/guard.

Not totally sure what's going to happen, but I'll shed some light on the vampire thing, for those who arn't familiar with Buffy or Angel.

Kail's an evil, soulless evil person. He's a vampire, a buffyverse vampire. Meaning his face changes, going all bumpy and horrific. Three ways to kill him, Decapitation, Fire, Stake to the heart. And the sun(Which falls under fire.) Either one of these things turns him into dust/ashes and he's no more. He doesn't suddenly turn to ashes with the sun, it burns him horribly, unless he's out in the sun for like an hour, then he'd be ashes.

Crucifixes burn him as does holy water(But doesn't kill him). He also hates people who bash Star Wars. So, be careful. Razz He's been a vamp for 2 and a half years. He has super strength, speed. I promise you I won't be godlike. He likes to torture people too. So, lemme know via private message if somthing isn't allowed.

I pick the Fool card, and the Color Black.

Onasaki, your character is fine. However... YOU FAILED TO CHOOSE A CARD AND COLOR!

Also, if he became a vampire at the age of 15, how is it that he is 15 now and has been a vampire for two years? Also, why did he try commiting suicide? Unlike the characters before you, this one comes from a more "serious" universe, therefore it should have a more detailed background info.

Jenia wrote:
Onasaki, your character is fine. However... YOU FAILED TO CHOOSE A CARD AND COLOR!

I did pick them, at the bottom. The Fool and Black.

And I meant, his phyical age is 15. His legal age would be about 17 almost 18.

He felt like a failure, because he didn't get his first book published, which is why he tried to commit suicide. His sire talked him out of suicide, before siring him. Then made it look like he went through with it and ran off.

Well then, the page FAILED TO LOAD!

I don't really care as long as I get what I need.

Just a note

Just a note, incase people don't realize. Kail is undead. Meaning in his world, his records would show him being dead. Also, I spoke with Jenia, and found that considering circumstances. This being another world or dimension, Kail won't burn from the Sunlight here. But, that doesn't change the fact that he's a vampire. So, yeah, just tying up some loose ends incase some people are confused.
Captain Gamer

*grabs Naryu's format*

Name: Captain Gamer
Nicknames: Cap, Captain, Gamer
Age: 20
Species: Human (Allegedly)
Gender: Male (Allegedly
Date of Birth: March 8
Occupation: Archetypical Hero

Combat Capablities: A general fitness compounded by a bracelet-like device that allows him to use "Game Cards" that bestow abilities of various natures, generates objects, and plenty more yet to be known. Whether he actually depends on this device for the abilities is unknown.

Friends: An assortment of Earth video game heroes made real; Mario Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr. Thomas Light, just to name a few.
Enemies: An assortment of Earth video game villains made real; Dr. Albert Wily and Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, just to name a few.

Physical Appearance
Color: A common skin tone most associated with Earth North American caucasians.
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Style: A somewhat wavy style of only about an inch's length

Attire: Stylized white-with-blue sneakers, black demin jeans, black sleeve shirt and over it a cobalt t-shirt bearing a large "CG" logo over the chest. The sleeves on the shirt sometimes cover the Gamer Station, the aforementioned light-gray bracelet-like accessory. Prominent is the silver visor that completely blocks the eyes.

Items on hand: Nothing other than what has already been described, though the visor and the Gamer Station are the most item-like articles.

Personality: Though he bears an undeniable sense of justice, it is often overshadowed by the childish glee that he enforces it with. He is friendly for the most part, and carries himself with a rare naive nature that, more often than not, gets on the nerves of those who don't regularly take things at face value. He has a hard time adjusting when heroism stops being all fun-and-games, but he will make an effort when the wellbeing of others is at stake.

Back Story: Some time in the third millenium of the planet Earth's "Common Era," the dominant species of the planet, the humans, concieved a technology known as Digital Reality. Using the technology, popular fictional characters soon populated the world, both good, and, allegedly against the intent of the creators of the technology, evil.

At about the outset of the conflict between the peacekeeping forces of Earth and the evil fictional characters, a young man named Captain Gamer appeared. He was far from capable of handling issues by himself, playing more of a support role in dealing with incidents.

There is much more to Captain Gamer's back story, but something tells me that's for another place and another time.

My card is Balance ('hero' is a little too easy to see coming, am I right?) and my color is green.

By the way, can I even do this? XD

Yes, CG. You certainly can. In fact, I was expecting you to-

BALANCE CARD!? You, of all people, picked the BALANCE card, of all cards!? Oh my GAWD! Teh IRONY! (you will realize what I mean much later)

Anyway, gamer, I was planning on making something happen today, but I will slow it down for you. Since we are still at the waking phase, feel free to do some waking up yourself.

Oh, and do me a favor. Drop ALL your game cards at the RP's start. Starting with them present is unfair advantage, but you get them back as we progress...

I was wondering if I might be able to join this rp. I'm a friend of Onasaki's and he told me about this and it sounded fun. I've roleplayed on forums in the past. I'll drop my character here for a yay or nay. It's a little verbose, and I apologize for that, but it's a character I've tried to play on and off over the years.


Name: Kester mac Morchaint

Nicknames: Kester is actually a childhood nickname (being the name of a type of small hawk and the result of an amusing occurance when he was 9). His people tend toward superstition, one of the most common being that a person's name hold's power. Therefore he doesn't tell his true name to anybody.

Age: 32

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Occupation: Travelling musician, storyteller and poet. However he makes most of his bread money carrying letters between villages.

History: Kester was born on a smaller island off the coast of a medievil island nation called Cormac. He was raised by his maternal grandfather, Fergus mac Taran. His father was Stian Morchaint, a foreign sailor. Kester's mother, Esma, died in childbirth and Morchaint returned to his ship either dying at sea or abandoning his son because he was never seen on their island again.

A musician in service to the island's lord, Fergus trained his grandson to assume his position at court. Kester learned to play the the pipes and first performed for them when he was ten, and continued for many years. Fergus died when Kester was nineteen and he left home adopting his current life.

When he was in his twenties he disappeared from his usual route on the mainland of Cormac for a year. When later seen again, he would make no mention where he'd been. He was got drunk once by an innkeeper and made short mention of a patroness by the name of Siobhan Bri Elle, which was not a name anyone in Cormac had ever heard of. It was speculated by those such as cared that his missing year was spent with her, but he never answers questions about her when he's sober.

He has become enmired in recent years in a search for old legends and songs. Justified with an intent to add them to his repitoire, this is really just a symptom of an overwhelming and nearly pathological curiosity. Where most bards would be content to sing of a lost city or a hidden secret, he has always found himself compelled to find out whether or not his tales are true. He has gone far out of his way to learn more about peculiar legends that caught his interest, sometimes to the point of facing great risk. The most intriguing stories always have someone or something that doesn't want them told, and this only seems to spur him on. Kester has made it his calling to uncover hidden stories wherever they might be found, and it's just as simple as that.

Appearance: At 6'1" Kester has a lanky, stork-like build. He has shoulder length dark red hair worn in a tail at the nape of his neck and a short, thick beard to match. His moss-green eyes look out at the world (albeit somewhat myopically) over a slightly beaky nose. Aparantly not one for subtlety, he is dressed in leggings and a vest of dark green and a mustard yellow shirt with large sleeves, the whole covered over by a dull grey-green cloak.

Skills: His intsrument of choice are the tugh pipes, a type of small bagpipe with three drones. He's fairly capable with a few varieties of flute. His greater love is for storytelling, and he takes pride in his ability to remember and recite the tales and verse he has learned.

His unusual side as a hunter of lore has lead him to aquire some unusual talents for a musician. Among them competence with a blade. He fights reasonably well with a rapier and dagger. The rest of his knowledge falls under the heading of odds and ends one picks up when pursuing what time or man has conspired to try and keep hidden.

Personality: His curiosity and his natural caution are at constant war with one another in almost every endeavor, and it has left him in dire danger in the past. Usually good humored, his cultural upbringing leaves him incredibly prone to superstition which can manifest itself in morbid moments of pessimism.

Possessions: His back is burdened by a small travel pack, as well as a wooden case containing a set of tugh pipes (a type of bagpipe) and a scroll case with parchment, ink and quills for writing. A set of pouches hang from his belt containing odds and ends such as needle and thread, a small hand mirror, a small glass lense, small bells, and all manner of other near-useless clutter of items.

He wears a rapier on a second belt, along with two matched left-hand daggers sheathed together side by side on his right hip. One dagger's blade is made from cold iron, the other displaying an inlay of silver.

He has some money to his name, mostly small denominations in copper and silver, as well as a few gold coins which he has sewn into the lining of his vest as a precaution against theft.


If I can play, I suppose these are the card and color that I choose:

Card: Upside Down Card

Color: Green

You write all that down and you expect me to even consider NOT letting you in? Meow, you are good to go Wink

Just introduce yourself to the rest of the forum, k?

Oy, Koji! What is up with you controlling my gray haired man :p What if he doesn't even know what "hell" is or doesn't even speak your language? I'm the only one who can control NPCs until later RP chapters, alright? Razz
Skybait J

Sorry I didn't post sooner guys, I got really, really busy with a docter's visit and then a soccor game, which we lost. Very badly. <.<

Name: Eugene Eshom

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Date of birth: 24/08

Physical description:
-height: 165 cm
-hair: Brown
-eyes: dark brown. He wears glasses: Right eye -2.25
Left eye -2.5
-weight: 53 kg

Combat skills: None! Although his BMI (body mass index) is 19.46 (yup, he is quite thin), his body is not build for any physical work. He is slow and weak (not too much...).

Brain: One of the best brains in his time. He doesn't have any talents, but he has the ability to collect information about a certain skill, until he is good enough to use the skill himself...
However, he has excellent memory. He can collect all kind of information and remembers most of the things he hears and sees.
His brain works like a computer. When he is asked to do something, he asks stupid questions because he needs to be told the answer once; His brain doesn't have the process called creative thinking. He can only use the tools and information given to him, combine them to accomplish certain tasks and create a fuller "database".
Since he was very short as a boy (and the perfect opposite of "cool"), his classmates used to beat him up. They also didn't pay much attention to him, so he grew up shy and lacking self-confidence.

Past: Eugene lived in a planet called Netalp. After graduating (he was 16 years old), he was going to study in a near university. Unfortunately, a world war began and many people were taken to the army.
Eugene's brain wasn't built for recieving commands for other people. The average IQ in that time was very low and was sure he would die with many other people...He broke into a few stores one night and stole some basic and electronic equipment, including a computer. He stole a car and drove, with his electronic equipment, until he reached a small town. became a math teacher in the town's only school. His salary was enough for food; He used to sleep in an wooden abandoned hut.
He didn't have time for his old hobbies, like reading, writing and composing, because during all his spare time he was busy with studying physics. His aim was to build an energy gun : a gun which uses a special kind of energy he discovered.
One day, after many tries, his gun fired the first energy shot. He picked up the gun's sketchings in order to put the is the drawer, but suddenly he noticed red smoke which began to come out of the gun. A few seconds after the first red-air breath, still with the papers in his right hand, he started feeling very sleepy. Eugene sat down and fell asleep...

Hobbies: Although he isn't a talented artist, he likes composing music and writing stories. He also likes math, physics and history. He likes programming very much, since it fits his brain more than anything else he did in his life.

Gold coin card (I don't have many options...)
Dark blue

"ESHOM" again? Tom, you recycler!
Although the gold coin will do. I mean, sure, why not...
Naryu Elda

Just a warning, but I have the prom this week and at least one final exam the next. I will log on again on Monday, but I doubt whether or not I will be able to for the rest of this week (after today, of course.) Sorry!

Alright, it's not as if we can't wait for you... Good of you to warn us!

People. We are being held up by Koji_Tsunami.

Koji, what is up? I'll give ya two more days, and then decide your character fainted from the heat.

Apperantly Mr.Pa was eaten by wolves!
Yes, it means Koji is out. This makes the mist card available again. Not that any of you should really care since you can't have it :p

Ok, I've been silent for too long.

I don't know WHO we're waiting for. BUT WHOMEVER IT IS, POST!

We were waiting for Blanca? Or Koji? Or somone? I've been silent for too long, and I WANT SOMONE TO POST!

I apologize if I seem to sound like a total asshole. I really mean this more of a joke/beg-for-a-post type thing. Razz

I know Jenia is probably getting vaguly annoyed. I understand if you have IRL problems.

Again, please don't take this personal.

Koji is out. Naryu has rl problems, as she has promised to post in real time several times to me (through IM) but something stopped her.

Rest assured that every time I go to sleep I do so after doing everything I can to make sure this continues.
Meh, and I was going to put the RP on hold after my next post, too (due to chapter ending)!

Loktar Ogar

It seems to have finally happened. I have received word that Blanca is to die, and that Kail will be having fried Swan for lunch. I'm mentioning this now, on this forum. So that noone feels threatened by my next post, please note. I will not be killing anyone else....yet >.> So don't worry friends and furry felines. Tis not thine end unto thy forum. Blanca's parents it seems, rather Blanca to be some goody goody chore-doing boring old do-gooder. Or somthing like that. Anyhow, just wanted to let people know.

Kail's Twisted Display wrote:
"I'm so sorry, bird-girl. But, you annoy me, and remind me of somone I hate. Therefore, I'm going to kill you. Dead."

I can't help but feel some small measure of culpbability in this. Sad

Oh shush. >.>
Captain Gamer

For great plot advancement, I have posted and hope we can finally get to some unanimous direction within the the summer season.

Oh, and Kail shouldn't take too much offense at the length of the speech. I'll say it right now, it's that long because I wanted to shove in as many vampire puns (even though Captain doesn't know he's actually dealing with one) as possible. Can you find all ten?

To save time, I will assume every agrees and conclude the chapter.
Good work, everyone...
Skybait J

That's just insane. No person could make that unintentionally.

I give you this rofflewaffle as a prize for the amazing effort, CG. soon as I find that darn thing <.<

*snerk* I still can't believe you used "FOR PONY!" as Kail's warcry...
Skybait J

I should've probably said this earlier, but Jenia distracted me from making a proper post and I have to work again!

Penn is not invalid, Gamer.

Skybait J wrote:
I should've probably said this earlier, but Jenia distracted me from making a proper post and I have to work again!

Penn is not invalid, Gamer.

Sure, blame it ALL on the freak and GM >_> I told you I thought we were chatting in between loading screens!
Captain Gamer

Skybait J wrote:
I should've probably said this earlier, but Jenia distracted me from making a proper post and I have to work again!

Penn is not invalid, Gamer.

invalid is such a hard word. >.O You say it as if Captain were patronizing Penn!

You, Miss, wrote:
My arms gave out and I dropped back down to the ground, my gut throbbing painfully. "I think I'd rather be catatonic right now," I wispered. Or I thought I wispered. It came out a lot louder than I thought it would. My comrades would definitly hear that one if they were listening.

I squeezed my eyes shut and thought, next time would definitly not be so startling...and I would not be layed flat like some useless greenhorn, like a liability....

It looks to me like Penn needs some help getting around for the time being. Plus, it seems like Penn has some inner demons about being a "liability." I thought I'd compound this through storyline/Captain's actions. I know better, but Captain Gamer sure doesn't. To him, he's just helping somebody in need and never would have guessed that implications would arise.

If Penn truly weren't invalid, perhaps he should say so as Penn Ezzick to HIS Captain Gamer, the perpetrator of the condescension, and not as Skybait J to HER Captain Gamer, simply the mind behind th e words. Wink
Skybait J

It's not like the charactors are leaving the feild or anything, there's no point in carrying him around just to check on everyone else.

My timing of my post was off as well, I admit. I wanted to post after Hazgarn, because if I posted before, it would be much too short. It would basically be Penn saying "holy crap!" and moving around, I don't think I could drag that into a decent length post if I tried.
Captain Gamer

Skybait J wrote:
It's not like the charactors are leaving the feild or anything, there's no point in carrying him around just to check on everyone else.

That is true, and I had forgotten about that at the time of the post. V.V If I had remembered, I would have just slung an arm around his shoulders or something. Not entirely too late to change it around. Razz

Sorry it took me so very, very long to post. And I'm also sorry it's so long. You can feel free to skip almost everything except the last paragraph, since its mostly just accounting for just where Kester's head was at during all this time. Embarassed

Sorry about the quality of the last post. I rushed.

Hazgarn wrote:
Kail's Twisted Display wrote:
"I'm so sorry, bird-girl. But, you annoy me, and remind me of somone I hate. Therefore, I'm going to kill you. Dead."

I can't help but feel some small measure of culpbability in this. Sad

Onasaki wrote:
The images twisted and spun around in his head, images of him killing many people. One was an Albino man, with wings. His body still standing for a few moments before falling back, revealing Kail holding a head by the hair grinning darkly.

Can we quit killing Lohengrin in-effigy? Please and thank you... Wink

Hey! I know the albino winged guy person! Not that it helps me much...

Hehehe, I love it how you all assume I misspelled 'emissary'...
Well, nope :p What I wrote is written as a I wrote it.
It's not an english word. Sorry.
Chocolate Ninja

Quick question: would, let's say, a robot be able to survive transit to Myhterium? My choice of character somewhat depends on it. <_<

Anyone would be able to survive...
But, your main character can't be any stronger than Kail.
That means you aern't allowed to have a character which can smash through mountain.
Chocolate Ninja

That's fine with me. Very Happy This guy is more about as physically strong as a Captain Gamer, if that.

Am I allowed to post a character profile now, or should I wait 'til this chapter is over?

"Allowed"? No one has forbidden it. But I would suggest waiting until the updated...


Alright everyone, incase you are getting annoyed I got a message from Hazgarn today. She says her computer exploded. Litterally this time. It's completely dead, at the moment. We are possibly waiting on Kester's post. Or perhaps mine. I'll get a post comming when I'm completely awake.

Just wanted to let you guys know.

As Onasaki said, my home computer is out of commission. Other, more pressing stuff IRL has kept fixing it at the bottom of the to-do list, but hopefully it will be repaired soon. I'm borrowing a laptop for the night, so if I have time, I'll try to cook up a post. Otherwise feel free to figure that Kester goes along with anything that makes sense, and broods or frets in silence at anything else.

Alright, I'll admit, I know practically nothing about Mytherium. But I'm still up for it, I'm going to read through the entire thread, and if you'd like to have another player join in, I'd love to.
Here's my first character idea, if you don't mind having a Gamerverse fan OC. If you do, then I can come up with another one.

Name: Zack Rodmaker

Alias(es): Lieutenant Gamer (never used, though he tries)

Age: 17

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Alignment: Neutral Good

Occupation: Wandering cook

Eyes: Light green, slight twitch on the

Hair: Blonde, short and unkempt

General: Light build, pale caucasian complexion

Attire: White canvas shoes; long white trousers; white t-shirt with a black ankh design on the chest; black PVC jacket with a tear near the right pocket, buttoned at the neck; the Gamer Station Micro (see Items) on his left wrist; a silver-coloured monocle kept in place with an eyepatch band on his left eye.

Combat Ability: Average. Green belt training in a hybrid style of gung fu mixed with brutal street fighting mentality.

Skills: As well as being able to make a darned fine meal, Zack can work as a convincing diversion.

Items: The Gamer Station Micro: An experimental reverse-engineering of CG's signature Gamer Station, it was designed to be worn with civilian uniform until action is required. As such, its appearance is that of a regular wristwatch with a slot on one side and three buttons on the other (one to activate/deactivate Game Cards, one to eject them, and one to toggle between the Gamer Station and the functions of a normal digital watch). However, some functionality had to be sacrificed: only one Game Card can be active at any one time.
Silver Monocle: Based on Captain Gamer's visor, this is also designed to sacrifice functionality for the sake of practicality. It is small enough to simply be put in a pocket when not in use, but can only give basic information, with few details.
Various cooking utensils, most kept in a satchel which he carries slung over a shoulder.
Thanks to Zack's less-than-stellar performance as a hero, he has so far obtained no Game Cards.

Friends: none

Enemies: none

Personality: Zack gets uncomfortable in serious or grave situations, and as such tries to add as much levity and humour as is possible, though this can sometimes seem inappropriate. While this can manifest as puns or sarcasm, he generally just prattles on for long periods of time. His inability to take situations seriously can be either grating or relieving, depending on the person. As well, he consciously cultivates an "alternate" view of the world, though others call it strange at best.
However, if and when you get past this outward nature, Zack is a basically good-natured, even likable person: he cares for the people around him, especially for his friends, and is willing to put it all on the line for their sake. He also has a sense of honour and morality, though he would prefer to do what's good (ie, what is best for others) over what's right (ie, what is best according to law and honour) should the two conflict.

Backstory: (I know this is nowhere near canon and never will be, but bear with me...) When some anti-Digital Reality scientists attempted to reverse engineer Captain Gamer's signature equipment for use against Digitally Realized beings, Zack, a long-time fan of Captain Gamer and (apart from some aspects of his personality) a regular man, got his hands on one of the prototypes under mysterious circumstances; when questioned, he looks half-embarrassed and half-ashamed, and politely changes the topic. He attempted to style himself as Captain Gamer's sidekick, Lieutenant Gamer, but never truly got off the ground; out of concern for Zack's well-being, Gamer tried to dissuade him from joining the fight, mostly to no results. However, when Captain Gamer mysteriously disappeared, after trying to fill in for him for some time, Zack goes in search for him, eventually ending up in the world of Mytherium.

I'm not going to select a card just yet, because I'm a bit confused; it's been mentioned that some cards, like Sprout and Mist, are available because their users are dead, but they're still marked as in use in the first post. So, are they available, or am I going to have to go with a Beer card?
In any case, my colour's Silver.

So... what does everyone think? I'm especially concerned about how CG might react to my butchering of canon...

They're availible. Yes.

And just so you know, the RP is a COMPLETELY different storyline then Gamer's stories or comics. It's based off of Jenia's vision. So you don't need to have a character like Gamer.

I mean read the other character sheets, y'know?

Also, a MONOCOLE?!!?!?!? Who uses a monocole? Aside from mister Monopoly? Razz Jk. Don't worry. That is, I'm joking about the monocole thing.
Captain Gamer

Hey, if Stan Lee doesn't bother to stop fans from altering X-Man canon in their fan works or George Lucas doesn't for Star Wars fans, then I see no reason to get in the way of Gamerverse fandom.

The first Gamerverse fan OC! *sqeals with glee*

Also, when is somebody going to post in said roleplay? Confused

Onasaki wrote:
And just so you know, the RP is a COMPLETELY different storyline then Gamer's stories or comics. It's based off of Jenia's vision. So you don't need to have a character like Gamer.

I mean read the other character sheets, y'know?
I would make something completely different, but after a few steps, my characters get ridiculously complicated.
One example: A "psychic detective" who helps investigations by contacting the spirits of the dead, who is really a ghost himself with only telekinesis for a psychic power, and his ability to contact the deceased is based only on being dead himself, and he only gained telekinesis after dying because ghosts are purely mental beings and thus more naturally apt with psychic powers, only he's also really the ghost of a 12-year-old boy who died in a serial murder, but he got over his vengeful rage after a while and started changing his appearance to match his desired age, and became a psychic detective because he wanted to be a productive member of society.
Yeah, and that's one of my simpler constructs. I've also got a time-travelling artificer/technopath who reincarnates his way between parallel universes, including one life as an android. Seriously, I think it'll be easier on everyone's brains if I just use a fan OC from a universe we all know.

Onasaki wrote:
Also, a MONOCOLE?!!?!?!? Who uses a monocole? Aside from mister Monopoly?
Someone who doesn't want his view of the action blocked in the middle of a tense battle by data readouts. Gotta have an eye free to stay attentive to what's happening. Laughing

Onasaki wrote:
They're availible. Yes.
Ok. In that case... yeah, I think I'll still go with a silver-coloured Beer card, and hope it's not a major mistake. With luck, it'll at least be something to tie into his cooking skills.

Captain Gamer wrote:
The first Gamerverse fan OC! *sqeels with glee*
Haha. You're welcome, I guess?

Well, I'll just wait until next chapter. Also, does anyone mind if I add a notebook to his inventory, or is that just something I should pick up during RP?

Great character there.
But... We aern't taking new players till chapter three ends. Story reasons :p

Don't worry. Chapter 3 will be short, and chapter 2 is about to end.
Also, there are new cards available then, so hold your horses when you choose, aye?

I love you for having a monocole. If you'd have a cilinder had and a set of thick eyebrows, you'd be worthy of worship.
Skybait J

Captain Gamer wrote:
Also, when is somebody going to post in said roleplay? Confused

Uh, Gamer? Hate to break it to you, but it's kinda you or Hazgarn we're waiting for Razz

And yay! More people to roleplay is totally needed! Three is not enough to wreak havoc opon the world with XD

Jenia wrote:
Great character there.
But... We aern't taking new players till chapter three ends. Story reasons :p
Thanks, and no problem. Like I said, I'm happy to wait.

Jenia wrote:
Don't worry. Chapter 3 will be short, and chapter 2 is about to end.
Also, there are new cards available then, so hold your horses when you choose, aye?
Alright. Like I said, I'm patient. Especially since I'm so close to getting a 360, that should help me pass the time.
Darn it, why does it have to just be close? I want a 360 now! I'm tired of waiting for it! </irony>

Seriously, though. More time between original character conception and actual RP means more time to flesh out the character, instead of only jumping in with a basic idea.

Skybait J wrote:
And yay! More people to roleplay is totally needed! Three is not enough to wreak havoc opon the world with XD
...odd. From the story so far, I'd have thought that Onasaki would be the one to be gung-ho about wreaking havoc.

Onasaki wrote:
" this pendant turns water into blood..."
...I thought he was going for wine...I mean, water to blood's more of an Egyptian plague, and water to wine was Jesus' first miracle, after all. Plus, I doubt Avvy would've specifically mentioned taste if it was blood, but then, you never know with him... and who knows, maybe it changes based on who's using it.

Plain and simple, Kail is a vampire.

And I AM the ONLY one reaking Havoc. EVERYONE ELSE IS A GOODY TWO-SHOES! That's not fun, I need compitition. Too many goody goody hero types. *gags*

Well... I did mention that his fighting style has a "street fighting" mentality. Nowhere near as downright mean as ripping a randomly-selected child to shreds, but people will still probably be a bit miffed by his tendency to go straight for the kneecaps, groin, eyes, and throat. Just because he's moral doesn't mean he's nice.

edit: Oh yeah. You mentioned that Chapter 2 was almost done... but I didn't see any bookends between chapters 1 and 2, like there were for the intro and chapter 1. Or are you counting the intro as chapter 1, and chapter 1 as chapter 2?
Captain Gamer

So... why hasn't Jenia made a plot post, anyway? At this point there's extremely little that Cap or Kester could add before the guards start showing them around... I've tried coming up with something, but the end result is always something of the lowest calibur.

Sorry, I was number confused. Pretend 2 is 1 and 3 is 2.

And yeah, I realized it is time to end the chapter. Chapter 2 will begin in two weeks or so, since I have rl trouble.
In the meantime, feel free to prepare 'memory' or 'flashback' post-parts about what you did in your free time in the temple, since the next chapter will start as soon as you all leave it.

Chapter begins tommorow.
I hope you guys are ready, since this ride is going to be short and sweet...

Woo-hoo! New chapter! (Sure, I can't join until the next one, but whatever...)
Although, what's all this with Avvy being tired? I thought he only had a "monthly rest" and had already had it just a little while before the group arrived?

Fighting is a lot of stress on one who has gotten used to peace.
This is especialy true for this guy, since he has been out of shape for a while now.

Well, I'm a friend of Onasaki's too (like Hazgarn) and I figured I would give it a shot.

Name: Petra Shoushan

Gender: Female

Race: Als (also known as an Al, and in some places, Elk. No, not the moose-deer-y kind Razz)

Apparent Age: 18
Mental Age: 50
True Age: 36

Appearance: Petra has long, unruly black hair kept constantly in a tight french braid. Her eyes are brown with strong undertones of red, so that they appear to be nearly crimson, but without the same alarming qualities. She stands at around 5'6" and has an olive-brown complexion. Her nails are abnormally long (about two inches) and look like they might be made of copper. Her teeth are stonelike and grey -- formed entirely out of granite. Also notable is the fact that she has two boar-like tusks tucked into her cheeks, inside her mouth, completely camouflaged unless she happens to yawn or grin broadly.

She wears a simple brown dress, which is curiously seamless, along with brown moccasins.

History/Background: Petra is from a place known as Armenia, on earth, though she doesn't have a specified birthdate. Rather, she somehow came into existence of her own accord (or perhaps thanks to the legends of the local populace that made up stories to keep children in line.)

She was widely feared for being the one to snatch the corpses of the freshly dead -- it was rumored that she ate them (Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew. Sorry, couldn't resist. Taters, precious.). She was also blamed for the disappearance and deaths of multiple newborns, along with their mothers, though it never could quite be proven.

Miscellaneous: Petra keeps a pair of surgical scissors tucked inside her clothing at all times for handy usage. She has a strange allergy to iron (breaks out into a rash if she touches it) and demonstrates a marked affection for warm, damp weather.

If I'm allowed to join, I'd like to pick the Mist Card, with the color of crimson. Smile Although I'm still not quite sure what picking a card/emblem does...

And yes, I know I can't join until the end of Chapter 2, but I'm okay with that. Smile

Sonophax wrote:
Well, I'm a friend of Onasaki's too (like Hazgarn) and I figured I would give it a shot.

Jenia'd better be careful, or we'll end up hijacking this place >.>

Race: Als (also known as an Al, and in some places, Elk. No, not the moose-deer-y kind Razz)

Oddly enough, I'd heard of this legend before. Interesting choice.

(Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew. Sorry, couldn't resist. Taters, precious.)

Great, now I've got that stuck in my head again.

But anyway, welcome.

And, uh... I guess my being here means I have to come up with a post, huh...? Crap. I'll try.

Yessssss...I'm going to invade the forum with friends! WE'LL RULE THE FORUMS!


Skybait J

...This is a conspiracy....

Dammit, Jenia! You told me to write about the night before! And here you are, conspiring with Gamer and Onasaki to do stuff AFTER the night!

I feel like an idiot now!

...I quit, dammit! I swear, I will! Crying or Very sad
Captain Gamer

If anything, you're the special one. Mr. Onasaki and I couldn't come up with anything for the night before, and as such our characters just lied around like lumps while Penn was out actually developing his character and even has a conversation starter for the morning after... and you didn't need Jenia to come up with all that.

I bow to your roleplaying prowess.
Skybait J

...You didnt even read it.

Penn went right out the door after Kail, Gamer would've notice if he was "up yet"

Or it's my own shortcomings of writing, dammit! Aug! I cant take the misunderstandings!
Captain Gamer

Just because Penn's up doesn't mean Cap would know that right away. Penn could be all the way on the other side of the structure by the time Cap got up. >.>

Erm... No, really, I was surprised they didn't do any such stuff myself.

Sooo... not to be annoying... but is my character approved for the next chapter? o.O Did you even see the profile? XD

Pick a different card. Can't you see mist is taken?

Tom Backton hasn't posted on the RP forum in two chapters. I don't think he's RPing anymore. So I'd say the Mist Card is free.

The other cards probably aern't free either, but I'm unsure of this yet so I say nothing.

Well, I beg pardon for being mislead by a gamer's post on page five saying that the card WAS available. I'll wait until the cards for chapter three are available before choosing.

That's alright. But for future refference, only my word is one which counts. And I NEVER said that Tommy quit.

Also, I'm unsure if I could have you join at all... I can't manage a large number of people, so if I hit 10, I stop taking players.
And I promised a spot to several people. Some asked during the INTRO chapter. Of course, even if they DO decide to back out now (which is, knowing them, is considerably possible), chances are you will be left with 3 cards to choose from.

Hello there ^_^. The name's Undying. I'm here to join... sorta. Jenia didn't exactly force me to join... it was more like luring with evil doing and the like.

Yeah. He is person with a spot saved #1 out of the two which did not drop out.

Eli, post your character profile here anytime before next chapter starts.

Eh, Sonophax, you still have a chance. That other one just might drop out - he is the type.
Chocolate Ninja

By the way, Jenia, I sent my profile to you a while back via PM. Did you get it? Any comments, clarifications, issues, etc? Razz

Only one:

Reploids are win.
Chocolate Ninja

w00t w00t! Now to wait for the next chapter to end. <_<

Hey, my name is Chaosz, and i have a spot saved here Smile

((good enough for ya jenia))

I find it odd, we've never heard of the new guys. Why do they get spots? There's other people who wanted to join, who just so HAPPEN can't because of the new guys that we've NEVER EVER heard about.

I apologize to the new guys, but I'm just a bit confused. Because we never even heard about two new people joining.

I also remember Jenia saying we could only have 7 people in the RP.

Which would go as follows:

Onasaki <Me>
Chocolate Ninja<Possibly?>


If I'm mistaken, please don't hesitate to correct me. But I'm quite sure all the spots would be taken. As well as I'm not sure with Tom Backton, who appears to have quit.

I'm not a GM, but I havn't seen Tom post in a long time. On pretty much any thread in the last few months.

I just ask, why is it that Jenia has brought on two new people. Who just so happen to have spots saved.

It just so happens that they requested a spot from me via IM.

Also, 7? That was tops for chapter 1, not 3...

I already explained Tom's case to you.

Meh, I mean, think logically of your question... If they have spots saved, why NOT bring them? Why would they have a spot saved if they didn't want to be brought here? I brought them here BECAUSE they have a spot saved.

Yes, and why do they have spots saved hmm? Why go behind everyone's back and recruit 2 extra people with out word? And explaining Tom's situation? Oh what that he's still in the RP, just that you've gone behind our backs once more and RPed with somone whose been idle on the forum since at least june? I don't buy it.

In the interest of heading off any more bad bad blood it might be a good idea if things decided in IM such as this could be talked about on the forum in the future.

Keep in mind guys, that this is a stupid argument. This game is for fun, so if Jenia wants to include a friend that's GM prerogative. HOWEVER. Doing things like including friends, running sessions under the table, and such sets a very bad foundation, because when you have two friends whispering behind the backs of everyone else, it can very much seem like favorites are being played.

Really? I thought the whole under-the-table thing was a nice touch - the forum players don't get any more information than their characters would, which lends itself to more believable roleplaying, while the off-forum player(s) have an equal setup with the forum-goers, complete with their own decisions affecting their course, instead of just suddenly cropping back up with the GM's sole word deciding what they were doing while off the RADAR.

But, anyway. That's just me.

Hero Card and baby blue please, and there you go, you can sleep now ^^

Yes, what my post says is true. I'm taking leave from GH for a few months, I need some time to get over some things. I will be posting randomly at random times with Tales of Kail's Exploits. I won't be joining back up with the group or anything important until mid-november. Probably after Thanksgiving(American Holiday, for those who don't know.) which would be on the 24th or 25th of November.

I'll probably meet up with the group again closer to the end heading into the beginning of December.

So, yeah, don't feel like I'm holding everyone up. I've already let Jenia know about my taking leave.
Chocolate Ninja

Chapter 3, you say? w00t w00t!

You guys will have to start checking the first post often, as I will periodically update it with info such as a map with party locations pinpointed.

Also, due to circumstances beyond our control, Undying will not be able to join us as he had previously planned :p The winged emblem is free for use now.

I was asked to join Very Happy here is a sketch of my character for you to realize who I am;

Name; Raphael Lilim
Alias; Weapon Alchemist / The Twenty Eight Holy Incarnate / Shade of the Seraphims
Gender; Male
Age; 68
Age appearance; 22

World Overall; The world he comes from is a semi-advanced one. Guns are known and used, but the traditions and usage of swords, has not been forgotten. The Sword Masters are well respected.

History; Rapheal was born together with the era of Realism, when the Royal Republic, or shortened RR, was formed. The long conflicts with tradition have ended, and both sides seem to able to live together. Rapheal lived in a peaceful era where most people are equal, and wars are a rare thing. His home was a small village "Enhelm" and he lived there together with his parents. When the RR hit 15 years, almost none of its original creators were alive. Now people with greed for power took over the country, and things went bad. When Rapheal returned home after being in an other city with his friends, he faced a terrible sight. His village was burnt down, and he soon learned that a Seraphims (A highest class swordsman) was the one who did it. Instead of holding a grudge and wanting revenge, he was interested in the source of power of a swordsman.
He lived with an old man who adopted him, and he had lessons from his female Master. She wasn't part of the Seraphims, but had the power equal of a member of it. Rapheal learned that these powers were coming from the soul, and only one with born abilities to materialize this power on ones body could achieve this level of skill. He tried to get the power anyway, and did it, but the price was the life's of everyone around him.
He wanted to kill himself for doing such a terrible sin, but he realized that then their sacrifice would go waste. He was always good with creating weapons, and he used his knowledge and studied for many years to create weapons that would make the materialization of the soul easier.

He joined the Seraphims later, and he fought in the third revolution. He had killed many, but his skills were unmatched by normal soldiers. The only challenge were the few other Incarnates, but with the help of the other members of the Seraphims he killed them off.
The war a terrible experience for him though, he saw many things that he shouldn't see. Soon after that he settled down. He was 39 years old, but since he achieved the power of the soul, his aging slowed down. He got married, and had no children, because his powers took his ability to fruit the woman. His wife was called Sophitia, and she married him when she was 19 years old. She died when she was 46, because of illness. Rapheal not knowing what to do, wandered the country aimlessly searching for a challenge, since he believed that sword fighting was the only thing he could do..

Winged Emblem.

You forgot to mention that you took the winged emblem.

Oh well. Have fun and make sure to post once in a while!

Hmm.. I was asked as well.

Name; Sujeong
Alias; Forgotten of the Seven Crosses
Gender; Female
Age; 74
Age appearance; 24

World Overall; The world she came from was a holy land which 'angels' ruled the land with an iron fist. It was fairly technological and had developed Airships and guns. However, Magic penetrated everything.

History; In her homeland, She was something known as an 'Angel of the Seven Crosses' which she was entering into. The world was in a state of war, a war between traitor Angels and the rightful ones. In truth, They were not real angels, but the so called descendants of them, when they came to stop the First War. Since then, They had worshipped them and even married some. Some were born with Wings, And some had to make them with magic.

Sujeong was born with wings, Pure white wings that spread 2 metres in full. As she was entering into the organization known as the 'Seven Crosses', the war finally broke out. Armed with magical weapons of pure destructuion, the war lasted years. However, Some idiot shot at the 'Hourglass of Peace' which controlled the time flow of the world. It broke and the ones near it were effected by time, either aging, un-aging or getting a state of body where the body would not age. Sujeong was affected by the 'Un-Aging' effect and was declared 'unholy'. However 'The Seven Crosses' led by their leader, Varik stopped her removal and instead put her on the front line. As the armies were to clash, the world was ripped-or more the sky and a jagged line appeared on the ground between the two armies. Charging, Sujeong was on the ground where the line appeared when it did. She dissappeared.

Card: Upsidedown Card?(Jenia asked me too)
Colour: Sliver

Name: Jack Sanner
Nicknames: Baby Blue
Age: 25
Species: Human (I donít know if a regular human is allowed)
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Sept. 12
Occupation: Hitman
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Combat Capabilities: he is a hitman what do you think?

Friends: None.
Enemies: Anyone and Everyone.
Known relatives: All dead.

Physical Appearance: He is tall, But thin
Color: caucasian
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Style: cut short and neat.

Attire: A light black and white 3 piece suit. What is special about it is the fact that it is let out in some places, and tucked in in others, allowing Jack more movement then a regular 3 piece suit would.

Items on hand: 1 empty 9mm pistol, a survival knife, some other such survival gear (his last hit was in the jungle, go figure) minimal amount of rations, and a machate.

Back Story: Jack Was the typical hitman for most of his life. Go here, kill that, get money, horde money because you have no one to spend it on and no hobbies and or other recreational activities to spend said money on. Until one day he was sent to kill a very special man in the south American rain forests. Word has it, the man found a worm hole in said jungle that could transport him anywhere, including Jackís bossís bedroom closest in the Philippines. So of corse, as all paranoid, top dog, crime boss would do, he sent his number one hitman (Jack) to take care of said problem.

Before long Jack was walking off the plane in South America. It didnít take Jack long to find the man. A fight between him, and the men the Man employed to protect him broke out, and the worm hole just happened to be conveniently placed near by. After quite a few gunshots, Jack fell into it, transporting him to this land.

Card: hero
Color: grey

Ok, things may get confusing with two characters sharing such similar names, so I'm going to start spelling my character's name as Zak, to make things a bit easier.
Skybait J

....All the different people with different posts...

kinda getting confusing XD
Chocolate Ninja

Ah, I should probably post my profile too, just to give some information to non-Jenias. Razz

Emblem: Bladed Emblem

Name: Ellis Nineveh

Gender: Male

Eyes: Magenta

Hair: Crimson

Age: Physically appears 8, chronologically 25

Species: Robot (Reploid, to be exact)

Appearance: Appears to be a small, very humanoid male robot. Like this, to be nearly exact, with blue-green armor, silver trim, brown bodysuit, and purplish-pink gems and visor.

Combat Capabilities: Ellis possesses a special beam saber with the ability to phase through plasma (i.e. other beam saber blades and plasma shots). This gives him an element of surprise. Unfortunately, this means that his opponent's beam saber, if applicable, also goes through his, so he can't block anything. It also acts like a normal beam saber against other stuff.

Backstory: Ellis is the twenty-fifth of 65 defective mass-produced humanoid reploid units, only four of which managed to escape destruction. He lives in Portland, Oregon's Maverick Hunter HQ with his three sisters who often pick on him, though in a humorous fashion. On his twenty-fifth birthday, he was transported into the world of Myhterium.

Personality: Ellis is upbeat and stubborn. It is almost impossible to make him depressed. Eager to prove himself, he often jumps into situations without thinking. Insults fly over his head, and those that do reach him outrage him for all of sixty seconds. Though tactless at times, he is a well-meaning kid and as he would say, "one of the good guys".
Naryu Elda

Hey, sorry I vanished. I was really busy, what with college and stuff.


*dashes over to the other topics*

Just for information, my char is really sexy! Wink (really!) (Just like me!)

Don't fall asleep people! Keep posting Razz

As much as I'd love to, all the recent posts have been irrelevant to my character. I actually have the most recent post of anyone in my scene.
Chocolate Ninja

This is turning out to be hilarious. XD
Captain Gamer

Mikado wrote:
Just for information, my char is really sexy! Wink (really!) (Just like me!)

I'd be more inclined to find this relevant if the casting call for this roleplay (aside from an anthropomorphic swan) weren't as many parts Ys as it were Xs.

... Guess I'll just have to pull out some good ol' shounen-ai boy crushing when the time comes. Forum Index -> Roleplay Sign-up/Discussion Page 1, 2  Next
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