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It was a bright, sunny day. A bright, creamy-yellow loomed over the land of Dyria. The cities were bustling, the flowers bloomed, the sea calmed with every wave.

It seemed as though nothing could go wrong.

And yet, no one expected to see several large balls of white fire falling from the sky that day.
Although no one noticed it, they were too round to be natural.
Their path was directed.
No one would ever guess what each of these white flames brought with them...

They all fell into one place, landing safely, as if they never burned or fell at great speed.
Their "contents" - visitors from far away, lying safely among the flowers in a large open field under the bright, neon-white sunlight.

But no one was around to see them, for the nearby cave in a nearby rock was uninhabitted and the distant forest was devoid of souls at the time...
Skybait J

'It feels very warm here' I think to myself, '...did I fall asleep in the sun? What else could make that bright of light in my eyes?'

I open my eyes slowly, and shade them from the bright light above me. Above me? It was early morning when I had set out to the Knight School, have I been lying here for that long? Where is here anyway? It feels like grass beneath me...

I sit up and I see I'm in a deep green field, with bright flowers I've never seen before...but that's not possible is it? I was in the middle of Meowtopia, there wasn't any field this big for miles and miles. Even if I was somehow transported out, these sights were so unfamilliar. This grass was so green and those flowers so different...maybe I was in another country? But why, and how? Oh, but maybe...

"Oh, crap, I'm dead, aren't I?!" I wail, "I knew that tuna smelled funny! And now it's gone and killed me!" I fall back onto the grass. I think I'll just lie here for a bit and absorb my death, it's not like I'm going anywhere else...

~Penn Ezzick

Kail's Entrance

Kail layed there on his back, mumbling. His eyes suddenly snapped open, to see the bright neon white sun burning down on him. He panicked for a moment and jumped up trying to guard himself from it. Only to realize, it wasn't burning. He slowly lowered his hands, "The..Hell?" He quickly looked around. "Ok...I have a feeling I'm not in Kansas anymore..." He said to himself. He felt disoriented and dizzy for a moment, before he stared up at the neon sun. "Wow..." he whispered, his awe was quickly interuppted when he took another glance around.

"Alright. First things first. I find out where the hell I am, then I feed on the person who tells me." He nods to himself, and begins to wander the field, glancing at all the flowers of strange colors. "Hmm.." he mumbles, he continues to walk through the field for about another half and hour. "WHERE THE HELL IS A CITY!?" He yells, in the middle of the field.

He begins to run through the field, only to trip over somthing and fall face down into the grass. He let out a dark growl, as he stands up. He looks down at the ground to see a short(compared to him), cat-thing. "Alright...I definatly know I'm not in Kansas anymore. I found what looks like the Cowardly Lion.." He mumbles, letting out a sigh. He gave a slight kick to the cat-thing, "Hey. Wake up."
Naryu Elda

Blanca finally awoke. After taking in her surroundings, she knew that she was not in the laboratory, perhaps not even within the nation's borders.

"This poses a problem..." the swan muttered to herself as she shaded her eyes from the rather bright sunlight. "Stupid sun... Try to blind me, will you?"

She sat up and stretched her sore limbs. After a few minutes of exersize, she decided to see whether her bag made the trip to... where ever she now was. And it did! It was a small comfort.

Blanca riffled through the postman-bag, making sure that everything she had in it before was still within. As it turned out, almost everything made the journey. The half-eaten sandwich she had was gone, as were the crackers and the bottle of soda. A minor loss, as she could had used the plastic bottle to carry water.

When she was done, she saw two figures standing a fair distance away. She was not sure whether these people were friendly or hostile, nor what their buisness was in this open field. But maybe they were friendly and could point her to the nearest city. She decided to take the risk and began to walk towards the two. There was no sense in wasting energy running towards them, since she may need all the energy she has to fly away.
Skybait J

I awoke again, the warm sun just felt so good...such a nice place to take a catnap. Heaven has been pretty good so far, I might not mind it here. wasn't the sun that woke me this time, was it? I look up to the figure standing over me, and gasp.

The person was tall, but that doesn't really matter does it? He...I think it's a he, had no fur, no feathers, no scales...just...just skin. Was he part of that skin cult or something?! That's just sick. But then I think...maybe he's a victim of tourture...I shouldn't judge him like that. If anything, I should pity him...having to go to heaven with his face so bare...having just a little fur atop his head just mocking his lack of fur otherwise.

"Uh..." I start at length, feeling awquard, ", I'm Penn. Nice to meet you?"

Yeah, nice.

~Penn Ezzick


Kail glared at Penn, "Why the hell are you looking at me like that? Are you the type of demon that's never seen a human before?" Kail said, with an annoyed voice. He didn't want to just up and say he was a vampire, would take the fun out of it. Besides, he assumed the kid could smell it anyway.

He didn't know where he was, or what kind of demon the cat thing was, though he'd seen many demons like this in SunnyDale. As well as a mage who turned himself into a cat just to piss Kail off by rubbing against HIS girlfriend.

Kail liked cats, but he didn't like cats that were perverted old people in disguise. He looked around, he saw another figure in the distance, but couldn't tell what or who it was.

Stretching, he looked back at the cat-boy. "So, tell me, 'Penn' where the hell are we? Hmm?" Kail asked, getting annoyed by the boy staring at him. Kail wanted to rip the kid's eyes out, just to hear him scream. He stood there, and imagined this for a moment. Before looking at him again, "Well?"
Naryu Elda

Blanca had reached earshot of the two when the human demanded to know where they were. They were most likely in the same situation as herself: they were lost as well.

"Good... afternoon, I think. Are you two lost as well?" she calmly asked, hoping that her simple question would not make the human lash out once more. That would be rather annoying...

Her eyes fell on the cat. His appearance was quite a bit different from the felines she was used to seeing, but she passed it off as possibly a birth defect or perhaps he was born of a scientist's expirements on genetic engeneering. She offered her feathered hand to 'Penn' to help him stand up.
Skybait J

"Where we are? This isn't heavan?" So I wasn't dead. But was this cause for celebration? I was with two strangers just as lost as I was, though this new feathered face was more reassuring than the blank skin of the other. I took her hand and stood on my feet. I didn't feel anything broken or hurt...that raised more questions in me...mostly why we were here and how we'd find out. Maybe we were all dead, but we just didn't know it.

"Where we are? This isn't heavan?" Penn had asked, Kail rolled his eyes. "I doubt heaven is a boring field of pretty flowers, Kid. Especially for some cat." Kail stopped short as he looked at the swan lady. He blinked. "Another talking animal?" He let out a faint growl. "WHAT IS THIS THE MAGICAL ZOO FROM HELL!? What, am I the ONLY freaking humanoid here?!" He growled again, and crossed his arms.

His elbow tapped a hilt at his side, he blinked for a moment, and reached down. "Oh, I still have my sabre? Awesome." He pulled it out, grinning darkly between the swan and the cat.

If these humanimals give me trouble, I'll deal with them. He thought darkly, I'll have my own little dissection project. He grinned to himself, before sheathing his sword.

"Well. I guess I'm stuck here with a swan and a cat." he mumbled to himself. Just like back in SunnyHell.. he thought to himself. "Well then, we should set some ground rules. I don't know what kind of creepy dimension this is, or what in the Hellmouth spawned you two. You should know this. I like Star Wars. If you ever so insult one tiny aspect of it, I will kill you, painfully. Understand?" Kail finally finished, he looked between the two animals, as a sharp pain lanced through his stomach. "We should..Find civilization. Find out where the hell we're at." He said, gripping his stomach.
Skybait J

'What was Star Wars?' I wonder. Would asking insult this skin man? He seemed rather quick to anger, not knwing about his favorite thing would definitly stir him up. And as the saying goes, "The truly mad need no reason to be so." ...Well, I should at least give him no great reasons to hurt me, that way the bird woman might get on my side.

"Well, I don't see any signs of civilization anywhere," I started, looking around, "But I have a way of finding out where to go."

With my sword I drew a circle in the soft, black earth. 'This ground is very fertile', I think to myself, it would be good for farming. Once that was done, I put my sword in the middle, held it with my fingertip, muttered some nonsentical words for effect, and let it drop where it will. This was an old wives tale of finding ones way when lost, and had no more holding than dropping a ring on a thread to see if your baby's a boy or a girl. But it had led me right several times prior, so why not at least try?

It fell away from me to the upper right hand side of the circle. If the sun was still going from east to west, then it would have fallen south-westwest. I sheath my sword and immidiatly head in that direction.

"It's this way" I tell the others. But even as I said that, not three meters away I tripped forcifully on something and fell very hard to the ground, getting a face full of dirt.

~Penn Ezzick
Naryu Elda

Blanca wondered about what the problem was with the human, but his mention of dimensions mader her wonder. Were they all from different realities and, by chance, thrust into another?

"I doubt that you are the only human, but you may be... I am not certain. I agree with the sentiments that we should find some manner of civilization, but I have a few questions I would like to ask as soon as our clumsy friend gets back up on his feet. Oh, and if you have problems with being in the company of beings like us, I only ask of you to remain with us. Three travelers together are better off than one alone." Blanca moved to help Penn stand up again when she smacked her forehead with her right hand.

"I completely forgot to introduce myself. My name is Blanca Byrd, and I am from Central City. It is a pleasure to meet you both and I hope that our time together is pleasant." she said with a bow.

I awake. Looking at the sky, I realize that it seems to be a different one than where I come from. "hmm..." It wasn't pink, like the sky back in Monsley Kingdom. Confused, I try to remember what happened back home. Well, I was fighting that demon with Simon when- Whoa! I thought. I almost forgot about that light. Maybe that brought me here. "Well," I say to nobody in particular, "I guess I better take a look around." And I set off in that general direction.

-thus spoke the Great "Pa"
Note: Don't try to post anything regarding the Great "pa" if you expect an immediate response.

A silent rustling.
At the edge of the flowery field, where the forest begins, a gray figure appeared.
In all aspects, it looked like a mediaval man. His long, wavy hair and eyes were gray, but his face was spotless. If not for the gray hair, he would look like a young man.
With his sky-blue robes and golden trimmed, crimson red cape gently waving in the wind, he began to approach the small gathered group of visitors...

"Um..Duh? Of COURSE we need to find civilization, thank you Captain Obvious." Kail snapped, he really was in no mood for people to repeat his own thoughts of the matter. He was hungry, he needed blood. Kail doubted the bird and the cat would taste good, considering most demons don't. He watched Penn play with mideval looking sword, drawing on the ground. Kail took another look around, ignoring any words spoken. He noticed another figure in the distance but didn't say anything. He looked back at Penn who was getting up and begin to walk off, only to fall face forward. Kail busted out laughing. "Arn't cats suposed to land on thier FEET? Not their face." Kail said, still laughing. He looked back over at bird-woman.

"I doubt that you are the only human, but you may be... I am not certain. I agree with the sentiments that we should find some manner of civilization, but I have a few questions I would like to ask as soon as our clumsy friend gets back up on his feet. Oh, and if you have problems with being in the company of beings like us, I only ask of you to remain with us. Three travelers together are better off than one alone." She said, Kail just looked at her.

"Maybe I am, maybe I'm not." Kail said calmly, only to snap again. "YES. I GET IT. WE NEED TO FIND CIVILIZATION. I already went over that with my self. And the only problem I have, is with people repeating the same damn thing over and over. I've hung out with demons before, and I know it's alot better to go togather then alone. Why can't you people tell me somthing I DON'T know?" Kail let out a growl, gripping his head.

"Now I'm getting a headache." Kail mumbled.

"I completely forgot to introduce myself. My name is Blanca Byrd, and I am from Central City. It is a pleasure to meet you both and I hope that our time together is pleasant." The bird woman spoke again, this time with a bow.

Kail just stared at her. "Blanca Byrd? Wow. Real original name there. Right up there John Smith, Jane Jones, and Mary Sue." He said, rolling his eyes.

(Just a Note: Kail is a total asshole. From Earth. I don't mean any of what he says personally. Please don't take it personally.)
Naryu Elda

Blanca glared at the rather rude human. She could not help stating the obvious, it was just a habit she had developed to annoy the irritating rabbit May and her friends. She felt sorry for the clumsy feline. It seemed like he would probably get the burnt of the human's insults and rude remarks. But what was this about demons? she wondered. Oh great... He may be insane. Just what I need, a madman for a companion...

"Oh? Byrd seems foolish to you? Would you perhaps had prefered if my friend Spots Felixson had gone to answer Dustin's message in person?" Here, Blanca chose to smirk. "Spots is a cheetah, by the way. I wonder how you would had reacted to her name in place of mine." During this whole time, she had not noticed the stranger's approach, as her focus was upon Kail.

"Hmm", I think to myself looking over at the arguing daemons. "Well, I guess I've got to kill them before they hurt anybody." I'm about to jump down from the ledge I'm standing on when I realize that I don't have my shrotsword. Jumping up to search for it, I realize that it may have been lost in that bright light that brought me here. suddenly, I slip "Aaaaahhhh!" I scream as I fall down towrds the grassy field where the daemons are. "Well," I think, "This is it. I'm going to land down there, and those three are going to rip my flesh off." crash. I braced myself for extreme pain, but to my surprise, the last sound that I heard before fainting wasn't my own flesh being ripped off of me, but the a voice asking "What the Hell?" as I fell right in front of the gray haired stranger who had bee previously so silent I hadn't heard him.

-Thus spoke the Great "Pa"
Captain Gamer

One arrival remained unnoticed thus far due to a landing in a particularly large mound of flowers. The arrival's travelling slumbers continued undeterred due to such a hospitable setting to land in.

In due time, however, even the most inebriated slumberers have to rise for one reason or another, and the blue-clad Earth boy rose from his floral sanctuary. Both sets of four fingers slipped beneath the silver visor to rub the eyes(?) beneath. A hand remained to lazily scratch the side of his head as he surveyed the field through dull eyelids. He smiled, perhaps at being in such a lovely setting, and leaned back into his colorful bed.

... And then quickly rose again, for surely this is not where he had originally fallen asleep. He rose, making sure not to stir the flowers he was among too much, and this time made a more swirling, panicking survey of his location. Since all the landscape had to offer him was field and flowers, there was little for him to respond to. Apparently knowledgeable in that he would find nothing new immediately, his next plan of action had to do with the device on his wrist, for he looked to it and began to press buttons on it.

"Uh!?" He audibly popped in response to the device's screen. "Whe- where's..." He continued to press an arrow button to no new images, "Hello!? Jump!? Run!? I'd settle for SLIDE at this point!!" The button continued to be subjected to rapid pressing until the young man switched up methods of getting a response through blowing into arbitrary ports and smacking the device. After shouts of "Come on!" and begging the device to at least let him have his sword, he relented.

The young man heaved a sigh at coming up empty when he expected something from the device. His bowed head allowed him to look into the flowers he had landed in. Whatever hopelessness or depression he felt seemed to dissolve when he looked into those flowers. His follow-up sigh served to double as a cleansing breath, for afterward he stepped out of the patch and walked in an arbitrary direction.

The forest was only a distant rising when he first arrived, but the young man approached it since it was the only thing different in the field. He walked about the edge of the forest and looked in for any paths. Instead he found a gray-haired figure who had just left the confines of the forest and seemed to know where he was going.

"Oh lucky. Hey! Excuse me!" the visored individual called out to get the figure's attention.

"Yeah those names are original too, where did you say you were from? Cliche island?" Kail snapped, "At least Whiskers the cat-boy wonder had a decent name that didn't sound like somthing a seven year old came up with." Kail continued to ramble on about the name. He stopped short when he heard a crash, not too far away. He looked up, and saw a small figure fall out of a tree a few feet away.

Kail noticed a grey haired man only a few feet away, near the tree-faller. He glanced at both Blanca and Penn, before sneaking off toward the man. I'll let bird-woman and Whiskers the talking cat-boy help eachother. Maybe that guy can point me to the closest city so I can get something to eat. He thought as he walked. Kail approached the robed grey haired man, "Hey, gramps, can you point me to the nearest city?"

The gray-haired man's eyes widened as a pink, thin tail previously hidden in his cloak was revealed.
If not for it's length, one would call the tail "rat-like".

The man was astonished.
"I saw fire from the sky..." he muttered silently, obviously not planning to answer those who approached him.
"A cat-gir, a bird-gir, and three tail-less girs..."
He placed his right hand on his forehead and shook his head.
"One fell in front of me, another is running towards me, and another is calling me gramps when I'm not even 30 yet..."
He moved his right hand to the hind of his head and began scratching.
"Perhaps these were the flames of madness, sent by the gods...? hmm..."

He began walking forward towards the cat and the bird, humming as he gets lost in deep thought.
Skybait J

If I felt any sorrow for the skin man's lack of covering, it was certainly gone by now. If we were all going to travel together like Blanca suggested, then we should at least try to be civil. Enmity and discord were not going to help us at all on a journey, it would only serve to hurt us. 'Frustration is the weed that invades the garden of teamwork' as my eldest sister would say.

But then, maybe that's all the skin man is, frustrated. Afraid of this new situation...unable to cope...he could have been doing something important before he came here. Or someone was in trouble where he was from and he knew he couldn't help. I know I felt a little scared and cunfused myself. Maybe once the skin man calmed down he'd get a little better?

I stood and turned to Blanca, "I think that your name is very pretty, and it's very easy to say." I felt my face get a little warm, it's never been easy for me to talk to strangers, let alone women. "Don't let that man get to you, he's probably just having a rough time...we wouldn't understand." I touched my forhead with my right hand and bowed slightly, as was custom. "I'm glad we're to travel together."

~Penn Ezzick

Kester came to consciousness slowly. More slowly than was usual for him. This made him wonder, helping to stir thoughts in the tangled blur that right now made up his mind. The smell of grass and other growing things crept into his nostrils and he opened his eyes to a painful light.

It was aparant, even from the brief glance his eyes had at his surroundings before slamming shut once more than he'd woken up in a field. It wasn't the first time, and he knew it probably wouldn't be the last. But that fact was that it wasn't the place he remembered he should be. His last recollection was of drinking brandy with an innkeeper friend. One who, up until now, he had never doubted to be trustworthy fellow.

Though t'would explain the head pains, at the very least.

The dull throb lessened after a few moments and he forced himself with a queasy stomach to sit and take a better stock of his situation. He was tangled in a grassy depression in a field of flowers. His dull, tattered cloak had been covering most of him, including his very red hair, now somewhat tangled and filled with bits of leaves and twigs. He brushed those free before searching his person, a crease of worry lining his forhead.

He checked first that he wasn't injured before taking inventory of what of his possessions he still had. His fingers touched his instrument case and he immediately seemed to relax. He pulled it around from where it was strung on a bandoleer under his cloak, opening it up to make sure his pipes were still there. He smiled briefly, fingers brushing across the patterns carved into the chanter before shutting it again. His pack, his maps, his sword and daggers all were there. His pouches seemed to be none the lighter, either. Which meant he hadn't been mugged. He counted his blessings.

Heaving himself to standing, he got a better look at the field outside of the hollow where he'd been sitting and obliviously looking over his belongings. His eyes fell on a group of figures standing more or less together farther away on the field. His eyebrows quirked in a brief moment of surprize before he set off toward them, wondering at the coincidence that they should be there when he woke, where he woke when he did.

His eyesight had never been the best at seeing things at a distance. It most often didn't bother him, but there were times on the road when it would have been helpful to see what he was really heading toward before he was close enough that it was too late to run in the opposite direction. This, it turned out to his sudden shock was one of those times. The blurry figures resolved as he walked forward into odd shapes. Inhuman shapes, a few of them. His feet halted in his progress and his mouth opened just slightly as he bit off a noise of surprize.

And by now he was close enough that it would be impossible that he hadn't been seen or heard or smelled to approach. And walking immediately away--Or running, as a part of him advised--might be seen as very rude indeed. He closed his mouth.

He lifted his right hand in a greeting gesture, letting his cloak fall back from his arm and the gaudy brighter color of his shirt show from underneath. Hopefully, they would notice the gesture and the color, and not the way his left hand fell to a casual grip on his belt just behind the rapier. With a gentle push of his thumb, he made sure the weapon was loose in it's sheathe should he prove to need it.

Kail stares at the grey-haired man, then slowly looks down. He lets out another growl when he saw the tail, before yelling "WHATS WITH ALL OF THE ANIMAL PEOPLE!?! Did I fall into Furry Island?!" He growls again, clenching his fist. He wanted to punch somone, somthing, kill somone or somthing. He shot the grey-haired man a dark glare when he spoke about 'girs'.

"First there was Whiskers the Cat-faced boy. Then it was Bird-man's cousin, Miss Swany-Byrd. Now it's a guy with a rat tail. WHAT IS WITH THE ANIMALS?!"

Kail walked over to a tree, and began to punch it hard. Bark began to fall off leaving it bare. He stopped after about twenty times, shaking his hands. "Damn it! Just once, just ONCE I'd like to enter a nightclub, or a city without DEMONS. They look down at me, like I'm some sort of trash.."

Kail shifted his face, as it distorted becomming more feral looking, long fangs could be seen poking from his mouth as ridges appeared on his brow just barely shading his crimson-gold eyes. Suddenly his hands twist and crack, as they become more skeletal looking. His nails soon grow out a few inches, into large sharp claws.

Kail lets out a more deep, gutteral growl sounding almost beast-like.

He looks down at his hands, and blinks, "Wha..My hands. What the hell happened to my hands?! They..They're...Cool looking. I have claws!" Kail said, with a faint grin, bearing his serrated teeth and fangs. He shot another dark glare at the grey-haired man, slowly turning into another dark grin.

(Another note: Buffyverse Vampires, tend to look different when faced in other dimensions. Thus the claws, the fangs are a bit longer too. I also got the claw idea from a set of Vampire Tarot Cards. Just mentioning.)
Captain Gamer

The more ordinary-looking of the Earth visitors stopped just short of the gray-haired figure after hearing him talk about "girs." He appeared not to be taking outside stimuli at the time. He did, however, seem to know where he was going.

The onlooking young man decided to just loosely follow the direction of the gray-haired individual to at least see where he was going.
Naryu Elda

Blanca had not really heard what Penn had said. She was thinking about what the stranger had said. Many thoughts ran through her head. He claimed to be not past thirty... Then why was his hair grey? Stress, perhaps? The presence of his tail also confused her. Why would a human have the tail of a rodent? What were 'girs'? People? Dreams? Monsters? The poor man... He seemed mad, perhaps moreso than the human who claimed to consort with demons...

Speaking of him, he was pointlessly tearing apart a tree with his bare hands, now looking as though he had talons. His eye teeth seemed much longer than they should. And his brow... The human looked like the depiction she saw of a cro-magnon, the creature which it is believe that humans evolved from. But his eyes and fangs... They were not human. He had said that he consorted with demons. Perhaps he was a demon himself. This thought terrified her.

As she shuddered, she saw yet another human. Or at least, he looked human. She could not see the upper half of his face, as it was covered by what looked like oversized sunglasses. Strange...

"Ugh." I moaned. Sitting up, I look over at the group of demons who are, at the moment, preoccupied. Suddenly I remember. I was going to attack them. But it seems that they may be peaceful. The Cat-thing seems to be harmless, as does the bird-creature. the one with the teeth(must be a Vampyre) seemed pretty dangerous though. I don't know what to make of the new arrival with the strange visor, because I can't see his face. "Still," I thought "I guess that if I'm going to not be murdered, I might as well make friends with these guys." Approaching the group, I proclaim loudly and confidently "Umm... Hello. I'm... Um... I'm..." Okay. maybe It wasn't so confidently and loudly. "Hey!" I shout at the top of my lungs, "Pay attention to me!" Everybody stares in my direction. "I'm the Great 'Pa' and I'd like to make friends with you all. Even if you are demons. don't like kill me or anything... Please?"

-Thus spoke the Great "Pa"

The gray haired man stepped in the middle of the flower field, bent down, and picked up several flowers.
He then turned to the people around him and shook his head.

"You lot are still here. By the gods, it was either you who fell from the sky, or I really have gone mad..." He muttered to himself and then cleared his throat.

He made several steps, and all of a sudden his facial expression changed from a tranquil, calm one into a commanding one, thunderous one.
"ALRIGHT, YOU THINGS!" He said quite very loudly, obviously trying to be heared, but then lowered his voice, believing he had cought everyone's attention.
"...Or whatever you are... I'm heading to a nearby village now. Theres an excellent kxar doctor there. If you are the hallucinations I assume you to be, I'll get rid of you there. If you are real, I'm quite certain he can help you. In any case, follow me..."

He then began pacing steadily back towards the wall of trees...

Kail looked away from the grey-haired rat-man, and back at his claws for a moment. He returned to his normal human face, the brows retracting, his eyes returning to their original hazel color and his teeth shrinking. His hands cracked and twisted as they became normal and clawless.

He looked back at the grey-haired man, and blinked. "What the hell is a Kxar? And Hallucinations? I'm not a hallucination." He points toward Blanca and Penn. "Now those two, I'll agree on with you." Kail said, he looked over as "The great Pa" spoke.

"Great? Pa? Kid, you look nothing like your a Great anything. Except maybe an idiot." Kail rolled his eyes, he looked around again, toward where the Grey-haired man was walking. Ahh..A village. Finally, Food. Kail thought to himself, he glanced back at the tree he was punching. He had punched it raw, his hands still hurt but the tree was missing a large amount of bark.

Kail noticed the guy in the over-sized sunglasses. "Holy hell, it's that Burger King Guy!" He shouted, looking at Captain Gamer. "The one kids club guy."

(Note: Incase those of you don't remember whom I mean, Kid Vid. He was the leader of the Burger King Kid's club thing. I only remember his name because I looked it up. XD)
Captain Gamer

Captain snapped to attention when he saw other people. Following the direction of the gray-haired man had paid off after all. He moved to greet the collection of people, which all looked just as misplaced as he did.

That is, until one of the sharp-featured others took notice and spoke first, calling him a member of the Burger King Kids Club, at which point Captain's arm froze in mid-raise. He looked off for a few moments, then completed the raised arm. "Thanks."

The raised arm was also to greet the others behind that initial speaker. He got interrupted when the gray-haired man began to move again. Captain turned to the man's reatreating back. "'Guess he wants to be followed."

Kester could only agree with the visored man's observation about the gray haired fellow. And like it or not, the best chance at getting to the bottom of his situation most likely lay in the village of which the retreating man had spoken.

He spared a brief and apprehensive second glance toward the others and suppressed a shudder as the loud creature changed back into it's former visage as a young man. Completely appart from the more frightning form it had shown, it's ramblings suggested the monster was more than a little mad. But his mutterings appeared to be drawing some of the attention that could otherwise have been turned his way, and for that Kester felt a small measure of relief. Though their actions and manner seemed less hostile, they were most of them disconcerting enough in their own way.

He looked to the man in the visor spreading his hands in a helpless gesture then started off, following the footsteps of the only person who seemed to know where they were going.
Skybait J

I stood my ground as people gathered around me. This was quite a confusing ordeal...first I'm dead...but no, I wasn't. Then I run into a skin man and a bird lady, and now here were a bunch of skin people and a rat man, but then a few start leaving when the rat man speaks of a town. Of course, everyone would automatically head for a town, it's what we were all lookign for. But wouldn't following a strange man and going into a bizzare town simply add to the confusion

What if I didn't want to follow the rat and these skin people? Nobody's stopping me, and it's not like I know anyone personally. And half the people seemed crazy anyway. I could take care of myself in this strange myself...couldn't I? There was definite strength in numbers, but in numbers it was also easy to hide one's true intentions.

I took a few steps forward, but then took a few back. Being alone is bad, but being led blindly could be worse.

~Penn Ezzick

"Dang.", I thought "I guess I'm not going to be very popular. I guess I should just be silent for a while. The vampyre looks like he'll get mad if I say one word." And so I followed them all to town with the intent of learning about them by listening to them talk about themselves.

-Thus spoke the Great "Pa"
Naryu Elda

Blanca wondered about what the self-proclaimed madman had said. Perhaps this "kxar doctor" was the equivalent of a psychiatrist? Well, in any case, he was heading for a village. There they could learn of the immediate area and perhaps find some clue as to why all of them happened to appear here at more or less the same time.

The rude demonic human bothered her to no end, but she had laughed when he had said that the loudmouth brat was an idiot. She loved children, but this one was very strange and assumed they were all murderers. Well, maybe the demonic human, but she could not say the same for the newcomers, the native, or the cat.

Out of curiosity, she walked over to the 'Burger King Guy.' "Why do you hide behind those sunglasses?" she inquired.

The gray-haired man entered the forest after stomping over several blooming flowers, followed by the strange group he deemed as hallucinations.


The forest itself wasn't as big as it was thick, and within several minutes of walking, the group had reached a large, grassy clearing.
In the center of the clearing loomed what appeared to be a normal village. Most of the buildings were wooden shacks built at the entrance to a wheat field, but two buildings stood out as they were made of stone and had large, towering chimneys.

The village itself was mostly empty, except for a small group of rat-tailed kids throwing mud balls at each other and an old woman who appeared to be watching them (and was rat-tailed as well), as the villagers themselves were all out either hunting or harvesting.
The gray haired man walked past the playing children towards one of the stone buildings, completly ignoring the stares they gave to those following him.
"Look, they don't have tails!" one of them whispered to another. His clothing seemed to consist of a dark brown cloth shirt and a skirt with a brighter shade of the same color. His hair was grayish green, and he seemed no older than 8.
"Shhh! This one might eat us!" the other child responded, looking at Kail with an expression of terror on his face. This one wore what appeared to be the very same clothes, except his skirt was longer and covered in mud, and his hair was grayish blue. He seemed a couple of years younger than the one he was whispering to.
"Why is he wearing a window, grandma?" one of the younger children asked, pointing at the man with the silver visor. This child seemed to be a little more than a toddler, wearing no shirt and having a pale green cloth skirt.
The old woman did not respond. While her eyes were hidden under a pair of round glasses and a long, black scarf covered most of her garments, the way her head was tilted forward made guessing that she fell asleep easy. Her hair, however, was curly and blood red.

While the children continued whispering to each other, the gray-haired man entered the stone building he was headed for.
He left the door behind him open - an obvious sign he expects everyone to follow him inside.


Inside was a dark room with all sorts of what appeared to be lab equipment scattered about and a strong smell of dry oranges.
A somewhat large metallic kettle stood over a flame in the fireplace, blowing steam towards a shodowy figure standing on an old fur rug.
The figure appeared to be occupied watching rainbow-colored bubbling liquids inside an alembic, and did not react to the door being opened or anyone coming into his room yet.

"Busy as always, Avvy?" the gray haired man asked after watching the figure for several moments.
The figure responded by swiftly turning around, revealing what appeared to be a short, dark-purple skinned man with a pair of round glasses on his nose. His flowing, pitch black hair covered most of his back. He wore a dark-gray trench coat underneath which he had a silk shirt and pants, both colored as twilit sky. On his feet, he wore a rather large, heavy-looking pair of black leather boots.

"Hmm? Oh, Ginvec, I see you've brought guests..." the tiny, purple skinned man said, straightening the glasses on his nose.
"Don't you ever open the windows here, Avvy...?" the gray haired man asked, looking around the darkness in the room, but then he suddenly slapped his forehead.
"Wait, did you say you saw me bringing guests?"
The gray haired man sighed in relief.
"Good, good. I'm not insane yet, then. Avvy, I'm leaving them to you. I saw them confused and gathered at the area where the fireballs fell."
The tiny, purple skinned man straightened the glasses on his nose once again.
"Very well. Make sure they all come inside..."

The gray-haired man then went out the door.
"Hey! You, things which fell from the sky! Go inside, you will get help!"
He seemed more puzzled than commanding, but when he finished, he muttered something and walked away. Around the corner, he disappeared, leaving no trace behind.

Kail followed after the grey-haired rat man. He stared at the small village, his eyes glinted, his expression turned to that of a dark grin. Glancing at the children, and the people in the village. Oh man, this'll be fun. Kail thought to himself, he silently broke off from the group going to whatever a Kxar doctor was and slipped behind a small row of shacks. He sidled against the back of one, staring at some rat-tailed children.

Hmm...I wonder what thier blood'll taste like... He thought to himself, as he changed his face. His hands cracked and twisted into the same kind of hands they were, his nails extending out a few inches into claws. He slowly approached his prey, being as silent as possible.

He quickly snatched one of the children, covering it's mouth so it couldn't scream and dragged it behind the buildings, he quickly grabbed the kid by the neck pulling him up to his mouth. Then he sunk his long fangs into the boy's neck and began to drain his blood, slowly. The boy let out a faint yelp, but was silenced as his lifeforce was drained.

Suddenly, Kail's eyes flashed to a blood red color. His entire body seemed to change, his skin began to harden turning a dark yellow color. Horns began to force thier way from the upper tip of his brow ridges. He dug his claws into the dying boy, snarling loudly letting out a dark gutteral beastly growl.

He tore open the boy's body, and began to rip his entrails out, his claws grew darker and stunk of fresh blood. He let out another growl, and slammed the dead body into the shack ripping and shreading it in a brutal way. He let out a loud dark scream, with a faint sound of laughter within it.

He slowly reverted back to his human form, his bloodlust sated for the moment. He blinked, staring at his blood covered hands. He looked around the area. "That..That was..Wow." Kail said, as he stalked off back to the group at the Kxar Doctor...

(A note: I promise you all, this won't happen often. The big transformation thing. That was just a bit of fun on my part. Most of the time he'll just be bumpy faced with claws. Like I mentioned in earlier posts. Different Dimensions have strange affects on Buffyverse vampires.)
Skybait J

I shuffled undecidedly on the spot as people followed the rat-tailed man out of the field. It wasn't until the last of them went into the trees that I panicked and sprited towards the edge of the forest.

I immidiatly ran into branches and brambles that clung to my fur and dragged me back. I sputtered as the the worst of it smacked my face. I lost track of where I was going or whom I was following, I just stumbled forward blindly into the thick trees all around me...

It was only for a few minutes, though, and then I was out of that forest hell. My arms were in front of my face and covered with seeds and burrs. Picking them off, I looked around. It was just another feild, I didn't see a town or anybody I that was with me. My mind raced ahead of me, 'Did I simply go in a circle?' But as I looked around more, I spotted the town just a little ways off. I guess the path I took was a little crooked. I headed towards the huddle of huts, in the direction I knew Blanca and the Skin People would be...

'As soon as I find them, I'm going to figure out all of thier names,' I think as I walk off, still getting all the forest of me, 'I can't just keep lumping them all together in one group like that.'

~Penn Ezzick
Captain Gamer

After his greeting went unheeded for a bit, Captain Gamer made double and triple takes when the gray-haired man entered the forest. Going along with his previous statement, Captain hopped to attention and followed, along with others.

Captain considered being a bit more insistent in grabbing someone out for conversation until the swan girl had approached him about his 'sunglasses.' "Oh, this?" He pointed at his visor, "Well, it's more of a visor, really. It can block the sun's rays and all, but it does, uh, other things." Apparently there was more to the topic of the 'visor's' capabilities, but his recent stint with the device on his wrist seemed to make it not as important. "But, um, why would you say I'm hiding behind it? Oh! Geez, manners. My name is Captain Gamer." He extended his hand. "And you are?"


A little bit after that exchange, as he walked into the village, Captain was just as amazed to see a whole village of people with tails as they were to see anybody without. One pointed at him and asked why he wore a window on his face. To that he simply laughed. "Yeah, I get plenty of grief back where I come from about this, too. It's more of a-" The explanation was cut short when the gray-haired man emerged from one of the buildings and made a call for all 'things.' Considering he was in a place he'd never been before, he was the closest one to being called 'thing.'

Captain remembered that sharp-featured human that had addressed (made fun of him?) before. Not here now. Neither was that one cat boy. That was a shame, he looked at least a little cuddly. It brought a tinge of red to Captain's face to think about it.

Regardless, the gray-haired man said that those who fell from the sky (assuming that meant the sudden group of lost people) could get help in that building, so Captain approached said building.

What struck Kester as they passed through the village was that the strangest thing about the place was that it really wasn't strange at all. Though the inhabitants were odd looking, certainly, but as they walked into the village their reaction was very familiar. New faces were as rare as snow in summer in towns like this. And thinking about it, as newcomers went it was entirely possible that their group was the strangest these people had seen.

He watched the tailed children play as he followed the gray haired man and the others. Though he wasn't about to drop his guard yet, he could focus his mind a bit and imagine that this was just another village to which he might have come to perform. Seeing this kind of normality within abnormality allowed him to relax.

He waited outside the stone building as their harried guide went inside. He listened to the conversations of the other displaced souls, hoping to learn more about them. He wondered as the visored man spoke to the bird woman whether "captain" was a military title or that of a ship's commander. Though something else entirely was possible, he supposed.

When the gray haired fellow returned, Kester was somewhat disconcerted by the man's assertion that they had fallen from the sky. Though circumstances were certainly unusual, that was taking it to a level beyond. He could sympathize, though. The native seemed as confused and out of his depth as any one of the group, possibly more so than some. Kester was sorry to see the man go, but envied him the chance to escape the strange happenings that had taken over the present moment.

With little else to do, Kester entered the building. Though apprehensive, he was curious what this "kxar doctor" might be, and just how they might help. He stood in the doorway a moment, letting his eyes adjust to the gloom inside. A dry, acidic scent hit his nostrils making him want to sneeze. The darkness resloved itself into a clutter of dubious looking equipment. On seeing the short, purple creature, Kester gave a shallow bow. He was making the effort to maintain a confident surface and hoped that his returning nervousness wasn't too apparant.

"Hello to you, friend." He said, with all the sincerity he could muster.
Skybait J

I entered the village. There were a few children like the old man that led my...well, comrades for lack of a better word. They mostly skin bodies with tails like the Ratties, but with patches of hair on thier heads. They looked harmless, and my initial disgust of seeing faces without cover was waning. Besides that, the kits seemed more afraid of me than I was of them. But I wasn't in Meowtopia anymore...probably not even in Nyuland. Maybe it was a village of thieves and bandits! Or maybe they were just a bunch of impoverished farm families. I felt like it was more towards the latter of my theories, the kits where just too fearful for it to be a bandit city. I felt it might be wise to check all my items anyway...

But just then I noticed one of my comrades slip into one of the stone buildings. I raced down the dirt street to it, I didn't feel like being alone in this strange town much longer.

~Penn Ezzick

(Would have put this sooner, but as it goes, I have very limited time on the internet these days. Time constraints are baaaaad)

Eugene opened his eyes and got up. He had no idea where he was or how he got there, but he was not worried about that since there was nobody he could ask...
In front of him, above the horizon, he saw a large rock. At its botton there was a large hole.
"No water, no civilization...It is probably an empty cave", Eugene thought.
He turned around, noticing a forest. "Forest means water...maybe I'll find there someone."
He sat on the ground in order to tie his untied shoelace, and suddenly noticed some squashed flowers.
"Someone must have been here..."
Eugene got up and tried to follow the trail of squashed flowers with his eyes. It started near the point at which he woke up and continued to the forest.

Kail silently slipped into the house, with everyone else. Trying to make it seem as if he didn't leave. He stared at his bloody hands, and walked passed Kester, giving him a random pat on the back. As he did this, he wiped some of the blood off onto him.

Kail wiped the rest of the blood off onto some sort of curtain before looking at the Kxar doctor, "So, Doc, give it to us straight, why the hell are we here? Some sort of magical annoying quest we're going to be sent on, or somthing with giant evil fluffy bunnies? Either way, I don't do any of that saving a damsel in distress crap." Kail said, not really directing it to the doctor, more along the lines of just speaking to speak as he rumaged around in the building looking at random things.

Kail stopped, and turned around leaning back on a wall. Kail crossed his arms, and looekd back at the Kxar Doctor, and spoke again. "Well?"
Naryu Elda

Blanca was a little uneasy by the village. After all, it was not every day that she would see humans with tails. Well, there was one: a princess of one of the few remaining kingdoms in her world. But she as well as many others believed that the pink feline tail was just some sort of costume, as hinted by the pink cat-ear shaped bow Princess Sara would so often wear.

When she entered the 'kxar doctor's' house, (well, she assumed it was his house,) she stared at the man. Purple skin. That had to be a first. After shooting a glare at Kail for being so rude, she steped forward and bowed.

"Good afternoon, doctor. We are lost, and apparently all from very different lands. Do you know why we were all brought here (not to this specific building, but this land) and if we can return?"

The tiny, purple skinned man smiled at his guests.
"Welcome, welcome..." he said, straightening his glasses. Apperantly, it was some sort of habit for him.
"Please, take a seat" he pointed at a large, round table in the middle of the room with six round, three-legged stools around it "I've just prepared some tea. All will be explained..."

He passed in front of all the guests in the room, apperantly heading towards the kettle in the oven. However, he stopped in front of Kail. He turned to look up and down, examining him for a moment. Eventualy his glasses met with Kail's eyes. He straightened them again and smiled warmly.
"You smell of..." he whispered "You... You smell sweet. Enjoying yourself, I hope?"
Not waiting for a response, he turned and continued to walk.
A silent, slurping sound was hears from him as he approached the kettle, and soon a sound of spilling water.
He then approached the table from the side directly opposite to the door.
"Don't worry, this is mere green tea. Just don't confuse your cups with mine..."
Six slick, purple tentacles coming from behind the tiny man each placed a mug of tea on the table's surface. The mug closest to the man (who was straightening his glasses again) was bubbling softly...

"Ah, excuse me. I have not introduced myself have I?"
The tentacles retreated back into the darkness with further silent slurping sounds.
"My full name is Avgedhozechtipatzkaresheth. But please, call me Avvy. I only use my full name when introducing myself anyway. I am a local doctor, and a retired Kxar."
He sat down on a stool and took a sip from his bubbling mug.
"I still need to know what I must explain to you, so please, tell me a little about yourselves... Where are you from? The floating continent, perhaps? Or maybe even the western lands?"
Captain Gamer

Captain's upper body kept turning to look at the entire hut. Even if it wasn't nice by the resident's standards, it still held Captain's interest. He slid onto one of the stools and swiveled around in it with a grin. He was drumming the edge of the table with his fingers until a tentacle served him tea. When the appendage dropped off his drink, he clutched the table with a combination of surprise and intense fascination. Once he got it out of his system, he enjoyed some tea.

When prompted to explain where he came from, he thoughtfully held his chin in his thumb and forefinger for a moment. "That may be hard to explain. If this is some part of Earth I've never seen, or some new video game world was made, this'll sound pretty silly. Let's see, assuming this isn't Earth or connected to it, I'm from a planet called Earth. That's, uh, spelled E-A-R-T-H. No U's in there. The majority of it is covered in water, and a lot of what's left is covered with buildings and pavement. Other than that, actually, it's a lot like this place! Except the only real species that achieved sentience is the homo sapien, or 'human.' We don't have tails or fur - unless you count hair - but we make up for anything we lack physically with our intellect." He muttered something about it all depending on everything working properly and tapped the wrist device just to jarr it.

"The biggest part about Earth is a technology that allows anything to be physically created! We made whole worlds using it! Well, it's actually more technical than just having a world appear, but for all purposes, let's just say worlds are created. This technology also makes objects, and people, too! Anyway, I don't want to bore you. Long story short, Earth is basically like this place with blue skies and large fields. Sometimes I think these things are headed for oblivion with the way that the human race is expanding and building all over it. Being amongst flowers was actually a nice change of pace."

No one could be sure where he was looking, but the visor was pointed at the inside of the cup of tea.
Skybait J

There was a jumble of people inside the building when I entered, some I recognized and some I didn't. I just glanced at where we were, I was more interested in the people I was with. So far, Blanca was the only one I knew by name, and the only one that was covered compleatly. There was another man with long red hair and fur on his face, but his hands were as bare as a skin person's.

I wondered all sorts of things about these people. Mostly it was how we got here, what here was, and why I was with them. But my flitting thoughts were also about who these people were. What they were thinking and if I could trust them were there as well. My head was swimming in these thoughts, so I was startled when everybody started moving towards a table to sit down. I practically tripped over my chair as I sat down, nervous to be so close to the skin people. I kept mentally telling myself over and over 'it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter...'

A tentacle came out of nowhere and placed a cup in front of me. I nearly fell out of my seat when this happened, and watched as the tentacle withdrew and disappeared. 'Start paying more attention!' I mentally screamed at myself, I was missing so much because I was panicing and focused on one thing! I wouldn't be so surprised all the time if I just payed attention to the general idea instead of the little details! So when the skin man wearing a blue shirt directly to my right started talking, I didn't listen to my own tumbling thoughts, but to him.

Only as the blue shirted one finished did I allow myself to think somewhat freely. For one thing, it irked me that he didn't give his name. Wasn't that more essential than the details of his planet? But as those thoughts faded, I thought of his planet, Earth. A land covered in water and cement? That sounds really scary...or like something out of a science fiction comic. But how would I know, I'd never been to this Earth, maybe it was really a nice place for this visored "human." And having a machine that could create anything sounded even more amazing...

There was a short bit of silence. I was right next to the Captain, so I started, though with less suprise this time.

"Well, um," I stumbled, "My name is Penn Ezzick, and no, this isn't Earth. Nor is is planet Purr, where I'm from, I guess. Well, maybe it could be..." I stemmed those thoughts before they started. 'Just tell the man where you're from,' I thought, 'not your speculations.' "I'm from the country of Nyuland, which is alot of open grassland and some forests. We don't have many cities, but the biggest one would be Meowtopia. It's not covered in concrete though, it's mostly stone, grass, and dirt, and the most complicated machine would be a firewagon.'s like a big...metal thing that moves on tracks, it can drag hundreds of carts. One cart could carry more than five times the people in this room. Well, I guess you don't need to know so much about that...It's got nothing on a machine that can create anything..."

It felt so bizzare talking to people about my land, I've never really had to do that before...nor did I have to do alot of the stuff I've done today before...

~Penn Ezzick

Kester stood near the door for a few moments longer as the others filed into the building when he felt a touch on his back. He was jumpy to start with, but when he turned around and saw the mad changeling creature--the loud young man--he was set upon by a rather bad feeling.

None of which was to be assuaged any time soon, he expected. He took a seat at the strange doctor's urging. That this was a very strange place was abundantly obvious.

And becoming moreso with each breath, he thought only moments later. He paled, mouth dropping slightly open for a bare second as the tentacles served them tea. He recovered himself as quickly as he could, taking a cup with as grateful an expression as he could draw upon. He did test the liquid inside, both by smell and with the tip of his finger, before drinking. What boldness can win you, carelessness can lose right back. He had tasted tea once in the home of a merchant on the southern shore of Cormac. Though it was similar, this did not quite taste the same.

He listened to the introductions of the Captain and the strange creature Penn. The speech of the former he found almost totally incomprehensible except in short parts. The sorcery which he claimed his people wielded held a faint familiarity in his mind, and his thoughts darkened slightly as it occurred to him of what he was reminded. In the end, he wasn't sure whether hearing something so unnatural referred to as casually as one might an honest man's craft should worry him less or much, much more.

The other, though strange in appearance, he found himself responding to almost normally. As far as he coud tell from the short account, Penn's home might not be much different from his own. Talk of the "firewagon" intrigued him, and he made a mental note to see if he could get the creature to tell him more if the chance was given to strike up a conversation.

Never one to keep a silence for longer than survival required, Kester made up his mind to make his own introduction then.

"I am called Kester, mac Morchaint, wanderer late of Ostrey off the northern shores of Cormac." He said with a seated bow. "I am musician and poet by passion and trade. It has taken me all over that country which I have called home, and seeking strange tales as I have never have I heard of places or things like to what these two have spoken. I can only guess that wherever their countries, they are far removed from mine."

"Beyond border and shore, what name there may be for the whole of that land which I am from it would take a more learned man than I to know. There, there is no shortage of meadows and hills and forests between the places of men. Most live in villages not terribly different from this one, under a sky almost the same. Larger towns there are for trade, as well as what one would term proper cities, though the ones in which I've lodged seemed hardly proper at all."

He gave a slight smile at his joke before clearing his throat softly as a natural punctuation in his speech. He looked to Avvy for a moment, a nagging question having popped up in his mind. For as interesting as the homelands of his fellow strangers might be, it would most likely be this place that would determine their immediate futures, and it would be foolish not to know more.

And not at all because you've a creeping feeling on your spine about this fellow, Kester. Certainly not that at all. Ignoring the inner voice heckling his paranoid thoughts, Kester asked his question anyway.

"If I might ask a small question, kind sir, what is a 'kxar' that you have retired from it?"
Naryu Elda

Blanca took a sip of her cup of tea. The tentacle did not bother her one bit, since she once met a octopus that ran a lawfirm. She had drank green tea before, but this cup tasted a little odd to her. Ah well, different worlds, different plants. After swallowing the tea in her beak, she spoke up.

"I am from a city called Station Square and actually..." Here she laughed. "...the world I am from is also called Earth. However, there are many different species there, both sentient and non. There are humans, birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, and a few aquarian species. There are seven major nations. One of the nations is tribal, two are kingdoms, two countries have settlements on our moons, and the last two are run by mages. Oh, and the world I am from is mostly water and the land masses consist of large forests, great plains, and a desert. The buildings are built out of wood and stone. Cement and metal buildings were put out of use about sixty years ago. About the same time that the use of fossil fuels were banned, if I remember correctly."

Kail stared at Avvy, when he said he smelled 'Sweet'. He turned toward the Doctor, just before everyone started speaking he said. "I don't know what the hell that means, but I DON'T swing that way, dude. Besides, I already have a girlfriend." He snapped, he returned to his position of leaning against the wall.

He blinked, as the tentacle dropped off his tea. Staring at it for a moment, as the Captain Gamer guy began speaking. Slowly Kail lifted of his tea, and smelled it for a moment. Grimacing slightly, he shook his head and idly dumped it onto the ground "Oops" he said rather monotonously. Sure, I like greentea, but it could be poisoned. Not that it could kill me, but still. Kail thought to himself, replacing his emptied cup onto the table.

He listened as the four spoke, letting out loud fake yawns as each of them spoke. Finally, it was his turn. Kail stayed silent for a few minutes, before speaking. "Well, after all those really boring stories. Finally it's my turn." Kail said as he stood up straight stretching, he looked toward the Kxar doctor. Then between the four who already spoke. "Well then, Lets see. Ok, I'm from Earth, but the REAL Earth." Kail began, with a shrug.

"Not the crazy made-up things Burgerking man and swan-girl said. I'm from three different places, actually. Three cities. Baltimore where I was born, in 1991. Sunnydale where I lived for a year and a half. Then Los Angeles, in the year 2027." Kail continued, as he stretched his arms.

"Sure, sounds strange. But when you've been to my world, and seen the things I've seen, you'd understand. Now then, I will kill anyone of you who insults Star Wars." Kail finished, adding on a dark growl.

"Oh, yeah, and my name is Kail." Kail said with a faint, before leaning back against the wall. "Oh, and don't worry any blood you may see on me. It's not mine." Kail nodded, just as he yawns again this time for real.

Think I should've told them that I'm an Undead soulless beast of the night that feeds on blood? Nah. They'll be fine. For the moment, Kail thought, be began look between the group. Swan-girl probably tastes like chicken. He thought as he gaze went onto Blanca. He slowly looked at Captain Gamer, The burgerking dude, probably will taste like a normal human, as well as the Kester guy. He thought again looking toward Kester. Hmm..Penn would maybe taste like cat blood mixed with human blood. Kail hmmed, as his gaze fell onto Penn, Really depends. Hell for all I know, they could taste like orange soda. Kail shrugged, closing his eyes as he continued leaning against the wall, Doesn't matter to me. I can move around during the day. Plus I got neat claws now, and that other cool form. He continued to think to himself, he let out another yawn.

"I see... I see... Very interesting..." Avvy said as more slurping sounds were heard and a tentacle moved under the table holding what appeared to be some sort of towel, with which it cleaned up the tea spilled by Kail.

"As to your question...Kester, was it?" He straightened his glasses again as his face turned towards the bard "I will answer it as I explain...Now where did I put it..."

More slurping. This time, the tnetacle was opening and closing various cupboards and drawers. Finally, it stopped for a moment, and grabbed a rolled up piece of cloth.
The said tentacle retreated once it placed the cloth on the table and rolled it open.

"This is a map of the known parts of the middle realm. I believe you can tell sea from land. The dark spots with black borders are mountain regions. The round darker ones are major cities. You are HERE-"
Avvy's purple finger pointed at the tip of the tail of the letter 'a' in 'Dyria'.
He slowly retracted his finger and continued the explanation.
"This is but a small part of the Elthecia, which is a three-part realm created by nine gods, over whom I won't go over now since I'm not too religious. The natives of the middle realm are Girs - you've met some just outside. Fleshy skin, long tails, grayish hair... Adorable aern't they?"

Just then, the door was suddenly opened with a loud "BANG" and tall rat-tailed man with tidy hair of bright grayish orange ran in. He was panting and held unto his leather vest with his left arm, under which lay a set of green set of cloth shirt and pants. His leather boots were muddy and old-looking.
"Master Avvy! We have a biiiiiig problem! We found a-"
"Ah, that's my apprentice, Kolton." The doctor interrupted "So, what is it?"
"Well," as the rat-tailed man cought his breathe. his tail wriggled "Gora said she heared a lound noise from behind her house, and when we came to take a look, we found Futsi, DEAD, with his innards scattered all over the place! Not to mention a big hole in the house!"
The doctor raised his head and straightend his glasses.
"Well, don't look at me. I'm retired, remember?"
He turned to look at Kail for a moment, his smile somewhat devilish, and then turned back to his apprentice.
"Well, it's not one of the nobles. They would eat all the innards they could and keep the rest as a trophy. Maybe it's one of those morphing freaks? Well, whatever it is, it's gone now. Oh, by the way, as long as you are here, why don't you stay and observe? I've got guests, after all..."
Kolton took a deep breathe, apperantly holding back a tear, but closed the door behind him and turned to lean on the wall and observe the table.

"Now, where was I? Oh right..." Avvy returned to the explanation, as if nothing happened "The are the natives of the middle realm. Above them there's the floating lands - I haven't reached them nor know of anyone who did, so all I can tell you is that there are some lands that float in the sky. The lower realm, otherwise known as the underworld, Kxar lands and The House of Nobles, from which I hail. The natives of the underworld are the Xeree. That's plural for Kxar, by the way. The xeree are dark skinned, parasitic humanoids, as you can see quite plainly by simply looking at me. They, well, catch and eat girs. The more one eats, the further one grows and the longer one can spread their appendeges.
We are a race made to build up and preserve power, and even a dead kxar's power can be recovered into another Kxar by simply mixing the dead one's blood with the living one's. Yes, girs did manage to take power from slain xeree using that method, but...Well, nevermind that.
The xeree who stopped eating girs for whatever reason are called 'retired'. Those whos never retire like having exotic meals, so if word spreads of strange looking beings wondering around, you might be targeted, by the way. I'd suggest that you somehow camouflage yourself... Ehh, I guess I could lend you several cloaks, I have plenty..."
He paused to finish his drink and traighten his glasses yet again.

"Now, each of you probably wants to hurry and find a way back home, right? Ahh, it's funny how some of you come from worlds with the same name, same language, but different everythingelse. Anyway, I can think of 2 ways to get you home off the top of my head. One is to have the Kxar king and the three Gir kings join their forces and have the best wizards create a portal. I doubt you can manage to do that, by the way. The other way I can think of is gathering several divine relics and asking one of the gods to do it... Oh, umm, the divine relics are stuff created by the gods and placed down in Elthecia for whatever reason. You can communicate with the gods if you have one, and they can grant certain wishes if you have enough of those together. I'd say three would suffice for you... Now, let's see... Where would you find divine relics?"

Avvy moved his right hand towards the map and pointed at the central towns of Dyria and Napii, as well as the southmost town in Mui.
"Here, here and here. There should be one in each, since those are capital, and the gir kings usualy hold one as a family heirloom. There would also be one deep down HERE-"
He pointed at the black, round on in the middle of a range of mountains in Mui.
"That's the entrance to the underworld. The Kxar king's crown is a divine relic unto itself, but I doubt he will part with it. There also one here..."
He pointed at the northmost town of Dyria.
"The grand temple of the nine gods is here. I'd be surprised if they don't keep one there. There are more, but I have no idea where they could be. Maybe the western lands. Maybe the floating lands. Maybe it's right under our noses. Either way, no one returned sane from the western lands, and no one ever returned from a trip to the floating lands, so I'd suggest forgetting about looking there. Well, for all I know, there could be a portal up there waiting for you, but then again, I don't know scrap about it. I'm after all..."
He straightened his glasses again.
"...Just a retired Kxar, a chemist and a healer living among girs. Anyway, go ahead and decide where you want to go first..."
He shrugged. It was odd and an unnatural move for him.
"I'll be impressed if you manage to get a single divine relic, though."
Captain Gamer

Captain listened intently to Avvy's explanation of this world Elthecia. Even with a visor on, his expression held much wonder and fascination, especially when it came to areas that have never been explored or ought not to be explored.

When he heard about the dead kid, though, that put a damper on his enthusiasm. Even with just the bottom half of his face visible, it looked gaunt for a few moments. He chewed his bottom lip, perhaps lamenting the loss of a life so young. Then again, it also could have been expressing worry at his own prosects of making it through this world alive, and that this world has a lot of bad in it is a kid in his own village can just be picked off and torn apart. Then again, considering his explanation of his world having good and bad parts, he must have realized that every world had its good and bad. His expression was not so solemn, but not so much above neutral.

When Avvy talked about leaving, his expression soured somewhat. "Who said anything about leaving immediately?" Captain softly monologued, "Oh, but I guess all these guys want to get back home as soon as possible."

He leaned over to the map, "A collection of objects, huh? This sure sounds familiar." Captain counted five on his hand and looked to Avvy again, "Do you know how many there are in all? We need to find some that don't already have owners..."
Skybait J

Again my focus got divided, but this time I didn't feel like I was behind. Rather, I was stuck between my comrade's stories and a kid dying right when we entered. Everyone seemed to be from a different place, so why were we all brought here? A life of reading newstand comics said 'A batch of other-worldly heroes brought to a weak and defenseless world to rid it of evil!' Hm...but why me? Maybe it's my birthright or something, that always explains it.

The other issue that caught my attention was a little kid dying right as we entered the village. Our arrival was certainly marred by this event..but what if the people suspected us?! I looked around our group, wondering who could have done it. Kail was pretty fierce when we had met in the feild. And what about this Captain person? He always had his face covered, to hide his expression! But as I looked at him...his face looked so strained, was it guilt...? No! I can't put that kind of label on people I don't know as well enough! For the time being I had to assume that we were all innocent, and that these untold monsters the Kxar talked about were the culprits.

Of course, when the doctor started talking again, I sheleved all these thoughts and listened to him once more. Relics and gods? I looked at the map and thought, 'yes, thats all fine and dandy, but how BIG is this place?!' After a short silence, the Captain asked a question:

"Do you know how many there are in all? We need to find some that don't already have owners..."

I responded to his question, though it wasn't for me. It was automatic response, "If they didn't already have owners then we wouldn't know where they were at all. These relics are probably very treasured prizes and any one of them found would be taken immidiatly by anyone...Even if it's in some anchient ruins or something, it would only still be there if it was heavily guarded by traps. To have one unowned would mean to stumble across it in a place where few go..."

~Penn Ezzick

Kail snorted a laugh when he heard about the dead kid, he grinned darkly not looking up. It wasn't until after the reporter closed the door, did Kail look up, he glanced up toward the map, and rolled his eyes slightly. "So what if they have owners? Kill the owners, take the relics and make your wishes. Come on. I mean what does some king guy need a magical crown for? He has an entire kingdom and can do whatever the hell he wants. No point to have some wish granter." Kail said with a shrug before moving closer to the map, shoving anyone infront of him out of the way.

If these things are even real, vilg these guys. I'll use the wishes for my self. Lessee..It'd have to be somthing good. Maybe ultimate overlord of this world thing? No..Too cliche. Hmmm...Ahh..I should wish for Kate to be here, and a vampire. We'd have fun..So much fun. I mean claws, teeth, and murderous demony form thing? That'd be AWESOME! My second wish should be..A lightsaber. Like the one that was stolen from me in SunnyHell. My last wish...Could either be for more wishes. Or somthing big. Really big. Like..Really really big.... Kail slipped into a long line of thought, hmming to himself, before looking back up, his expression stayed the same with a dark grin on his face.

"So, where should we start?" Kail asked, glancing over at Avvy.

Eugene couldn't find the path in the forest...He decided to check the cave.

"At least there is still a chance to find someone...It looks like a large cave."

Short time later he was standing in front of the dark entrance.

"It's so dark in there. But the wall will lead me", he thought and entered the cave.

Kester had sat very silently. Between news of the poor child's death and the answer to his question--which a part of him wishing he hadn't asked--he found himself consumed by an intense disquiet. The death of a child not more than an hour after they'd entered the village. And in such a brutal manner. Despite the native dangers the kxar spoke of, Kester could not help but feel a connection to this tragedy. Even in it was not related to their coming, surely it was an ill omen. A particularly grim and disturbing one.

His only reaction through most of the talk was a very faint noise that echoed the Captain's comment about the familiarity of the story. He'd told many similar tales to bored apprentices in almost every township he'd visited. Treasures scattered, hoarded, hidden away in the dark... In this strange land, it's own gods alone knew what dangers such a search would present. With items as coveted as these surely were they were likely to be in the hands of the most canny, the most relentless, and by all odds the most unscrupulous. And as Penn related, ones not having owners would not be ownerless for lack of want. Seeking after that which the wolves could not touch would be nothing short of a suicidal courtship of untold danger.

Folly to march into the devil's maw. Folly... And yet, from within the maelstrom of these dark thoughts, he felt that stir he always had quiet the voice of his reason that shouted it's warnings in his mind. Here in this strange place, it seemed, he had stumbled upon that which his heart truly craved.

Half heated by his desire for mystery and half frozen by the fear of what would lie down that path, Kester was drawn from his thoughts abrubtly by an unsettling sound. His head turned to Kail, whose laugh had caught his ear. The grin on his face as well as the easy way he spoke of murder put Kester ill at ease, but something about the creatue was bothersome, worrysome beyond what even Kester's active imagination and ingrained superstion could account for. Few enough of the beings around him looked particularly like Kester's own kind, but out of all of them, despite his looks, Kail had the feeling of a thing that was just inhuman.

Time alone would tell what this feeling meant, but like so many of his instincts Kester would put trust in it. He'd bide in the mean time, keeping one eye upon the lad.
Captain Gamer

The talk of killing any relic owners immediately caused Captain's head to turn to Kail's direction, "I hope your not serious about that! If we don't know all about these relics, then there's a good chance that we can come across one, two, or all three we need just by keeping an eye out... no pointless killing needed!"

"A place where few people go..." he recollected from what Penn said, then looked to Avvy "I can't just hear about 'floating islands' and not imagine that they host at least one relic sitting around to be found. I know that you have little to say about them, but do you know of any place where one could find out about them?"

Kail glared toward Captain Gamer, as he spoke about there not beingany need for pointless killing. "Look, mister I-wear-a-visor-to-hide-my-ugly-face, There's no such thing as pointless killing. There's always a reason to kill, out of boredum, because you want to hear them scream, because they took your puppy, because they made you cry. There's no real thing as 'pointless killing', there's always a reason behind it. If we kill these people who use them as 'family heirlooms.' It will be for the item, it wouldn't be pointless." Kail explained, as he lowered his head again.

"Besides, where do you get all this 'we' stuff from? Who says we'll be doing this togather?" Kail asked, gazing toward the floor.
Skybait J

I was beginning to see more and more of a foul side to Kail, but yet again, my optimistic veiws deterred my thoughts. Kail was just bitter and sarcastic, it was his sheild against all of these events. Inside he was just as lost and confused as the rest of us...

As the conversation progressed, I threw in my say to both Kail and the Captain

I faced on Kail, "We need to do this together so we can take as few relics as possible. We'll only need three, and that'll be enough to bring us to all of our homes."

Then I turned to the Captain by my side, "Just because they're floating islands doesn't make them uninhabited, either. Nobody returns from that place..."

Something Avvy had said made me think a little. He said there was the possibility of a portal there, but a portal to where? We could just wind up even further from home. Besides that, no one returns from a trip to the floating islands, why would we be any different? If there really was no portal there, what then? There's simply too much mystery about these islands...

"I agree with the Captain, we should find out a few more things about these islands. I mean, Avvy, you mentioned a portal that we may use... But I don't think we should rely on this as our only option...we need more information first."

And then, an idea struck me, "Maybe we should head to this temple place. There we could learn more about the gods and the relics they created. Possibly even find directions to every relic, and who owns them. I mean, they worship these things, they would know. And they may have texts about the islands as well...well, where I come from a temple such as this would have them...."

Kail yawned rather loudly, as everyone continued to talk. He glanced toward Blanca, grinning darkly to himself. He slowly, approached the swan-woman, gripping her neck and her mouth so as she doesn't scream. Grinning darkly, he slowly snuck from the house, glancing around the town which seemed to be almost pre-occupied with the recent death of one of the tailed children.

Kail just laughed to himself, looking down at Blanca who seemed to be staring up at him almost frightenedly. Kail laughed again, darker, more sadisticly as he dragged the birdy woman behind Avvy's little abode. He kept a tight grip on her, before changing his face to that of a vampire. His claws digging into the side of her face.

Quickly, Kail slammed Blanca into a large rock behind the house, grinning to her. "I'm so sorry, bird-girl. But, you annoy me, and remind me of somone I hate. Therefore, I'm going to kill you. Dead." Kail said, his voice dark almost childishly. He listened to Blanca beg though her voice was muffled under his hand.

"Sorry? I can't hear you, I'm too busy beating you up." Kail said, mockingly, his grip on Blanca's neck became tighter, as he dug his claws into it.

Kail let go of her mouth, and gripped her neck with both hands letting her scream if only for a minute as he sank his fangs into the already bloodied wound in her neck, drinking deeply and fast. After about three minutes he released her from his grip with his mouth and snapped her neck, leaving a large bloody claw mark in her chest.

He then quickly retracted his claws, and returned to his human face sneaking back into Avvy's house. Leaving Blanca's mutilated corpse lying behind it, her neck twisted.

As he walked in, he stood at the doorway for a few minutes wiping the blood off of his lips. Quietly returning to his place, leaning against a table. Trying to act as innocent as possible.
Captain Gamer

In his own twisted way, Kail was rather right. What may be a bad reason to one person may be a good reason for another. Still, it wasn't exactly an soothing feeling to be served up in such a manner. At about the same time Kail left, Penn spoke up about the temple, either because he found the nerve to speak when Kail left, or it just so happened the idea came right then.

The floating lands sure sounded like they were waitng to be explored, but logic and reasoning trumped ambition in this case.

Captain scratched his head and placed it back on the table, "Well, that makes sense. We can't just spend a whole month here planning things out, but starting off from scratch when we have the opportunity to find stuff out is just dumb."

He looked up again and found Kail back in his seat again. "Now that you're back from getting fresh air, how does going to the grand temple of the nine gods sound? We won't get anywhere just sitting around and waiting for anybody else to say anything. And by the way, I say 'we' because it seems that the four- ...four?" Captain paused only briefly. "... the presently four of us are in similar situations and therefore have similar goals. I'm thinking that if we're likeminded in at least that one sense, then we can all benefit from each other's help in finding the solution. It would appear that liking each other is going to be optional."

"But, hey, if you think you can stab out on your own with only the sunlight having your back and your own reflection as company, it looks like nobody's going to force you to come with us. Let me just say that sticking your neck out for somebody else, even a little, doesn't suck as much as you think, and no matter how much dealing with others may be a bloody bother, it's better than biting the big one. I'd personally go batty if I had to do something like this all by myself with so much at stake, but it seems we just have our own respective demons when it comes to this matter."

"How about you guys?" Captain's visor point toward Penn and Kester.

"Alright, so it is decided! Our first destination is the temple..." Avvy picked the map from the table, taking a quick glance before tugging it into some sort of backpack.
"We leave immediately. We will have to camp once on the way there, unless of course, you fancy long walks...?"

Kolton, the apprentice, stepped in.

"Bbbut master Avgedho!"
He said said with a terriefied expression.
"I told you not to call me that."
The Kxar snapped at him.
In response, the gir nodded, apoligizing.

"Mmmaster Avvy, you can't leave! What will the village do without a doctor?"

"Oh? And what are you supposed to be then?"

"Bbbut I'm not skilled enough to...!"

"Succeed me? Well, you are twice as skilled as any doctor this village needs. Now shush, going wherever I please is part of retirment."

The gir swallowed his spit and returned to the corner of the room, observing as Avvy packs various curious objects into bags...



The sun had already set, and a small campfire burned in a tiny meadow.
On the fire was a bubbling pot and around it, wether sitting, standing or just walking in circles, were Avvy, Captain Gamer, Kail, Kester and Penn.

"I still don't understand why people boil their food as a cooking method..."
Avvy was sitting by the fire, chewing on a piece of raw meat.
"I understand frying, it makes the food crispy, but what's the point of soaking it in boiling water? It only makes it squishy... "

Various smells have arisen from the pot, including the smell of fish, meat, tomatoes and onions.

"Well, it's a good thing I brought a pot..."
Skybait J

It was night, partially cloudy, and we had been walking with Avvy pretty much all day. The first thing I had noticed was that Blanca was gone. I felt very uneasy about that, because she was the only face that felt somewhat comforting. Now I was amongst a batch of uncovered faces, and though I was getting used to it, it still felt strange...even stranger than Blanca just disappearing. I didn't say anything to my comrades about it, though. I'm not exactly sure why....Maybe I didn't want to show my own weakness to my new comrades? Or maybe I just didn't want to know what happened to her in this strange and bizzare world....

So now my comrades and myself were milling about a meadow, cooking supper. I already had offered up what was left of my slightly stale bread to be distributed amongst us, saving my portion to eat with the boiling pot water. Then I heard Avvy said something about frying versus boiling.

"If you fry it wrong though, it can make the food just as squishy," I said as I sat next to the fire, feeling my fur growing only slightly warmer. "Boiling helps bring out the flavors of the ingredients and mix them, and makes it easier to chew...I mean, you would't eat a raw potatoe" I sniffed the boiling ingredients a little, "Of course it'd be better with some stock, wouldn't loose as much flavor and minerals to the water..."

I knew alot about food from growing up with three sisters who all seemed to know how to cook. I guess I was greatfull for it, but I felt my face go warm in a way that had nothing to do with the fire. I didn't want to seem like a know it all in front of all my new comrades. I drew away from the fire and looked at the stars. I didn't find any comfort in the fact I couldn't see any constellations I recognized.


~Penn Ezzick

Kester sat near to the fire, cloak spread out beneath him. As soon as they'd settled, he'd taken the opportunity to check his belongings more thoroughly. First a cursory examination of the contents of the flat, square rose-wood case which held his pipes, then a glance through his scrollcase, pouches and pack. Convinced everything seemed to be there that should be, Kester had returned his attention to the pipe case. Currently he was seeing to the maintainance of his instrument, running a soft cloth brush through the drones as he listened idly to the conversation.

He offered a pale glance toward Avvy and his meal, dropping his brush for a moment to cross the fingers of his right hand briefly under his knee. Though the gesture was casual and natural, he seemed to work at making it subtle, peering closely at the reed in the mouthpiece of the instrument. Convinced finally that the airways were clear, he got a small bottle from a pouch in the pipecase and begain oiling the leather of the instrument with an old piece of rag.

"I'm myself partial to a roast o'er fire, myself." He said, looking up from his work only long enough for a brief conversational glance at Penn. "Puts the taste of smoke into the meat. Though I've not been a man to deny a raw root when none else is there to fill the belly."

The Penn creature was strange, but had a fair air about him that Kester took well to. He seemed harmless enough. As had the bird woman, whose odd disappearance was now weighing heavily on Kester's mind. Another omen, perhaps, and it seemed definately an ill one. Whatever her fate, with the death of the child in the village to account for, it seemed unlikely that it had been a happy one.

But he made an effort to distract from such morose thoughts for a time, else he might never get sleep. Their walk that day had been brief enough by his reckoning, for in his travels it was rare Kester ever went except on his feet. He'd ridden horse and mule, but neither had shown him any favor, nor he them. But if the journey ahead proved long, sleep would prove as vital as food, he knew, in fueling their travel.

Yet again, a part of him cautioned... Sleep might not be the wisest of things. With the happenings about their group, he would make effort to sleep only lightly that night, and with one eye open, one hand on a blade.
Captain Gamer

Captain leaned over the contents of the pot. "I second the notion that bringing a pot was a good idea. I have no problem admitting that adding certain touches to food is not absolutely necessary, but that doesn't mean doing so anyway is a waste of time and amounts to nothing."

Accompanied with this, Captain brought to sight a few pieces of plant life. "Hope you guys don't mind, but while we waited for Avvy to get his things together for travel, I happened upon a book or two and apparently these things are all safe to eat and delicious." He grinded a particularly leafy ingredient in and held a rod-shaped growth ready. "I... I really don't know what this is, but I was told that it's some kind of flavor stick... no harm in stirring using this."

"Yeah, I know, 'it's food. Why the effort?' I guess I was just raised up to believe that caring isn't exclusive to maintaining wellbeing or pursuing an excessively luxurious and secure lifestyle. I'm aware that we can just sterilize and be done with it, but going with the motions like that would make me loudly question the futility of being sentient." He took out the 'flavor stick' and dabbed a little to shake some water loose. "There. When the food tastes better than it should, it will make you feel good. Even if you're not the type to admit it. It won't end any wars or soften the hearts of the intolerant, but neither will irritability and sadness. I'd bet that that even the water can be made into a sort of broth with all this. I would have gladly brought out more cooking utensils, but..." Once again he took to plam-jabbing the device on his wrist. "It seems I didn't translate so well to this world."

Kail yawned, leaning against a nearby tree as he stared at everyone gathered at the campfire. He let out a bored sigh, as he listened to them talk about food. He remained in his spot, just watching them before moving his gaze up toward the sky.

So far he'd killed two people, Blanca the bird woman. Bitch reminded me of bird-man. She had to die. No doubt about that. She was stuck up, ugly, and was part bird. She tasted like chicken though.. Kail thought, with grin on his face. He had been in this strange dimension for only a few hours but had already felt at home.

Being able to go out in the sunlight, able to kill two people with no problem. He almost couldn't wait to see what sort of city or village was nearby to this temple. He watched Penn the cat-boy and the Mideval looking Kester guy as they talked to Avvy about food. Frying or Boiling. Kail didn't much care, he never fried or boiled any of his victims. He almost wished he could eat, considering the smell of the food the emanated from campfire.

Kail stared toward Kester again, "Probably the only damn human in this friggin place." He whispered to himself, with a faint growl in his words. He wanted to reach for his sword, and just kill the lot of them. But he had to resist it, knowing that if they had found out that HE was the one that murdered the kid and Blanca, they'd probably refuse to allow him to make any wishes.

This thought annoyed Kail, he was trying so hard. He let out an annoyed sigh, as he slid down the side of the tree and onto the ground. Keeping his arms crossed, almost pouting like a child. This is so unfair.. He thought childishly. But soon his thoughts seemed to fade as a dark feeling filled his body. He recognized this feeling, he's had them more then once. But none like this. He blurted out the first thing that came to mind, in a very loud voice.

"I sense a disturbence in the force."

Avvy listened with interest as the other threw in their opinions on the right way to cook as he continued to chew on his raw meat.

"Hmm, well, I-"

And then he heared Kail's loud statment.

"Hmm? A disturbance in the-"

Avvy paused. He put his meat aside and got up, his expression shows worry.

Silence. A rustle. Another rustle.
A loud cracking sound. A tree falls.
Behind it, stood three drooling, disfigured human-like creatures.

The one in front has one blue eye and one bloodshot eyes. His black hair was long and messy. His left arm, however, was covered in what wappeared to be lizard scales, and his left hand had 3 oversized fingers, each with a deadly-looking claw. He also had a scaly tail which had an axe for a tip.
The one to the right was brown haired, but he appeared just as messy. Both of his eyes were catlike-yellow. He had a batlike wings attached to his back, except nothing but bones and blood were left of one of them, probably a result from an earlier fight.
The one to the left was green haired and black eyed. He had a scorpion-like tail, except it was much, much longer. A large tooth stuck out from his jaw, and one of his feet was simply an oversized foot of a bird.

All three wore nothing but brown trouses as they lunged at the campers, with the yellow-eyed one straying off as he aims for Kail, the only one apart from the main group.

"I'll take this one." Avvy said, calmly slurping out 6 tenticles towards the one in front, catching his leg easily and cousing him to fall as he attempts to swing the axe on his tail.

Kail blinked, as he saw the mosntrosities charge at them. He looekd toward Avvy attack the closest one. Kail grinned to himself, drawing his sabre and making an odd hissing noise followed by a continous humming noise. He charged toward the yellow-eyed demony thing.

"FOR PONY!!!!!" he yelled out, extending his sabre out as if to impale the thing.

As he charged at it, Kail dropped to the ground pulling his sword underneath the demon's legs to trip him while slamming his elbow into it's stomach.

Which proved useless, Kail muttered to himself as he jumped backwards, moving his sword above his head, blade pointing toward the monster and his legs spread to the sides and his free hand's first 2 fingers out infront of him.

"Come on, freak." Kail said, as he shifted his face to that of a vampire. His face distorting as bumpy protrusions formed on his brow and his nails grew longer and darker. "Die faster."

With that Kail run toward it, slashing his sword toward it's right arm.
Skybait J

I immidiatly stiffened up when the repulsive creatures appeared, all of my fur going on end. But when they charged, I sprang up. I was to be a knight! I had combat experience! Plus, we outnumbered them five to three! I unsheathed my sword and found firm footing as the green furred one started heading towards Kester, Captain, and I.

Of course, I'd only done mock combat and practice before.

With the occasional fist fight against other boys.

And I've never killed anything.

Before I knew it, I found myself hesitating. I knew as I swung my sword that it wouldn't come down fast enough to stop the monstrosity. The green-furred thing barreled head first into my gut. I was winded, on the ground, and the thing was on top of me.

The thing was warm, ugly, on top of me, it caused that now increasing pain in my gut, I freaked out.

I yowled and my right hand scratched four deep cuts across its face, my index finger having passed through his eye. I could feel part of it stuck under the claw.

That was just sick. Cue increased panic.
Captain Gamer

Worry was not Captain's immediate response when the creatures approached. He stood from his squatting position and saw that there was little room to judge whether the creatures meant harm or not. Two of them were occupied, so after a quick check around he surmised that the green one was the only one to be concerned with immediately. He did break stride when he remembered something.

"Okay, fun's over!" He scolded to the device on his wrist, "It can't be game time without the super powers! Now get with it!"

He continued to jab the device all the way to when Penn was bowled over by the green creature. His looks back and forth from the device to Penn being pinned sped up and he took to beating the device with the 'flavor stick' he had been stirring with before. After a certain whack he noticed that a few grains fell off the plant. It was covered in them.

Penn's screams mingled with the creature's as one of its black eyes tore and the content sprayed out. At that point Captain beat a stride over to the conflict. The creature began to look back down at Penn until Captain played a third layer on top of the creature and rubbed the stick he held into the creature's eyes. Either because the grains were an irritant, or touching the slashed eye was not pleasant, the creature howled, stood up, and backed up all at once, tossing Captain off.

"Now it's got eye goo on it. You can have it!" Captain quipped and tossed the plant. It hit the creature's head with a hollow bonk, which officially burned away the last of it's temper.

Between the shivering tailed prey and the annoying prey with no eyes, the creature chose the annoying one and lifted its scorpion tail over its head. Captain took hopping strides backwards and distanced himself - and the creature - from Penn.

"That's right, nice, tasty human! Cat meat is out of season, anyway!" The tail whipped and Captain twirled with little sunlight between the strike and its target. "All right, play time is over! It's game time!" With that phrase, Captain clicked the device on his wrist with a dramatic palm.

... And nothing happened.

"I never was good with improv..." Captain muttered as the creature saw that the swift movements were for naught and approached Captain again.

At the appearance of the creatures Kester shot to his feet, mouth uttering a muffled curse. Drawing his sword, he approached the scuffle cautiously, though as quickly as he could.

His first thought had been to aid Avvy against the creature he'd engaged, but when Penn was the first to rise to the occasion against the other, he hesitated. The young cat seemed nervous, which from his sight of the monsters they faced Kester could understand completely. The Captain seemed to be having some difficulty with his witchcraft as well, from what Kester could see.

But he'd managed to insense the creature and draw it away from Penn. Kester closed in. With luck, the little distance they three each had from the creature would allow them all clear blows. He approached in back of the thing, wary of the creature's lashing tail. The sting looked sharp, and was easily the width of his sword blade in places. He didn't like the idea of touching the thing one bit. The thought of it's ugly hide penetrating his flesh was unthinkable.

With another warding gesture as before, Kester drew one of his daggers--the steel one inlaid with silver which he called Light.

"'Haps he'll better like the taste of steel, Captain."

And taking his first available opportunity, he struck out at the creature with the tip of his sword, aiming a blow for the area of it's back below the ribs.

...As Kail's words of the pony left his mouth, a silent whistling sound echoed through the battlefield.
As Kail attempted to slash at the creature's arm, the creature dodged by jumping backwards, only to realize it was standing in a shadow which kept growing...


The creature was crushed by a cow's behind, which was two times the normal size.
Unable to get up or even squeal, the creature closed it's eyes...

The cow, on the other hand, happily wagged it's tail around.


Fool Card - Level 1 Power Unlocked!


Kester's blade struck the creature's ribs. It howled in pain as maroon-colored blood gushed out. It turned around, rather than using it's tail, and attempted to grab Kester with both of it's arms.

In the meantime, behind that creature, the Captain's arm began to glow in a dark violet, ominous glow. Or, more accuratly, it was the device on his wrist.

The screen went garbled at first, and then displayed a bizzare symbol, looking like a circle with a triangle on the inside and three pairs of jetting spikes on the outside, each pair being in-between the triangle's edges.

Soon enough, however, the screen returned to nothing but garble and the light died. The monster still standing let out a primal scream and dropped to the ground before it's arms even reached Kester.

Avvy, apperantly, was already done with the axe-tailed one. His tenticles slowly un-wrapping the dead beast, some of it's limbs visibly crushed.

"Done, are we?" Avvy asked. He obviously was yet to notice the methods the others used.
"Good good, I see your sword served you well..." He said, observing Kester and his sword, then turning to look at Kail.

His jaw dropped.

"Well... I certainly didn't expect to see that. Uncommon, even for magic users..."

He approached the cow, observing it.

"Very interesting... And, where exactly did you learn the mystic arts, Mister..."
He turned towards the vampire.
"...Kail, was it?"

Kail growled as his attack missed, jumping back and returning in his original stance. His blade pointed toward the yellow-eyed demon, and two fingers on his free hand pointing.

When the creature stopped moving, Kail lowered his his weapon staring at the thing, with a confused look in his crimson-yellow eyes. His gaze moved to the feet of the monster where Kail saw a dark shadow. Looking up, Kail's eyes went wide as his mouth dropped. He stared at the large object falling, and stepped back a few feet. Just then, there was a loud,


Kail blinked, as he stared at the front hoofs of a very large cow. His mouth and eyes remained wide and open. There was a faint twitch in the side of his mouth, as he stared at the cow.

"Well... I certainly didn't expect to see that. Uncommon, even for magic users..." Avvy said, as Kail looked toward him.

Kail's eyes remained wide, as he slowly closed his mouth.

"Very interesting... And, where exactly did you learn the mystic arts, Mister..."

Kail looked back to the cow.

"...Kail, was it?"

Kail just stared back at the cow, the side of his mouth twitching again.

"I..." Kail started, his voice shaking.

"I..." He repeated, staring at the cow. "I....I'm....a...magic user?"
Captain Gamer

"Kester!" Captain called when the dagger-weilding comrade had come and engage the creature. "Thank you!"

With the creature's attention was once again diverted, Captain backed up to give Kester room. As established by his attention to the device on his wrist, he just plain had nothing to offer. To Kester at least.

He kept backing up, occasionally looking over his shoulder, but monstly keeping watch for the creature. Eventually he got where he needed.

"Penn! Hey!" He called out as he kneeled down. The cat-like comrade was rather shell-shocked. "... At least show signs of life! Don't go catatonic on us-!" He stopped himself with a 'mm!' sound at the unintentional pun. That wasn't going to help.

Captain looked back up at Kester's progress and saw the creature had no additional wounds. "If it were two on one, we'd already be past this and on to help somebody else... Now I can see why most RPGs have parties."

When the creature made a particular lunge, Captain stood up straight in preparation to jump in anyway. He clenched his fist, and right then came the violet glow.

"What in the...!?" For the first time, the screen showed something other than the menus and error screens. Looking at this symbol, Captain's right hand moved slowly, as if by a power exterior to Captain's control, and directed his index finger to a button and pressed.

... But apparently, it was to no avail as the screen garbled and died.

... And so did the creature attacking Kester.

Captain looked from the creature to his wrist. "Was that just... a coincidence...?"
Skybait J

Still lying on my back in a sick panic, I heard rather than saw Captain draw the creature away from me. I was greatful that the monstrosity was out of my face, but I couldn't just get up and get back into the fight. I was shaking and still in a shocked panic, I couldn't help anyone like that. I forced myself to breath, to try and calm down, even just a little would be better than this...

As I started to feel a little better, I felt Captain crouch down beside me. "Penn! Hey!" he said "... At least show signs of life! Don't go catatonic on us-!"

I rasied myself to my elbows as Gamer said something about...Harpie-Geez parties? But anyway, I still felt a little weak and shaky and couldn't get myself to go up very high, but a sharp pain in my gut told me it might not all be from my fear.

"Nyaaa! I'm alright! Just...just a little shaken that's all, took me by suprise. What with thier wierd appearnace and all..." and without me even realizing it, I muttered "Next time, yeah, I'll be ready then. I'll know what to expect...I'll be ready..."

A purple glow caught my eye as my voice trailed off. Twisting my head around a bit, I saw it came from Captain's wristwatch. Captain seemed to be facinated by this glow as well, and with a touch from his right hand, it was gone.

The creature screamed and dropped down. I couldn't tell very well from the angle I was at, but Kester wasn't attacking it anymore. The monstrosity was Dead Meat Carrion. Did Kester do that...or...

"Captain?" I looked at him, he looked just about as stunned as I was.

Though I felt more weak than ever, I rised myself a little higher. I didn't hear any more fighting going on, the monstrosity Avvy was handling was dead, and the other one was...under...a...moomilk...?

My arms gave out and I dropped back down to the ground, my gut throbbing painfully. "I think I'd rather be catatonic right now," I wispered. Or I thought I wispered. It came out a lot louder than I thought it would. My comrades would definitly hear that one if they were listening.

I squeezed my eyes shut and thought, next time would definitly not be so startling...and I would not be layed flat like some useless greenhorn, like a liability....

~Penn Ezzick
Captain Gamer

Captain continued to press buttons, but just like before he got empty menus and error screens. Not a circle or triangle or spike to be seen. He seemed to be mulling something over in his head when a soft thud brought him back to the waking world.

"Whoa, hey, take it easy! Can you- well if you could walk, you'd be doing it right now." Kester seemed to be inspecting the dead creature and Avvy was talking to Kail, probably about that Earthworm Jim reference that won the battle for him.

Captain knelt down and lifted Penn's arm around his shoulders, managing the get the entire half-cat up. "There we go! Kester's done enough, I can't burden Avvy, and call it a hunch, but I think Kail won't be jumping up and down to help you out. Just a hunch, though."

Supporting Penn, Captain beat a slightly burdened march to Kester. "How'd you make out, Kester? Did he get you at all?"

Kester was indeed examining the fallen corpse of the creature. With a glance toward his sword, he gauged the lethality of his strike by the measure of the blade now dressed in blood. It had been a fair hit, but nothing spectacular. He turned his glance toward the Captain for a moment, eyes briefly sighting the object on his wrist.

"Eh? No, I am untouched." His gaze fell downward toward the creature again, and he spat upon the ground. Tucking his unused dagger into it's sheath, he tore a handful of grass from the earth, using the greenery to wipe the blood from his blade.

His eyes scrupulously ignored the large animal that had appeared to...rid them of Kail's opponent. The others had marked it's presence, so it appeared he'd not gone mad. However, acknowledging a thing that by all rights of proper logic should not be there was a hazardous thing. Who knows what power over them doing such might give this, this... This cow.

Instead he turned to Avvy. Seeing how he'd done away with his own foe sent a small shudder running down Kester's spine, but he pushed it to the back of his mind. The sight could haunt him later when his curiousity had been appeased.

"I'll bow to your knowledge of this world and it's creatures, Master Avvy. Have you any such of these fell things?"

Avvy appeared surprised at Kail reaction.
At first, anyway.

"I see... I see..." he muttered, straightening his glasses.

He turned around, his tenticles slurping around as they grab two of the three monsters and throw them away, over several trees.
The one under the cow was probably too troublesome to remove.

"Corrupt Girs..." he said.
"This is what happens when a Gir who tried to take the power of a Kxar doesn't have enough willpower. They become beasts and succumb to their instincts..."

He snickered with a slightly devilish smug.

"...Or should I say, OUR insticnts..."

He approached the fire calmly, as if nothing had happened.
As cold breeze began to blow as Avvy poured the mixture in the pot along with several of it's ingridients into cups.

"Alright, come here everyone... I know some of you probably lost your apetite, but not eating is bad for you."

He sniffed the cup he poured for himself.

"Hmm, doesn't smell half bad for something with boiled meat... I never thought the Avamor would have a non-medicinal use... Thanks for discovering the recepie, captain."

holding the cup with both of his hands, he sipped it at first, then poured the rest into his mouth, including the meats pieces which had bones in them.
Captain Gamer

"Okay, here we go." Captain muttered and propped Penn sitting up. "I think we earned this one."

He grabbed off one cup and placed it near Penn, then took another as Avvy was giving his reaction to the broth. "Avamor, huh?" Captain repeated, looking into his respective cup and stirring it around. "Well, here's to good times ahead." he proclaimed before taking a sip of the broth, following with an approving "Mm!"

While picking out bones to let Avvy enjoy, Captain noticed one cup still unused. He turned his head over to where Kail stood, more out of the want to stay away from the main gathering. "Kail!" He called out with little regard, "It's ready... come on before it's gone!"

Kail continued staring at the cow, he suddenly felt odd. Almost as if someone was laughing at him. He glared around, his crimson-yellow eyes filled with anger.

He glared at the cow, before shifting his face back to a human face. He looked toward the group, before moving back toward the tree, staring at the cow. The glare faded from his eyes, as confusion filled them.

Where the HELL did the cow come from? Kail thought to himself, angrily. The feeling of somone laughing at him grew more, as he shut his eyes tightly.

Turning around and punching the tree hard, breaking bark off of it. He grabbed at his head, muttering to himself. The feeling quickly faded, as Captain Gamer called out to him.

"Kail!" he said, Kail looked toward the group seeing them distribute the food.
"It's ready... come on before it's gone!"

Kail sighed, he knew he could eat but was the real point of it? But there was suddenly a painful lance through his stomach. Kail blinked, looking down at his stomach. "The..Hell?" he muttered. But he shook his head, and walked toward the group.
Skybait J

I was perfectly content on just lying where I was for the rest of the night. Though I was bruised, I didn't feel like it was really severe, it would probably hurt for a couple days, but it'd be alright. All my panic had drained out of me, leaving my mind blank for the most part. I felt the little that was left drift...but only a moment. In a daze, I felt someone picking me up.

I didn't want to care, really. It felt better to just stay dazed, but there are some things one's will has no control over. The drifting fragments of my mind came back together to a state of conciousness.

Captain Gamer was supporting me?

My mind was still a bit out of touch, but more concious than it wanted to be. I didn't understand why I was where I was and what was going on, or where Captain was taking me. As I stumbled froward with Captain helping me along, I felt my face go warm from the sudden show of brotherly intamacy. This was definitly the closeset I had been to Captain yet, and the thing that struck me was his smell. Sweat and musk were two I could pick out...but there was a grab bag of other bizzare smells I didn't recognize. It was strong, but not overwelming, unlike most the things in this world which just explode in my face. It almost soothed me, to find something new and untroubling.

And then it ended, Captain set me down against a tree and his scent faded. I was still only half concious, and most of the good feelings before left me. My face cooled down and I still didn't know quite where I was. I was still in the meadow, as far as I knew, so not a whole lot of movment happened. There was a cup next to me, probably full of that soup. As I woke up bit by bit, picking up more and more of the conversations, I sipped the soup more and more. The aches were returning, and I could feel how hungry I was. I wondered for a moment if this soup would only serve to upset my stomach more before I downed a large gulp.

For a thrown together mess of a soup, it tasted pretty good.

Kester listened to Avvy's disturbing explaination of the creatures' origins, sheathing his blade. His first move after was to return to his gear. He checked and double-checked the pipes he'd been maintaining so scrupulously before, tucking them back into their case with care once he was satisfied they were unhurt.

He retook his place by the fire, accepting his cup of the soup when it was offered. He held the cup in his hands for a time feeling the warmth but didn't drink. His doubts were mounting at this time regarding their host. Despite the man's seeming intentions--If he could even be called such, was Kester's thought--the more heard of Avvy's race, the more disturbed he became. This new facet, the hideous transformation of the girs, was especially disconcerting. Though of course, disconcertion was an easy enough tendency him to fall into.

Never could see the forest for the gloom o' the trees, eh Kester lad?

Not that any tree-blacked gloom would keep him from the forest if he saw fit to go there. He disguised a wry smile by pulling the cup up to his lips. It wasn't funny, not really. For all the Skaes were a people well reknowned for their pessimistic, superstitious ways, Kester had always seemed to take the trait a bit far with his doomsaying. And still it hadn't kept him out of trouble.

The scent of the soup drew him out of his thoughts gently, and he allowed himself a pull on the broth. It settled his stomach a bit, and in turn his mind settled itself to more ammused and comfortable thoughts. His mind turned once again to the cow creature that had crushed one of the monsters before.

He remembered the boy-thing's odd battle cry. Though what pony and why he'd invoke it was an odd thing to try and ponder. He made a mental note of perhaps asking him. Or faulting that, working the idea into a tale of his own some time. He spared a glance at the cow a moment, wondering a bit that they were just seeming to let it be.

Then again, suppose perhaps Kail had called out for this creature.

"Hmm," he joked quietly to himself ", it's certainly an ugly pony."

"Hmm... Indeed..." Avvy muttered out as a general response, putting his cup away.

"Well, you should all get some sleep. I'll stay up and keep watch..."

He stood up, stretched his arms, turned his head 90 degrees in both direction with a loud cracking sound and sighed deeply.

"Ah, that was a nice meal." He said "And don't worry about me falling asleep. I had my monthly rest a couple of days before you arrived."

He sat back down and appeared to had wondered off as he stared into the dark night skies...


After a good night's rest, the group was on the road again.

"The temple is just over that hill..." Avvy pointed out, straightening his glasses.

As the group climbed the said hill, before them appeared a magnificent sight of marble as far as the eye can see.

"It's a shame girs hate stairs..." Avvy commented, not stopping to enjoy the view "Could have packed this into a much more pleasant-looking three floor building."

The group approached a wide white set of gates, guarded by two girs in metal plate armor with a golden trim.

"Welcome to the temple of the nine gods, travelers!" one of the guards proclaimed excitingly.

"As if you don't get visitors often..." Avvy muttered under his breathe.
This, however, coused the guards, who were quite occupied with observing Penn's fur, to notice Avvy.

"A-a kxar!?" One of the guards took a step back.

"Relax..." The other one calmed him "He must be retired. Otherwise he wouldn't be traveling with- BY THE GODS!!!"
Avvy sighed as the other guard backed away as well, shaking somewhat.

"Wh-what! WHAT!?" The first one joined the panic.

"That hair... Those glasses! It's Avgedhozechtiputzkaresheth!"

"You... You don't mean, the Infernal Slasher!? It... He DOES fit the description!"

Avvy sighed yet again, and then interrupted the guards.

"Look, just call me Avvy, will you? And I'm retired, I'm not infernal not a slasher any more..."

Then, a gir in a set of armor which was much shinier than the one the guards wore came from inside the gate.

"Oh!" he said "It's Avgedgozechtipu-"

"AVVY." Avvy interrupted "Call me AVVY."

"Captain!" the two guards seemed to be relieved at the presence of the third armor-wearing gir.

"Avvy, then..." The 'captain spoke quite calmly, unlike his subordinates "I heared you retired and are a doctor in the village of-"

"Yes, yes..." Avvy interrupted again "I left my apprentice to take care of it. I came here because I got the falling lights. May we see the Isshasu?"

"Falling lights, you say? Very well, come in. I'll have to ask you to wait at the entrance hall..."

The guard captain walked in, and both of the guards stepped aside.

Inside was a large, round hall made entirely of marble. It was well-lit via windows on the roof, and split into about a dozen corridors, each into a different direction.
In the middle of the hall, stood a large golden statue.
It awefully resembled a tree, but instead of leaves, it had strange symbols.
The one symbol which stood out the most was at the very top -
A triangle trapped in a circle, with three pairs of jetting spikes coming from the circle itself.
Another one which would have probably cought the group's interest was one of the symbols appearing to the left -
It was basically a golden mask resembling Kail's face, except he was smiling like an idiot and had a flower growing from the top of his head.
Captain Gamer

"'Guess we shouldn't be expecting a nice welcome in the first place." Captain said in response to the treatment of Avvy and looked around until his visor pointed toward that central tree.

To look at the path of his gaze, it went up the tree, then slightly to the left where it stopped on the singular mask. Captain leaned forward and mouthed some words of disbelief until a laugh erupted, then was stopped short and ended up a mere snort.

Past that, Captain checked out the rest of the structure until he reached the top. The symbol familiar to him reflected off his visor and his mouth remained open slightly. Apparently trying to match images, he brought his wrist device's screen next to the symbol on the structure. He probably imagined what was on his screen and compared it to what he saw now.

"No doubt..." Captain muttered under his breath, still holding up the screen for memory-to-image comparison.
Skybait J

After a good night's sleep, my stomach felt a little stiff and sore, but mostly fine. It really hurt if touched too hard or if I moved around the wrong way. The trek helped to loosen up the injury at first...but after a few hours it just started to ache and twinge painfully. So I was very relieved when Avyy said that the temple was just over the next hill. It was a chance to at the very least rest, maybe even have midday meal.

I wasn't amazed or shocked in particular by anything I saw when we crossed over the top of the hill. There's just so much suprise one can handle over two days. I had definitly run into much more startling things on this crazy trip. I appreciated the beauty and size of the structure, yeah. But it wasn't like insane monsters, wierd tentacle people, and skin-faced men.

As we approched the gates, I noticed that the gir guards were very obviously preoccupied with me. There was no one directly behind me to attract such gazes, I even looked behind me to check. I felt my face grow warm. I mean, I was just a normal, ordinary, nothing special Meow-Meow...but that's just to me isn't it? If anything, I should know better by now that "bizzare" is compleatly self-defined.

I was glad at first when Avvy attracted the attention of the guards away from me. But a cold-tinged curiosity soon gripped me when I heard snippets of the conversation Avvy was having with the guards. Something about him being the Infernal Slasher, which did NOT sound pleasent in any bit of the least. And what was this thing about the falling lights? At least mention of them let us into the temple, but my curiosity lingered on the conversation.

Again, the beauty of the place was only a little bit more than a pleasant feeling and an appreciation for the care that went into it. Especially into the large gold statue, which must have taken craftsmen a great while to make. I wondered if it was solid gold, or if it was guilded as my eyes ran over it. Then I came across Kail's face on the statue, and let out a pronounced chuckle. Definitly guilded, nobody would make that doofy of an expression in pure gold!

Then I shut my eyes hard with regret. Kail would probably kill me now if he realized I was laughing at him...or what looked like him. Well, not literally, but still...

~Penn Ezzick

After a nearly sleepless night, Kail was almost in pain from the bloodlust he needed. He hadn't gone without blood for this long since after he had been cursed with that damn soul. He needed blood, and somone was going to die. As they left the campsite, Kail looked back at the giant cow that was still sitting there, almost annoyed that he hadn't just imagined this entire 'adventure'.

That it had been just another hallucination, but then if it had, it'd mean he still had his soul and wasn't free to murder as he pleased. Kail shook his head, trying not to think about the soul. After about sevreal hours of travel, Kail was almost ready to kill Kester or Gamer for blood.

Each time they had looked away from him, he would change his face and extend his claws, but never had the chance to kill either one of them. When they had finally arrived at the Temple, Kail stared at the building in a strange awe, he looked toward the two guards who seemed to be staring at Penn.

But when Avvy interuppted them, Kail laughed as he listened into the conversation. He busted out laughing, as he heard the words 'Infernal Slasher', and looked back at Avvy who seemed almost embarrassed at it. Like an embarrassing nickname a hated reletive gives you, related to a secret. Kail continued laughing even after they had entered the temple, only to stop when he saw the statues.

"What the...vilg!?" He screamed, as he saw the statue that looked like him. "THAT IS NOT FUNNY!" He snapped, as he walked up toward the statue and sent a punch toward it, connecting but causing no damage but to his own hand. Growling, he tried to kick it, which proved to work the same way as punching it.

"****ing thing. I do NOT have a DAMN FLOWER GROWING OUT OF MY HEAD!" He yelled, he heard Penn laughing. He walked up to the cat-thing, "You think THIS is funny? How about I shave off all of your fur catboy? Or cut off your ears? Maybe I should throw you into a lake? Shut the vilg up!" He yelled, although most of the anger was caused by needing blood. He sent a punch straight toward Penn's face.
Skybait J

As I thought, Kail freaked out when he heard me laughing. He strode towards me, eyes on fire with rage. I was a little bigger than Kail, but Kail looked at me like he really was going to kill me. My insides shrank and writhed with fright as he came up right in my face.


"You think THIS is funny?" He screamed at me. I drew back, shrinking, while he seemed to get bigger, "How about I shave off all of your fur catboy? Or cut off your ears? Maybe I should throw you into a lake? Shut the vilg up!"

I saw the punch coming, in his rage he drew back his fist further than necessary. It still came with amazing speed, though, and I had just started to throw up my arms into a terrified version of defending myself. It didn't matter hands were just under my chin when his fist slammed right under my eye.

The force of the blow, coupled with my own fear and weakness, made me stumble back and drop on my backside. Pain like I had only known a few times in my entire life seared across my face. Tears exploded from both eyes as I reeled from the entire experience. I could still see Kail hanging over me in his rage, my fear burning even stronger. I began to just cough up words, not even trying to make sense.

"You, you you you...! Why?! Why you?! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, It's just, just doesn't look like you! Can't be you! How could it be?! Why did you..?!" My face throbbed painfully, and the tears wouldn't stop. Through my cloudy fear came a red shot of anger, "You didn't have to HIT ME! You don't hit me, you, you, you antisocial, freindless pile of Powny manure!"

My anger withdrew abruptly, leaving me witha dry mouth and a naseated feeling. Why the HELL did I say that?!?! If he wasn't gonna kill me before, he was DEFINITLY going to kill me now! You could see it in his eyes, eyes that looked like they had killed before, without remorse...I knew. I knew that he was going to kill me, he could care less about killing. My naseated feeling increased, like my insides had shrunk to only a fraction of thier size with my death so close.

~Penn Ezzick
Captain Gamer

The initial barkings of Kail's indignity were lost in Captain's speculation. When a blow was struck, that was what lowered Captian's arm and his attention to the here and now.

"Whoa" he cried and stepped in front of Kail, "Take it easy! You're not the funny one, here! That statue that you've never heard of in a world you didn't think exist is!" Captain pointed toward Kail. "You." Toward the statue. "Statue. Two completely different things. That," Toward the statue still, "is what was laughed at." Toward Kail again. "you weren't. So ease up, already... please!"

Kail glared darkly at Penn, his face remained emotionless as his cold hazel eyes glaring right through the crying form of Penn. "Now you're crying? Make up your ****ING MIND!" Kail went to throw a hard kick to Penn's side just as Gamer stepped in, "Take it easy! You're not the funny one, here! That statue that you've never heard of in a world you didn't think exist is!" he said to Kail, Kail moved his glare toward Gamer.

"You." Toward the statue. "Statue. Two completely different things. That," He continued pointing toward the statue still, "is what was laughed at." Pointing toward Kail again. "You weren't. So ease up, already... please!" Gamer urged.

Kail just glared at him, balling a fist, slowly he raised it. Locking his glare on Gamer, "Back off, Vidkid." Kail said, as he shot his fist forward, sending it toward Gamer's visor.
Captain Gamer

Captain's plea for compassion was met with a speeding fist. Fortunately, Kail's raising of his fist before his one-liner tipped Captain off and he was well-ready to recieve the attack.

Far from graceful, but still geting the job done, Captain turned back and inward to the fist so it missed and Kail leaned forward in his follow-through. "Dude!!" Captain popped, apparently leaning into such lingo when not in control of his language. Despite the fact Kail kept coming, perhaps just to get a hit in, Captain kept talking. "Cut it- come on! Quit punching and start listening! This can't be about the statue any more!"

Captain continued to hop around the temple floor avoiding Kail's continuing attacks, apparently in the vain hope that even Kail would ease up at one point.
Skybait J

This was just like the last fight in that meadow. I take a blow, Captain risks his neck to draw the attacks away from me. Last time I had told myself no, that I wouldn't stand for such a thing again. That the next battle I'd be ready, and I'd fight. But here I was again, far from being any kind of ready. I was on the floor scared stiff, being protected. Everything was just too different, too much for me to handle. Everyone else was so tough and battle-hardened, they could take everything in stride. But not me. Not Me. My youth and inexperience seemed to seep from me like a bad oder. I need to do something. Anything to proove I'm not a little kid! That I can take care of myself!

A mix of emotions bubbled through me as I stumbled to my feet. Fear was still there, and I still felt sick. My face and stomach still hurt as well. But I forced myself to ignore them. Kail and Captain were almost across the room now. Without thinking at all, I ran at them, my feet getting more and more steady as I went. It didn't take very long to catch up to them, and before I knew it I was charging right at Kail's back. With no time to really consider my choices, I twisted sideways and slammed my shoulder into Kail.

Vaugly hoping I didn't do anything too horrible or damaging, I tripped and stumbled to a standing stop. My brain still off, I took a too deep breath and shouted at nothing, or possibly everything.


That was probably still very childish, but I neither minded nor cared. I had done something other than fall down. That was an acheivment to me.

~Penn Ezzick

Kail slammed to the ground as Penn charged into him.

Everything went blurry, he could hear voices but he couldn't make them out. His entire body felt like it was burning, he needed blood. Should've..killed the..cow.. he thought angry at himself. He rolled to the side, growling in pain. "So..hungry.." he mumbled, unconsiously letting his face change to that of a vampire and his claws to extend.

He looked up, his blurred vision focusing enough for him to make out Penn standing above him with a somwhat of a dark look on his cat like face. Suddenly, the image in his eyes distorted. He looked again, his eyes seemingly lifeless to those around him.

It seemed dark in Kail's mind, images spinning around in his head. He could be seen sitting in a dark room, curled up in a ball muttering and whispering to himself as he rolled back and forth. His eye twitches, before slamming a fist into a wall creating a smashed hole. A young girl looking about the same age as Kail stares at him from a doorway, her eyes sullen.

The girl approaches Kail, handing him a glass of thick dark red lquid. Kail doesn't respond, he just sits there whispering to himself. Suddenly, he whispers loudly "Why..Why must I suffer?"

The image distorts again, Kail's grinning darkly over the corpse of Blanca. He licks the blood from his claws, before the corpse rises. Gripping Kail's neck, and snapping it. The corpse then speaks, saying "Why must I suffer?"

Kail's eyes snap wide, as he lets out a loud scream. Gripping his head, digging his claws into it. He begins muttering and whispering to himself again. Random things. " gone..Allan..Gone. Soul. No Soul." He mutters to himself, breathing heavily. "So..Hungry.." he whispers. Before turning back toward Gamer, and pulling himself up. He lunges at Gamer. Bearing his fangs.

Kester's first night in this strange world wasn't sleepless. It wasn't exactly restful, either. He slept very lightly, which was his habit on most nights, and awoke with his wits about him at least.

He passed the time during their travels thinking over a large number of things. Again, such thinking on a journey was habit for him. Kester's curiousity about this new world, his suspicions about his traveling companions, their dinner the night before, and he meter of a bit of verse he'd been working on previously each had their moments on his inner stage as he walked. Among others. And as he walked, his mental digestion resolved itself to a steady hum in the back of his mind.

As they topped the hill approaching the temple, Kester found himself scanning the vast marble structure with a hint wonder. He began cataloguing every detail he could in his mind. The presence of the guards seemed almost secondary, an annoyance really, though he listened. He found Avvy's manner a bit curious considering the guard's words, and decided to file away a few questions of his own regarding their host should he find a moment to speak with one of the girs alone.

His eyes narrowed slightly at the talk of falling lights, but he disguised this by shadowing them with his hand to appear he was trying to study the building better. He'd heard the term before in the village, but had been too disoriented to remark at the time. This was another thing to think about.

As they entered the hall, his attention was drawn by the golden tree. He lost himself for a time studying the different symbols, wondering at their meanings. A mask shape caught his eye...and while he allowed himself a soft laugh, it was at least as nervous as it was ammused. At a guess, this statue hadn't arrived overnight. And expression be damned, it seemed too good a likeness of the strange lad Kail to be any sort of coinicidence.

He was roused from his troubled musings by the sound of an argument. As he should have practically anticipated, Kail seemed in a huff. Penn, it looked, was the target of his anger. He was too late to intervene before blows were struck. Drawing closer after Penn retalliated, Kester became more certain that Kail was mad. He heard the lad muttering to himself, though he couldn't manage to make out the words.

"Come, lad, get yourself up." He said, a touch of uncertainty coloring his voice. He'd reached out a hand to help him up. But when Kail made a lunge for Gamer, he made the attemtp to halt him, grabbing out for arm or cloth or whatsoever he could.

Avvy shook his head in disapproval.

"Tsk, it's bad for children to bicker like this..."

He did not intervene at first, but when he saw that Kail had begun muttering to himself, he sighed, slurping out 3 tentacles.
One wrapped itself around Kail in a tight, iron-grip, but not tight enough to painfully squash his innards or cause suffocation.
The other two gently pushed Gamer and Penn away from Kail.

"Hmm, he seems to have a problem. I'd say he is-"

Avvy was interrupted by the sound of footsteps.
Into the room walked what looked to be a squad of knightly girs.
They were armored and armed from top to toe...
In fact, they seemed to be wearing platemail over chainmail. Even their tails were armored. On each one's back rested what seemed to be an arbalest and a broadsword. If they had a pouch of bolts, it was not visible.
Among them, however, was one short, tiny gir. He came out from among the armored tall ones, wearing a concealing blue hooded robe.
His deep blue eyes stood out quite well...

"Ah, your holiness, there you are..." Avvy nodded slightly, as if procrastinating on a bow.
The hooded man nodded back to Avvy, but he seemed to be staring blankly into space. His childlike face seemed someone sad...

"Before we begin, your holiness, yes, I only found 6 of them. Two of them... Well, they died on the way. A pity, I know..."

The blue robed gir's eyes widened. He seemed to be counting something on his fingers. First, he lowered two on his right and, and then four on his left hand. He did not seem pleased at the result, and frowned.

"Yes, yes I know, your holiness. Also, this one seems to have a problem. Two actualy..."
Avvy lowered the still mumbling Kail towards the tiny gir. The gir looked at Kail's face, then at the golden statue. The gir proceeded to shake his head in disapproval, as if wanting to sigh.
"It's his tricks again, huh? Some divine being he is..."
The robed gir's eyes widened and the pupils shrunk, as if in a deep inner rage.
Avvy tried to smile as he put his hands in front of himself defensively.
"Hey, I'm not religious! I'm doing you guys a favor by bringing them in, don't go attacking me!"
Avvy seemed half-sarcastic, but the robed gir seemed to calm.
He closed his eyes and turned around, motioning the group to follow.
The armored girs walked all around him, like some sort of wall...

After a while of walking, the group passed a large iron door.
The robed gir stopped, nodded to Avvy, who nodded back and walked in after one of the armored girs unlocked the door. The rest of the group did not see this, but inside another door was unlocked, and Kail was placed within.
"Enjoy your... Meal..." Avvy snickered as the first door was locked again.
Within what appeared to be a huge dungeon-like room, a couple of hundred bruised and ragged girs lifted their heads...

Soon enough Avvy returned without Kail and the iron door was locked behind him.
"Shall we go...?" he asked in a curious tone, straightening his glasses.

Soon enough the group reached a small marble door. The tiny, robed one sent the legion away with a wave of his hand, and unlocked the door, signaling the four of them to enter...

Inside, was a large, round room, with towering bookshelves serving as walls. At the center of the room, in the middle of a large maroon rug, was a sturdy, round wooden table and abour a dozen chairs made of the very same wood around it.
The robed one raised his hand, and one of the books from the very top fell from it's shelf, landing safely on the table.
He sat down, and opened the book, then appeared to be waiting for the others to sit down.

Most of the text in the book looked like a child's failed attempt at tiny drawings, but in the center of the page was a paragraph written in obvious and readable english*.

Vallimor has spoken.
The day fire will rain from the heavens will be the day the gods are uneasy.
The day shall herald the coming of the divine emmiseries.
Those who are not worthy shall be returned.
The rest shall be granted will over mortality and divine power.
Watch them. Respect them. Aid them.
But they are not kings.
If they demand the impossible, if they are to demand the unthinkable...
Their being shall be withdrawn.
Your actions are your own.
So it has been said.

"Interesting, interesting..." Avvy looked over the page. He was still standing, and didn't seem to plan on sitting anytime soon.
"But I cannot seem to read this paragraph... What language is this?"
At that, the robed gir looked at Kester, Gamer and Penn, giving each a warm, reassuring smile.

* "English" reffers to any text your character can read[/i]

Kail went to punch Gamer, just as Kester grabbed his arm. Growling deep and gutterally, he pulled his arm forward. He let out another louder growl, before slamming Kester into Gamer, pulling his arm away. He turned right toward Penn, grinning darkly his crimson gold eyes glinting in the light giving him an eerie glare. He reached for Penn's neck, just as he fell to the ground.

Images more and more began flooding his mind, of a young girl about his age with dark red hair, and greyish eyes. Kail growled at her, gripping her by the neck and slamming her agains the wall, just before sinking his teeth into her neck. Grinning darkly, he began draining her of blood. Suddenly, there was a thick pain in his back. He released the girl, to see a large wooden stake driven through his heart just before exploding into dust. Just before fading out there was another image of, himself his face normal. Wearing Black gloves "See you in hell, bastard" The figure said, before fading into nothing.

The images twisted and spun around in his head, images of him killing many people. One was an Albino man, with wings. His body still standing for a few moments before falling back, revealing Kail holding a head by the hair grinning darkly. Another image was of Kail standing over the acid-burned body of a what looked like a man in armor. Then final image was of Kail, gripping his sword before twisting around. Decapitating a young boy with black hair, who soon exploded into dust.

Around and around the images played, with the Zelda Windmill theme looping around in his mind.

Kail layed on the ground, mumbling twitching in spasms. Almost as if he was having a seizure, his hands were tightly gripped on his head. Screaming and yelling random things. Before sinking into mutters, and mumbles. "Jacob..Die...Birdman..Dead...Dead...All of them die..Died..Dead..Need to die..Lunatic..burn.." he mumbled, not making much of any sense.

Kail continued laying there mumbling, just as Avvy pulled him up with his tentacles. He soon was calmed down, his hands were bloddy with his own blood. He thrashed around trying to break free of Avvy's tentacles, growling.

Kail looked down at the robed gir, snarling and growling. Soon he was out again, in a spasm of twitching.

This time, Kail didn't snap out of it just yet, until he was in the prison. Growling, he held his bloody head. Licking at his claws on the other hand. His eyes shot around the room, seeing ragged and briused girs and darkness. Like a dungeon.

"Perfect.." His whispered, before lunging at the girs. Their screams filled the entire room, as he tore them apart. "DIE!" Kail yelled, laughing as he fed, murdered, and tortured. His clothes were soaked with the blood, as he continued to kill.

Before long, his body began contorting, cracking in sevreal different places as his skin flashed yellow, horns painfully forcing themselves out from his head. He let out a loud, inhuman, animalistic, demonic roar. As he changed into somthing completely different.

Slaughtering them all, ripping their entrails out with his claws and tearing them apart. After almost an hour, everyone was dead. The entire room was covered in a bloody new paintjob. Limbs, entrails, and cloth covered the ground.

Kail had long since returned to normal, grinning darkly, his clothes soaked with blood. Casually, he walked up to the door, and knocked on it. "Hey, Rat-dude. I'm done in here. Let me out." he asked, before just opening the door and walking out. Humming the imperial march to himself.
Skybait J

Of course, nothing stopped after I shouted. Kail picked himself off the floor and prepared to charge at Captain. My head was still buzzing with thoughts, but my body felt light. I was excited, I don't know if it was adrenniline or what, but I was ready and able to keep hitting Kail if he dared to attack again.

Before anything happened really, I felt Avvy's tentcles push me away from my comrades. I didn't know wether I should be glad or mad. All of my feelings were on parade in my head, none of them really stopping to take over my body. But one thing did pop up from the mess in my brain: Don't screw with Avvy. My body complied to that, and I sort of froze in place, waiting for something else to happen.

Then I heard the footsteps and a variety of clinking. Automatically, I looked to where the sound was coming from. I saw a group of armored girs marching towards us, looking nothing short of a war's front line ready. Feelings on parade offered up a variety dish of why they were dressed like they were, but it became apparent shortly that they were the guards for a very short, robed gir. His deep blue eyes seems to jab into my mind at my feelings on parade. I shivered slightly.

"Ah, your holiness, there you are..."

As Avvy began talking to this short gir, I listened. For the first time in a while, my mind was for the better part blank. Yes, my feelings were still marching around, but they were neglecting thier duties to keep my mind running. I watched as Avvy talked, and seemingly understood what the short gir was saying, even though the short gir did not talk. I didn't know what to think of what they had said, or not said, I just absorbed the conversation as was, my emotions slowly leaving thier parade one by one. By the time the guards surrounded us, I had regained enough feelings to be slightly shocked by this, maybe even a little intimidated. But all we did was walk forward, allowing my head to gather all the stray thoughts and put them back in place.

I noticed Kail being removed from the group, I wondered if it was a punishment or something. Or maybe we'd all be put in our own rooms for...something. I wished that I knew more about the customs here, I would be able to make a more educated guess about....everything. For some reason the way I thought that sounded funny. I smiled a bit.

I wondered about the girs and Kail as well while we entered the library, as the small gir drew the book off the shelf, and as we sat down. Then it was indicated that we had to look at the book he drew down, so I leaned over to take a look at it. I was suprised to see plain english written in the book. By it's age, I half expected hyroglyphs or something. I blinked a few times at the letters and thought to myself, 'how do I read again?' My mind offered a very feeble response.

I struggled with the first word. It was definitly a name or something...then "has" then, uh, break it down..."spoken" Alright...this isn't should really be better at this, I used to read headliners in the newspaper, and signs above stores and such. Maybe the occasional set of instructions. But I was given time with those. Everything was much easier told by word of mouth, reading them was unnecesary.

I looked up at the others they all seemed to be getting along alright, the short gir smiling at us like we would all understand. I felt my face get uncomfortably warm, and I jerked my head back down again, trying to pretend to comprehend. I think I failed. The first couple lines were easy, but then the words got longer, and it became more of a riddle than a strightforward statement. That's where my comprehension failed me. I looked up again, looking more puzzled than I wanted to show.

~Penn Ezzick
Captain Gamer

"I'll..." Captain murmured, looking at the intimidating tome, "I'll take a hack at it!" When the book was pushed toward him, he looked toward the indicated paragraph. If he had not been visor-clad, surprise would have shown in his eyes. "Oh! Okay! This... I didn't expect this! Ahem.."

At first Captain jutted his jaw and read ahead with a little gnashing before reading aloud. "'Vallimor has spoken. The day fire will rain from the heavens will be the day the gods are uneasy.'"

He looked up at that mention. More than a few times, his and the others' arrivals have been mentioned in the same breath as 'falling lights,' or something. "'The day shall herald the coming of the divine emmiseries.'" Once again, Captain paused to make sense of that in his head.

"'Those who are not worthy shall be returned. The rest shall be granted will over mortality and divine power. Watch them. Respect them. Aid them.'" This brought a grin to Gamer's mouth, which was short lived due to the next sentence.

"'But they are not kings. If they demand the impossible, if they are to demand the unthinkable... Their being shall be withdrawn.'" Captain's neutral tactlessness manifested in him swivelling his head around to look at all at the table. If one didn't know better, this paragraph distressed him more at it progressed.

"'Your actions are your own. So it has been said.'" He pushed the book back to where it was. "That's what it says."

Meanwhile, back in the dungeons, a bucket of water was poured down on Kail's head as he existed into the temple hallways.

"Your odor WILL respect the holiness of this place, sir." said one of the two armored girs watching the water drip from Kail's nose.

"Now come. Your fellows await."

They began leading him toward the room where the others were...

Back inside the room itself, Gamer had just finished reading the text out loud and did so quite clearly.
"Well, I say! You can read the divine tongue." Avvy seemed impressed. He straightened his glasses.
"I guess you really DID fall from the sky."

The tiny robed man gave gamer a warm smile.
He got up from his chair and approached the visored young man, taking a heavy-looking silver scepter from between his robes and handing it to gamer.
The scepters tip was round, and decorated with 3 jewels...
A ruby, a sapphire and a green beryl.
However, as Gamer's grip on the scepter grew sturdy, his visor seemed to cackle in response.


The words froze. The visor cackled again, and began showing grabled images, blocking Gamer's field of vision...
Among those garbled images, obvious letters began to form and replace each other. The letters, however, were not english this time...
But whatever language they were written in, somehow Gamer could read them...

That's a very interesting tinket you have there, hero.
It is a pity my so-called 'friends' do not like it.
I'm sure it would have been of great use.
You are wondring who I am.
I am the nameless deity, watching over these lands...
And you, you are my emissery.
You might remember the aid I haven given you...
At the time you were stricken by the corrupt one,
my very being twitched with displeasure.
I could not help but notice your problem.
However, I cannot defend you forever.
So I will replace some of the power you have lost.
I trust you will use it wisely...

The garbling stopped, and the visor returned to being crystal clear.
The words "LINK ESTABLISHED" flashed, soon followed by "CODING", a shorty cackle, and then "CARD".
The device attached to Gamer's arm appeared to have gained more than just the strange symbol, matching the one at the top of the golden tree.
The beam sword and the proto shield have returned as well...


From the moment the robed gir had arrived, Kester had listened very carefully to all that was said. It had become readily apparant as Avvy spoke--beyond any chance of mistake--that the phrase "falling lights" was being applied to the motley individuals of their party. The small gir's silence was unnerving. Though Avvy seemed to understand the slight being very well, Kester's own ignorance of this understanding was something that grated.

And as they followed this gir's lead, he grew very silent himself. As Kail was removed from their group for a time he failed to even notice, wrapped as he was in his own thoughts. Events were adding up, and Kester's expression left little doubt that the sum that was mounting was less than a desireable one.

On entering the bookshelved room, his manner brightened slightly. A cautious eyebrow quirked as the gir's gesture brought one of the volumes down onto the table, but he tempered his reaction and of this he was rather proud. At the small being's pause, Kester began to pull out a seat at the table.

He froze as his eyes fell upon the page.

Surrounded by lines of indecipherable glyphs was a passage that seemed written in plain Bricish script. As his gaze scanned the lines, mouth moving very slightly as he read, his lips dipped into a frown. The Captain's own recitation of the words provided a background to his digestion of their meaning, which overrode all else for a time.

"This is madness..." He muttered to himself quietly, not seeming to realize he'd spoken aloud. His expression was cold.

It was a single word which had him frozen, like a wintery hand had gripped his heart. The tome read emissary. But his mind screamed at him: vassal. He remembered Bri Ella with a fierce and fearful clarity. If he'd been brought here to play agent to some alien Power... No. Never.

Never again.

As Kail walked out, there was a sudden SPLASH before he realized he was soaked. "What the HELL?!" Kail yelled, glaring around. He saw an armored gir standing right behind the door carrying a bucket, dripping with water. "Again, I say, WHAT THE HELL!?" Kail repeated, directing it toward the guard.

"Your odor WILL respect the holiness of this place, sir." the gir said, with a glare behind it's helmet. He tossed the bucket away, and approached Kail.

"Now come. Your fellows await." it said again, as it moved to place a hand on Kail's shoulder to lead him.

Kail stood still, growling under his breath. He was soaked, and probably would be freezing if he felt it. As the guard moved closer, Kail back away. "Wait ONE fecking second rat man." Kail said, just as he quickly shook his body around like a dog or a cat, splashing water all over the halls and the guard. As he finished he flipped his hair back, as so it wasn't in his face.

"Alright, I'm ready to go." Kail said, cracking his neck with a series of loud pops.

The guard stared at him a moment, before leading Kail toward the library. Kail blinked, staring around at all the books. He had just arrived to catch Kester saying "This is madness..." Kail snorted a laugh, resisting an ruge to blurt a reply to that.

Madness?! THIS IS SPARTA!!!! Kail thought very loudly, snickering to himself.

When the book moved down, it came to him. Staring at it for a moment, it was written in plain english. The hell? We're in some sort of magical fairytale land, but the book is in english..Oookaaay...

Kail whispered quietly, as he read the words. Before yawning slightly, going to lean back against the chair, only to fall backwards onto the floor. Forgetting he had turned the chair around. "Ow...That..That hurt..Yes. Ow." He said, rubbing the back of his head as he stood up. He turned the chair back around normally, and sat back placing one leg on the table.

"So who the hell is Valimor?" Kail said, looking toward the tiny gir.
Captain Gamer

Captain looked as his basic reading skills were rewarded with the jewel-clad scepter. "Oh!" He rubbed the back of his head, then took the scepter. Once it was well in his hands, though, he seemed to have a reaction.

As first his head merely snapped up with a sort of delightful recognition, then his expression, or what could be seen of it, fell. Seeming not to care of how all others viewed him, he mouthed words as if he were reading them, and even to read his lips, it would be a language that little would understand.

At an arbitrary time, he tapped the side of his visor and called, "H-hold... wait!! What do you mean, 'emissery!?' I- I need to know more! Hello!? Captain to nameless diety!"

After several more attempts to communicate to thin air, Captain sat back down. He remembered something, then pressed some buttons on his device. Two names popped up, and where a third name would be, only a symbol.

A few more button presses, and the device ejected a black, thin object, which Captain took and replaced into a different slot. In response, the object spat out several green lines that vaguely formed a shield shape, then literally formed a white oval with red outlines and a slit near the top.

Gleefully, Captain waved the shield he just produced from nothing and shouted, "Yes!! Game time has come again!"

Captain's gaze turned to the scepter that seemingly triggered all this. If this scepter caused him to gain communication to a diety, could that mean...?
Skybait J

As Captain read the prophecy, I was able to grasp it's contents better than when I had struggled to read it alone. My face was still warm...but for a different reason. We were chosen, by cosmic become something greater, immortal maybe? A feeling hit me, and I felt I couldn't look at anyone, so I stared at my hands.

Why me? How was I special to these divine forces? I thought over my life hard, and I didn't come up with one instance where I felt...felt supernaturally amazing...or anything like that. The rest of these people here, my comrads...they had all defined themselves as powerfull...and worthy. At least in my my eyes I saw something great in all of them, but there was nothing I could think of that was...really special or deserving about me. I had just barely passed out of kittenhood, and I saw no great courage or strength or power...

But maybe...maybe that was the point of it. I hadn't found anything special yet. Maybe I was here to discover what was special about me, to find my own sort of strengths...

I heard a loud shout from Captain and my head jerked up, thoughts interrupted. I was stunned to see a large red and white sheild materialize into his hand. But after the short shock phase, I felt...excited! As excited as Captain himself! He couldn't do that before, summon a sheild, he couldn't! He would've done that back when we fought the corrupted girs! That meant, I don't know, that maybe there WERE powers to be discovered, in all of us! Maybe...! The power the prophecy spoke about! To find that?!

I practically jumped out of my chair with this revelation, I sort of bounced on the edge of my seat though, and shouted after Captain, "Yes, yes, Amazing! It's it's doubleplus goodness! Haha!" I hadn't felt this excited in a long time, and I definitly hadn't felt this happy the entire time I'd been in these strange lands. My revelations had washed out the self doubt I had held before. Permanetly or not, I didn't care.

~Penn Ezzick Forum Index -> Roleplay Page 1, 2  Next
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