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Now..Getting here...

Didn't notice this when I was brought to the forum. Anyway, Let's get to know the Great and Powerful Lord Sheo--Onasaki.

Maybe you've heard of me from Skybait, or not. Either way. Before I say anything. If you've read Skybait's Comic 'Dirty Pages'. I'd like to point out, I am not copying off the name Onasaki from that comic. I was Onasaki, before I met Skybait. I just asked to be added into Dirty Pages.

If you havn't realized, I'm a friend of Skybait J. Razz

Now, about me.

I like dark things, evil things. On the RP forum, I plan to play an Evil Vampire based off my character on a MUD(Multi-User Dimension). I am a fan of Star Wars, Angel, Supernatural, and countless Video games(Oblivion and Morrowind included) I like cats. And cheese. And fish. And Cows. And Fish. And Pie. Pumpkin and Cheesecake. I'm an aspiring writer. Did I mention I like cheese? And Fish?


Down, kitty. I eat people.

I mean, Hello there.
You sound like the type confused about themselves. Maybe I'm wrong, but you sure sound that way...

Nope. Just insane. Razz

Welcome to the Gamerhang, friend.

Re: Now..Getting here...

Onasaki wrote:
Did I mention I like cheese? And Fish?

You forgot sheep. With glaives.

Edit by Captain Gamer: Is that all you have to say? I'm aware you know each other, but this thread is for greetings and such.

Seems like it is, unfortunately.
*sighs* I'm sorry, but trying to prove your insanity with semi-random babbling just irritates me. Real insanity shines through in spite of attempts to conceal it. Besides, I think true babbling generally has a deeper meaning which is only penetrable to the person who originally babbled, because it originated from their altered-perception thought processes, but hints of which can still be perceived by others. Just making up random stuff and throwing it in doesn't count as babbling in my book.
Really? Which MUD's this? Based on the Evil Vampire you've ended up playing, I'm happy to guess that it's based in the Buffyverse, but what was its name? Since I'm in a guessing mood, I'll go off what someone said in your thread on The Stage - namely, the fact of the initials "SD" for the MUD - and guess it was called Sunny-Dale, or something similar. Forum Index -> Formal Introductions
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