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Skybait J

OMG Holidays!

Hey! It's Halloween! What'cha gonna do tonight n whats your costume?!

I'm currently Link (at school!) and probably wearing way too much glitter! and tonight I'm gonna make a haunted house in someones garage! Then we're gonna go see the real haunted house, the wait in line for an hour kind.

How about all of youse out there?!
Chocolate Ninja

Gah, you beat me to it!

My Geology professor offered five points extra credit for our exam yesterday if we went as a concept of optical Mineralogy, so me and one of my friends dressed up as a fast ray and a slow ray going through a mineral. She asked us to explain our costumes, and then to say what the length difference between us was called. My friend replied, "Retardation." I said "Together, we're retarded!"

It's a bad sign when you're starting to make terrible geology jokes. <_<

I had the "Lawyer from Hell" as a costume, but it wasn't as good as my last two costumes "Caricature of the American Southwest", or even, "Anime Stock-Character".
I take costumes very seriously.
In fact, I actually played music as part of my "Caricature" outfit. Very Happy
Skybait J

....Now I reeeeeally want to see those. o.o

I'm a typical person, I just throw together what I have the day before on one trip to walmart =/

I was Mickey Mouse! Yay! It was fun. At school we just...had the afternoon off really. I went around to a mall with some friends, then off trick or treating at 7:30 at night Razz

I was a complete and total bum and was too lazy to dress up this year. I'm regretting it.

Next year, though, next year...
Skybait J

Changed title to Holidays.


I'm going to we do every year. It's an escape from the boring nowhereland resort to the more urban mountaineous resort...with more shopping.

But this year we're bringing the dog!

I'm busy being annoyed at America,
because they think Christmas
is a secular Holiday
It isn't.

Probably nothing too special. Usually its round to mums for christmas, theres a total of 5 siblings along with at least 3 others, so things tend to be busy. And the presents all go together, which is usually a pretty impressive heap, especially adding in all the stuff grandma gets. She seems to buy presents through the year, whatever she sees that she thinks would be liked and doesn't worry if someone gets several things. XD;;

Then we usually go round aunt and uncles place around boxing day, bringing grandad along too, but not doing that this year, since they're going over to germany I think. Cousin lives there, got two kids now, so its sorta a thing.
Probably gonna go round a friends house instead, not really planning ahead much beyond that. XP Forum Index -> Off-Topic
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