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Pixelated Person

Hey there, I'm 8-Bit. Wait.. Does that mean I'm in an Nes? If so, sweet.

Anyway, I'm a fan of the comic and an avid video game fan.

Some of my favorite games include Super Smash Bros Melee, Timesplitters Future Perfect and the Worms series. I'm also a big Nintendo fan.

I also come from the realm of the BnG forums, Gamer might know me as 1-Up there. I have my own comic thats based off that uses sprites from Worms Armaggedon, I might post them here for you to view.

Other things I like to do are animate using Flash Mx and draw, I also drew 2 things in CG's fanart section on his site (not the forums)

Not much else to say besides that stuff.
Captain Gamer

1-Up! Surprised Welcome! As you can see, things are small now, but if we all pitch in, we can get something worth outside attention shortly. Your artworks have been invaluable in motivation and showing me that people do indeed give a care.

Let's all work to erect a notable community!

Welcome, welcome! *already knows he's redundant in doing this, but doesn't really worry about it*
Can't say I'm much of a fan of the Smash Bros, but I'm looking forward to the one for the Wii, for Solid Snake's sake if nothing else, though TS: Future Perfect and Worms are two of the greatest things ever... too bad they tried turning Worms 3D.
An artist and animator, eh? Based on the other "formal introductions" here, I'd say this place is like a magnet for creative types, myself included. Next question is, is it a bar magnet, a horseshoe magnet, or a fridge magnet?
Anyway, welcome to the forums again! (Sorry, guys, I'm starting to get tired, and my material's drying up...) Forum Index -> Formal Introductions
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