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Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver

The remakes for Pokemon Gold and Silver are real now from what I heard.

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makes sence... after all, they did a re-make of the original R&B, so whats stopping them from assimilating...
err... I mean UPDATING all the old games right? ....

I'm actually kinda glad. Gold and Silver was ballin', man!

yeah... I guess it's cool to see a modernization of a game you played as a kid... what I REALLY hate is how they still have the show! you would think they would either have canceled it by now, or at least made the show a little more mature, but it seems that every episode just gets more and more into the friendship with the pokemon and junk... I'm not saying people should be like... EATING them or something... but I am saying that that miltank over there is starting to look mighty tasty.... sorry, that's a few hours of MGS3 too many talkin'... what I meant to say is they don't need to treat them like frikkin people. the pokemon (at least the animal like ones) have apparently replaced animals in the pokemon world, and they should be treated as animals are... I mean they are WAY too personified in my opinion... pluss it's like you wouldn't send your house cat out to fight some kind of wild baby aligator or something would you? the whole show should have ended after maybe the gold and silver age (no, I can't remember all the crazy countries in the game...) but whatever, I'm off topic... what I really want to see is how much they update this game. is it just going to be a quick fix up of the sprites, and battle mechanic and stuff? are they going to make the game all crazy and 3-D like Iv'e seen in comercials for... umm... I think it was platinum? we'll have to see...
Captain Gamer

For the kid gamers who were into it, but not old enough to realize when they're being suckered in by spectacle, Pokemon Gold and Silver were vilgehk WOODSTOCK. It also helps that the best Pokemon console game was made for that generation, and the whole thing hadn't jumped the Sharpedo yet.

A facelifted G/S would be fantstic, and all we can ask for. That means keeping day/night, digital clock time keeping, the cell phones with infinite numbers, the day-specific Pokemon swarms, and all the other goodness that actually made G/S innovative, as opposed to the garnish that all the following generations could only provide.

Also, I would GLADLY pay TWICE the price of the game if it came with a DLC pack that allowed for every Pokemon EVERY SINGLE ONE to be caught if you have Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. NO GBA SLOT. NO COLOSSEUM OR BOX. AND ESPECIALLY NO EVENTS (Unless they merely make the process easier, or what you get from them can be DLC as well). Everything. From Bulbasaur to Darkrai, and whoever they choose to introduce in this remake, between the two game cards. It's what made the first two games such a fantastic cult smash hit... Two or three game packs, three files (for the Eeveelutions), that's it. Now there's all these flaming hoops you have to swan dive through, leaking money all the while. It's good business sense, but doesn't Nintendo have enough yen to buy all the bicycles on Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh COMBINED without using a single BIKE VOUCHER they obtained from the president of the Pokemon fan club?

But hey, that's just the rambling of the "games are art" haughty-taughty culture fiend over here.

I do agree that the show never grew up with its audience, and the whole franchise is shrinking away from global interests what with Western gaming's new emphasis on Fallic Pieces of- I mean... First Person Shooters. If we want mature Pokemon stories, I really ought to make my fic "Pokemon Forest" public.

Well, I'm always gonna be a Pokemon fan. I don't mind that the show didn't grow up, as you put it. And even though they keep coming up with new generations of Pokemon, some of the new ones are pretty awesome. My new top favorite is Lucario... Very Happy Forum Index -> Video Game Discussion
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