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Right then.

Looks like the forum has only one or two posts by people other than CG, so I figure I'll make something of a start changing that. Cool
I'm...uh...well, I go by several monikers, the oldest being FFKonoko, along with things such as Ortus Denicalis, Miyu and various combinations thereof. No longer a teenager but still an avid gamer. Not always good, in that the various ways that gaming gets targeted for things that seem ridiculous, (GTA is a murder simulator being pushed on our kids! The DS and PSP are corrupting children with porn!) tends to be taken a little personally.
I'm ranked as one of the top 100 gamers in the UK, according to a competition, although have no idea what rank, since I never actually went to the competition. *grumbles*stupid sending the reply and details too late for me to get the time to go...

I try to be nice and friendly and hopefully won't drift away too much, cos I think this place has some great potential. =3
Cheesy Heroism for the win.
Somebody Ancient

Welcome, friend, to this forum...
Although you came before me, I felt a great need to post something along those lines Razz

So, you look down upon games like GTA being given to children, do you?
I cannot help but agree with you, especialy since it's the only known game in my area.
And by the "only known game", I mean most people first think of GTA when they hear the combination of "video" and "game".
It is a sad, sad state of affairs...

I suppose its a combination of things. The way certain people instinctively think of games as 'for kids', tended to mean that even if people weren't lax about the age restrictions, they still often ended up in the hands of kids. The thing that bugs me is just how much it happens and then people complain against the game. It got a certificate, if you still give it to your kid, hey, why not just buy some hardcore porn for him too. Its rated 18 too.

But yeah, not getting onto a rant. XD
And I suppose its about now that we post in each others welcome topic. Doesn't really matter who came first, since its more general welcoming atmosphere, rather than the person before becoming a greeter. ;P

So in turn, welcome to you as well, friend. :p
Captain Gamer

It's always excellent to see a fellow gamer who desires seeing video games as more than just playthings and commodities! Surprised If you keep that intensity (without losing control of it, of course), every voice heard is a step closer to a world without gross cynicism. Welcome, friend, indeed!

Well, based on not only your own post number, but also the current state of the forums, I'd say you did an alright job of changing the CG-to-total ratio.
I say, how can you really expect people to react? Gaming is still a relatively new medium, and like any new medium, it falls under fire from human inertia; almost no human being in the world likes new things, or any other form of change - though, that's not to say that there aren't those who thrive on it.
Still, it's a deplorable state of affairs, but from my point of view, the only thing we can really do to change it in any kind of hurry is to be as exemplary as possible that video games don't warp the minds of their users, and make the fact show. After all, if we go out looking for a fight against soap-boxers, then that'll reflect worse on us - it'd be one step forward, two steps back.
Of course, that's just the stratagem I came up with at 3am, so I wouldn't be surprised if everyone else simultaneously comes up with something better. Forum Index -> Formal Introductions
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