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Screennames Thread

Here's for a nice change of pace:

Why do you use the particular screenname that you are using?

I'm Firemastrr (sometimes abbreviated Fire) simply because I love fire. One of my nicknames is Pyro. I love playing with it, experimenting with it, and burning things (did you know ping-pong balls really flare up?). The weird spelling has a simple reason: on sites where there are millions of registered users, as we all know, one must put some strange jumble of numbers after their name so as not to repeat somebody else's. I came up with the idea about five years ago to alter the spelling slightly to be able to use just a word, with no numbers. Some people don't even notice. I'm the only one who I know who uses this technique (feel free if you like; just don't take firemastrr). Wherever you see this name with this spelling, it's me. I've seen this spelling so much that when people spell it the normal way, Firemaster, it looks incredibly weird to me. My first thought is, "That's spelled wrong!".
Chocolate Ninja

Hmm, this is an interesting thread.

I'm Chocolate Ninja since it's a name not likely to be taken, and the very first forum I went on was full of ninjae. Not really ninjae, but people who sort of roleplayed ninjae. So it's stuck ever since, even if the ninja part barely ever comes into play these days.

My AIM screenname came from this Geocities website I made when I was 11 or 12. My dream at that point was to make an awesome humor website that would get linked in the Yahoo directory. The premise was that you could tell someone's personality by the way they roasted their marshmallows, and my alias for that site was Marshmallow Sage. Years later Sage evolved into this entire character of his own, but I'll get into that another time.

My screenname before that usually involved my name or initials. Pretty boring, but I was a kid. Razz

I call myself Anomaly because the people who know me say I'm very different from others, especially from my peer group, and I've always thought that 'anomaly' is a fun word for an abnormality. Of course, on larger sites, I often use AnomalyApologist because a) it's much less likely to be taken and b) because of my approach to Christian apologetics. (Though, I admit I am behind on my studying, so don't assume that I have all the answers...)
Skybait J

The name Skybait came after I intensivly played Rouge Galaxy for an extended period of time, followed by some wordplay. Basically, it was like how people look up at the sky and are baited in by it's allure, wanting to explore. Made up specifically for this forum, but used on a few other forums I infrequently visit.

The J stands for the name I'm known better by, Jjkaybomb, which was based on a) Main Charactor in Dark Side of Nowhere, Jason Jacob or something...and because I thought two J's looked cool like that. And also b)Two attacks from the things I was writing at the time, the Krystal Ray and the Crimson Bomb. Made up so I could have a more unique name for a chat room I no longer visit and used mainly at Bob and George and used as my AIM/MSN screennames.

I also use a couple other names around, Kikaru and Romani, the boy and girl hero names respectivly for video game heroes. My DrunkDuck and a Zelda forum's name is Kikaru.

Konoko means royal guard, or something close to that. FFKonoko was a GFAQs account I took over, the FF apparently originally intended to stand for Final Fantasy or somesuch, although I soon came up with my own version of what it stood for. Miyu is another name I tend to use a lot, partly inspired by Vampire Princess Miyu, but mostly just cos it sounds nice and the whole me-you sound to it. I often use it in conjunction with either Ortus or Denicalis, which are latin words for 'heavenly bodies' and 'released from death', respectively.

a while ago, Firemastrr and I more or less made a very surreal fictional universe in which the main character of a (sort of) story's parents and best friend are murdered, then uses a family heirloom, a convieniently magic sword called the "Tsunami Blade" to take revenge on the murderers. After this point, the story takes an even more more un-realistic turn where Koji (the 15 year old main character of said story) meets a berserker archer named Troy and an alien named Armara disguised as a human girl, and they team up with Koji's previously thought dead best friend Blaze to kill a dark lord of Evil Twisted Evil and then I don't know what happedned, because we dropped the story after that.
It was never very well developed in the first place.

At any rate, I wanted a different username from BeatBorg, the one I was using at the time, and remembered Koji and his Tsunami Blade. Thus, my alias.

I remember that. Ah, good times!

AS with most of our projects, it remains unfinished.

Edit by Captain Gamer -- Small talk = Spam! *bonk*

Koako, is the name of a toy chimp I've had and loved dearly since Christmas of 2000. Or was it 1999? I forget. Anyways, it's an awesome name! Pronounced Koh-Koh, by the way Razz. Hey! I was 7 at the time! I couldn't spell notin! And Koako looks a heck lot better than Koko, or Coco. Or anything!
Captain Gamer

I suppose my explanation on the website doesn't cover the whole story.

My first ever online penname was Gameboyguru, or GBG. Oh, wow, typing it out really brings back memories of times past, the initialed name even more so. GameFAQs, in the year 2000, Neopets, *sigh* a time in my life filled with so much frivolity, but I never look back forlornly upon.

Anyway, the Gameboyguru was first created for... well... guess! That's right, guess! Right now! I'll wait!


Give up? ... A Cardcaptors fanfic. Yes. A self-insert into Cardcaptor Sakura. Who was a Captain N ripoff. We all start off with something half-baked like this, don't we? I made my big mark on and the GameFAQs message boards. I wonder if anybody on the Smash Bros Social even remembers me...

In, I made a million and a half pieces of fan fiction, the biggest of which being a massive mostly-Nintendo crossover called "Destinies Unite", bringing together Link, Lock of Final Fantasy VI, Luigi Mario, and Samus Aran to battle generic evil. Fun Fact: I make a reference to Destinies Unite in strip #56 of Captain Gamer: OOC, listing those four characters immediately after the first three. I had a pretty complicated set-up in which all of my fanfiction was part of the same existential plane ruled over by the Gameboyguru, his brother the Gameboysage (yes, I carried over the 'keeping names to a theme' from this to the Gamerverse), and their friend Nick. Unfortunately, I betrayed my own canon when in Destinies Unite, they visit Romani Ranch and Grasshopper wasn't there (which only a few of you will understand what I mean by that). Correct, I was writing something so deep as "The Legend of Zelda: Shackles of Memory" at the same time and with the same mindset as something to substandard as Destinies Unite.

Then, as I cemented my identity and what I wanted to be in life, I realized that I enjoyed reading and writing, and my fanfiction was training for something greater. Thus, I needed a new identity. Something that said I was a gamer, but I didn't want to restrict my nomenclature to that of my favored platform, the Nintendo portables. After reading books and playing the likes of games such as Viewtiful Joe, which really went on about heroism, I knew that I wanted to be an uber-cliche superhero that disarms people with the name, but earns esteem through deed. I think the author's avatar in VGCats, Pantsman, has something to do with it, too.

Let's see, the names I went through... GamerMan, Gamer S (S being top ranks in plenty of Capcom games), Gamer R (based on my own name), and more for the reject pile, I had changed my signature in a forum to a parody on Captain Planet using all the first-person companies, and SEGA, which by all means goes down in history as a big influence, resulting in the creation of Captain Gamer, not to be confused with a certain VGCats comic.

Then it hit me that I'd stumbled upon it. Captain Gamer! It's got the gamer identity, and the most oft-used rank used in naming super heroes. After quickly searching and seeing that there hasn't been a copyrighted Captain Gamer character, I made the change. I am very happy with this alias. I was even able to change my name on and cleaned out my stories, keeping only "Shackles of Memory", and another story I made with my contemporary mind that I'm proud of, "Sonic Evolution". It seems the readers of don't respond as well to Captain Gamer as they did to Gameboyguru... but care I not? Yes! Since the Gamerverse > My standard fanfiction. The whole 'GBG's world' thing? Out the window. Now I'm entertaining the notion that Shackles of Memory and Sonic Evolution will be offshoots of the Gamerverse. >=P I'm insatiable.
Majin Luigi

Behold: My username is Majin Luigi for one reason.
I enjoy Dragon Ball Z as well as Mario video games, in which I always refuse outright to any character other than Luigi.

Captain Gamer wrote:
Small talk = Spam! *bonk*

Then bonk Firemastrr too! he small...talked before I did.

Public Service Announcement: Koji can't stand inconsistent moderators.

So, that's it Majin? You like DBZ and Mario, so you call yourself "Majin Luigi"?


Okay, fine, I'll do it myself!

I kinda like the spelling of Koako. Its on old-fashioned name with a cool new spelling.

"A wondrous thing, the mind of a child is."

-Master Yoda

@Koako: Your username is kinda misleading though. I first saw it and I thought "koh-ah-koh". How wrong I was. Ah, It sounds better like this anyway.

@Firemastrr: Very well my sarcastic friend, I am appeased.

I had a similar first thought about Koako, using more asian pronounciation for it. Still, it is a pretty neat way of doing it. Although, I can't help but think of it as Mortal Kombat for Coaco. Mmm, Chocality.

I originally thought it was Co-Aay-Co at first, and I'm having a hard time of breaking that habit. I kinda like how it sounds that way. Forum Index -> Off-Topic
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