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Story Styles: Which do you prefer?

I was thinking on the nature of RPG's and games in general, particularly along the lines of how stories are written and conveyed within those games. I came up with a few different "styles" of story, and I figured it'd be an idea to post things here, and get a few different opinions.

I could only come up with a fistful of styles, but I'll put them up in the poll for your enjoyment. If you can come up with new ones, feel free to post them in actual comments below! I'll see if I can edit the poll to add your options! I don't know! I've never done this before!

There is nothing the player can do to affect the story: it is what it is. Games of this style are often broken into "level" type segments, with only very limited leeway for how those levels can be played. One benefit of this story type can be its very linearity - the joy of a good puzzle is banging your head against it until you find the one solution that works.

Though the story remains static, there is the limited freedom to explore goals besides: most often, exploration for explorations' sake, or a couple of linear side-quests. Common for traditional Japanese RPG's.

Solo Open.
Now the real freedom begins. There is a main story, but it's often a side note. The world is expansive, the side-quests plentiful and free-reign. The reason "Solo" is up there in the title is because of how much it differs from "Group Open" below; with Solo, it's up to the player and player character to manage themselves. One notable proponent of this style if the Elder Scrolls series.

Group Open.
As above, except the player character isn't alone in his adventures. This is kept separate from Solo Open because of the impact those extra characters have in well-made versions of this style; not only do they bring more skills and abilities to the table, but also more personality. Your religious monk could get snippy if somebody acts rude or insults his god; the princess of the wood-elves might chafe at being asked to travel with an NPC dark elf. Examples of this style include Fallout, Knights of the Old Republic, Neverwinter Nights and, my personal favourite, Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura.

Vote away, and as I said, alert me to any styles I've missed.

Tough choice between semi-linear and group open for me.

Hmm... now that I stop and think about it, I'm not entirely sure if Neverwinter Nights really does count as "Open". I mean, yeah there are a lot of side-quests, and optional NPC's, but there's only really a little bit of deviation allowed.

The lines are a little blurry at the best of times. Putting things into pigeon holes is awful hard, when the maker(s) put things in annoying halfway positions all the time.  Cool
Like the whole lizard/reptile thing. Forum Index -> Video Game Discussion
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