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I have yet to formaly introduce myself, I am TCC, also known as Adam. to find out more about me check out my other posts! I'm open to welcomes, but you dont really have to...

Welcome to the forum, TCC! Always good to have more people. I think I've seen you on the GamerHang's shout-box before you joined.

I must say, you're a fast mover; only joined on the 21st, and you've already reached the rank of Conciliatory Gamer. I'm impressed.

Just out of curiosity, do you mind if I ask what "TCC" stands for?
Skybait J

Welcome Welcome Hello Hello Nice to see you here have a nice day Razz

TCC stands for Totally Cool Comix (my old freewebs site) it had a sprite comic, but i kept getting writers block and eventualy stoped (im planning on starting a new one called Random Inc.)
Majin Luigi

Glad to see we have another user here at the GamerHang.

looking back at my intro, I feel that its a bit lacking let me try again... * ahem!* Hey everybody, my name is Adam ^_^ Im what you would call the mid-gamer ( Im above the average gamer, but only get new games on christmas and birthday, and usualy get owned on my secondary games [halo for example]) I am a fan of Nintendo games above all, but I do enjoy diverging into other systems on ocasion. Its always hard for me to choose things like favorite movie, favorite game, or favorite song but I' think I can sum them all up in five words. " The one I'm using now". That turm tends to come up alot for me. basicly it means i like whatever im doing, if im not doing it im not into it (or I havent heard of it, which is an entirely different story). sorry about the whole rant thing, but I have alot to say ^_^ (love that smily! why? dunno, just love it!!) I cant think of anything else to say right now, but if you have any questions go ahead and ask! Im an open book!... except for location... thats not the info. your looking for... move along (JEDI MIND TRICK!!!!!! O_o) Forum Index -> Formal Introductions
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