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Skybait J

The "omg i b plain dis game" Thread

So, what games are you playing? Enjoying them? NOT enjoying them?

For example, I'm playing Rune Factory. I had only played one Harvest Moon game before this point (It's a Wonderful Life on the GC) and I must say, I really enjoy it. It's kind've creepy how the dull repitition can just keep a game going....but Rune Factory's cool in the way that you can fight as well, though the battle system is a bit rough around the me at least.

The one thing that gets under my skin is the dating sim of it. Each girl is, in her own way, perfect, cute, and single. Yes, the rich girl is spoiled, but she's perfectly spoiled. So in those games I almost find myself getting attracted to the plainer charactors....cause they're more realistic! But I suppose games are there to fulfill fantasies, and theres no point in putting in things boys wouldnt dream about...I need to get one of those Harvest Moons for girls sometime, cause its borderline creepy for me to actually be dating these chicks... But I have those problems with all dating sims like that, so there XD

Um....I'm also playing Phoenix Wright 2 n 3. Cause Phoenix Wright rules. And little kids wont look over my shoulder on the bus wanting to know what I'm playing. They're instantly bored out of thier mind by all the talking, and they're all like "cant you skip this?" I then instantly respond with a gleeful no.

Current To Beat List:
Rune Factory
Phoenix Wright 2 n 3
Wind Waker

Current Unbeaten (yet not playing) List:
Trauma Center (Ug....too fast of a puzzler for me. It's an evil, evil game)
Orphen (I look back on this game and realize how much it really sucks)
PoP: Rival Swords (I've had this's good, but I've been off playing other stuff)
FFVII (....It's....decent....but it's not my kind of game. =/)
Chocolate Ninja

Oh man, you have no idea. I barely ever finish games, so my to-complete list is too big to count out. Suffice to say, it includes a lot of RPGs (level grinding, my one weakness!)

Down over here, I'm playing a little bit of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and a little Tenchu Z, both on my newww Xbox 360!

Oblivion is good, a nice, flexibly open world; you can pretty much do whatever you want, whenever you want, with total disregard for the main plot. A fair bit of what's impressed me about this game is how they've been able to even fit such an expansive world into a console game.
But that's not to say it's not impressive in other respects. There is flexibility in more than just your character's activities; you can give them any kind of ability as well. Currently, I'm playing someone who started off as a hybrid spellcaster/swordsman, but he's kind of branched off into stealth skills. (What can I say? I'm a Rogue at heart, and always will be.)
Now, onto the aesthetic portions of the game: the graphics and sound. It is, without a doubt, the most graphically detailed game I have ever played, or seen. If you strike your sword against a rock, it makes sparks; if you throw a fireball across a dark dungeon, it will light the place up the whole way. (I used that for cheap lighting when I didn't have a Light spell or a torch.)
I can't really give a judgement on the overall story yet, because I've been making full use of the game's openness. I haven't done any more with the main story than I needed to to escape into the game-world.
Fans of Morrowind will know what an Elder Scrolls game is capable of. Let me tell you, Oblivion is even better than its predecessor, and that's fairly hard to do while still using the same genre and gameplay style.

For those who don't know it, the Tenchu series puts you in control of a ninja in the time of feudal Japan. The first four games put you in control of pre-designed characters, with all their capabilities locked-in from the start, and featured stories filled with evil spirits and mythology. Tenchu Z is a deviation in both these respects.
At the start of your game, you design your own player-character, from the ground up. Their appearance, their base abilities, pretty much everything.
And as you progress through the game, you change your ninja. You unlock different clothing for them to wear - eventually, you can dress them up almost any way you like. In an RPG style, you unlock and upgrade new skills, such as the abilities to, say, run on walls, walk silently, dash across a long stretch of ground almost instantly, or 'zoom' in first-person view.
The graphics, again, are amazing. In the way characters move as well as the way they look; your character always moves in a slightly catlike way, the enemies writhe and struggle when you get them in a choke-hold, or reel slightly upon noticing you, before readying their weapon and giving chase.
Story-wise, it again deviates from its predecessors. While other games faced the player off against evil spirits and powerful wizards, this game has been about international tensions, with the player operating behind-the-scenes to keep their country safe. A fair bit more realistic depiction of feudal Japan, altogether. Unfortunately, as is common with player-created characters, your player character is never referred to by name, and never has a line of their own.
Overall, Tenchu Z is one of the best stealth games I have played, and it truly does the series justice in the next generation - though, I am still looking forward to the next game, where I will hopefully get to fight demons again.

Current To Beat List:
Kingdom Hearts 2
Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town

Current Unbeaten (yet not playing) List:
Viewtiful Joe - I'm not sure why. I really love the game, I just kinda started plaing other ones...
.hack//OUTBREAK - I already went through the first 2 games and completed them utterly and the third is more of the same, so I'm sorta just taking an indefinate break. Also, I ran out of storage space for items.
Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter - I've seen others playing it and the wierd game mechanics have kinda put me off actually getting around to playing it, so its just sitting on the pile.

Thing about Kingom Hearts 2 though...I've rented it for a week from a library and gotten pretty far. Technically I'm not playing it anymore, but thats because the disc has a circular scratch from a previous renter that causes it to freeze during a boss fight later on in the game. >_< So soon I'm gonna buy it and complete it, because I really am enjoying it. First thought, it was things like Halloween town I was looking forward too, for Jack Skellington and such, but I found I really enjoyed the Lion King place and 100 acre Woods too, with Pooh and everyone. Mmm, nostalgia. The Tron one and Timeless River were <3 too for the same reason.

Harvest Moon...hmm, I guess I could try to aim for getting one of those versions too, but I never felt too worried. I'm unsure about the comment about perfect, since they do all seem to have their flaws and characteristics in this one. Do mean how they are Archetypes/Stereotypes? I never worried about that too much, since sorta makes sense to have them covering all the various personality types and keep them fairly generic so theres someone for everyone and not all of them can be pidgeonholed too easy.

Least as far as I'm concerned, just figuring out what gifts each one likes best, along with the villagers, while still hunting for P-Berries, trying to upgrade your weapons, trying to get down 250 levels of mining in 2 places, things like the Gems of Truth/Kappa/Goddess to find....and heh, doing a farm alongside all that. x.x; So glad theres harvest sprites in the one I'm playing, so I can get them to do all the farming work for a week or so now and then while I go do other stuff.

Also, I'm gonna mention something now that I know I'll be getting for christmas. Shadowhearts, the original one. I played it ages ago, still have one of the saves on my memory card even and found it a somewhat disturbing game, but at the same time fun and the judgement ring thing was neat. More recently I also played/completed Shadowhearts: From the New World and also found it extremely good. Heck, I'd say its great considering what my emotional reaction was to one particular bit, combined with the villains you could empathise with. Its not often you beat a main boss near the end then feel bad about it. Its a shame really, since both it and the ones before never really sold well and the company making the series went under pretty much as they finished From the New World. It'll always hold a special place in my heart as the only RPG I've ever seen that explained why you can only use a tent once, then have to buy a new one. :3

Shadowhearts itself can be a bit rare to get, but I'd say its definately worth checking out either it or FtNW. FTNW is kinda fanservicey at points and throughout the series, theres a fair few truly freaksome bosses/monsters. o_o But at the same time it made me go 'awww... Crying or Very sad ' at points and laugh at others. It really appealed to my urge to complete a game totally, collecting all the weapons and armour and reading the information on each, doing all the sidequests to get all the backstory and explanation. For a small example, theres an character called Natan, native american sort, who uses guns in combat. Specifically, 'GUN-FU', where he's practically hitting them with the barrel while shooting. Now, that in itself is just wow, but they did actually come up with a rather moving story explanation, just you have to go do a sidequest near the end to find out., I kinda ran off on a tangent there. <_<;
Theres other games I've yet to complete on my list, like Fantavision and Airblade, but to be honest, I've pretty much decided to ignore that I have them. The former, although kinda pretty and relaxing, to actually complete was just kinda annoying for me, since it makes you go through all the levels in one go and if you mess up, right back to the start. And the latter, just not really my kinda game, certainly not completing some of those ridiculously hard sub-missions. I'm pretty sure the only way to get some of those score ones would be to be doing a single trick combo for most of the 2 minutes. Mad

Sonic and The Secret Rings: stuck on Captain Behemoth
Zelda Ocarina: stuck on that dumb boomerang thing in Lord Jabu-Jabu's belly.
Mega Man X: stopped caring
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle: AAAAAGHH BIOLIZARD!!!!!!!
Sonic Adventure DX:
Shadow the Hedgehog: I can't beat two levels, and because of this, I cannot unlock the "True" ending... *sigh*

Wow... I guess I hadn't noticed how many Sonic games I play. Razz

I still have to play the evil side of Fable: The Lost Chapters.
That's pretty much it Razz When I get a game, I BEAT IT!
Captain Gamer

What ho, might as well.

The two games of interest I've been playing are actually not topical, but Virtual Console. Star Fox 64 and Mario Kart 64. I kinda swapped between the two, getting all the medals on one path in Star Fox, then getting gold on all cups in one class in Mario Kart. Next day, same thing. Back when I had a single friend who shared my interests and disdain for the social scene, "Nick", these were the two games we'd play all the time, Smash Bros. aside.

The best was when we'd play the Special cup, then keep vaulting ourselves over the railing at Rainbow Road to see who'd nail the shortcut first, and end up failing the race because of it. In Star Fox, geez, we'd take turns, pretending that Fox was Falco in some missions, or just play the multiplayer and attempt to take down an Arwing on foot. Never happened. And then, come high school, he was taken in to a clique where he was humiliated, chasized, and assimilated. It was a slow process, too. Regardless, we'll always have the Nintendo 64. And those were days I relived on the Virtual Console. Nintendo really knows how to please the people.

List!! (Of the unfinished, that is)

Pokemon Pearl - Training up for Battle Revolution
MegaMan Star Force Dragon - I played this for about two hour's worth, then somehow just up and stopped. How'd that happen??
Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja - Very abusive relationship with this one.

Gameboy Advance:
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town - Whoo... Year 4 can't come fast enough to get all my rivals married off, then concentrate on the Harvest Goddess.

Tales of Symphonia - Lost my TV once, then somehow never got back
Viewtiful Joe 2 - Didn't get through the top two difficulties... the extras in this one are so lame compared to the first
Pokemon Coliseum - Only played it for an hour... for the Johto starters
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles - Too easy to get hung up on collecting all the upgrades in one area and the fun factor goes OUT the window!

Final Fantasy IX - My main squeeze until the Wii arrived
Legend of Dragoon - Comes well recommended from... everywhere!

Playstation 2:
Dark Cloud 2 - This, and its prequel, come very well recommended from me. I'd say the first installment counts as a classic and as part of gaming mythology by now
Legaia 2 - Once more, a series that only got better with time. And just like the previous one, a third installment is needed, ASAP.

An honorable mention, I'm soon to get The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for Wii, and what little time I can dedicate to gaming will go toward it.

As you well can see, I do NOT always play to get things done on the first time through... though there's about a list twice as long of games I DO have completed.
Skybait J

Captain Gamer wrote:

MegaMan Star Force Dragon - I played this for about two hour's worth, then somehow just up and stopped. How'd that happen??

Maybe because the game had so much aim towards the younger generation that the storyline stopped being interesting to anyone else after the first two hours. Battles were still fun after that point, however....

Captain Gamer wrote:

MegaMan Star Force Dragon - I played this for about two hour's worth, then somehow just up and stopped. How'd that happen??

I dunno... I haven't played Leo in a while either. Guess I'd rather just go online. Forum Index -> Video Game Discussion
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