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The Chosen One: Legends Walk the Earth

Roleplay time!

Story: A great evil has been awakened by a foolish man who thought he could control its amazing power. He was killed by the force he unleashed, the Sorcerer Sin-Jahk, but the universe might yet be saved. The Guardian of the Universe, Ibonek, realises that if the Chosen One can be summoned from among the masses, this singular being might defeat Sin-Jahk. Unfortunately, he does not yet know who the Chosen One is, and though he has the list narrowed down, it is impossible to say who the Chosen One will be yet. Yet that being must surface, or the universe is doomed to being crushed.

Rules: I know this sounds a bit unusual, but I thought It might be interesting to have this be the case. You have to be you. You make up a history for yourself, get pulled into the sub-dimension by Ibonek, and participate in the contest. But you don't have to be the you of this forum. For example, if I was to play, I could be Koji, Thunder Blue Master, or Beast Borg, all names I've used. Now, I start the game on Earth, which could be completely different from real Earth, depending on the country I start in. (just make one up, or use someone else's, it doesn't matter, you won't be there very long.) Then I would get sucked into the sub-universe, where I'd meet Ibonek, and stuffwould happen.

Here is a form.
Skill: (I'm not telling you what this is. just choose one.)
Weapon (choose three):

You then pick an Element:

In addition to your totally fictional abilities, you can control this element.

For chapter one, Your goal is to become the Chosen One.

One more thing, for the sake of not losing track of the game, only post on weekends, because I can't post except one weekends, and good luck having an RPG with no NPCs.

What do you think?
Majin Luigi

Very Well.

Name: Majin Luigi
Country: Rodahz
Skill: assasination, pyrokinesis
Weapon1: knife
Weapon3: There is no weapon three.
Biography: Born to the decendant of a major demon, Luigi's brother Mario sacrificed himself to save his love, Peach Todstul, (who later killed herself) Mario's last words to Luigi revealed the demon blood they shared.
This information pushed Luigi to the brink of insanity, until he finally allowed himself to go over the edge. He became a master of killing, and became known as "Majin" Luigi.

His element is Darkness.
Skybait J

Name: Kikaru
Country: District 11 (Spire Lands)
Skill: Sky to Earth (personal sword style)
Weaponz: Chinese Dao (Saber), hunting knife, charmed boomerang (how DOES it always return to his hand?!)
Biography: Kikaru is the third son (fifth child) of a well-respected, well-known, and powerfull swordsman who opened a multi-martial and weapon arts training ground. As a child, Kikaru was exposed to many teacher's different arts, and made up his own sword style simmaler to his father's. Everyone at the dojo is very skeptical of this style, its still in the refinement process, but nobody doubts Kikaru's ability to use it effectivly. His father heard of Sin-Jahk being released, but could do nothing about it, since he was getting too old and had to stay to protect the training ground anyway. So he sent the last of his sons who was still home, Kikaru, to go and proove that he was the chosen one. Kikaru didnt particulary want to, being a laid back and somewhat lazy 19 year old, but his father is pretty persuasive. And by persuasive I mean tricksy bribery.

Element: Thunder

Yes! people actually care a little!

Name: Deus Ex "Dex" Machina.
Country: Firra. Also called the Immortal City, it is a part of the afterlife; the place where the Minds of the dead go, rather than the Souls.
Skill: Being in the right place at the right time.
Weapons: 1- The Clipboard. Dex carries this simple clipboard around with him everywhere, often reading and making notes on it rather than paying attention to what's happening around him.
2- Vorpal Sword. This strange, ethereal sword exists more in the Psychic dimension than in the usual four. While this does allow it to harm extra-dimensional beings such as ghosts, spirits, and non-manifesting Firrans, it does little harm to beings centered more in Quadspace.
3- Dagger. That's all, just a dagger.

Biography: Little is known about Dex's human life, but upon his death and subsequent arrival in Firra, he was charged with living up to his name; it would be his duty to oversee a portion of the timeline, but as more than a casual observer. If things started deviating too far from where they should go, or needed to go, it would be his duty to set it right. While he can observe the timeline himself while in Firra, his standard-issue Clipboard is a constantly-updating "To Do List" of mishaps in the local timeline that need correcting.
Dex's chosen element is Light.

Or, if that's too whacked-out and unorthodox a character concept for you, here's a stealth-artist type.

Nickname: Anomaly.
Country: Daaros. A Magical country; the supernatural is a part of everyday life. There are many different colleges of Magic, monastic orders of Psychics, and even religious cults devoted to Sourcery. It is not limited to humanity, either: the abundant Magical energies, and the work of certain Mages, have mutated some of the local wildlife into fantastic creatures.
Skill: Stealth thievery.
Weapons: 1- Rapier. Chosen for its precision; it is easier to strike at weak-spots such as chinks in a suit of armour with a high-accuracy weapon.
2- Throwing knives. Needed for good long-distance attacks without carrying around a big, obvious bow or crossbow.
3- Grapnel. More often used as a method of transportation than a weapon, but that hook can latch onto a person and be used to send them flying around the room in a pinch.

Biography: When he was a child, his entire home town was destroyed in the crossfire of a conflict between people struggling to obtain a powerful Magical artefact, and he was among the few survivors - unfortunately, his parents were not. He ended up wandering the Daarosian countryside, learning to steal for two reasons: his own basic survival, and as part of an ongoing quest. He would find every single such Magical artefact, make them his by any way necessary, and then either lock them all up in a vault, or destroy them. While those who have the power within themselves have to go through years of training to unlock it, thus learning discipline and responsibility, human beings are simply not to be trusted with the quick-gain power of an already-made artefact. Leaving his old life behind him to better follow this quest, he let his given name be forgotten, and started referring to himself as an Anomaly.
The Anomaly's chosen element is Air. (Don't ask me why I associate cyan with Air, I just do.)
Chocolate Ninja

I guess that I should choose the only character I have that would actually be a good combatant.

Name: Sayuri Donovan
Country: United States (two different variants)
Skill: Hand-to-Hand Combat
Weapon (choose three): Brass-knuckled fists, a few bottles of homemade napalm, and a set of throwing darts.
Biography: Sayuri is a brawler and a delinquent, a "bad seed". No one has ever been around to keep her in check. One day, her "friend" Otaku, a rabid anime fanatic, got the idea that a well they saw on a field trip would lead to a portal to another world, like with Inuyasha. She pushed Sayuri down the well and followed after her. Much to Otaku's delight and Sayuri's utter rage, there did indeed turn out to be another world, except now they couldn't go back. They wandered the streets for a few days, got picked up by an orphanage, and went from foster home to foster home, finally ending up at the home of Miche "Sage" Donovan and his roommate, CN. There they stayed, with Sage fighting a futile battle to try and civilize his daughter, until once again Sayuri got pulled from her dimension in the midst of an act of vandalism. Needless to say, she's pissed.
Element: Fire (duh)

Stick with Dex, he's cool.

I'll have a go. :3

Name: Miyu
Country: United Kingdom
Skill: Marksmanship
Weapon: Long Bow, iron banded quarterstaff, flechette pistol crossbow. (Rapidly fires, but slow reload and needs to be reloaded after a pretty short time of quick fire.)
Biography: Middle child of a fairly ordinary family, a childhood under a fathers light hearted care and between siblings gentle rivalries. After trying out archery one day along with the others, she found she rather enjoyed it, as well as having a knack for the art. With frequent practice of this talent while growing up, out of simple enjoyment, was soon strikingly proficient, carrying around a bow and other items, proud of what she could do and wanting to use those skills wherever possible.
Element: Water

(Hohoho, no angst in this backstory. Or IS there? :3)
Hmm, of Thunder(lightning), Air(wind), Fire, Water, Earth(stone), Ice, Light, Darkness . Only Ice, Air and Earth unpicked. :3 (yes, I mostly did that just to try putting colours to them all for fun. xD

Air(wind) and Light remain a bit up in the air at the moment, 'til Anamoly decides if he's using Anamoly or Dex...

Oh, sorry. Well, since you were backing him, I'll go with the living Deus Ex Machina. Should be... interesting.

<.< So...whats happening?

I dunno. I guess we have to wait for Koji.

I'm waiting for all the elements to be picked
before starting the thing.
But since there seeems to be a lack of caring...

You guys think I should just
start it now and
let others join later if they want?
Or should I wait?

I think you should start it now. Like you said, people could always join later. It's not like this is a dice RPG, where people who join late are at a disadvantage where it comes to experience gained, and they could always read the archives to catch themselves up.
Skybait J

Yeah, let's just start this so we have more reasons to come to teh forum Razz
Chocolate Ninja

Considering that we have so few semi-active members in the first place, we might as well. There aren't that many elements left to take anyways.

Awright, if you guys say so...
Let's Rock'nRoll!

Crud, I just remembered, we're only supposed to post on weekends, so Koji can keep up...
Alright, I'll respond to this one, then leave the whole thing alone 'til Saturday.

<.< Huh, I forgot that too...>.> *makes note to remember*
Chocolate Ninja

Whoops, that's right. Uhh... yeah, I'll leave it be for now too.
Skybait J

....but...but...but  Crying or Very sad

You better all post on the weekends! Me included! *shmacks self*

<_<; Missed weekend post cos of power supply on router breaking.

It'd be nice if we could manage to get on at around the same time at weekends, maybe some sort of group chat going, so we could get a series of rounds done in quicker succession, but timezones make that harder. =S
Skybait J

Especially since we got people from all over the world here....
Chocolate Ninja

Couldn't we post some on weekdays too, as long as we don't get overboard? It's not like we'd progress too far without Koji leading anyways.

Well, all posting once between each of Kojis post is probably whats being aimed for, just since thats a weekend thing, while we could space out our replies during the week if we missed our reply on the weekened...that make sense? o.O
Majin Luigi

Chocolate Ninja wrote:
Couldn't we post some on weekdays too, as long as we don't get overboard? It's not like we'd progress too far without Koji leading anyways.

However, I'm thinking that Koji wanted us to post on weekends because that's when he will be on. If he needs to operate an NPC, and he's not here, it could lead to the rest of us sitting there in awful anticipation for a week.

What Luigi said. I'm thinking perhaps that not all of us (including me) cannot post on weekdays. If you'd like me to lift the ban due to "Winter Break" type reasons, I'll be happy to do it. Owing to the break, I've got more posting hours myself.

(Not that the rule seems to be very well obeyed anyway Razz.)
Majin Luigi

I don't see why not. (Not that anybody's really following that rule anyway. Razz.)
Skybait J

...I was gone...

I fugot to tell youse... ;-;

'unnecessarily compassionate female who turns out to be the love interest' slot

...I already have issue with the name of my pidgeonhole. Razz Nice post though.

Sorry, that's just the way the blond-haired man sees the whole situation. He's bound to be wrong on a few counts - for instance, I would say that Sayuri's more like a punkish and reckless Action Girl than actual cannon fodder, but Dex hasn't seen anything to make him think otherwise.

Also, thank you very much. I always appreciate feedback, even if it isn't positive.

Hehe, yeah, I know. Wasn't negative feedback, just a casual remark. I'd say what sort of thing I think I might end as, but it'd totally jinx it. x3

I know that. I just meant that I would have appreciated the feedback even if it was negative, while not-so-subtly hinting to the rest of the forum that they can give feedback too, negative or otherwise.

Damn, that post of mine felt awkward. D:
I was originally planning to just have her take the hit straight, but I figured that since there seemed to be the talking before the actual hit, it would be reasonable for her to try and defend and at least be credibly able to look after herself. Then I got a bit indecisive.  Confused

Incidentally, stepping into a hook-punch is probably a bad idea, unless you want them to be able to hook around you from behind and get you in a headlock or something. Much more sound, I think, to step back.

edit: Post done. I apologise for the long, wordy explanation... I've been watching The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and some of Koizumi's traits have been infecting me... even to the point whereby I'm imagining the blond-haired man being voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch. Razz
Skybait J


Do we already have our elemental power, or is it something we have to discover?

Because I keep thinking about how Kikaru's fighting style could be centered around his element, but if he didnt have it beforehand...

Well, it'd be differet!

It'd be my guess that at least a couple of characters would have their element from the start, and I think it'd fit Kikaru to have it early more than most, what with the whole long training regimen and years of designing his own swordplay style thing.

Though, I must admit I am still wondering why it is that a Darkness elemental uses bursts of fire. Razz

Skybait J wrote:
Do we already have our elemental power, or is it something we have to discover?

To be honest, I'm wondering that myself.
I was going to have it be something you already have, but rarely use but then I noticed that some characters were using their's very frequently. I bet Luigi would be just a regular guy without his Hellfire (however that works), and Sayuri's fire control seems to be pretty central for her character. On a totally different note, Miyu hasn't used her's at all (unless I missed a post).

So, being forced to make a desicion, I say...
You already have your powers, but how much you use them is up to you.

...Majin, you realise that by now, the blond-haired man and Kikaru have been walking away from the group for some time, and are probably long out of sight?

Anomaly wrote:
Incidentally, stepping into a hook-punch is probably a bad idea, unless you want them to be able to hook around you from behind and get you in a headlock or something. Much more sound, I think, to step back.

I figured that swaying would be much worse and although ducking would be the best idea, with the arm going to the side, the headlock thingy wouldn't be a risk. That and I'm a profound believer in my character not doing the best thought out thing, since while I have the hindsight and time to think, the character doesn't. :3

...Majin, you realise that by now, the blond-haired man and Kikaru have been walking away from the group for some time, and are probably long out of sight?

I hadn't realized it'd been quite that long, for walking pace, to get them that far away, unless they've gone round a bunch of dips/hills and ruined stuff blocking line of sight... o.o Forum Index -> Roleplay Sign-up/Discussion
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