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The Chosen One: Legends Walk The Earth

Sin-Jahk was coming. His power was increasing. And Guardian Inobek knew it. Sin-Jahk had to be stopped. Inobek could do it himself, but the gods dictated that no guardian can directly oppose any crisis of omniversal scale. Inobek could only appoint those who can.

Standing on the edge of the sacred realm , Ibonek knew it was time. He had selected those who had the potential. He would send them the offer. Some knew of the guardian, others did not. Either way, it would be up to them to accept the offer to compete for the title of Chosen One.
Majin Luigi

Luigi stood at the edge of a roof, thinking about the task he was about to perform. Slipping through the nearest window, he entered silently. As running down the hall, Luigi finally reached his objective: The room of Mr.B. Kupaa, the man who had ended Mario's life. Luigi saw the man there, peacefully in bed. months ago, this would have been impossible. Now, it will be easy. Luigi reaches forward, his hand at Kupaa's neck. it was enough to wake him, but a short blast of Luigi's hellfire was able to kill him instantly. Luigi quickly ran back the way he'd come, crawling out the window. Luigi stood at the edge of a roof, thinking about the the task he had just performed. As he made his way back to Hell, a gateway opened, and it wasn't one he'd been expecting. Rather, it was a bright gate, pulsing with quintessential energy. The half-demon instantly recognized the power of a guardian. Luigi wasn't sure what it meant, but for a demon, it wasn't the best idea to refuse the command of heaven, considering that guardians and even gods were less forgiving of demons than any other variety of life. Luigi went into his demon form, and walked through the gate.

The Deus Ex Machina stepped into the timeline hall, and his human eyes glazed over and grew heavy-lidded as he peered into the chaotic mess that was a multiverse's worth of problems.

He sighed. That Mytherium business was getting way out of hand. It was only a matter of time until the King sent him down there, or another Machina; until then, though, it wasn't his business, and he looked past it, to other things. A few times, he almost turned around and left to go 'fix' something, before he remembered he already had. The way time-travel messed with the 'line almost worried him sometimes. Not to the point where he'd stop using it, but still.

Unexpectedly, his hanging head snapped up. He was only able to catch a few brief words - Sin-Jahk, Inobek, Chosen One - before he was overwhelmed with the sensation that always made him say, "Oh, that's a big one."

Turning on his heel, he grabbed his coat and Clipboard, and headed straight toward the gates of Firra, without stopping for anyone, and before noticing that he'd been called by the Guardian personally.
Skybait J

He heard the call with his whole body, he could feel Ibonek asking him to fight once more. But he held himself silent to it. He looked at his hands...they had grown calloused and wrinkled...they were shaking ever so slightly. Did the gods need him so much that they were to call opon an old man? He sat up from his desk.

"Will someone call Kikaru to my room for me? I need to speak with him on a grave matter"

The message was sent swiftly and within minutes Kikaru swayed into the Master's room, his body language clearly saying that he had better things to do.

"Whaddya want, dad?"

The swordsman paused. Was he really going to send the last and laziest of his sons to his fate? Sadly, there was not enough time to call one of the older sons, who were probably days to weeks away.

"Kikaru, come in and stand before me." The boy took his sweet time in doing so, and the swordsman sized him up. Kikaru was strong enough, he decided.

"Son, I have been called by Ibonek...but as you can see, I have gotten much too old to fight for this world. The danger is much too perilous for I have chosen you to go in my stead."

Kikaru cut in, "So what do I get for it?"

"Fame, glory...." unimpressed, the swordsman reached in his desk and pulled, "Money, perhaps? No? Then how about freedom from the house along with this nice bag of cash."

Kikaru tilted his head slightly, as if thinking, then turned his back on his father, hiding his look of greed "Eh, sounds pretty good, I guess I'll take it... but will I get a new horse as well? Y'know, I cant ride my old horse to get...wherever I'm going."

"You won't need a horse at all, son." And with that, the swordsman gave his son a swift kick in the rear. Kikaru, shocked, fell down and dissapeared, as he had fallen into an invisible rip in space intended for the swordsman.

The swordsman turned back to his desk, and hoped that he had sent the right person.
Chocolate Ninja

World-renowned chef Miche Donovan, often referred to simply as Sage, was angry.

"No! No no no no no!" Sage snatched the chainsaw from his fourteen-year-old daughter's hands. "No chainsaws in the house!"

"Then I'll take it outta the house. Gimme!" Sayuri attempted to wrest the chainsaw out of her parent's hands, to no avail. "Damn it!"

"Hey, hey!" CN chimed in, from the ceiling. "Sage is right! Don't use a chainsaw."

Sayuri narrowed her eyes at the ninja. "Hey!"

A ray gun dropped onto Sayuri's head. "Use this instead!" CN flashed a thumbs-up and what appeared to be a grin.

"Gah!" Sage snatched the ray gun. "Stop encouraging her behavior!"

A statuesque girl in a too-small Japanese schoolgirl outfit and cat ears managed to make a "T_T" face. "Aww, Otaku-chan wants a toy too!"

"Sure!" Another ray gun dropped on Otaku's head. Sage scrambled to catch it, nearly dropping the chainsaw and other ray gun in the process. "Rrrgh! I said stop that, you idiot!"

In the commotion, Sayuri grabbed her pyromania tools and exited stage right.


"Damn it feels good to get away from those freaks," Sayuri said out loud.

Her mustachioed associate gave a nod of acknowledgement. "They sure are." He poured some more gasoline on the flames now completely surrounding the courthouse. "Where else're we going tonight?"

Ibonek summons you, young one. Sayuri shook her head violently. What the hell was that supposed to mean?


"Eh? I dunno." Sayuri flicked her lighter on. She started walking away from the fire. "How 'bout McDonalds? They've been pissing me off latel-"

If Sayuri had been paying more attention at that moment, she would have noticed the portal she'd just stepped into. As it was, she didn't realize she had done so until the gate had already closed right behind her.

Her first words in this new world echoed her first words in the last one. "What the ****?!"

Walking through the woods, bow slung across the shoulder, Miyu was effectively patrolling, looking for trouble. She didn't think of it as such, more considering it being a peaceful walk that just so happened to include being armed, just in case. She was often glad of such, since she could barely go a day without finding someone to lend help to.
Eyes wandering about slowly but attentively, the last thing she was expecting was the odd noise behind her as a portal slipped open behind her. Even as she turned there was a strong urge in her mind, no specific words as the sense of knowledge that she was needed for something momentously important, by someone equally so. Still, looking curiously at the strange area, which seemed to change appearance when she looked at it differently, she hesitated a moment. Despite the thoughts suddenly moving through her head and her own mind knowing what she wanted to do already, she took a moment to check her equipment. She often followed her gut instincts, but this was definitely something outside her experience and the next step could be a big one.
Even as that concept ran through her mind though, she was already stepping forward, a smile showing.

At last, thought Ibonek as the candidates arrived, the challenge shall begin.

Ibonek stepped forwards and welcomed those who had arrived.
"Greetings. I am Ibonek, the Guardian, and you may know of me, or you may not. I obviously know of you, considering the fact that you are here in my realm. If you wish, however, you may introduce yourselves to oneanother." With that, Ibonek waited for the right time to explain the situation.
Majin Luigi

"I am Luigi, and I am what humans call a Majin. I don't know why I'm here, so if anyone does, please tell me before I decide to kill everyone in this room." Luigi said politely.
Skybait J

"Same here! Same goes for me" Kikaru shouted out, "What the hell is going on and where the hell am I?! Ooh, that bastard! He forced me here! Tricked me, gah! I didnt even get that money!! DAMMIT!!!" His hand went to his sword, gripping it with anger.

"I am Kikaru, and I'll seriously start killing people too! Seriously! I'm so friggin pissed off...didnt even get that money...rrrrrg!"

Hadn't really given much thought to what she expected to find on the other side, but it had to be said that this was not it. Glancing about lightly, she simply said, rather a polite and wellspoken voice with a hint of an accent, "I don't have any idea why I'm here, but I don't think theres any need to go about killing people to find out such things.", pausing before giving a nod, "MY name is Miyu and I have some idea why I'm here, based around a wierd sort of...hole in the air and choosing to step through. What I don't know is where here is or why the opportunity was given.". Her gaze drifting about the various people around with a mix of appraising curiosity and some caution.
Chocolate Ninja

Sayuri crossed her arms, catching her stride. Keep cool, Say, she told herself. You can turn this around if you just stay cool. "Yeah, looks like I'm not the only one who's pissed. I ain't telling anyone my name until you-" she gestured curtly at Ibonek, "-tell me what the hell is going on."

The blond-haired man sighed, mumbling something under his breath about 'cranky children'. Without even looking away from his Clipboard, he spoke up: "I'm a Deus Ex Machina, but if you have to, you can call me Dex for short."

He glanced around at the others, scratching a few notes down. "Little reminder. Ibonek called all of you here. None of you are the big man on campus anymore. It would be wise to keep an eye on your tongue and your tantrums."

'Dex' looked back down at his notes. "Sorry, but that's the way it is."
Chocolate Ninja

Sayuri was not about to take that kind of flak, least of all from some stranger. She glanced at Dex. "Yeah, and you should keep an eye on your own tongue, or you might find yourself without it." She tossed one of her mysterious bottles in the air lightly. "Wouldn't that be a shame, huh?"
Skybait J

Kikaru looked Dex squarely in the eye, defiance filling his face, "Hey, nobody called me except my father! I didn't hear nor decide diddly, and I've never heard of this Whats-his-face-Ibo-something-or-other! Dunno 'bout the rest of you, but I have a right to be angry! And also a right to know what the hell I'm in for!"

He crossed his arms tightly and leaned towards Dex, "If you're such a know-it-all about this stuff, then start talking, Clippy. Inform us."

'Dex' ignored the threats and insults, instead giving the Guardian a raised-eyebrow, 'why these two?' look before turning back to his Clipboard.

"Hmm. Not even called, and got yourself tricked into coming?" He scribbled in a margin. "Well, that explains it, though I don't see why it gives you a 'right to be angry'." Now he looked up, staring almost straight into Kikaru's eyes, with his own pure-white, slightly glowing orbs. Turning his head on an angle gave him even more of an off-kilter appearance. "You got yourself tricked into coming here."

The Deus Ex Machina looked back to his Clipboard. "But, I may as well let you know 'what you're in for', if only to get this silliness out of the way. Sin-Jahk's going to be enough of a problem."

He cleared his throat. "Long ago, and at great cost, a great evil was sealed up: Sin-Jahk, the Sorceror. He remained sealed for many years, only breaking out of his prison recently. He poses a threat not just to the world, but to all worlds. To stop it, the Guardian Ibonek has done all he can do in the circumstances - call for the Chosen One." He paused, looking around the room. "Though, as for why there are apparently a Chosen Four here, you'll have to ask him yourself."

"Well, I believe I might as well explain. There is no more than one Chosen One, although there are many who may aid him, or her. You called here will either assist the Chosen One, or be the Chosen One." Ibonek glanced around.
"In other words,you are here so we may discover which one of you is the Chosen One. There are others who may arrive yet."
Ibonek sat back, once again, to watch the results.
Majin Luigi

"Well, that's fine, but it doesn't explain why a Demon God is here. I doubt that a being like me could become this Chosen One you speak of." responds Luigi.

"Stranger things have happened. And besides, you don't have to be the Chosen One - apparently, there are helpers, too." He flipped a page on the 'Board, looking up at the Guardian. "So, what's the plan? How do we find out which one of them's Chosen? Or, are we just going to not bother?"
Skybait J

Chosen one? Hm, that deal sounds pretty cool to me. Braggin' rights, obviously. But there's more in the deal too. Just look at dad! Being famous has great perks! I already have a bit of fame for being related to my dad...but if I'm the chosen one... Kikaru looked around. If? Tcha! All these putzes are going down. Kikaru immidiatly assumed that he must be the chosen one. He had not heard the call in the first place, but that meant nothing to him. Or at least it prooved to him that he was special

That must mean I can prevent mental intrusian so much better than the rest of these fools. He supplimented that thought with many more about how his mind had never been penetrated before. He ignored the fact that no one had really tried.

He crossed his arms and a smug grin spread across his face. Only a matter of time then...
Chocolate Ninja

Sayuri burst out into laughter at Dex's words. "Chosen One? Great Evil? That's rich!"

After a few minutes of hysterical laughter, she recovered herself. "But seriously, what is this, some kinda cliched tournament deal bull****? Gimme a break." She affected a yawn and lay down on the floor, closing her eyes. "Wake me up when something actually INTERESTING happens."

Was at first rather thoughtful and introspective, a pensive silence coming from her while most of the others made themselves heard.
She was very doubtful that she would be the chosen one, part of her certain of it, after all she'd always been one to help others, that was her central creed. So, a position of helping this 'chosen one' seemed to match so well...
On the other hand though, she privately mused as she glanced about the others in the room, she couldn't quite envision this group all being happy helpers to one person picked out from them. With all the various personalities, it might be akin to herding cats. Herding them into fighting a terrible evil. Cats that don't like each other. Armed and dangerous cats. She sighed softly, she'd have to trust that the person in charge knew what they were doing.
She walked over towards Sayuri, standing besides the reclining figure and saying in a low quiet voice, an easy half-smile hovering on her lips, "Interesting choice of how to behave about it. But the way I see it...Cliches become cliche after being in many stories. Just because someone of great evil tends to show up a lot, doesn't make it not worth it, not interesting, to fight.", before she said in a fairly direct manner rather more loudly, head turning towards Ibonek, "Whoever gets picked definately has my support. So, I'm interested in just how we find out who it is.". After that, she glanced back towards Sayuri, adding, "I'd rather see this evil fought and be finished with sooner rather than later, I'm sure we all have our reasons for thinking similar. Am I right?".

"The way you shall come to know which of your number is the Chosen One is through skill, ability, and character. Luigi, to answer your question, I have seen hundreds of Chosen Ones spanning the multiverse, and plenty of these seemed the very last people who would save the universe. Also, I know for a fact that you are not fully demon. Had you not been half human, you would not have been considered, I assure you."

Ibonek, as usual, turned his thoughts towards the multiverse once he was finished speaking, fully intending to allow his guests to converse on this information once more.

Unfortunately, he didn't so much as reflect before he saw something terrible had taken place.

Opening his eyes, Ibonek shared the information which he had perceived.
"Sin-Jahk has commited his first atrocity. The four of you must aid those who remain alive."
Majin Luigi

"What?" asked Majin Luigi, "You cannot expect us to go help a small number of fools who remain alive after the attack of A being as powerful as Sin-Jahk. It isn't likely that there will be as many as twenty behind in that entire realm! Even then, they'll probably be on the verge of death. They will be dead whether we reach them in time or not!"

Catching his breath, Luigi thought of another thing. "And besides, I can't imagine how this will help us figure out who's the Chosen One."

Miyu privately noted the various things that the decision would be based on, that the person would just gently become obvious through intent and deed and choice. Glancing around at the others, a few did seem less likely than others, but it was probably wise not to judge too early. It seemed a fitting enough way for it to be found and they would all still be able to help out people along the way it seemed.

She glanced over at Luigi, "Are those not just reasons to hurry? After all, if you or someone you cared for was laying, gravely injured but alive, and a group of people aware of people in need did not even attempt to give aid...I daresay you wouldn't be happy?", she paused a moment. "I guess that makes my own decision obvious, I just want to help. Never dealt with anything too serious, but...", trailing off as she nodded.

She did have a fair modicum of self-doubt flickering inside, although doubt was perhaps the wrong word. She was rather firm about some of her failings and worries about not being as good as she wished she was, she just kept them all within.

The blond-haired man nodded. He slipped the Clipboard into an inside pocket, and deftly pulled his weapons out of their sheaths, the vorpal sword slightly translucent and glowing faintly blue. "Let's go." As far as he was concerned, there wasn't any point to more words.
Skybait J

Attacked with few survivors? This is my chance to gain support of the people by heroically coming to thier aide in thier dire situation!...I just hope the ones alive arent dismembered or horrendously scarred....because thats just gross and they shouldnt be allowed to live in that kind of state anyway. It's just cruel to force other people to take care of some armless guy for the rest of his life because he cant do anything himself. Hm, anyway

Holding himself in an idea of a heroic poise, Kikaru proclaimed, "Yes, not a moment to loose in helping these poor survivors! ...Rough estimation though, how many would you say survived? If it's many...thats good of course! But we'd have to find a way to divide up the work of caring for them"

He glanced around, assesing in the faces of the others as to how awesome he had appeared with this new turn of heroisism. Hey wait...theres four of them...and one me...doesnt that equal five? Or does it?! Why didnt I pay more attention in math?!

"Excellent." said Ibonek, opening a portal to the near-dead world of Suibom. "Simply step through the portal, and you shall arrive at the world of Suibom. Also, to answer Luigi's question, this shall also serve as the first test to decide which of you is the Chosen One."

Soon a bright light flashed in a world recently ravaged by evil...
Chocolate Ninja

"Right, right, tournament. I getcha." Sayuri tossed her bottle in the air again and walked through the portal.

Of course, she didn't care what happened with that atrocity or whatever, but maybe that Sin-Jahk guy wouldn't make for such a bad fight. She was itching to take out her anger on someone anyways. She smirked to herself. She hoped he wasn't immune to fire.
Majin Luigi

"*Meh.*" Luigi stepped through the portal, and began one of those mental monolouges. Whether I'm the Chosen One or not, It's obvioius that the old man intends to have me take part in the battle of Sin-Jahk. I must be careful not to underestimate him. Sin-Jahk has to be pretty powerful if a Guardian's worried about him. Can't let my guard down, even against his forces.

As he arrived on the other side, Luigi quickly raised his Hellfire level, hoping not to meet anything he couldn't handle. (Angels, Djinni, minor gods, Sin-Jahk, etc.)

Entered the portal, following the first couple through, a look of quiet resolution on her face. Once through, she took a few steps straight away from the portal, blinking and looking around at the ravaged world. Her lips parted to utter a curse. She'd never really dealt with things of this magnitude and this sight was definately driving home just how big it all was, her quiet doubt of if she would be truly able to help flaring for a moment before she quashed it. She turned about gently, wanting to get her bearings a little, eyes scanning the land to note any landmarks, smoke on the horizon, and hoping to spot someone alive other than those coming through the portal.

Despite his natural inclination to stay in the back, the blond-haired man got impatient and shoved his way in ahead of the self-presumed 'hero'. He sighed as he saw the destruction, though his eyes went straight back to the Clipboard.
After reading only one line, his head snapped back up, squinting into the dark. The beams from his eyes narrowed, banishing the darkness, and leading him along.
Saying nothing to the others, he just continued along, occasionally checking the Clipboard to be certain of his path.
Skybait J

"Hey, seriously, are you just throwing us into a situation without any ideas at all?! That's poor planning, whats your face Ibonek! And you!" he spun on the portal. He was indignat. How dare Clippy shove him out of the way! All he wanted was an answer to his question! "Don't you treat me that! Hey, talking to you Clippy! Don't just walk away, hey!" Kikaru huffed, then ran through the portal after Dex. He was annoyed that he didnt get his question answered, but also annoyed by his perception of Dex's holier-than-thou type additude. Nobody ever gave him an additude like that, not even his older brothers. His teachers had tried, but he pulled out the I'll-kick-your-ass-or-maybe-have-dad-do-it card. Rarely these days would anyone even give the effort to act better than Kikaru.

He paid no initial mind to the scenery around him. He'd seen battle feilds and war before, this was nothing knew. He didnt even trip over the scarred terrain and he ran and caught Dex by the arm.

"Hey, you! You, fanatic! What's your deal?! Huh?!"

The blond-haired man nonchalantly snatched his hand away from the kid, only just avoiding nicking him with the sword. "I already told you - I'm a Deus Ex Machina. Look it up, if you like." He gave the Clipboard one last glance before slipping it back inside his pocket - at that point, he probably had to concentrate on the task at hand.

The place the Clipboard had pointed him to was the darkest in the entire area. He couldn't help but wonder what it was getting him into - was he going to rescue a bunch of hidden survivors? Find some carelessly-dropped yet important artefact? Or was the darn thing leading him into a fight, like it almost always did?

The Deus Ex Machina sighed. In any case, one thing was clear; wherever he was going, he was going alone, as per usual. And by alone, he meant, not with that hero-wannabe tagging along. "I have my own business to take care of, so why don't you head off with the others?" He flicked the dagger into his free hand. "...go get a crush on the hero's romantic interest or something."

He turned the lights in his eyes up, and raised his weapons in a rough approximation of stance. Putting it like that led to an interesting set of questions, and an amusing little jigsaw. This whole thing smacked of a story deal to him - so, where did all the different 'characters' fit in? Figuring that out would probably make a nice little shortcut to finding the Chosen One. Miyu fit the 'unnecessarily compassionate female who turns out to be the love interest' slot like a glove. That kid with the bottles - with her attitude, it was a wonder she'd had as many lines as she had before turning into red-shirted cannon fodder. The Majin, Luigi, would be an unwilling anti-hero at best. Unfortunately, that all meant that Kikaru was closest to the archetype of the 'hero'... though, he could only hope that he was right in his estimation of the kid as the secondary character who thought he was the hero. To be honest, out of the whole lot, only the Majin was worth rooting for as Chosen One.

And the blond-haired man? The Deus Ex Machina of the story, of course.
Skybait J

"Huh, crush? On who, them? What are you even talking about?!"

Kikaru was ticked at Dex. How dare Clippy just brush him off like that! Acting all cool and superior, that was something he couldn't take from someone else. Kikaru wasnt going to back down easy from this direct threat.

"And, and whaddya mean 'your own business'? We're here to save people, y'know, this isnt a time to just go off alone and do whatever! Easy way to get killed and never be found again if you ask me! Especially..." he waved his hand to the scenery around them, " this kind of deathly place. Who knows what could be out there." He stopped for a moment...only a moment to see that Deus was in a battle ready pose. Kikaru looked to where Deus was looking, then looked back at Dues. His hand brushed over his boomerang.

Still not backing down, Kikaru asked, "You see something there, Clippy?"
Chocolate Ninja

Sayuri looked at the destruction and whistled in approval. "Hot damn! This place is totaled." She took a precursory glance around. Nope, nothing alive. Didn't that just suck. Time to go home.

Oh wait, that's right! She couldn't go home. Because of those stupid portals. Yeah, she needed something to rough up right about now. Too bad that Sin-Jahk guy was nowhere to be seen. Then again, the way she remembered it, the bad guy only showed up after you kicked everyone else's ass.

...that wasn't such a bad idea. She tapped Miyu on the shoulder. "Hey you, dodge this!" She swung a quick left hook at the girl's face.

Miyu was still scanning the horizon before she was tapped on the shoulder, mind a little distracted with the desolation. Still, the words before the swing, were at least some slight warning even as her face showed suprise and confusion. What she had learned about fighting, mostly defensive, was that practice and repition of the basics was important, until the actions could come without thinking. She wasn't quite there yet, but she did manage to react to avoid taking the hook full in the face. She didn't quite dodge though, mostly just shifting herself a bit closer to Sayuri, while throwing her right arm up and at the arm hooking in, trying to meet the arm with equal force to block, cushion or slow the swing. Her left arm dropping down to her belt for something.

Though her unpreparedness delayed her actions a little so the blow still glanced into her cheek, reddening it, it was not nearly as hard as the original swing, face only turning to one side slightly with the knock before her right arm aimed to push the arm back and glare at Sayrui, eyes rather more watchful now, as she said in colder tones, "...What the hell was that for?". She didn't strike back, though the perhaps disregarded action of her left arm had been to slip back around her waist to subtly take a hold of the staff there. She wasn't intending to use it, but some moves without thinking were learned and kept out of caution.

The blond-haired man could have let himself get exasperated at the kid following him, but that... just wasn't him. May as well enjoy life... or unlife... or post-life... or whatever it is you call what Firrans get. He gave a slight smirk, though Kikaru didn't see it.

"For the third time, I'm a Deus Ex Machina." May as well give him the cliff's notes version so he'll stop asking. "Think of it like this. Imagine the worlds are filled with stories. Usually, those stories can manage themselves, from foundation to finale. Sometimes, though, they run into trouble that they can't resolve on their own - they need a little push in the right direction. And it's Dei Ex Machinis like me who give it." All the while he talked, he was still walking, deeper into the darkness. "So, I pretty much am what I said I am. A living - after a fashion - deus ex machina."

The Firran chuckled at Kikaru's observations. "Killed and never found, huh? You don't know much about Firrans, do you?" Don't worry about it too much. Kid's probably never hit on anything supernatural at all before today. "To put it simply, Firra is one of the places you go when you die. It's kind of a pre-requisite of being a Firran that you have to be dead already... and you can't really die twice. So, pardon me if I'm not too worried."

Of course, that wasn't to say that there weren't methods. Only the Soul was really immortal, and Firrans were pure Mind... but it would have made that last line of his considerably less cool-sounding if he actually added the disclaimer out loud. "Not yet. But it never hurts to be prepared."
Skybait J

Kikaru followed the Dues as they headed...somewhere. To him, it looked the area most burned, but everywhere around him was pretty damaged, so he couldnt be too sure. He kept his boomerang in his hand just in case.

"Fine, so you cant be killed, but that doesnt stop you from being stolen or trapped. This guy, Sin-Jak, sounds pretty damn powerful..." he smirked, "...Who knows, maybe your end all godmodder powers arent enough. Maybe this guy'll find a way to use it to his advantage, too. Be prepared, yeah?"

Kikaru didnt really beleive what the Dues was saying; it simply drove it home as to what a stuck-up, holier-than-thou person the Dues was. Kikaru could beleive that he was dead, maybe in some back corner of his mind. But the fact that everything was some kind of story? And that the Dues was here to make everything better? Tosh, loads of it. This guy didnt strike him as very much, and Kikaru found himself wondering vaugly how much pounding it would take until the Dues broke.
Majin Luigi

"If we're just going to fight amongst ourselves, then why the hell are we even here?" Luigi asked. "I would've thought we might at least try to find some trace of Sin-Jahk while we're here, but apparantly the lot of you are too damn stupid to stop fighting!" he yelled.

Let's see, thought the majin, the first girl is too violent to be able to think, the archer is too compassionate to be of any use in combat, the Machina is full of himself, but not quite arrogant, and the kid... the kid is a complete idiot.


I'm never gonna get out of this stupid game.
Chocolate Ninja

Miyu skillfully intercepted her swing, just as Sayuri had hoped. She had hardly put any force into that punch, but it was still a good test of her abilities. "...what the hell was that for?"

"If we're just going to fight amongst ourselves, then why the hell are we even here? I would've thought we might at least try to find some trace of Sin-Jahk while we're here, but apparently the lot of you are too damn stupid to stop fighting!" shouted the demonic Luigi clone.

The corners of Sayuri's mouth turned up in what could almost be called a smile. "Not bad." She retracted her fist casually. "Maybe you're not such a bad opponent after all." She turned to demon-Luigi. "Well, let's see here. Some mysterious organizer has brought us all together, and only one of us can be the 'Chosen One' who can defeat the Big Bad. I don't know about you, but I don't see the Big Bad so much as a whole bunch of already-dead people. That probably means the Big Bad's going to show up at the very end, maybe making a cameo appearance here and there. Where I come from, there are these things called 'fighting games', and this strikes me as a page from one. Or Highlander. Either way, we're probably going to end up fighting each other at some point, so it makes perfect sense for me to test the opposition, don't you think?"

He finally found the cave the 'Board had mentioned, and made a beeline for it. It was exactly the kind of place where people would have hidden when the destruction started. "Godmoder? It's nothing special, just generic Firran nature with a dash of Light elementalism. And as for Sin-Jahk... I don't even think he's still here."

Still, he lowered his voice to just loud enough to reach Kikaru, and turned out the lights. "Think about it. The holocaust is already done. All that would be left of the Sorceror would be whatever grunts are stuck on mop-up duty."

They were just at the edge of a large cavern. The Deus Ex Machina carefully put his back into the wall, trying for a glimpse around the corner. "And it's unlikely he would have left the kind of vorpal equipment you need to deal with an undead Mind with them. If he did... well, that's cause for worry all by itself." He squinted into the near-pitch blackness.
Skybait J

Kikaru listened carefully to the Dues as he lowered his voice. The Dues seemed very cautious about the cave that they had found. Obviously both of them had found it. They were walking togehter, weren't they? Just to see if he could proove the Dues wrong...or sound smart, he responded with a theory of his own as he stood behind the Dues. "The holocaust is over, yeah, but that doesnt mean that the worst of 'em are gone. He could've killed everything so he was free to search for whatever's here without piddly things like peasents and trees to get in the way. Easier to nuke everything then head in than it is to head in and nuke little things as you go."

And just to unnerve him (or at least attempt to), Kikaru added, "Especially if its in this cave. If the thing he wants was delicate, this cave would've survived a massive explosion."
Majin Luigi

"You're probably right about that. It's likely that Sin-Jahk will let us come to him. And I doubt that we'll be able to fight our way to him without help. I don't wan't to be here any more than you do, Probably less. But I want to get out alive, and if not murdering each and every one of you is how to do it, then I won't!" said Luigi.

He then turned around, and followed the godmoder towards the cave.

Had adopted a rather odd expression, apparently debating internally, with a touch of bemusement to the explanation offered. Suprisingly, she found herself agreeing with the somewhat demonic one, "...While only one of us is the chosen one, before we find out that, we're still going to be working together. I believe we're being judged on more than just fighting ability and just whittling each other down sounds like it'll help Sin-Jahk more than us. So watch how and when you test people...", she finished, the last remark clearly directed towards Sayuri, though more of a light chastisement than anything else. They definately had rather different ways of thinking about things.
She glanced around the landscape a moment, noting that their group seemed to have splintered off a bit already, sighing softly to herself as she glanced about at the ground where she'd last seen them, figuring that if she couldn't see them, she could at least track them down. The desolate soil was not ideal, but with the numbers of people walking around after it became such being rather smaller, the more recent tracks were easier to spot. She spoke up, "Hmm. Those two went off this way. We could go after them, in case they run into trouble...or head off another way, see if we find something interesting ourselves. I say, go after them, keeping an eye out for something else on the way?". She wanted to follow after the pair, if only because the girl grated on her nerves a little for some reason she couldn't place, but she more wanted to avoid too many people wandering around this wasteland alone. If that meant sticking with this pair, she would manage.
Majin Luigi

The Majin Luigi was pissed. He was angry at the Guardian, at Sin-Jahk, and most importantly, at everyone else in this association.
Why did everyone else have to be such idjiots!?
They were acting stupid. And now, Luigi realized, so was he. He'd become seperated from the group as well. Deciding to go off alone can't have been the best decision. by now, the fool and the godmoder were far ahead, and the others, far behind. Simply put the group had split up, and unlike the others, he was completely alone.
That didn't bother him. He was used to being alone, but he did think that maybe, the only way to get out of this place, was to do what the old man had said. Help survivors.

Dent was, as far as he was concerned, the last person alive.
Just a few hours ago, He had a job. Had friends. He'd had a family. Now look at him. He was more tired than he'd ever been in his life. He had walked as far as he could. All he could see was wasteland.
He was wounded, a makeshift cast holding his arm. And he hadn't had contact with a person since the attack. Trying not to think about it, Dent kept walking. He knew they would fiind him soon anyway. It was only a matter of time before his death. And he was the last person alive.

Wait... No, it can't be. Dent said to himself. That can't be a person. It must be just a mirage. After all... I'm the last person alive...
besides, that person looks too stupid to be real. No real person wears a n outfit like that.
Then Dent thought again. What if he wasn't the last person? What if there were other survivors? It was post-apocalypse, and someone might wear an outfit like that if they had to. And so, Dent, who had only ten seconds ago given up on life,started calling for help to what might just be a spikey haired mirage in the distance... Forum Index -> Roleplay
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