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Skybait J

The Gamer Corps

You never could quite forget that day could you? The day that letter came. Or that day you qualified for a special program. Or that day you were simply selected from the crowds. Whatever happened, it surely was the epitome of your life, wasnt it? Billions of people across the worlds, and it was you who had the stuff. Very few people are recruited to the Gamer Corps, right? It was a day that would live on in your memory forever, even if you passed through it in a dream-like state.

Anomaly and I are presenting you with a very simple question. Are you game enough to become a Gamer? I'm sure some of you already are Gamers, already beyond the basic weapons and holding your own game cards. But some of you are probably just starting. You've just received your GamerStation and only hold your basic, Non-linked Item Cards. But, rookie or veteran, who are you? Tell us about yourself, guided by the information below.

Name : Certainly not your real name, that's private information. You are granted the privilege to think up your own Gamer name. It doesn't necessarily have to start with a 'C'

Description : Define yourself here. Describe your appearance, build, personal uniform, and Gamerstation. Remember, you are required to wear the Gamer logo, but the first letter can change if your name does not start with "C"

Cards : Of course, if you're new here, you're limited to the Basic, NonLinked Item Cards. If not, describe what cards you have here. Please use the following type system for ease of reference.

Item Cards temporarily Realize a game-based item, often a weapon or piece of armor. These Items are limited to basic function. Examples include "Beam Sword" (non-Linked), "Super Scope" (non-Linked), and "Proto Shield" (Linked).

Powered Item Cards are similar to Item Cards in that they Realize a game item. However, Powered Items grant powers to the Gamer using them. An example is "V-Watch", which granted the Captain at least the "Slow" power.

Power Cards allow the Gamer to use a single power, emblematic of the character Linked. Examples include "Mega Slide" and "Power Copy".

Skill Cards give temporary use of the character's skills to the Gamer. Examples include "Ryu Ansetsuken" and "Sakura Ansatsuken".

Buff Cards boost the Gamer's pre-existing abilities. Examples include "Mario Jump" (buffs jumping ability), "Sonic Run" (buffs running speed) and "DK Strength" (buffs physical strength).

May it be noted that we would like ample reasoning as to how you came across these cards, be you a veteran. For all Gamers, remember that you have a basic meelee and ranged Item Card as well. For all rookies, choose a ranged and a meelee Item Cards from the following list. Unless you have a different basic card?

Basic Non-Linked Meelee Cards

Beam Sword - Basic power and speed. Customizable, but despite it's name it can't actually cut anything.

Home-Run Bat - While it can hit things quite a distance, it cant do as much solid damage.

Hammer - It hits hard and can cause lots of damage, but is the most difficult to control. Also has a bad habit of breaking after a random number of hits.

Basic Non-Linked Ranged Cards

Ray Gun - Shoots green energy bolts at one energy level

Super Scope - While its basic shot is comparable to a rapid-fire pea shooter, it can be charged for a more powerful blast

Fire Flower - Comparable to a flamethrower

MetaGame Function : What is the one unique skill that makes your GamerStation special from the rest? Besides its appearance. Metagame functions include, but are not limited to, the following:

Reset fixes broken objects. However, when it comes to finite detailing such as whats written on paper, this power becomes shaky.

Turbo doubles the effectiveness of activated Game Cards,but halves the amount of cards that you can use at once. When Turbo is deactivated, there is a cooldown period where your Game Cards are at normal efficiency, but you are still limited to half your original game slots. Cooldown last as long as Turbo was in effect.

ScreenShot can take exact pictures and videos of an area. Videos include sound.

Memory Card saves a Game card configuration to the station itself, so no card is required to put their powers into effect. Must have an open slot to activate the power, regardless.

AutoMap automatically maps out the area with the ability to pick up on objects that wouldnt be on basic maps. This includes finding game charactors, Digitally Realized objects, and other Gamer Stations.

FAQ can analyze digitally realized entities and objects on an in-game basis. Can evaluate health, weaknesses, special skills and abilities, and so forth. To activate this power, a question is required.

Some gamerstations are special and only have MetaGame functions, but they cannot Establish Links. The only weapons these Stations allow are the basic, non-linked Item Cards.

To all new Gamers, may it be known that your GamerStation is not just for battle. Universal and basic functions of your GamerStation include a memo pad, clock, communication gear, and a decent amount of basic memory for any other programs you may have.

Also a reminder to all Gamers. Besides our missions for peace and justice, we still have to do actual work. We have our own office building which has been outfitted to our needs. It seems high time to rearrange the room set up, since people are still fighting over the location of their rooms. Please pick a number from 1 to 10, and your room will be assigned to you. Please consider how you will arrange your new space. I know some of you live on the premises, so your move will be made more difficult by the addition of larger furniture. It would be much appreciated if everyone helped everyone else move into their new rooms, thank you. Remember, our one regulation is nothing inappropriate, and the definition if inappropriate apparently changes too much for this to actually be an effective rule.

For those who are new to the Gamer Corps, here are some important people you'll need to remember.

Caesar Gamer is our field commander and effectively your boss. His appearance is moderate, shaved bald, and in his forties. Don't be intimidated by him, while he is required to be a responsible adult, that doesnt mean he's completely mature. You'll recognize him by his quasi-formal uniform, a long sleeve light blue work shirt, a red tie with the CG logo, and tan slacks above a pair of formal shoes. He wears a light blue visor with a basic GamerStation. His weapon preference are Item Cards, mostly projectile weapons, and the "Bloodberry" from No More Heroes. His MetaGame Function is FAQ

Silver Gamer is in charge of the new recruits. She's somewhat small and around sixteen with blond pigtails. She is very loud and talkitive, and she demands your respect for her authority. Her uniform consists of a skintight silver tee shirt, dark blue elastic pants that cut off after the knee, and black combat boots. Her GamerStation consists of four silver bands, and her Visor is also silver. Her Cards of choice are often Power cards, and her favortie is "Power Copy". Her MetaGame Function is ScreenShot

Techno Gamer is our main technician and scientist. He is the most knowledgeable of any of the Gamers on the GamerStation and Digitally Realized entities. He's a bit anti-social and privative, so you can only bug him if you really, really want to. He's in his twenties, which mid-length, unstyled dirty blond hair. You can recognize him by his lab coat, underneath which is a light gray shirt, and dark gray slacks. His GamerStation is the most advanced to date, his "visor" only being a pair of heavy set glasses and the Station itself being small enough to fit under his lab coat sleeve. His card of choice is the powered item "Twilight Bracelet" from .hack://, which allows his to manipulate Digitally Realized data, and his MetaGame Function is AutoMap.

It's game time!

Oh, and, Happy Birthday Cap'n. We've been working on this for a few weeks...and I thought your birthday was more towards the middle of March....

...okay! People seem somewhat silent on this subject, so... I'm gonna go ahead and get the ball rolling by posting my own character sheet - Techno Gamer in full detail.

Name : Techno Gamer
Description : Techno has short, messy, dark blond hair, and deep blue eyes. His face is narrow and long, ending in a slightly pointed chin. His complexion is predictably pale, and he is both somewhat short and quite skinny.
 His Gamer uniform consists of simple black shoes, dark grey slacks, and a light grey button shirt with "CG" embroidered on the chest pocket. He often adds a white lab coat to this. His Gamer Station is streamlined and sleek enough to fit comfortably under his labcoat, and instead of a visor, he has a pair of somewhat bulky mirror-lensed eyeglasses.

Game Cards
Twilight Bracelet. Powered Item Card. Origin - Kite, .hack://. Link established while they were working together against the Twilight Wave that started affecting the world soon after Kite's Realisation.
The Twilight Bracelet gives use of the "Data Drain" special power, which allows realtime analysis and modification of the data of Digitally Realised beings.

Killer Bee Style. Skill Card. Origin - Cammy, Street Fighter. Link established when he helped to purge Bison's modifications from her data.
Temporarily grants the same combat skills as Cammy "Killer Bee" White from the Street Fighter series, including special and super moves.

MetaGame Function : Automap.
Automap shows a map in one corner of the visor's display. This map automatically updates as the Gamer explores the area, and can also detect various DR entities, such as game characters and items, displaying them as variously-sized and -coloured blips on the map.

Now, don't misunderstand my posting this. I'm still going to be GM'ing this with Skybait, I just wanted to make sure I had a full profile up for the sake of both accountability (I can't just whip out a new Game Card for him willy-nilly now that I've listed the ones he does and does not have, for instance), for an example of what the profile should look like, and just to remind people that this RP does exist. We just need more players.
Captain Gamer

Name : Captain Gamer

Description: 18 years old(?), 5'8'', thinner build. His attire has become iconic, a long-sleeve black shirt under a cobalt overshirt with the letters 'CG' over the chest. Black denim long jeans lead to white sneakers with blue stripes. Over his eyes is a silver visor, and most have never seen underneath them. Those who have claim he has hazel eyes, but nothing was definite.
Putting the 'Gamer' in the Gamer Corps, his actions and influence served as the design and creed of the Gamer Corps. Nobody knows who he actually his, where he gets anything from, if he has any connection with the IDR, and in some opinions, he true intentions.
Even the nature of his demeanor is contradictory, often betraying expectations of a hero, apparently more than content playing supporting roles. If not for the mystery of his identity, he would probably be a mere footnote in the pages of the history of Digital Reality. Despite these, its his involvement that saves the day, and his example which inspires many positively.

Cards: Mario Jump, Beam Sword, Super Scope, Sonic Run, Proto Shield, Mega Slide, Power Copy, ???? (As in unknown. Also spoilers), DK Strength. Appears to have a limit on how many can be active at one time.

Metagame Function: Reset, FAQ(?)

Name: Cadet Gamer (Kevin Richards)

Description: a fourteen-year-old boy, Cadet has messy light blonde hair, a green sleeveless T-shirt with the letters "CG" on it. His Game Visor is pretty small, almost looking more like a pair of red sunglasses than a visor. He has a Gamer Station.
He's new to the corps, and was one of the youngest Gamers ever admitted to the Corps. He's very cynical and has little tolerance of incompetent authority, (which often causes clashes with Silver Gamer, since he considers most authority incompetent.) He's only been on about five missions, three of which he completed with a perfect score, and two of of which he failed miserably.

Cards: NES Light Gun (originally Ray Gun, Kevin decided that as is, it was useless, so he hacked it to amp the power. It has greater kickback than usual.), Beam Sword (more like a dagger, really.), BombCrystal ([generates Bomber-Man bombs.] He aquired it during mision 3, when he joined forces with Shirobon to help save World 38 aka Planet Bomber. It should be noted that because of his BombCrystal, he is also considered part of the Bombermen of the Universe.), NiGHTS Flight: ([basic flight, and by extension, drill dash ability, power to paraloop, etc.] This was aquired during his most recent mission, where he was forced to Dualize with NiGHTS and help hi/r save Earth 36 aka Night Dimension, from the forces of Gannondorf.)

In his other missions, He was so annoyed by the attitude of the Game character he should have worked with that he actually developed a bit of an enemyship with them. This ruined two out of three missions. The third, he still managed to complete with a perfect score.

MetaGame Function: ScreenShot

Random Room Number Thingy: SEVEN!!
Stupid Question Time!: Since We're Obviously a Green Lantern Corps ripoff, does that mean we have a Sinestro Corps to Fight? Are The Gamer Stations innefective agaist a certain colour? Is Cap "Hal Jordan"?  If so, will he go insane and become Parallax after Central City is destroyed by the Cyborg Supermario?
Skybait J

Well, we'd tell you, but then we'd have to KEEL YOU! >.>

Guess I'll post My Gamers then...

Name: Caesar Gamer

Description: In his fourties, he's of modest height and build. He's shaved bald, but his face has shaved-yet-unshaven look. He wears a long sleeve light blue work shirt, the sleeves of which will be rolled up when not in public, and a red tie with the CG logo, which will also often be loosened. The tie is specially made with a stopper before it can get too tight and a failure point if too much strain is put on it. Tan slacks above a pair of formal shoes finish off his uniform. He has a light blue visor with a basic GamerStation.

Bloodberry -Item - No More Heroes- Obtained when defending Zelda (and her castle probably) from an assasination attempt by Speed Buster with Travis Touchdown. Beam Sword that can actually cut something, but a little too well. Techno tinkered with it so that it can funcion at different output levels to make it less powerful and more like the Beam Sword. Runs on battery power, and hilt must be shaken to renew its energy supply
Gravity Gun -Item - Half Life- Can pick up, place, and throw anything
Cracker Shooter -Item - Super Smash Bros- Just a basic realized weapon, like other Smash Bros weapons. Shoots explosive fireworks like rockets
Ray Gun -Item - Commander Keen- His very first weapon, gained when he sought Commander Keen himself and fought beside him in a basic run. Shoots bolts of energy that stun enemies
He has this stuff, but uses it sparingly. Very dangerous, since they're as, if not more, powerful than real weapons.
Pipe Bomb -Item - Duke Nukem- a bomb that can be thrown or placed, then remotely triggered. Can only have one live pipe bomb at a time
Desert Eagle -Item - Duke Nukem- When World Zero was invaded by Dukeverse aliens, Caeser has to link with Duke to obtain this weapon. A "hand cannon" two-handed gun. Very powerful.
BFG -Item - Doom- You probably dont want to know how he got this. Seriously. Severely rips apart Digitally realized code to the point of failure. Only has four shots and must be precharged

Metagame: FAQ

Name: Silver Gamer

Description: She's loud, demands respect, and is very talkitive, though she almost doesnt realize that she is. Around 16 years in age, she has blond hair pulled back into pigtails. her shirt is light silver and skintight, with the sleeves stopping right before the elbow. her pants are dark blue and also skin tight, ending just below the knee. Her figure isnt bombshell or anything, and it doesnt insinuate anything at all. seriously >.> she also wears boots Her gamerstation is four silver bands, two on each wrist, that take one game card apeice. her visor is also silver.

Star Rod -Item- Super Smash Bros- Can be used as as a meelee weapon or swung to release stars
Kirby Copy -Power- Kirby- One of her earlier cards. Not being in any particular danger when this card was gained, Kirby's just freindly like that. By touching elemental type objects, can absorb and replicate effects in an attacking fasion
Pokeball -Powered Item- Pokemon- I think she stole this card...or claimed it to be hers then stole it. When thrown, random pokemon appears. Pokemon last until recalled or take appropriate damamge. Only one Pokemon can be realized at a time
Thought Bubble -Power- Psychonaughts- Very recently gained on a training mission for the newbs. When realized, can roll faster than a run, jump higher, and hover. Affected by air currents.
Crash Spin -Power- Crash Bandicoot- When Dr Eggman teamed up with Cortex to get some kind of Crystals, the Corps intervened and she gained this card. A very fast spin. Can break weak structures and spin objects at high speed.
Dig -Power- Boomer's Adventure in ASMIK World- Part of a very small group who demanded Boomer be realized in the latger stages of Digital Realization. Went out of her way to try and link with Boomer, and was successful, apparently. Can dig a hole one foot per shovel swing. Works better in digable material.

Metagame: Screenshot
Majin Luigi

Name : Atlas Gamer

Description : Atlas has dyed red hair, brown pants, a black leather Jacket with a "AG" logo on the dark red shirt under it. His visor is black, much like actual sunglasses are colored, but his looks very much like a clunky Game Visor. He tends to wear it on his head, above his eyes, only putting it on during actual combat. He has an emo tatoo under one eye, and is muscular. Unfortunately, he's also the most morally ambiguous of the Corps, not as a villian, but he is more willing to use lethal force than most Gamers are. His Gamer Station is biggerthan usual, and is quite clunky. It has no linking ability, so he's collected as many non-linked cards as he can.

Cards : Hammer, Cracker Launcher, Timer, Smart Bomb (Note: I decided to look up some items in SSB:B. You'llfind that these are all in that game.)

MetaGame Function :  Turbo

Selection Number :2

Stupid Question Time : Which one of us is "Kyle Rayner"? Do we have a giant battery on the planet Oa shaped like a big GameCube?
Captain Gamer

Name: Constable Gamer

Description: 21 years old, 6'2'', tanned skin, long dark hair, and vibrant amber eyes. She dresses in long black denim jeans ending with Gamer-typical white sneakers sans the side stripes. Beneath the oddly covering yellow tank top, the CG logo is tattooed above her right breast. Normally seen with lightly applied makeup, and the lipstick more often than the blue eyeliner hidden beneath a purple visor.


Though her beginnings to not coincide with the beginning of the Gamer Corps, Constable , also known as 'Cons' seems to have taken an interest in the organization for the worse. Oftentimes when members of the Gamer Corps are involved in a resolution, Cons is there to make things worse or is at the brunt of it. Her competitive demeanor and flirtatious ways give the impression that DR-conflicts are a game to her. Unlike, say, Captain Gamer, she is very much aware of what she is doing and takes pleasure in as much.


Mushakuboh - Inspired by the Soulcalibur weapon, this one can actually compress itself to smaller lengths so it could be clipped on to one of her top's straps or stored in her brassiere. With some force, it will extend and lock into a fully functional staff!
Flash Shot - Originally a Black Arms gun from Shadow the Hedgehog, it looks harmless, and it doesn't do much damage by itself. This is because the shot starts small and spreads out. The most it can do is force somebody back, which can throw somebody off-guard or try to crush them against a wall.
Hair Whip - Character: Shantae.
After activation, Cons's hair bunches itself up and a braid forms it into a ponytail. From there she can lash her hair forward in a whip-like fashion.
Succubus Suit - Character: Morrigan Aensland.
Her outfit changes into a recolored version of Morrigan's, giving her the ability to do most of what the character can do, including gliding, commanding a slew of morphing bats, and attracting every male within a large radius
Doom of the Living - Character: Yuffie Kisaragi.
Cons's "knockout rush." She will briefly stand, then rush in and deliver a series of fifteen rapid blows depending on how she's equipped at the time.

Metagame Function: Status Swap - Physical contact allows for the transference of relative physical status. for example, if Cons were to be cut on the arm, she can touch another digitally realized being and swap 'arm damage' with him or her, giving Cons the good arm and realizing the cut onto the other's arm. Conditions that are recognized by the being as established (such as 'broken' or 'paralyzed') will not count. If the break or paralysis happened recently, then they will count. Likewise, should Cons feel the need to help somebody, she can take a wound unto herself. If you think that's creepy, you do NOT want to know Czar Gamer's Metagame function before you need to.

Let's git'r started! Cons wants some silly heroes to mess around with!

Captain Gamer wrote:
Metagame Function: Status Swap - Physical contact allows for the transference of relative physical status. for example, if Cons were to be cut on the arm, she can touch another digitally realized being and swap 'arm damage' with him or her, giving Cons the good arm and realizing the cut onto the other's arm. Conditions that are recognized by the being as established (such as 'broken' or 'paralyzed') will not count. If the break or paralysis happened recently, then they will count. Likewise, should Cons feel the need to help somebody, she can take a wound unto herself. If you think that's creepy, you do NOT want to know Czar Gamer's Metagame function before you need to.
Interesting... so the Metagame functions, or something like them, were planned from the start. Thank you kindly...
Captain Gamer

I'm only taking what I've already got and fitting them into your system here. =X

Why bother writing up Captain Gamer if you were gonna use Cons in the first place?

Koji_Tsunami wrote:
Why bother writing up Captain Gamer if you were gonna use Cons in the first place?
Because he wasn't planning to use Cons  to begin with. Cons is something he added to fill out the female roster a little, among other things.
Don't worry, it's not like this is favouritism or anything; everyone can double-play, if they want to, so long as they follow the appropriate restrictions - no more than one Gamer from the same player active on a single mission, no more than one Gamer from the same player active in the Headquarters roleplay, and so forth.

You know what? This thing has been quiet for too long. Time for a GM to get things moving again.

Expect a post in the next few minutes.

Continuation of Cadet's thoughts: And if the Gamer Corps can't handle it, we can call in the GAme League Ulimited, and if the two of us can't beat it, then we call in the Bomberman Federation, and if that doesn't work, we get Mario to call in the Legion, and if that doesn't work, we're screwed.

And that's called split-second parody continuity.

FYI, if any players (or even my co-GM) have any questions, or need clarification on any points, feel free to send me a PM.

Just, y'know, don't expect hefty spoilers. >.>
Majin Luigi

Does this mean that there's going to be a new thread for missions, like [one of you GMs] said?

I honestly hadn't put much thought to that...  I suppose, at this point, we don't really need one. The only people who are actually posting with any regularity are both going to be on the mission, so it doesn't seem like we need one to keep them from interfering with Headquarters antics.

But, what about you, the players? What do you think?
Majin Luigi

I think that if you have a thread for one mission, you need to have one for another mission, and another, and another. On the other hand, if multiple people are on different missions, and its all in one thread, it could get messy.
I say go with all them mission threads. See if you can have them locked after the adventure is over, like an archive of missions... but by then, this one roleplay almost needs a subforum...
Wait... my head hurts...

What Luigi said.

Well, people, sorry for the long (and I do mean long) delay, but I'm back in action! I've received additional training and practice on another forum RP, and feel like I'm ready to get back into the thick of things, cutting a bloody swathe through my foemen with my trust chainsaw, until I alone stand victorious above a pile of their mutilated carcasses! Oh, er, what were we talking about again?


Anyway. I'm up to continue the current storyline, or reboot. Heck, if we reboot, I'd even be willing to accommodate entirely new characters. Anyone up for this old thing?

... Crying or Very sad That's all you've got for me? I come back after that much of a hiatus, and you've got thirteen words?

*sudden cheering up* Well, I'll do what I can with them!

Well, I guess it's about time i try this thing out...

Name :
Covert Gamer
Description :
Covert is a realatively odd lad with an odd sense of humor to match. He seems to be in his later teens, but age is disputable.
He rarely talks unless spoken too, but when given a topic he knows well he can go on, and on about it.
While he seems strange, and sometimes lazy around the gamer corps: when on a mission he takes it completely seriously,
and focuses in on what needs to be done.His uniform isn't much of one persay. He tends to wear the same black hoodless
coat with the gamer logo embroidered on it's shoulder, and an almost comicaly large zipper ( I say it isn't much of a
uniform because no one actually remembers him having it issued to him.) He also wears basic blue jeans, and non-descript
black and gray sneakers. his hair is a darkish brown, and a tad long and messy. He always wears a strange gray bandana
with an infinite sybol on it on his head and over his eyes rather than a visor (it is assumed that it can be seen through because
it doesn't seem to hinder his sight.)His gamer station seems to be an extremely simple model, not much different than that of Cap's,
or Ceaser's.

Game Cards:
Wii perfect shot - item - a modified version of the ray gun, built specificly for Covert's use. It has two settings. One being the ordinary ray gun
style affect, and two It knocks people uncontious for a good amount of time (somewhere bettween 45min- 1 1/2Hrs.) but takes a second to
take effect depending on the area hit (head shot is immediate affect where as everywhere else takes a few seconds.) the gun is also
silenced although the muffle flash remains. It is extremely useful for coverts namesake covert missions, though it's not much help in a fire
fight while under this setting.

Stealth camo - item - Metal Gear Solid series - bends light around its user to make him seem almost invisable. Can not use other
game cards while in stealth. The camo is extremely delicate, so he must keep his movement slow, and make sure not to bump into anything or
it will short out for some time (anywhere from a couple seconds to an hour depending on how rough the camo was handled.) Obtained through
Hal Emmeric durring the fight against a realized Metal Gear.

Cardboard box "A" - item - Metal Gear Solid series - Given by snake to aid in covert missions. How would a cardboard box help? "You never know."

Rations - abbility - Metal Gear Solid series - While I post it as Metal Gear Solid series, this is more like a video game staple in generel. Covert can
heal physical damage through eating food. the amount of damage healed depends on the amount of food, and how much covert likes it. any
healing food items such as a Maxim tomato do twice as much as usual (this is assuming that the only reason that the tomato in OOC
didn't work is that Cap didn't actually eat it, rather than that digitaly realized heling items just dont work.)

Beam Sword - item - Super smash bros. series - no back story, just a standard issue melee weapon.

MetaGame Function:

room selection:

I still have yet to do Constable Gamer, as well as my own Covert, but they will only take some time... truth be told, a few of them were mostly just recolored, and mildly altered, but Silver probably had the most customization of them all.

Click to see full size image

I'm just hoping I pulled them off the way that those who made them imagined them.

mildly altered, with Constable, and Covert. although I was able to get some of the characters shorter than the rest ( silver, cadet, and i think covert) I wasn't able to get anyone any taller than gamer. I suppose if I really wanted to I could work on that, (and if some one had requested the sprites I would have probably gone all out in the first place) but because I only did these out of boredom, I'm much more readily accepting to any kind of thing that I missed.

Also, any unspecified data in any gamer profiles was just left as the same thing as the basic sprites I started out with (for males I mostly started with the new Cap, and girls were done with my Kathrine Gaines sprite... except of coarse Techno who was originaly a Czar sprite from the comic that I recolored, and tweaked a little bit.
Captain Gamer

For being heavy edits from edits, that's not bad at all. I'm interested to see if you can make some original poses with any of these, expand the sheets to something that you're not working off of a base for.

Ah, and remember to keep in mind Cons's skin color!

the description had only said that she had " tanned skin" so I only made it slightly darker than the others, I had no idea it was that dark. anyway, I could probably give them a few different poses, gotta think something up... it might take a while though. good thing the only thing I've got lined up this week is a dentist's appointment...

spring break is WAY too short... anyway, I couldn't think of any kind of poses... Hey Cap, do you think you could give me some of your sprite sheets? You know my Email... It might help me make some of these characters a little better having some sprites to access besides just Cap, and my other customs... I do have access to Spriters-resource, but the recent set up of that site made it way to confusing to actually find anything I want. Also, who made that Cons sprite? did you get someone else to do it, or did you do that yourself? She definately looks alot more... mature than mine (hell, mine looks like some random chick in a bad Cosplay of Con)

... Holy crap....
Dude... TCC...
I can't speak for anyone else, but you did an awesome job with Cadet.


How do you do that, anyway?

just a mixture of MS paint, and boredom. no other way of explaining it.

thanks by the way! :b

I'm thinking I'll redo them after I get feedback from the creaters. ( I'm definately not happy with Covert...)

I soooooo wanna sign up! But I can't think of a cool Gamer name... Sad

remember, it doesn't have to begin with the letter "C". (for that matter it doesn't neccisarily have to be cool either.
I'm not particularly happy with Covert, but I already chose it and am sticking with it!)

I got it!

Name: Smash Gamer (only word I can come up with)

Description: A 18-year-old African-American male. His hair is clean cut. He normally wears a red hoodie with the letters SG on the back and a pair of cargo jeans. He just received the basic Gamerstation, which he wears under the sleeve of his hoodie. And his visor actually doesn't look like a visor, but regular black sunglasses instead.

Cards: Being a new Gamer, he's only has these cards.

Ray Gun
Beam Sword

Metafunction: Automap

Number Selection: 13! My birthday number... lol


How's that?

YAY! activity besides me replying to myself! ^_^.... dang... i just ruined it... -_-

Le gasp! I can't believe I forgot about this character. And I was just about to use her with no introduction...

Name: Combat Gamer.
Description: Combat Gamer, also called Fighter, is a tall, strapping black woman. Her hair is midnight black, and falls roughly halfway down her back, with only a little bit of fluffiness to it. Her eyes are a chocolate brown to match her skin.
Her Gamer visor is much smaller and more streamlined than the default, to keep it from getting in the way during combat. Her Gamer Station is similar, being composed of a pair of bracers that completely cover each forearm; she often uses them as blunt instruments for blocking or striking during melee combat. She wears urban-camo fatigue pants, along with a simple black tank top. Around her neck is a set of dog-tags, each one simply printed with 'CG' in large lettering.

Game Cards
Morph Gun. Item Card. Origin - Jak, Jak II. Link established when Fighter helped him fight his way through the Krimzon Guard in a rescue mission.
The Morph Gun is caught between simple Item Card and a Powered Item. It can shapeshift between four different 'modes', each with its own ammo store:
- The Scatter Gun (red) fires a blast of concussive force. This does most damage at close range, but quickly dissipates with distance, similar to the effect of a shotgun.
- The Blaster Weapon (yellow) fires yellow laser bolts that have a long range, and cause a moderate amount of damage. It also has a red-dot laser sight to assist in aiming.
- The Vulcan Fury (blue) fires small, non-lethal pellets that are more about bruising enemies and pushing them back. Like a vulcan gun, it takes a moment to wind up before it begins to fire, and it fires progressively faster as the trigger is held.
- The Peace Maker (purple) is a bit of a doomsday weapon. Each spherical bolt can be charged up for extra damage similarly to the Captain's own Charged Shot, but they also actively seek out enemies. Thankfully, this one has the least amount of ammo - only seven shots before it runs out.

Plasma Blade. Item Card. Origin - Jake, Nano Breaker. Link established when both were having a merry old time slaying 'orgamechs'.
The plasma blade is a nanotech-based weapon that can change form at its user's will. The basic form is a simple double-edged longsword, but it can also change into such things as an axe, broadsword, hammer... anything Fighter can think of at the time.

MetaGame Function: FAQ.
The Gamer Station scans the 'properties' of Digitally Realised beings in the area, but only in response to a question from the Gamer in question - eg, "What are the yellow blob enemy's elemental weaknesses?"

Role in the Corps:
Combat Gamer is, as the name implies, mainly given duties which relate to combat. This may be as simple as throwing her at a new enemy and expecting her to take it down, and she is certainly the "Big Girl" of the Gamer Corps. On the other hand, she is also the combat instructor at the Corps for those Gamers who don't have the benefit of a martial arts Skill Card, or who want to learn to use their Item Cards better. She knows a wide range of styles and can use a wide range of weapons.

TCC wrote:
Combat laughs to herself while she watches Coverts nervous behavior. " I hope your not going to be acting like that on the feild...? Oh, and who's your freind here?"

Yeahh. For future reference, I'm going to have to ask everybody to keep to playing their own characters. NPC's are GM responsibility.

lol, sorry... new to the whole forum RP thing... -_-

*tickka* *tickka tak*... there, like it never even happened! ^_^

Another little ground-rule thing... considering how secretive the Captain has always been in the canon stuff, I think the Corps would follow suit and their profiles wouldn't be available to the public. I'll let it go this time, but keep it in mind; there's a boundary between what you know out-of-character, and what you know in-character.

BLARGH! Follied by my innexperience of forrum roleplaying yet again! >_< (umm let's see... plothole mortar don't fail me now...) umm... Otacon owed me a favor and hacked into the profiles?... that's all I got... besides, it wouldnt be like I know everything about them, because the profiles are basicly the ones we got here. Just giving mild info about gamercards, and a brief description of what the gamers are like. (not only that, but covert got bored of the wall o' text, and only skimmed... at least if this idea is pheasable...) then again, I'm not sure even that excuse should count because fighters profile wasn't posted till recently... I know Covert wouldn't know about smash though....

I'd just like it to be known that I am aware that Troopas don't normally vanish, but just retract into their shells. I just figured that having your head cleaved horizontally in half would be a bit more permanent than having a plumber jump on it, however overweight he is.

... I really should have payed more attention to that one... hmm...

ok... getting ready to update sprites (with game cards! *yay!*)
any suggestions, recomendations, etc.? (I never really got any feed back from most of the original creaters, and I would aprecciate anything that would help the process.) I will probably make cap in both his V.2 and a customised V.1. please get suggestions in, because (while it will probably take me a while to finish them with all the work, and procrastination and all...) I am starting them as soon as I post this comment...

Ooh, ooh! Can you do my Gamer?!

lol, sure. it may take a while cause i'm kinda preocupied with my new Metal gear comic, and school and all, so I only just barely started, but I'll be sure to make a smash when I get around to these guys! Very Happy (should be interesting sence smash already kind of has his own sprites going on... Razz) Forum Index -> Roleplay Sign-up/Discussion
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