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Skybait J

The Gamer Games

Like acid through a tissue paper! Like quickfire over some quick burning material, which probably was tissue paper soaked in gasoline! An explosion of advertising! People were drawn to it like flies to sticky paper!

Cue Commercial!

Open to a dark screen, white words flicker across the screen tantalizingly. A deep and powerful voice read these words aloud, one that rumbled like a titan's. "This summer...witness the pinnacle of human worlds collide...and giants do on's coming....straight to your living room!"

"THE GAMER GAMES!" screams the voice. "Witness the thrill as Game Characters and Gamers collide in the ultimate challenge!" Different images flash across the screen now, CG effects supposedly representing the greater things to come. "A fierce competition on Undisclosed Island, World Zero! Challenging challenges, ones no human could hope to attempt, all tackled by some of the greatest heroes of all time! But for what cause?! But of course, to win FABULOUS PRIZES! And it's all LIVE! And really happening!" An aerial view of 'Undisclosed Island' is shown, two teenagers seemingly materialize in front of it, easily identifiable as game characters themselves if only by their strange clothing. The blond boy wore a red scarf and a long, baggy white shirt. Leather armor protected his arms and legs, and seemed to be held together by many stitches and belts. The girl had long black hair and wore what seemed to be a short white dress, a red sash, and a violet jacket. "And of course, it wouldn't be a pure gamefest if it wasnít announced by game characters themselves!"

"I'm Maya Fey!" The girl half shouted in an eager voice. She seemed to bounce a little as she said this.

"And I'm Jaster Rouge," The boy said with a grin that would've been wide. He seemed to be trying to appear more mature than his co-host, and was nearly failing.

"And we'll be the ones in on the action! We'll watch the event's sure...!"

"But we'll also go backstage, so to speak, and meet with the contestants themselves."

"Isn't it EXCITING?! And it's ONLY on...the channel you're watching, obviously!"

"You forgot the stati-?!"

The titan's voice and white lettering again demanded the attention of all who dare glance, "High Definition! Surround Sound! Maybe even letterbox formatting just to capture the sheer cinematic awesome!! Watch...AND BE AMAZED!"

The world couldn't wait, they all sat on the edge of their seats, waiting for the day the Gamer Games would finally arrive. At least, thatís what the commercials said as the event drew ever closer.

And then the day came. To say that every TV in the whole universe was tuned in is a clear overstatement. Well over 20% of TVs were watching this event unfold at their respective times, but only in the places that got the channel it was on. Still, it was quite a number.

"Hello everyone, and welcome to the almost live broadcast of The Gamer Games!" Jaster said. He was standing in what seemed to be an undisclosed and possibly private airport.

"We're not quite to the Island yet," Mia jumped in, "But before we get on the plane, let's speak to our lucky contestants, kay?!"

As the camera panned over, Jaster put in casually, "First, let's talk to our fellow heroes..."

The view stopped as the four character contestants came into view, all in front of the window that showed the outside. Mia walked in front of the lot of them and said excitedly, "Hey everybody! I'm Mia Fey, and that's Jaster Rouge!" Jaster sputtered a bit at his introduction, the "script" said he was to introduce himself. "Why dont'cha introduce yourselves?" she continued. She would go on to shake each characterís hand as his or her name and game would flash at the bottom of the television screen.

Cream had an incredibly happy looking expression on her face and it showed no sign of slipping anytime soon, the young little bunny apparently rather hyped up with excitement. Even as she took the offered hand for an exagerated little shake, she was waving the other one up high towards the camera and giving an energetic "Hiii~", in that sweet voice, half rocking onto the toes of her shoes as she did.

After all that initial hype about things no human could attempt and the greatest heroes of all time, the pre-teen rabbit who was only a few inches over 2 foot tall and probably weighed a dozen pounds, was perhaps not quite what was expected. Still, as the details slid across the screens at home, the list of games was not all that short and rather recognizable, likely suprising any that hadn't heard of her.

"I'm Cream the Rabbit and this, is Cheese!", she said, the light blue chao flying to her shoulder, its own expression rather matching Creams and made a high-pitched chao noise as it waved as well, before the Rabbit piped in towards the camera, "I'm really excited to be here! Oh-hi mum and Amy and everyone else back home!".

Link was the next "hero" to come into view, an expression of awe on his face as he looked around - there hadn't been this big a deal made of him since the IDR had first introduced him to the public. Though, he was holding out the hope that this time, there wouldn't be any... problems.

For everyone who hadn't recognized Cream, there were bound to be a dozen who did recognize Link: he stood tall, almost six feet with his signature green floppy hat topping his head; his wide eyes were a light blue; under a tunic the same shade of green as his hat, he wore a white undershirt and leggings, and over it he kept belted many pouches, as well as three iconic objects: the blue-handled Master Sword, the Hylian Shield, and the Hero's Bow.

All in all, it was hardly necessary for them to show his name at all, and good thing too; in keeping with the games, Link had been Realized without the power of speech, and could only offer a happy shout for greeting as he reached out to shake Maya's hand.
Chocolate Ninja

Across the screen came the words "DUKE GARLAND - ZELIARD (1990, MS-DOS)". A collective "Huh?" ensued across the nation.

"Is that some spinoff Final Fantasy no one knows about?"
"If they're gonna have this guy, they'd better have Crash Bandicoot."
"DOS-based game? Where's Carmen Sandiego?!"

Garland looked around with an apprehensive expression on his face. He cut an odd figure with his Viking-esque helmet and 80s cartoon show garb. He was the wildcard, replacing Toad, who had broken his leg at the last moment. Freshly realized about two days ago by one of the IDR's rookies, the customs of this strange new land didn't come naturally to him. Therefore, when Maya held out a hand for him to shake, he frowned.

Maya looked startled for a moment before leaning in and whispering into Garland's ear. "Psst! You're supposed to take my hand and shake it. You know, move it up and down quickly a few times, then let go."

Not wanting to offend, Garland shook Maya's hand vigorously. "Greetings, young maiden! I am Duke Garland, sworn protector of the Holy Land of Zeliard. Since this battle has been predestined by the Spirit, I will therefore say that I am honored to fight such worthy opponents." He bowed deeply to the two already-revealed contestants.

While very few people knew who he was, at least he seemed nice enough. As for Garland, he was determined to prove capable of passing this new trial, both to the Spirit and the world.
Naryu Elda

A familiar looking character appeared on camera. Orange-yellow scales, black-rimmed glasses, long robes, a rounded hat covering his head, and a single fang poking out the left side of his face. Old-school gamers (and those who played the first 'Mario and Luigi' series game) did not need the words written at the bottom of the screen to know who it was....

"Hello," the old magikoopa said with a bow. "I am Kamek Koopa. It is a pleasure to meet you."

It is important to take note of the robes he was wearing. He was not dressed in his usual dark blue robes with white trimming on the sleeves and bottom of his hat. He was not wearing the greenish-blue robes from when Bowser was a hatchling. He also was not wearing the cyan robes and purple cloak and hat. He was wearing white robes with a red triangular pattern along the bottom of the robes and hat. The words that appeared after his name on the screen were "Little Fungitown (Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga; 2003)". Naturally, there would be some fans that would claim that Psycho Kamek was not the same person as Kamek Koopa, but the people at IDR had used this to ensure that Kamek, while he retained his knowledge of the mystic arts, would not attack Mario or cause trouble with anyone else.

Kamek (or Psycho Kamek, as some would refer to him as) smiled kindly and extended his left claw to shake the hosts' hands. He did not offer his right claw, as that was holding his star-headed wand.
Skybait J

As Mia wrapped up talking with the Game charactors, Jaster edged towards the three Gamers only a short distance away. Just as she stopped, he started.

"And here we have our Gamers! Welcome, all of you!" Slightly quieter, he added, "Sir, come to the front please..."

For once the cameras had swivled in the Gamers' direction, one of them hung behind the group. Though with the cameras now focusing mostly on him, he had no choice but to come forward, though he looked distincly in another direction, a scowl gracing his defined jaw.

He was a tall and powerfully built teenager, with a large and bulky Gamer Station to match. Either a prototype or something homebrewed, practically his entire lower left arm was taken up by a gauntlet-like computer. A thick cord came out of the back of the device and trailed to his visor, which was much heavier than your typical visor. His hair was multicolored, like many failed dye jobs, but his true brownish color could be seen at his roots. He wore an orange polo shirt, with an overlarge "CG" logo in the place of the normal horse-riding polo man. His shirt was tucked neatly into his belted black cargo pants, which in turn hung low over his sneakers.

Jaster held out his hand to the large, but overall crisp and clean teen, "You may of heard, but I'm Jaster. What's you're name? Your Game Name, that is!"

The teen still did not look at the camera, but shook Jaster's hand methodically. In a rough voice, he said "My name's Commander Gamer..."

His name flashed across the bottom of TV screens everywhere, just like with the charctors. But unlike with the heroes, it instead listed his three chosen game cards. "Daggertail, Celestial Paintbrush, Pokeball"

Jaster stood for a second as if waiting for Commander Gamer to say something else, but he was quite done. So he turned to the two remaining Gamers for thier introduction.

"Umm... Yeah. Cadet Gamer." said Cadet,looking at the camera, "I'm, Uh, sort of a rookie at this, but I think I'll be able to do okay..." I'm hoping that my unique Game Cards will help me out here, so if luck is on my side here as much as in my battles against various rouge game characters, I should do pretty well." A pause...
"Hey, Commander, What are you here for? You don't seem the type to join a contest like this, so-Hey, wait a minute Jaster, you haven't started on Constable yet, have you? Aw crap, hey can you cut that last bit out? What? We're Live? Aww jeez..." At that, Jaster made a Quick switch to the final Gamer...
Captain Gamer

The audience's reaction when focus turned to Constable was... different, to say the least. Some of the audience stopped making noise altogether, a very small amount screwed up the courage to boo. Most, however, just kept cheering with some whoops and catcalls down. Even Maya and Jaster looked a bit guarded in her presence. Constable set a hand on her hip and flashed her hair with the other hand.

"Judging by that, I'd say I don't need much of an introduction." she said in a matured, English-accented voice. "I just wanted to take some time off from what I normally do to serve up some competition in a way that the status quo would approve of, for once. I also knew as soon as this competition was called, it would be a male-fest," she paused to briefly look aside at Commander, "and that all the girls would need somebody to look to in these games. No offense to our rabbit friend, of course."

Constable lightly tittered in a show of good will.

Great, thought Cadet, just what we need, a Gamer who discriminates against men. Well, It could be worse. Captain Gamer himself could be here to take all the publicity again.It's gonnabe nice to see someone besides Captain got some screen time for once.
Noticeing the lack of camera's focusing on him, Cadet asked Commander again "Why are you in this competition anyway?", wondering if he would even be answered.

To say that some of Constables speech went over the little rabbits head would be somewhat understated, as well as missing out upon a witty remark involving literality and height. Either way, Cream simply blinked her eyes a couple times with a look of thought and mild confusion as she looked over that way.
While it was true that the majority was male, Cream hadn't really considered that to be anything noteworthy, nor really considered other people looking to her based on that sort of thing. She was mostly just thinking about her friends and having fun, after all. Still, she did lean slightly forward and give a friendly wave and smile towards the lady, polite, sweet and friendly, before saying quietly to her Chao, "Kinda reminds me of someone else we know...".

It was not long before her attention had shifted though, towards the person more directly next to her. She had some pretty open curiosity about the tall, green clad figure, if only because he was the closest one, along with his lack of speech. The memory of some rather mixed comments and advice to not give up, mind her manners, and keep focused on the competition were probably the only things restraining the little rabbit.

Link noticed Cream's attention, and soon turned to her, with the same wide smile on his face. He held up a hand, and said something which at least sounded like "Hi!"
He hoped she didn't try to ask him any questions - communication was hard without speech. There was some "memory" from the games of people seeming to understand him, even without talking. He just wished he could "remember" how.

Beamed happily at the greeting, replying with an equally bright and rather drawn out Hiiii~, in that sugary high voice. There was something of a pause before she asked "So, your names Link? You want to be friends?". Having been fairly recently realized, let alone her age, she was probably one of very few there that didn't know the first one, only having vaguely caught that much from the cheers and calls of the crowd when he was introduced.
That Link was unable to speak caused something of an awkward pause after this, the moment holding with a rather frozen note, before Cream flopped one ear and giving a somewhat puzzled expression.
She did somewhat notice the rather strange way he'd 'spoken' earlier though, combined with Cheese piping out a few times, she would pick up the rough idea of his problem pretty quickly.

So, Link can't talk, huh? wondered Cadet, I suppose that it does fit with the games, but you would think the IDR wouldn't care about accuracy so much that they would impend the character's ability to communicate. Oh well.

"So", Cadet asked the announcers , "Who's going to compete first, anyway? And where do we compete?" Forum Index -> Roleplay
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