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The General Mega Man Thread

Out of all of the video games that are fairly well known, the Mega Man series has some of the most games along with more plot holes than most series. For example, if X is the Mega Man of the future, how do you explain Quint? Where does the legends sereis take place in relation to the ZX series? And why does Zero die in every single game he's in?(seriously.) All these thingz and more will be discussed in (TADAH) the Mega Man Thread.

I like the original Megamans 1-8, no story except Dr. Wily escaped from jail or whatever again and sends out robots (except #8 where it had more story) It's a straight forward, simple and I loves it!
Skybait J

I havn't played too many Megaman games, a couple from the original, one Megaman X, five minutes from a Legends...XD. From what I have played, I gotta admit, Battle Network is fun and definitly my favorite. I like the battle system best about it, but the rest of it isn't half bad either <.<

My favorite Mega Man games are Mega Man 2( in which Mega Man has no charge shot or slide, therefore taking away from the gameplay) Mega Man X4 and Mega Man Zero 4. I'm not very good at Battle Network or Legends.

Hard choice. I haven't yet actually played Legends or Star Force, or the X games after 3, since I stuck to the snes ones. The original megamans were good and fun, but I think the way X handled, plus the whole upgrade thing, was kinda more my thing, plus the fun of some of the secrets. Megaman Zero about the same level for the same reason...but probably a bit higher because I liked getting the various forms, getting S on all the levels, the EX skills, the ability to grab weapons later on, had some pretty good story stuff.
Battle Network, I really WANT to like, but really could never get into quite so much. It seems strategy wise, then you can use a bunch of twitch reflex stuff in a fight, but its not really that either and then theres building a deck like a cardgame, mixed in too. It just never really managed to really grab and hold onto my attention.

If X is the Mega Man of the future, how do you explain Quint?
X isn't the Mega Man of the future, they are two seperate entities.
And I'm pretty sure Quint was more just a possible future version of Megaman anyway, the moment most of that stuff happened, it was more or less fixed that he wouldn't turn out like that.

And why does Zero die in every single game he's in?

Zero died in the first and was rebuilt in the second, a major plot thing. In 3, when you were controlling him, you COULD make him get damaged, not destroyed, against Mosquitas (or whatever its name was), so he gave the Z-Saber to X, but that led to the bad ending of the 2.
X5, was set to be the one that led to the Megaman Zero series, with X being injured and Zero abandoned and assumed dead in some ruins.
X6-X8 are apparently of a different universe to the one the Zero series comes from, where Eurasia didn't fall and where Zero is rebuilt for a second time at the beginning.
In the Zero series, he apparently sacrifices himself at the end, but you only see a damaged helmet and Ciel thinks he's alive.
So, in total, out of 12 games, Zero dies at most three times, and perhaps just twice. Which is only a couple more times than anyone else did and only once more than X did. And dying doesn't matter so much, since they're just robots and rebuildable. =p
Captain Gamer

The Battle Network series is most definitely my favorite, combining the most successful genres of Action/Adventure and RPG into one savvy package. There was a whole new world abound all based off a beloved classic tale- I, er, mean, video game. I have a thing for customization, so a whole slew of battle chips to mess around with? It's a waste of time to merely talk about all the possibilities and fun.

Legends is actually my second favorite of the bunch. It shares a lot of non-gameplay elements with Battle Network, and where it strikes out on it's own, I give a massive thumbs-up. I mean, come on, it was Mega Man blasting in 3D-world! Picking out every detail would be tedious, but the whole upgrade/second weapon thing was just awesome. Drop the whole funding excuse and give Legends 3 a serious thought, Inafune! The Wii would gladly have it!

Classic, well, that's in a league all to it's own. It's like MYTHOLOGY to gamers, now. The rest, well, I just don't have the time or funds to follow every Mega Man series and other gaming universes along the way... @_@

Honestly, What's wrong with the classic seres that they discontinued/chibi-fied it? I have no idea what possesed Capcom to do such a thing. It wasn't very smart of them, because now they've got people who want more. I mean, it didn't even have Mega Man on the 20th anniversary banner (instead they had MegaMan.EXE)
Skybait J

I'll tell you what was wrong with it, it was the same thing, over and over and over. People just get bored of that with modern games, and Megaman would die off the hard and painfull to watch way: death by lack of intrest. At least this way we still hold Megaman Classic in a good light, instead of having everyone just plain sick of it.

Welll... Yes, Yes You have a good point Skybait. But there are fans out there who want more, and it's not like Mario's lost any steam, is it? Mario's been around longer than Mega Man has and it's still really popular.

Mario did of course dip into tons of different genres and was generally much better rounded even in similar outings. <_<; Megaman 64 compared to Mario 64? Not really a contest.

They've both done genre shifts, the .EXE series attempt is probably pretty much the megaman equivilant to Super Mario RPG/Paper Mario/Super Stars. But Mario is more of a figurehead of a company and generates more interest just on his own, with a much wider history of people putting him in various games and genres...

...Nearly unrelated, but this is making me wish for Megaman in a Smash Brothers. =S But with Samus though...they are trying to move away from characters being similar and thats two charge shots. xP;
Captain Gamer

Charged shots may be similar in the type of attack, but there has yet to be a charge-up attack that charges up while you move! Mega Man's charged shot could charge as long as the B button (or some equivalent) is held down and release a charged shot that does not smash at all (like Fox's or even Falco's blaster), but can add a good chunk to an opponent's percentage.

There's always a way!

Hmm, good idea.

Hmm, I guess if they put a small sample of robot master powers in, all of a similar type, like the ones that surround him, for his down special and the slide on the forward. His up one...I really wanna say the rush adaptor thing, where he gets a jetpack and rocket fist. x3 Quite a well rounded showing of abilities...wonder if that'll happen...they're still fairly tightlipped about the other potential character additions. Sonic and Megaman sure would be a nice blue double act. xP

Mega Man in Super Smash Bros. Brawl would be awesome. I think he's like the fourth most wanted for SSBB 3rd party character(most wanted by fans, I mean).

But I think that it would be nice if Capcom would at least bridge the gap between the Original and X series. Y'know, fans have been thinking about what the fan-named "Cataclysm" might be like since Mega Man X1.

I still like the 'Zero killed everyone' idea, personally, with minor potential tweaks towards 'went berserk and mortally wounded Wily'. That he was found so shortly after X was found, I put down to coincidence. They only just found X, and thus Lights laboratory, so about the same amount of time before stumbling onto and unsealing Wilys laboratory and finding the red robot within...seems plausable. The whole W symbol thing and Zero getting stopped from beating Sigma, could be extended towards the original virus knowing that the other was a better host, for actually spreading rather than just killing everyone. Then after that, as Capcom has said, while he was out, the 'suffering curcuit' program thing from X calmed him down.

It may not be perfect and the middle part has a fair bit of conjecture, but somehow I doubt Capcom are gonna get around to filling in the hole or doing a proper Megaman 9 (Megaman&Bass doesn't count. xP), anytime soon. So might as well stick with the nice story. =p


On a side note, I wonder If they'll ever bring X back from Cyber-Elfdom, Or ressurect Zero again( which would make it about five times he's come back from the dead). Because as far as I know, they can't use Vent/Aile forever, especially since s/he only makes a cameo in ZXA anyway. If they age, eventually they'll die. And I don't really think Capcom will like the idea of making new characters every ZX game.

EDIT: Fine, I changed seven to five, ya happy now Konoko?

Koji_Tsunami wrote:
Or ressurect Zero again( which would make it about seven times he's come back from the dead).

I went through this earlier in the topic, he's only broken three times. >.>

Although, it does get kinda confusing, cos they split up the universes.
Megaman X-X5 then leads onto the Zero series, since Eurasia fell, where he dies again in Zero, for a total of 3 deaths along that line. ZX seems to be in the X6 onwards thing, where Eurasia hasn't fallen. It could still be 3 deaths that way, since I have my suspicions about Girouette...blonde, long hair, voiced by the same guy as zero, the biometal z, the other similarities...and he sacrifices himself too.

I always thought of the Mega Man series as having only two timelines, not counting any that involve Quint(but he's cool anyway.) the Battle Network timeline and the Original timeline. Basically, I count all games in the Zero series as having happened after the entire X sereis, not just X5. Which means he dies in X1, can die in X3, sort of dies in X5, then again in Command Mission, then finally, in Zero 4. And he might die in Mega Man ZX if you count the fact that Giro was using model Z when he died. Also, it's not possible that ZX might take place in a different timeline from Zero because Prairie was a character in the Zero games (her name wasn't Prairie, but people agree it's her) and this means that Zero took place in the MMX6-MMXCM timeline because in ZX Advent, we've got a model for Axl who only appeared after X5.

X3, he doesn't die at all, he just gets injured and you can no longer play as him. Never played CM, but reading about, looks more like he just gets seperated from the rest so he's 'presumed dead'. As for the timeline thing....

X5 has two endings, one which is the canon for the following X games, where the crash is stopped, the planet isn't ruined, Zero is left for dead and then X6 has Gate finding him and...etc. The other ending, is where Eurasia crashes and all but destroys the planet and X fights an evil Zero.
In Mega Man Zero 4, Ciel states that the human settlement is situated in a place called Area Zero, which is where the Eurasia crashed. In X6 onwards, the planet is as it was in the non-crash ending.

I believe this came about because the creator originally planned X5 to be the end of the X series to seamlessly able to continue on into Megaman Zero, with either ending, but they made X6, before Zero even. So theres a couple issues. (Added a quote from an interview of Keiji Inafune, guy behind the whole Megaman series)
Another difficulty arose when it came to continuing the X series after the fifth installment, which Inafune had planned to be the end of the saga. "I was originally planning on ending the series at around X4 or 5," Inafune reveals. "I really expected that to be the ending. And so I was all happy... 'OK, done with X5. That series is now closed off, now let's start Zero. I'm really excited to start Zero series.' Here's Zero, you know, he's kind of dead, and you power him up and he comes back to life, right? In my mind, in X5, Zero died. And so I'd always planned to make Zero come back to life in the Zero series, but then X6 comes out sooner from another division and Zero comes back to life in that, and I'm like, 'What's this!? Now my story for Zero doesn't make sense! Zero's been brought back to life two times!"

So, although I can see what you're driving at, your logic is based merely on linking similar characters...if there WAS two timelines, I don't see any reason that Axl couldn't still show up in ZX. Its all their characters and all their story, after all, with a whole slew of different writers and creators with their own ideas, mixing it together with a few hundred years in between and adding cameos and such too...

Regardless, I agree that ZX takes place in the same timeline as Zero. And yes, pretty sure Prairie is Alouette. Both have the cat toy and say it was given to her by Ciel, after all, let alone the whole sister thing..and although you could speculate that Eurasia simply had to have fallen later, in the same place, for some other reason, it would just be speculation and not what was originally intended by the events. So, it'd be like doing Capcoms retconning for them, when they're actually just ignoring the whole thing.

Megaman X1-5= 2 Deaths, 1 injured.
X6-CM = 1 Presumed death, turns out he's not.
Zero to ZX=2 deaths.
So, seems to be total of 4 deaths and a couple close calls?

Either way, I think I'm leaving this now. These serieses are convoluted enough without starting to think about the whole Eurasia thing.

(I still don't get your whole whole Model A for Axl theory thing...) Oh well! Has anybody else noticed that the U.S. name of the newest Mega Man Game sounds like a Super Sentai translation? Mega Man Star Force.What were they thinking?

That being said said I do like the storyline for it. The whole Radio Wave world thing is pretty cool actually. Omega-Xis is kind of cool, as is that generic kid-I mean Geo.

Koji_Tsunami wrote:
(I still don't get your whole whole Mdel A for Axl theory thing...)

My what? o.o

I mean Model A, not mdel a. Sorry Konoko.

Actually, its not that, I'm still confused. I don't remember having a theory about Model A for Axl. o.o;;

Oh. I thought you said somthing or
another about how there could be
Model A if Eurasia never crashed.
Maybe I'm just seeing things. Nah. I dunno. Confused
Chocolate Ninja

Mega Man X is a personal favorite, mostly because it's the world I've RPed most with. Plus, I think the character designs reached a peak level of coolness around X5 or so. Sure, MMZ and MMZX look pretty, but bulky robo-armor is where it's at, says I.

What's so great about bulky?
(even if those designs do look really cool.)
I like trim.

Each to their own. Some like sleek, some like solid.
Some like Orbital Frames, some like LEVs. </ZoE reference>
Personally, I think I might be in the middle ground, in that I like how the bulky ones look, but would rather use the others. ;P

MMZ Zero had nice animation and such, but I never did really get behind how his armour looked...

I agree, the MMZ style characters look cool,
but how vests act as armour
I'll never know.
Captain Gamer

So, Star Force.

I'm not too far into my MegaMan Star Force Dragon, yet. But of what I do have under my felt, I approve.

Gameplay wise, this game is tops. Just like OC sprites, the Battle Network engine was copied, done over, resized, recolored, etc. until it makes a unique system only vaguely resembling the original.

Overworld is slightly different. There is no internet, but the world map is separated into two: Real World and EM paths. You "Pulse in" to the EM path, which is literally just above the ground of the world map. From there you get into battles and FURTHER pulse in to appliances and computer nets, etc.

Battles are pretty cool. You have a behind-the-back view instead of the typical sideswipe. This actually makes bosses much more intimidating, and bumps up the suspension of disbelief. You have Battle Chi- er, Cards to use, and a new lock-on system can get you up on your opponent's face to use close-range weapons, or avoid attacks. Different, but no less manic than Battle Network fights.

The mission system is back, although now you get missions by Pulsing in to other people's Transers (PETs 200 years later) to look into their exclusive messages to see if they need help with anything. It's really cool to see what a person is like... though be prepared for some Phoenix Wright-ish name puns.

Most of my complaints with the game are world-based. Navis have been toned down in performance. Everybody has tens of them, and they only serve specific functions. That lops off the charm that Battle Network had with Navi partners, netbattles, etc.

Also, the characters are weakly defined and pretty much only fit into stereotypes, (Nerd, big guy, bossy girl, etc.) none more than the protagonist, Geo Stelar. Mopey, of little words, sociopathic, and it slowly changes as fate continuously surrounds him in new friends. An interesting aspect of naming is that you can rename Geo's first AND last name with six characters apiece (Six!? Sooo close to being Captain Gamer! >_< I'll just have to settle for being Capt'n Gamer...). Omega-Xis, the alien partner who allows Geo to become MegaMan, is a delight, despite his appearance.

One last thing that irked me about the game is something that was in abundance in Battle Network 5 for DS: Voices! I was expecting grunts, taunts, battle-ready sound bites, 'yatta!' at the very least! Nope, all we get is the above-average sound track.

So, would I reccommend it? Oh, yes. It's familiar yet fresh approach will do good for any fan of Battle Network, Mega Man in general, and even action/RPG afficionados.

I'll give no Pac-Mans quite yet, since I'm only so far in the game.

I agree with you on what they did with navis being bad, but I thought that people just didn't have navis most of the time, and that they just had generic programs to do all the stuff. Now then, Question, isn't the character named Warrock in Japanese called Omega-Xis? you called him Omega-iX. I'm confused. is this like Mayl being Maylu outside of the games?
Captain Gamer

Er... yes. Omega-Xis it is. Must've crossed my names with Bob and George's iX. >.>

I love being right.

Have you seen the Star Force anime yet? I
t's on Toonami Jetstream, and, so far it's only
mangled the characters a little bit.
You should watch it.
You can access it from there, but I hope you've got a fast internet.
Tell me what you think. I like it.
Skybait J

I got Star Force Leo to help me through a six hour drive as much as possible. It's fun, I like it, ect ect, thats not why I'm posting.

No, why I'm posting is because the Achedemic Decathelon topic this year is the Civil War. What does this have to Megaman? Nothing really. Except for the first few lines of the song "The Bonnie Blue Flag" otherwise known as, "We Are the Band of Brothers". Which is like BrotherBands....except backwards.

Sadly, I first heard the song while playing Star Force. Now whenever I play Star Force I get it stuck in my head. Among other Civil War songs. I can actually think up half the charactors in civil war uniforms singing the song....its kinda funny, y'know, especially since I imagine the girl charactors doing it too (and theres no girl singers in the song).

We are the Band of Brothers, we're native to the soil!
Fighting for our liberty, with treasure blood and toil!
And when our rights were threatened, the cry rose near and far,
Hurrah! for the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a single star!
Hurrah! Hurrah! For sovergn rights, HURRAH!
Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a single star!

They're all marching round and singing in my little spritelings, dance! XD

I too, have heard this song. And dangit, now I'm thinking of Emo Stelar dancing to it to.

I hate this song! BLARGu!
Majin Luigi

I enjoy Mega Man Legends, however, I do not see how they have the least thing to do with Mega Man himself.
Mega Man=Mega Man
X=future Mega Man
Zero=X games character
Battle Network=alternate universe

Bumping this ancient thread with relevance.
Megaman 9.
Hard as hell. Even more so when considering some of the stuff on the Challenge List.
Completely Retro, down to an option to turn on NES style flicker.
One of the robots is Splash WOman.
The story intro made me laugh out loud. And Roll is cute.
Jewel Man seems kinda fruity. No comment on Plug Man. At least he seems angry about the name.
I hate that dragon in Magma Mans stage. But not as much as the metool just on the far edge of a jump over death in plug mans...

Its good.

AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >_< i dont have wii net connection, and all the sites I usually hit have adds for mega man 9!!!!!! im a major clasic mega man fan, and quite honestly ive got to say it hurts not having mega mana9... it really does...

as for mega man legens, theres such thing as more than one alternate reality/universe, so yeah.... RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >_<

I, too, have found Mega Man 9 to be very difficult. I've tried time and again of time trial mode, but the only weapon I can beat the dragon with is the fire eapon, the very one I'm attempting to obtain. I'm also having trouble with the elephants on Concrete Man's stage, and the lifts on Tornado Man's. Otherwise known as the return of the Guts Man lifts.
Captain Gamer

Koji_Tsunami wrote:
I, too, have found Mega Man 9 to be very difficult. I've tried time and again of time trial mode, but the only weapon I can beat the dragon with is the fire eapon, the very one I'm attempting to obtain. I'm also having trouble with the elephants on Concrete Man's stage, and the lifts on Tornado Man's. Otherwise known as the return of the Guts Man lifts.

1) Which dragon are you referring to, the mini-boss in Magma Man's stage? If so, you may find the Black Hole Bomb to be useful. It seems to do critical damage AND gives you the satisfaction of sucking off his segments and giving him a mopey face until he reaches the other side of the screen. Just make sure you activate it so the dragon runs into it.

2) The elephants are tricky, but they have a pattern. The first one shoots its ball straight. Jump over it, return a few shots, but start running left soon so you don't get sucked in, and lastly jump over the returning ball. It takes a while if you need to focus on surviving, but that's the beauty of practice.

The second one bounces the ball. It's very easy to dodge if you just stand right in front of the green ball. It'll go right over you to the other side of the screen. Just like the first elephant, return fire, then run left to avoid the ball on its return.

The last one is a testament to Capcom's ability to layer things on. It's just like the first elephant, but with two thin pitfalls. Do the same thing you did with the first elephant, but use your limited space wisely. The key is to be daring enough to squeeze out those few shots before the ball comes back. Overall, the Hornet Chaster or the Tornado Blow (*chortle*) could be of use if you just can't aim the buster or make good time.

3) I actually found the lifts to be no big deal since there's no danger of being dropped off if you wait for the opportunity. If you find the jump to be just a few pixels away from your range, then wait until you're on top, then jump so you reposition yourself further ahead on the platform. If the timing's off, do a short hop so you'll be spinning differently than you were before. If waiting just drives you nuts, keep short-hopping until you reach the next platform.

The real challenge is getting the Mega Balls to jump from _beneath_ the platform onto one that is _below_ you. Try to apply Space Invader logic (aim at where it will be, har har Futurama) and shout "Geronimo!" No, seriously, do that. It'll make everything seem less like serious business. If that won't do, "It's game time!" will suffice before you plummet to your death. The game won't wipe itself off your hard drive if you mess it up too many times, so the ol' "grin and bear it" returns from the penultimate turn of the decade. Problem solving is key, here. Keep a mind for cause and effect of what jumping here means this far down the road, and it's simple enough. They put the spikes way out of the way, in my opinion.

If I'm way off the mark or too late with my advice, well, ships happen.

Damn, beaten to it by Cap. And probably already gotten past these bits already anyway. But:

Tornado Blow also works well on the dragon, but you're probably wanting to save that for the boss. Unless you're going to farm some enemies on the next screen for weapon energy. Black Hole Bomb is still my first choice. :3

Tornado Man...since I tried to take him on without a weapon effective against him, I ended up going through his stage quite a few times and ended up getting ridiculously used to it. I think the challenges I ended up getting from there as a result was Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, Hard Rock.

The elephants....the first one, you can just stick on the ladder and shoot it, but its worth jumping down and practicing jumping the ball and staying in the centre, as practice for the third elephant. The second...what cap said, staying right in front and shooting, then running hard left just before he starts sucking. Depending on what order you're taking the bosses, the weapon from magma man seems to work GREAT on them. One full charge to the face and a couple extra shots takes them down really fast. :3

I'm currently on hornet man. I hate that damn flower. I beat it once, then continued on up to fortress stage 2, but since I died against the flower due to stupidly slipping off the platform and want to get the no-dying thing...
Captain Gamer

Konoko wrote:
I'm currently on hornet man. I hate that damn flower. I beat it once, then continued on up to fortress stage 2, but since I died against the flower due to stupidly slipping off the platform and want to get the no-dying thing...

Download Proto Man mode. THEN we can talk about the evils of the rotating flower of fragrant doom.

Captain Gamer wrote:
Konoko wrote:
I'm currently on hornet man. I hate that damn flower. I beat it once, then continued on up to fortress stage 2, but since I died against the flower due to stupidly slipping off the platform and want to get the no-dying thing...

Download Proto Man mode. THEN we can talk about the evils of the rotating flower of fragrant doom.

Ok, got an idea...T.Blow. Use every bit of it on the flower guy, one use each time he pops up. Just enough weapon energy to kill with it.  Cool

Gawd, I'm such a dork.  Rolling Eyes

That'd work great, save one thing: I do not have Tornado Blow. Despite claims that the spinning platforms are not difficult, I've never been able to get past them without a Jet Board of some kind, whether it's Rush or that thing Proto Man's magically gained.

Re: The General Mega Man Thread

Koji_Tsunami wrote:
Out of all of the video games that are fairly well known, the Mega Man series has some of the most games along with more plot holes than most series. For example, if X is the Mega Man of the future, how do you explain Quint? Where does the legends sereis take place in relation to the ZX series? And why does Zero die in every single game he's in?(seriously.) All these thingz and more will be discussed in (TADAH) the Mega Man Thread.

ok, for questions 1, and 2, it is simply a paralel universe type thing, as for zero dieing in every game he's in? well... its not entirely true, (ZX series) but, i guess its to show that X is superior or something... also, they wanted to give it a little more actual storry than the originals, and did so mostly by killing off a main character. eventualy they were like "hey, we actualy have a story this time! should we kill off zero?" and they kind of figured after he dies so many times, they would be stupid to mess with the pattern... at least thats from our point of view, for the mega man universes point of view, it probably has something to do with him being a wily bot (though, i cant really be sure)
Knight of the fort

your all doing better them me, I've only beaten Galaxy man.

i swear, its like im cursed or something!!

everywhere... everywhere i go on the web it haunts me...
this damn game... just because i dont have a wifi connection
in my house... everywhere... it follows me everywhere... mega man 9!!!!!!

the first time i saw it i have to say i geeked out...
i even mowed the lawn to earn ten bucks...
it follows me... everywhere....
that night i went on the wii shop channel...
it was right there... taunting me... every site....
it was right there, and we could have bought it.... but...
why.... why did it have to happen this way... it was right there... why...
my parent said i had to wait until tommorow... the next day...
the wii wouldn't connect to any local sources of wifi...
i was stranded... all alone... no game... no compensation...
and everywhere i went there were people talking...
talking about the game that i never got... the game that wii shop stole from me...
the game......

lol, that was crazy dramatic! Xb

Could be worse, TCC. I mean, hey. I don't even have a Wii.
Majin Luigi

I may not be able to defeat robot masters, save for Galaxy Man. however, I still enjoy the game immensly. However, I must express this in the most trollish way possible for a short period of time, so I can avoid talking about it in a normal fashiion for a long period of time.

ZOMG! MEGAman 9 15 73h 1337z0rz 175 73h 6r347357 7h1n6 3\/3r!!!!1

That was hyperbole, to be sure, but still allowed me to get my point across in an unintelligable way. It's a known fact that it burns energy faster to talk in l33t.

Majin Luigi wrote:
ZOMG! MEGAman 9 15 73h 1337z0rz 175 73h 6r347357 7h1n6 3\/3r!!!!1

Zuh, oh my god! Mega Man 9 is the leetzorz! It's the greatest thing ever!

Alright, so I couldn't come up with something more intelligible than putting 'leetzorz' into plain text. Forum Index -> Video Game Discussion
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