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The Joke Thread

I figured, we have one for screen-name elaboration, one for riddles, one for dreams, one for webcomics, one for quizzes, and on and on... it's about time we had one for jokes.

I'll take point, though odds are, most of what I'm about to tell you cannot be considered jokes. *ahem*

Would Digital Realty be if the IDR made land for people to live on? (Note the spelling.)

There once was a Samurai, whose master heard of a special, exotic dish from India, called curry. He wanted to try it, and set his loyal Samurai to work making it - however, he didn't give the swordsman much time to learn to cook at all, let alone find a good recipe for curry, and the whole thing was a disaster. Such a disaster, in fact, that the Samurai had to commit ritual suicide. But then, what do you expect? It was a hurried-curry. (Say it aloud.)

Stuporman is what Clark Kent became when he turned to alcoholism, and everyone started callling Bruce Wayne "Fatman" after he put on weight. However, while the fastest man alive found a way to make sporting events more amusing for himself, he didn't have to change his superhero name.
Skybait J

....But I thought the riddle thread was for jokes... Crying or Very sad

No... the riddle thread is for riddles. The joke thread is for jokes. See the pattern here? Razz

So, does anyone have any funny jokes or anecdotes? 'cause none of mine were. Forum Index -> Off-Topic
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